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    Henry C. Smith
240 acres well improved, li miles from Depot in Kas. Good spring. Best*of terms. Will take
40 acres as part payment, balance long time at low interest.
200 acres miles from depot, Richardson county, Nebraska. Good buildings and land. Will
take 40 or 80 acres as part payment
100 acres upland, 1 mile from depot, Richardson county, Nebraska. *12,000.
160 acres Johnson county, Nebraska. 80 rods to church and school. Best of terms. Might rent.
107 acres near Brown ville, Nebraska.
80 acres ^-tnile from Falls City high school.
040 acres, $8,000 improvements Also 64n acres adjoining. Will take lOOacres part payment.
Fine running water. A No. 1 opportunity.
Money to loan
The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
Alvin Gioguicb was in St. Joe Mon
C. M. Linn had business in St. doe
this week.
John Fryberger was over Seneca,
Kansas, Sunday.
Nellie Holman left this week for a
visit In Chicago.
A son was born to Cha-. Goddard
and wife Tuesday.
Ida Creed is now employed in the
west side millinery.
Work Is progressing rapidly on the
new Methodist church.
Madge Ford is now employed as
typo at the Leader olllee.
Kev. Hamilton is making arrange
ments to move to Lincoln.
Mrs. Kay Miller is here from Grand
Island visiting her parents.
Kev. Cantrall arid family returned
Monday from a visit In Lincoln.
O. \V. Yande'Her and family have
lately moved here from Lincoln.
D. L. Smith has commenced work on
his new residence on Nemaha street.
Ed Hughes and wife aro the parents
o! a little son born to them last week.
ltuth Norton came down from Lin
coln this week on a visit with relatives.
The foundation for Col. Harding's
new residence is being laid this week.
Lina Shirley of Lincoln visited the
past week at the home of her brother. ■
Frank Zelenka and' children of Gil
bert, Idaho, are here visiting relatives.
Nora Stalder went to Pawnee Tues
day to attend the wedding of a friend.
O. A. Cooper left Saturday for Ames,
Iowa, where his daughter is seriously j
Frank Boss und family returned Sat
urday from a visit with relatives in ;
Lillie and Georgia Billings returned ,
Sunday from a visit with friends in
Mrs. Fred Hummel was recently
called to Aurora, III., by the serious j
illness of a relative.
John Sbrauger and family left the :
past week for an extended visit with |
relathes In California.
Jos. Zulek is closing out his grocery !
business and expects to locate in New '
Mexico in about a mouth.
Emma Frank who has been here for
several months visiting her sister re
turned to Lincoln Tuesday.
Fred Lehnherr left last week for
Pine islund, Minn., being called by
the serious illness of h's father.
Mrs. Joy Bullls-McK^e and little sou :
Robbie arrived here Friday from New
Mexico City for a visit with her mother f
Mrs. Jesse Goodale came down from ;
Lewiston Wednesday to assist in the
postofllce during Mr. Cooper’s absence.
C. K. and G. L. Cooper left Monday
for Ames. Iowa, where their sister is
lying at the point of death with typhoid
pneumonia. -
Mesdames E. C. Colhapp and Irvin
Shirley have ret imed from a week’s I
visit in Kausas City. They stopped oil1
in St. Joe on their way home to witness
the production of Ben Hur.
Tbe corn and horse show held in
this city Thursday last was a decided
success. The horses shown being ex
ceptionally line, about 135 horses being
entered for prizes. In spite of the dis
agreeable weather a large crowd at
tended the show.
--- |
Mrs. Jim Ayers is on the sick list.
Chas Lord of Shubert was a Verdon :
visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. W. H. Moran was a Peru visi
tor Wednesday.
Amret Hart made a business trip to j
Shubert Thursday.
Fred Stotts of Shubert was in town ;
a short time. Tuesday.
Mesdames Goolsby and Veal weie
county seat visitors Tuesday.
Mrs. Bowman returned home last
Wednesday from Dallas, S. D.
Mrs. B. E. Waggener and daughter [
Zelda were in Falls City Wednesday. |
Ruby, Bessie and Ralph Shubert left
Wednesday for Dakota to join their
Mrs. Clark and Anna Baker return
ed to their home at Hortoo, Kansas,
Friday. They were accompanied home
by the formers daughter, Mrs. Bowman
who remained until Monday.
Joe Spick lee of Baruda was here
Wm Snelling spent, Monday in the
Mrs. Ernest Higgs was shopping in
town Monday.
