The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, October 30, 1908, Image 5

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What Your Friends and Their
Friends Hava Been Doing the
Past Week.
Hat Sowles Candy.
The agony will soon be over.
Dr. Tefft, Dentist, Maddox block,
opposite court house.
—Cold weather is coming. Get
your Coal of C. A. Heck.
Mrs. A1 Doerner returned the
first of the week from a few
week’s visit with relatives in Mis
—Why buy a cat in a sack? At
our exhibit next week we will
show you a Majestic in actual
operation. J. C. Tannek.
Ed Poteet is now employed as
the Pacific expressman in this
city, having accepted the position
vacated by Louie Davison.
Campbell Bros ’ circus closes its
season tomorrow in Oklahoma
and will go into winter quarters
at their home in Fairbury.
Mrs. Frank Smith and Miss
Maggie McKiever returned Fri
day from a few days visit with
relatives in Nebraska City.
The regular food exchange
conducten by the ladies of the
Episcopal church will be at Mors
mans drug store • Saturday after
Joe Miles and Miss Zetta Catn
blin went to St. Joe Saturday
afternoon for the purpose of wit
nessing “Ben Hur” at the Tootle
that evening.
Be a man and go to the polls
Tuesday morning and cast your
vote as your conscience dictates.
Don't let anything keep you from
the polls on that day.
Tomorrow night will be Hal
lowe’en. You know what that
means, so we would advise you
to nail fast or lock up everything
you don’t want to have moved.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Greenwald
left Monday for Montpielier,Ind.,
to be present at the marriage of
their son Guy to Miss Maddox,
which event took place Wednes
R. Mead Shumway, convicted
murderer of Mrs. Martin of
Gage county, has been grant
ed a stay of sentence until Jan
uary 3. 1909. Shumway was
sentenced to be hanged Oct. 30.
—The Majestic Manufacturing
Co., of St. Louis, Mo , will have
a man at J. C. Tanner’s store all
next week who will show you how
to bake biscuits, brown, top and
bottom, in three minutes. Don’t
miss this chance of seeing the
great cooking wonder.
Fred Fetzner on Route 1. came
in Monday morning and renewed
his subscription to this great
weekly. Mr. Fetzner informs us
that the corn is about ready to
husk and the farmers will soon
be busy. Not so busy, however,
that they cannot go to the polls
next Tuesday and vote for the
partv that will keep that same
corn at the present price- The
farmer knows who his friend is.
BEFORE buying a
watch you should
learn about the HOW
ARD—the one Ameri
can watch that has real finish and
adjustment—real fineness.
The Howard is the finest
practical time-piece in the world
for daily pocket use.
New extra-thin model Howard
is the first American thin-model
we can guarantee as a time-keeper.
Every Howard is adjusted in
its case, and price-ticketed at the
factory—$35.00to$150.00. Price
is never cut.
We are distributor! (or thii distinctive
North Window of Kerr’s Pharmacy
Don't Forget That Winter Weather is Right Upon Us
Are You Prepared For it?
We have just received a full stock of Overshoes, Rubber Boots, Alaskas, Levins, and
everything to keep your feet warm and dry.
Exclusive Agency for the famous “Ball Brand” line of Rubber Goods. 1 hey’re
not made by a trust—none better.
H. M. Jenne Shoe Store
Stereoptican Lecture
Rev. R. R. Teeter will give a
stereoptican lecture' at the Breth
ren church next Sunday evening
upon the subject ‘‘Darkest Chi
cago and her Waifs.” This is one
of the greatest religious, social
and political problems of the age.
It will be illustrated with 100
striking original slides. Everyone
is welcome. An offering will be
Misses Julia and Stella Lough
ridge, former residents of this
city, but now of Lincoln, visited
with friends in this city the lat
ter part of the week. Miss Stella
is a graduate of our high school,
and after leaving here took up
missionary work, in which she
has proven most successful. For
the last seven years her field has
been in Turkey. She is now en
joying a year’s rest from her ar
durous duties and visiting with
home folks. The young ladies
stopped in this city enroute to
St. Louis, where they go to at
tend a missionary meeting.
Dr. Boose reports a baby boy
at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Witt, seven miles north
east of Falls City, the little one
putting in his appearance last
Thursday. Also a baby boy at
the home of Mr. and Mrs.Herman
Tubach, nine miles northeast of
town. All parties are doing
—Wanted—Reliable, energetic
man to sell lubricating oils, paint
and greases in Richardson and
adjacent counties. Salary or
commission. — Fairfax Refining
Co., Cleveland, Ohio. It
Ike Lyon, jr., accompanied
Guy Greenwald to Montpieler,
Ind., Sunday where he will act
in fhe capacity of best man at the
Greenwald-Maddox wedding.
For those who like variety, the
weather of Saturday must have
pleased them to perfection, as we
were given a liberal supply of all
The people of Auburn are
erecting a tabernacle 80x104 feet
for the big evangelistic meetings
to be conducted there by Reys.
