The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, November 13, 1908, Image 3

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Skipper Pinned His Faith to the Cod
Under All Circumstances and
Kate Field onee visited the Isles
of Shoals, and went flailing with an j
New England skipper. During the.'
voyage site interviewed the old salt
on the iish question, with the follow
ing result:
Saiil I to (he skipper:
"What do you consider the best
fish for boiling?”
Skipper—Boiling? Why cod, to
I And what is host for baking?
Skipper—You couldn't have no
better fish nor cod for Imking.
1—Mow is it with broiling?
Skipper—I never tasted no better
Iish, for broiling than end.
1—What is your opinion about
frying ?
"Frying 1" repeated the skipper,
scratching bis head; “why, what
would you fry but cod?”
I—What fish is best for general
purposes ?
Skipper—General purposes! Cod
can't he beat for general purposes, 1
toll you!
Dusty—My pants are getting frayed
at the bottoms.
Rusty—’Fraid of what? Your shoes?
In a recent book on “The Evolu
tion of Dross,” Mr. W. M. Webb
shows that many details of modern
dress, generally regarded as prod
ucts of caprice or accident, or of the
invention of tailors and milliners,
are traceable to primitive forms, and
that fashion in costume is the result
of it process of evolution in which
early ideas continually crop out. The
earliest form of dress seems to have
been the shawl, or wrapper, and
fringes date back to the first loom.
The hatband is traced to the original
fastening of the first cloth head
dress. Puttees are as old as Mycenae.
A mystery yet unexplained is the
sewing of the buttons on the right
hand side of a man’s coat and the
left-hand side of a woman’s.—
Youth's Companion.
Attention was called some time
iigo to the fact that a policeman in
uniform carrying a baby in his arms
was a fairly rare sight. There is an
other almost as rare. Very few per
sons have seen a policeman on duty
who wore glasses and no one has seen
a policeman who sported spectacles.
In the station houses occasionally
the desk man will use eyeglasses as
he is writing up his book. It is a
good deal like looking for bearded
policemen. There are few of them.
Indeed, in the new generation of po
lice officers even the mustache is un
usual.—N. Y. Sun.
Father Vaughan of London,
preaching on marriage, remarked
that a woman said to him: “When
you have seen one man you have seen
them all, in all their moods and
tenses. They are all alike.” His
reply was : “It may be so, but wom
an is like an irregular French verb
and unless a man studies her in all
'her peculiar moods and tenses he will
misconstrue and so misinterpret her,
much to his disadvantage.”
Count Venzel Kaunits, a minister
of Bohemia, who was married recent
ly on his sixty-first birthday to a
beautiful peasant girl of 20, has pre
sented his mansion in Brunn, valued
at $160,000, to the University of
Prague. The count and his bride
have decided to live the simple life.
“I hear tell dat de place what
Satan live at freezes over in de win
ter time.”
“Well, all you got ter worry ’bout
is how hot it is in summer!”—At
lanta Constitution.
From Our Regular Kansas City
Stock Yards Correspondent
Kansas City Stock yards, Nov, 9
The small supply of 57000 cattle
here last week, and reduced mar
keting at all points, resulted in a
week of bullish enthusiasm in the
cattle trade. The strong senti
ment all week culminated Friday
in a final dizzy advance, placing
the market on killing cattle 50 to
oOc higher for the week- Packers
acted as though they were com
pelled to have supplies, and it is
said that stocks of meat in cool
ers are much reduced from a
short time ago. Cooler weather
has opened up the beef outlet,and
the activity of buyers last week
promises well for the future of
the market. The run today is
heavy at all points, as was anti
cipated, and the general market
is 15 to 25 lower than Friday, but
still considerably above a week
ago. Trade is active, and all
hands evince a desire for supplies.
A large percentage of the run to
(lay is lrom the range country.
I Strictly prime beeves are not a
factor in the market as none have
been offered here lately, top to
day $<> 50. a few sales last week
at $7 to $7.05. fair to good fed
steers $5 to $(>.50. grass steers
$3.60 to $•>, grass cows S3 to $4,
fed heifers up to $5 25,bulls $2-40
to $3 75, calves 25 to 50c above a
week ago. $3.50 to $7. Stockers
and feeders advanced 15 io 25c
last week,steady to strong today,
good sized strings of range Stock
ers available out of first hands at
$3 60 to $4.25. feeders S3.60 to
$4.30, choice native cattle slight
ly above these figures, and com
mon stuff around $3.