Fred Werner and daughter were in
town Mouday.
Lillian Pierson of Stella is her the
guest of friends.
Wm. Falstead i- visiting at the1
Halderman home.
Joe Lewis spent Sunday here with
his mother and sister.
Chas. Thomas was down from Lin
coln during the week.
Fred Kinton and wife spent last
week withyiiis parents near town.
Henry Fishburn is looking after his
land interests at Strowd, Oklahoma
John Walker of Falls City was shak
ing hands with friends here Monday.
Jno. Speece who lias been visiting
relatives here returned to his home at
Our teachers are preparing to attend I
the State Teachers association at Lin- j
Mr, Sapp and wife of Nemaha were j
guests of L. M. Weddle and wife one
day last week.
Grandma Lewis and daughter Mag
gie spent part of last, week at the home
of Lewis Lewis.
Mrs. Chas. Townley enjoyed a visit
from her daughter, Mrs. Mary West of
Wyoming, Nebr.
Mr®. Wheeler returned tile iirst of
ehe week after a pleasant visit with
friends in Falls City.
Miss Ruth Bright was entertained
at dinner on Monday at the home of
Lewis Brisby amt wife.
The protracted meeting held by Rev
Sapp of Nemaha closed Sunday after j
several weeks of good success.
Mi.-s Seamond, the noted singer who
assisted in the revival meeting, left I
this week for her home in Missouri.
The wholesome, harmless, green
leaves and tender stems of a lung heal
ing mountainous shrub gives to Dr.
Shoop's cough remedy its curative
properties. Tickling or dry bronchial
coughs quickly and safely yield to this
highly efTect've Cough remedy. Dr.
Shoop assures mothers that they can
with safety give it to even very young
babies. No opium, no chloroform—
absolutely nothing harsh or harmful.
It calms i,he distressing cough and
heals the sensitive membranes. Accept
no other. Demand Dr. Shoop’s. Sold
by all dealers.
Maud Yoeam, of class ’08 Is teaching
ut Arabia. Cherry county.
Edith DeMers made a dying trip to
Lincoln and Falls City recently.
Prof. Sutherland of Grand Island
college made a visit to Peru last week.
O. W. James of Humboldt, of class
’08 is principal of the school of Spring
I view.
Miss Ferguson of Chicago, a former
member of the faculty of this place
is visiting friends here.
Inez Wachtel went to Auburn Oct 17
to witness the basket bull game of
Falls City vs. Auburn.
Congressman E. M. Pollard gave an
address on the Issues of the day in
Normal chappel Tuesday evening.
Misses Petrashek of Humboldt and
Coleman of Lincoln were among tbose
who registered for Tripp county land.
The 'first number of the lecture
course. International Symphony club,
was given Monday, Oct. 19. Six-hun
dred season tickets have been sold.
The attendance at the Normal this
year exceeds that of former years.
No doubt the people of Falls City will
be pleased to know that their “citi
zens of tomorrow” constitute a goodly
number of these.
Word reaches us that E. K. Hurst, a
former graduate of the Normal, is
; again principal of the Falls City High
school and is teaching with a consider
able increase in salary. He took his
basket ball teams to Auburn and de
feated tnem in both games. We know
something of the strength of the girls
team and are keeping an eye on them
because we expect to meet them in a
'contest before the year closes.
Scott Hinkle was a Falls City visitor
C. H. Thomas of Lincoln was in town
last week.
Mrs. Palmer of Shubert was here on
ft. A. Clark was in Shubert the first
of the week.
P.obt. Powers of Troy, Kans, whs in
town thir week.
Miss Linder of northern Nebraska
was hern this week.
I. \V. Harris was a business visitor
in Fails City Monday.
C. A. Kedfern went to Auourn the
past week on business.
Miss Alice Peabody of Nemaha is
visiting her slsscr here.
Kleetric lights have been placed in
the Missouri Pacific depot.
.Joe Unland and C. W. Cbuman of
Howe were here Thursday.
Will Kutler of Shubert was hereon
business one day last week.
M. Gilbert sold a car of hogs to Van
deventer and Wagner this week.
Floyd Young and wife are spending
the week with relatives in town.
Wrn. Lusk went to Shubert Tuesday
to play with the band at that place.
Vandeventer A Wagner shipped a
car of hogs to Kansas City this week.
I. W. Harris bought ten head of
steers at ifie J. O. Hooper sale the past
R. C. Welch who has been operator
of this station at night left Saturday
evening for Texas.