Hart and MacGann.
Miss Oddie Lapp went to Hia
watha Monday to attend the fu
neral of Walter Meyer, who was
killed while on his way home
from Dallas.
Rev. R. Cooper Bailey address
ed a good crowd at the Dawson
opera house on the subject of
“County Option,” Tuesday.
L C. Edwards and Glen Me
Millan saw “Ben Hur” in St. Joe
Saturday night, and report a
splendid performance.
Rev. George L> Neide went to
Lincoln Tuesday to attend con
vocation and a meeting of the
Woman’s Auxiliary.
Louie Davison left Sunday for
Wichita, Kas., where he expects
to make quite an extended stay.
Dr. Hays and Terrv Kemist of
of Dawson made their usual
weekly visit to our city Sunday.
Mrs. G. H. Reichel returned
Friday from a visit with home
folks in Kansas City.
Wm. Strunk of Dawson spent
Sunday in this city the guest of
Murt Sullivan.
—Be sure and call at our store
one day next week.
J. C. Tanner.
—Order vour coal of C. A.Heck.
Hear J. R. Cain, jr., at the
court house Saturday night.
Big republican meeting at the
court house Saturday night.
—Wittrock and Riescliick have
big lusty fellows for Nov. 5.
Our first snow October 22. Pin
this in vour hat for future refer
Two mares and two mule colts
for sale. Inquire of O. P.
Heck. 40-31
Preston Keiser of Humboldt
was passing the glad hand on our
streets on Monday.
Clarence Smith and wife leave
tomorrow for California, where
they will spend the winter.
—Come and see the great cook
ing wonder at our store all next
week. See ad in this paper.
Miss Ethelyn Glasser of Hum
boldt was in the city on Tuesday,
doing business between trains.
Mrs- Dr. Callison and baby of
Stella are guests in this city at
the home of Dr. I. M. Houston.
Karl Rauch of Stella was look
ing after business matters in this
city the latter part of the week.
Jim Mendenhall, traveling
freight agent of the B & M-. was
the guest of Agent Whitford on
Mr. Bower, proprietor of the
Electric theater, who has been
quite ill for the past week is now
Chas.Loree ana G. H. Falstead
returned Friday from Lincoln,
where they had been as delegates
to the grand lodge of I. O. R- M.
Rev- George I. Wright, D. D.
will hold quarterly meeting at
the First Methodist church next
Sunday. Quarterly conference
Saturday night.
A new platform is being built
at the M. P. depot in Hiawatha,
a much needed improvement. It
will be of crushed rock. The
citizens of cement, but
are thankful fcr small favors.
We would be. too
The Auburn Herald gives it
out cold that hereafter it will be
necessary for the M. P. to derail
at least the engine and four
freight cars, or two or three pas
senger coaches, before it will be
recognized by that paper as a
news item.
Sam Olden was assessed $7 in
police court Friday for a little
too much Falls City. Charles
Downing is being held on the
same charge. There were* sev
eral white men who needed the
same dose. Marshal VanOver
confiscated Sam’s jug of whiskey.
—Hiawatha World.
Next Sunday being the Feast
of all Saints, observed for cent
uries by the church as a day of
solemn obligation, the Holy Com
munion will be celebrated at St.
Thomas church at 10:45 a. m.
The rector will deliver a sermon
on “The Saints of God.” Special
music by the vested choir.
According to the Principal
Democratic Pusher the Bryan
crowd at Falls City was some
where between 20,000 and a mil
lion. Isaac Dilley said 7,000;
John House 5^000. General ver
dict about the same sized crowd
Taft had. This would mean
3,000 to 5,000. Anyway the
crowd doesn’t mean Bryan votes
or Taft votes for voters of all
parties were present.—Hiawatha
Victims of Ptomaine
Rev. G. F. Reichei and wife
were victims of ptomaine poison
on Saturday evening which for a
time threatened to be serious.
Rev. Reichei was unable to at
tend to his church duties Sunday
morning, but by evening was so
much improved as to be able to
preach. Both were very sick for
a time but have now completely
Word reaches us that the eldest
daughter of O. A. Cooper, Mrs.
Grace McMurray, is lying dan
gerously ill with pneumonia at
her home in Ames, Iowa. Mrs.
McMurrav has many friends here
who will be grieved to hear of
' her condition.
One ot the most welcome visit
ors to our city is the fish man
from Rulo, who comes two or
three times a week. In his load
Tuesday he had three cat fish
weighing 65, 52 and 46 pounds
Two colored women were solic
iting funds in the city during the
week for the purpose of building
a church for their people in
Pueblo. Our citizens displayed
their usual liberality.
Miss Lois Spencer returned
Thursday night from the state
meeting of libarians held at
Hastings. She reports a splen
did meeting and a pleasant time.
Drop in and have a cup of
coffee and hot buscuits at our
store any day next week. Will
be glad to see you if you intend
to buy or not. J. C. Tannkk.