The hog market shows a gain
for last week of ISc per cwt net,
although receipts were 74,000
head, a big increase over same
week last year. The run today
is 1 (>,000 head, market 10 to 20
lower than Saturday, top $5.95,
bulk of sales, including all
weights $5.35 to $5.85- Heavy
bogs lead in price, but buyers al
so take good butcher weights up!
to the top price, indicating a|
wide outlet for the fresh pork. |
Average weights a re slightly j
heavier each week, and quality!
better. Prices a year ago were
50 to 75c lower than now, the
panic a bear factor at that time. j
There was fairly good run of l
range sheep and lambs here last
week, and prices advanced 15 to
30c on killing stuff, with top
lambs at 8<> for the week. The
small run here today 4500 head,
makes this market independent of
all others and prices are 10 high
er. although other points report
a break of 15 to 25c today. Top
lambs sold here today at $5-85,
only fairly good, wethers 84.50,
ewes 84.40, yearlings late last
week at 84.80. Country demand
is sufficient to absorb the supply,
and strength in killing stuff has;
been reflected in a measure in i
stock and feeding stuff, lambs,
worth 84 25 to 84.nO. sheep and
yearlings 83.40 to 83.00.
J. A. Rickakt, L. S. C.
| • :r~—- -vrr— -— ■
“We Engrave Your Purchases Free ’
You’re Welcome
to visit our shop the next few weeks and look over
our stock of Xmas Goods for gift suggestions.
You will find a well-chosen line of Gold and
Silver Wares, and many Novelties, which we be
lieve will help you materially in solving your gift
We want you to feel free to ask to see the
goods displayed in our cases and we assure you
that you will not be urged to buy, unless you
desire to.
“The Old Reliable"
“You Will Meet with Courteous Treatment at Jaquets"
Texas Excursion
Via. Missouri Pacific Train No. 106
Tuesday Morning, Nov. 17
tE will make to homeseekers the LOWEST rate on 25-day limit, round-trip tickets, including FREE
PULLMAN CAR SERVICE AND BERTHS, from Missouri Pacific and B. & M. R. R. points in
Nebraska and Kansas, via. Falls City, Nebraska, to Canyon City, Randall county, Texas--located
in the heart of the genuine shallow water district of the Northwest Texas Panhandle, the oldest settled,
and beyond question, the best and greatest producing county in all of Northwest Texas, investigation will
prove this statement true or we will refund your car fare and expenses. Do not be confused by parties
claiming to have something just as good for either less or more money than our prices.
If we cannot show you in Southeastern Randall County, Texas, the best general farming proposition
that you have ever seen, no matter where you have been, you yourself to be the judge, we will refund the
amount of your car fare--if preferred we will place the cash in your hands with which to purchase your
ticket before you start as a guarantee of the truth of our statements.
This is the county in which a number of our best people have purchased land, some of which have al
ready moved their families. Do not make a mistake, the purchase of a farm is a serious matter. Come
with us this trip and investigate for yourself the land that for years has successfully produced alfalfa,
corn, wheat, oats, rye, barley, millet, kaffir corn, milo maize, sorghum, etc, including every fruit and
vegetable that you can grow on your high priced land, where the crop’s planting time and seasons are
the same as yours, where as goocf water as you ever drank can be found in great abundance, with good
climate, good soil, good schools, good churches and good people. Where each section is fenced, many of
them divided and cross fenced, with lots of improvements where you can count 15 to 35 improved farms
in most any direction.
Make this trip, take your wife with you (special arrangements have been made to make this trip en
joyable for the ladies). Inquire at once of the undersigned about the wonderful low round trip rate for
this trip. Select your Pullman berths and get a printed folder giving full and truthful information re
garding the genuine opportunity that awaits the home-seeker and investor in the Golden Grain Belt of
Texas. Don’t forget the date. Yours For Honest Business,
(Representing Rife Land Company,
Main Office, Canyon City, Texas)