D. E. Pugh is again in the restaurant
with his father. He is in charge of the
bakery department.
Walter Radinsky is suffering from a
sprained ankle, cuused by falling down
stairs at Uogrefe’s store.
W. H. Wheeler returned Monday
from a months stay in the east. He
reports a very pleasant trip.
Many of the farmers are shucking
corn this week after the rain.
Florence Reynolds, Arthur Burstler,
rnd Walter Radinsky spent Sunday in
the country with Nevada Hays.
J. M. Stanley a farmer west'uf town
sold his orchard to A. Ballard of Kan
sas who shipped it to that state the
past week.
Mrs. Sue Julian of California carne:
to this place Sunday afternoon with her
father. J. K. Cain for a few days visit
with relaliyes.
Vanwinkle Kirkpatrick who have
been buying apples here finished this
week. They have shipped nearly .'10
cars of apples.
The telephone company have gotton
their new switch board inststalled. The
board is much larger than the old one
and more handy.
J. G. Evans had better than 2500 bis
of apples when he finished picking his
orchard thus being about 7500 bushels
which he shipped.
The cider mill resumed work Mon
day after a few days shut down. They
have about 4,500 bushels of apples on
the ground outside the mill.
Sam Query a young man who is
working east of this place was the only
lucky man out of fifty who drew a claim
in the Tripp County drawing.
S. L. Davies and men of Falls City
arrived htre on the afternoon train
Tuesday to complete the H. A. Clark
residence in the north part of town.
Mr. Kirkpatrick of Falls City is here
looking after business matters. He
says he will remain until Wednesday
eventng that he may hear. Hon. C.F.
Guy Harris returned Thursday from
Canada where he had been looking
after the harvest on his farm. He had
H80 acres of wheat that yielded .'S7 bu.
to the acre.
Walter Lusk went with the Ottawa
foot ball team at Omaha Saturday.,
The Ottawa team was defeated. On
their return Walter stopped off to visit
his parents over Sunday.
The fall wheat is certainly doing
line in this section this kind of weather.
Men are not maKing any kick on ac
count of the mud as it has been dry
long enough to suit them.
School will close in most of the nor
mals and high schools throughout the
state and many of the country schools
so the teachers may attend the as-o
eiation which will be held in Lincoln.
Luther Day will be observed at the
Lutheaun church on Sunday,November
8. A short program will be given in
keeping with the day and home mis
sloes will re remembered with a col
Mi's Clark of Kansas City arrived on
business. She has bought the SO acre
farm from Theo .James for $110 per
acre. J. F. Tolly bought 20 acres east
of VV. H.Paul’s farm at the same price.
Possession will he given the 1st of
Everybody was fooled Wednesday
morning when they came for their
mail and found during the night the
law had changed and the night man
quit at 4 and the day man come on at hi.
The mail was delayed considerable on
the route that morning.
J. H. Wright of west of Howe was a
victim of the tornado the first of the
week which upset his corndrib. He
said that he and his hired man were
standing in the shed and all at once
they saw the crib raise from the foun
dation and fall up side down.
tiishop Arnold was over from Hum
boldt Friday to look up a location. He
will probably buy a business or start a
store in the vacant building, where he
will handle pianos. Mr. Arnold lived
here about 2(1 years ago and says it
seems like getting back home when he
comes to Stella.
Stomach trouble would more quickly
disappear if the idea of treating the
cause rather than the effect, would
eomr into practice. A tiny inside hid
den nerve, said Dr. Shoop, governs
and gives strength to the stomach
A branch also goes to the heart, and
one of the kidneys. When these in
side nerves fail, then the organs must
falter Dr. Shoops Restorative is dir
ected speciiieallv to those failing ner
ves. Within 48 hours after starting
the Restorative treatment patience
say they realize a gain.
Vera Voder visited Lola Sturns last
Chas. Klshire visited home folks re
Walter Coons spent Sunday with his
Chas. McVVain and family spent a
few days in this city.
Grace McManus spent Monday with
Edna and Vera Shaffer.
Grty prine and wife spent Sunday
with the,latter- parents.
Jts-e Leach man suff ered another
stroke j/ paralysis Sunday.
fJ. ,/. Prichard returned home from
Ablline, Kansas Thursday.
Amelia Scbulenberg is spending a
few days with Chas. Zentner.
Robert Schindler and wife visited
with Mrs. C. Brecht Monday.
Fred Whitrock and wile were guests
of friends near Stella Tuesday.