Mrs. Allan D May and little
son returned to their home in
Auburn, Saturday after spending
several days with relatives in
this city.
Elizabeth Sanford returned
Monday from the southern part
of Kansas where she held a posi
tion in a millinery establishment.
Mrs. Sue Smith and daughter
of Marshal, Mo., are yisiting in
the city with the families of J.
R. Cain and Mrs. D. W. Reid.
Herman Kloepfel of Rulo was
a business visitor in this city
Wednesday. The Tribune ac
knowledges a pleasant call.
Rev. R. Cooper Bailey went to
Humboldt yesterday, where he
addressed the people in the even*
ing on ‘'County Option.”
H. M. Jenne fixed up a mighty
pretty window for his shoe store
this week. Just autumn leaves.
What could be prettier.
Did you hear of it? Yes,some
thing is likely to happen on Dec.
10, 11 and 12. Ask some of the
Presbyterians about it.
Mrs. Beyette of Nebraska City
visited during the week with her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Lew Beas
Mrs. Ray DePutrin and baby
of Lincoln are guests of her pa
parents, G. W. Holland and wife.
Study this week’s Tribune
carefully and profit by the bar
gains offered by our merchants.
Doll Whitaker spent a portion
of the week in Stella looking
after business interests.
—Wanted—Young ladies to
take the training.—St. Mary’s
hospital, Pueblo, Col.
Miss Beulah Meyers of Denver
is in the city the guest of Miss
Mary Glines.
James Bascom spent Sunday
with friends in Pawnee City.
The Candy Kitchen can furnish
you with ice cream, bulk or brick
all winter.
l)r. Lawrence made a profes
sional visit to Fortescuc, Mo. the
first of the week.
The Humboldt basket ball
teams comes next Saturday, Oct.
31, for a double header.
We are giving free $7.50 worth
of ware at our store next week
See ad in this paper for particu
lars. J. C. Tannkk.
Miss Lillian Banks returned
Tuesdav from New York, where
she has been for some time under
the direction of the great Hun
garian pianist, Rafael Joseffy.
Karl Marts, wife and children
have been in the city during the
past two weeks visiting at the
home of Sam Marts and wife
They left Tuesday for their home
in Wymore.
John Weber is making sub
stantial improvements on his
cottage in the north part of town
by the building of a commodious
addition on tne north. It will
soon be completed and John and
his wife will have a most com
fortable home.
Miss Elta Boose was this week
added to the corps of teachers in
our public schools. Her duties
will be at the High school, where
the crowded condition has made
this extra help necessary. There
are now twenty-four teachers
employed in our schools.
Dr. Beattie of Cotner Univer
sity will speak at the Christian
church here in the city next Sun
day morning and evening. All
are invited. Subject for the
morning, ‘ The Lord’s Supper,
what the New Testament teach
es about wnat it is, and why it
is observed.
Saved his Boy's Life
“\ly three year old boy win budly
constipated, had a high fever and was
in an awful condition. I gave him two
doses of Foley's Crino Laxative and
the next morning the fever was gone
and he was entirely well. Foley’s
Orino Laxative saved his life.” A
Wolkush, Casimer, Wis. Kerr’s Phar
The lirst meeting this year of
the Womens chorus was held on
Monday evening at the residence
of Mrs. Batiks. They are pre
paring for the concert that was
postponed last spring on account
of the revival meetings. The
chorus will meet again on Tues
day evening at 8 o’clock. It is
necessary that all members be in
On Nov. 10th, at the Presby
terian church Rev. Dr. Bailey
will give another lecture on some
phase of Mormon ism. Those
who heard his lecture last winter
will be glad of this opportunity
to hear more of this subject and
those who do rot attend will tniss
a rare treat
The ladies of the Christian
church will hold a bazaar Nov
ember 27 and 28. The place has
not been decided upon, but will
be announced later.
Mrs- W. K. Davis of Port
Townsend.Washington,arrived in
the city Wednesday and will
spend the winter with her sister,
Mrs. J. M. Jellison.
The Candy Kitchen will have
a sDecial sale Saturday of Straw
berry and Vanilla Nut Nougat at
20c per pound and Peanut brittle
at 10c per pound.
Mrs. Sue Julian returned Tues
day from a few days spent with
her brother, J. R. Cain, jr., at
Strawberry and Vanilla Nut
Nougat and peanut brittle at the
Candy Kitchen Saturday.
John Towle of Omaha was a
business visitor in this city dur
ing the week.
L. R Chaney of Stella was
lining up the democrats in this
city Tuesday.
—Biscuits baked right in three
minutes every day next week at
our store J. C. Tannek,
Wanted—10,000 bushels of Wal
nuts, will pay cash for them—Heck
& Harlow.
Will Uhlig and wife spent
Thursday in St. Joe.
F. W. Cleveland was a St. Joe
visitor Thursday.
^ Food is
more tasteful,
^ healthful and nutri
tious when raised with
The only baking powde*
made from Royal
Grape Cream
of Tartar
Made from