John Strauss anc. family from Abi
line, Kansas are visiting relatives here
Several ladies spent Thursday with
Grandma Allison who is quit© feeble
Mabie Auxier spent Monday night
with her unce, Geo. Prichard and
Geo Prichard and wife and Mrs. O.
A. Guinn visited at Chas. Whetstines
Mrs. Earl Shaffer is enjoying a visit
from her mother, Mrs. Thomas Keck.
ler of Manley.
Conrad Fehr, John Karston and
John Happenhaggen spent Sunday
with John Bauer.
Mrs. N. Peck and two youngest chil
dren sper.t Sunday with Mrs. William
Huettner and daughters.
A. E. Knisely and wife spent the
latter part of the week with the Ut
ters parents at Sabetha, Kas.
A nice little surprise was planned for
Mrs. Geo. Sturns by her many friends
but owing to very bad weather only a
few were able to attend.
The box social that was announced
for October .‘11 at the Silver Creek
school house has been postponed until
November 2. Everybody cordially in
vited and the ladles bring well filled
Foley’s Honey and Tar cures colds
coughs quickly, strengthens the lungs 1
and expels colds. Get the genuine in
a yellow package.
Marriage License
Delbert Deal, Morrill, Ks . 21
Susie Pennington, Salem, Neb. 18
Hoy Perkins, Salem.21
Mabel Salyers, Esterville, la.19 j
Are You Only Half Alive
People with kidney trouble are so
weak and exhausted that they are only
half alive. Foley’s Kidney Remedy
makes healthy kidneys, restores lost
vitality, and weak delicate people are
restored to nealth. Refuse any but
Foley's. Kerr's Pharmacy.
Robert Rates was in Rulo Friday.
F E. Kulpof Wvmore was here re
J. M. Gustafson of Wymore was here
last week
Mary Thiltg-es was shopping in
Rulo recently.
H. S. Morehouse of Reserve was in
Rulo last week.
Mrs. Emma Wallace was in Falls
City last Friday,
Mrs. Mary Simmons was a Falls City
visitor last week.
John Kanaly was a St. Joe visitor
one day last week.
Essie Marsh is visiting in the coun
try at Geo. Taylors.
Ed Kermode visited relatives in Au
burn the past week.
Roy Williams spent Sunday with his |
mother rt Fortescue.
Mrs. Martin Marsh was i|uite sick
the first of the week.
Floyd Long of Kansas visited rela
tives here Saturday.
Mr. Henniger of St. Joe was in this
city during the week.
The plasterers are now at wgrk on i
John Mooney’s house.
Stella Graces is able to sit up again
after a months illness.
Worth Auderson of Fiawatha was a
.visitor here Saturday.
Agnes Schrader of Preston spent
Sunday with her parents.
Mrs. Majors of Sedalia, Mo, visited
relatives here last week.
Fred Jondrow and wife are the proud
parents of a 12 pound boy.
Mike Richardson of Beatrice spent
Sunday with friends here.
Cecil Kanaly came down from Salem
to spend Sunday at borne.
E. O. Perry of Lincoln was here on
business one day last week.
Miss Laura Paul of Gordon, Neb, was
visiting friends here recently.
A. T. Sherman of Table Rock wa- a
visitor here one day last week.
Mr. Majore has moved his barber
shop into the Belpier building.
Albert Anderson of Wymore was in
our city a short time last week.
Mrs. dohn Anderson returned from a
business trip to Mound City last week.
Some repairs are being made on
the house occupied by Dr. Richardson.
Mack Vastine shipped a car load of
apples to the western part of the state.
Torn Winterbottom of White Cloud
visited his parents here one day last
Lenu Cuver/.agie returned from an
extended visit with relatives in St.
Mrs. Tod McKeiver and family of
Falls City visited her parents here
last week.
Mrs. Harry Bradford of Wymore
visited last week here with her mother
Mrs. Kern.
Maggie Mahon is spending a two
weeks vacation with her parents in
the country.
Vaughn McVey who is working for |
Harry Custer at Falls City spent Sun
day in Rulo.
Will and Walter Graves returned
from Verdon last week. They were
there packing apples.
Mrs. Clyde Adams and baby came
down from Lincoln Saturday and they
are now keeping house in Mrs.Bowkers
Mrs. Kern and daughter Mrs. Brad
ford went to Falls City Saturday fora
few days visit with relatives after
which the latter will return to her
home in Wymore.
Mrs. Thomas Johnson visited friends
here last week. She was ■ formerly
Miss Matteyne of this place and has
been living in Colorado for the past
year, but is now moving to Wisconsin.
On Wednesday night as train No. 65
was pulling into the side track, it
struck a car in the main track in such
a manner as to cause the rail to spring
out and the engine turned over. It
took the combined efforts of two sec
tion gangs, and the bridge gang to get
tnings righted. The wreck was clear
ed up and the track repaired by Thurs
day evening.
A Jaweler's Experience
C. R. Kluger, the Jeweler, 1060 Vir
ginia Ave., Indianapolis, Ind., writes,
•‘I was so weak from kidney trouble I
could hardly walk one hundred feet.
Four bottlesof Foley's Kidney remedy
cleared my complexion, cured my
backache and the irregularities disap- |
peared, and I can now attend to busi.
ness every day and recommend Foley’s
Kidney Remedy to all suflerers as it
cured me after the doctors and other
remedies had failed. Kerr’s Pharmacy
Fred Stotts wa# over from Shuhert
W. A. Cox took a load of apples to
Brancroft last week.
The Vunk inspector was the guest of
E. E. Bolejack, Tuesday.
Mrs. .lame# Tillman is visiting her
i son in Uockport, Mo, this week.
Benjamin Peters of White Owl, S. D,
is visiting tiis grandfather Fulton
Y. P. S. C. E. at Big Bethel next
Sunday morning, preaching in the
Mrs. Chas. Puet‘ was called to
Gartlen City, Kansas, tiy the death of
her mother.
- Mrs. Dr. Reneker and daughter
Helen visited this week with Mrs.
Nellie Peters.
Miss Flossie Wamsley was remem
bered with a postcard shower ou her
birthday, Monday.
The democrats on Wednesday even
ing held a rally the candidate# and
speakers being Henry Gerdts ami Hall.
A number of hunters went coon
bunting on Tuesday night, returning
at 4 a. m, with two opossums but no
School closed in district 20 for a
month's vacation Friday. The teacher
Miss Yoder, will spend the vacation at
her home in Falls City.
Chas. Rawlings has sold his farm to
Louis Berry of LangUon, Mo. and has
moved to Falls City where he intends
to make his future borne.
A brand new girl at the borne of
Leon Vassar which arrived Wednesday.
Leon has been interviewing the pboto
grauher about baby's picture already.
The republicans held a political rally
at Sehulenburg ball on Monday night.
The candidates present were Zook,
Bolejaek, Wiltse and Cain. Frank
Reavis was the speaker of the evening.
A goodly crowd was in attendance.
Willie Capp was badly injured on
Tuesday by the water tank failing on
him and knocking hi? knee pan en
tirely out of place, tie is being cured
(or at :he home of J. C. Wilemuc aod
as soon as possible will be removed to
his home at Falls City.
Ben Uniand. purchased a new gaso
line engine.
Mrs. C. M. Snoke and son George
Were Table Rock v isitors, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore visited with
the latters parents in Dawson last
Hack Stand erford returned from
South Dakota where he has beeu look
ing after land interests.
A large number of the people here
attended the horse show in Humboldt,
Thursday. John Giesman ran away
with a 1st. 2nd, and 3rd prize. Mr.
Babeoek got a Amite ribbon on a fine
team of two year old colts.
Frank Furrow is out at Kimball Co.
building a new bouse and other im
provements on the larrn he purchased
this fall. He and his family will move
there in the spring.
Do you want to get rid
of it ? If so, take Dr. Miles
Nervine modified as di
rected in pamphlet around
bottle. In addition to the
direct curative properties
it has a soothing effect up
on the nervous system by
which the rheumatic
pains are controlled, and
rest and sleep assured.
It has made many cures
of this painful disease,
some of them after years
of suffering. If it will
cure others why not you.
If your case is compli
cated, write us for advice,
it costs you nothing and
may save you prolonged
“I was so crippled that I could
scarcely walk. After having mv shoes
on for an hour or two I could manage
to walk by suffering the pain. Then
I began to have pains all through
my system. My doctor told me I had
an acute attack of inflammatory
rheumatism. I read about Dr. Miles’
Nervine, bought a bottle and I com
menced to get better from the start
and for the past six months have
scarcely any pain, and am able to
walk as well as ever.*’
P. O. Box 5, Rockaway, N. J.
Your druggist sells Dr. Miles’ Nerv
ine, and we authorize him to return
price of first bottle (only) if It falls
to benefit you.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind