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    A Few interesting Obser
A vations by a Farmer A
Yerdon, Neb., Oct. 27 190b.
Editor Falls City Tribune, Falls J
City. Dear Sir—With your per- j
m ssiou l will give you a few ob- I
servatioua on the present cam- j
paign as they occur to me. At the
beginning of this campaign I pre
dicted that Mr. Bryan would not
stay with the policies he then ad
vocated four years. Little did 1
think however that he would de
sert some of them inside of four
months. But be surely has. If any
one will take the trouble to exam
ine the tiles of any daily paper he
will find that in every speech he
delivered at the beginning of the
campaign he proclaimed himself
the legitimate heir of the Roose
velt policies and the logical sue
cesBor of Roosevelt to carry those
policies into execution, for he
maintained thut he could and
would do this better than Mr.Taft.
Does he say so now. Well not
that any one can notice, and why?
Has Roosevelt changed front? If
so lie has not been so charged.
Why theu is this true. Simply
because Mr. Roosevelt has de
clared for Mr. Taft and not Mr.
Bryan for president. Now Mr.
Bryan lam-basts the president in
every speech lie makes, to his
(Bryan’s) own detriment for the
American people have more faith
and confidence in Mr. Roosevelt
than they will ever have in Mr.
Bryan. Then again 1 am amused
at Bryan preaching panic to us
western farmers, why bless your
soul if we are enjoying a republi
can panic, as he sees fit to call it.
now, I for one am willing to have
it continue nil the time.
It seems to me that the editor
of the News is terrible and unuec
essarily worried because Mr. Pol*
1 lard will not tell him whether or
not he will vote fur Joe Cannon
for speaker of the next house of
representatives, a contingency
that is more than a year distant,
besides it is yet uncertain that
Mr. Cannon will be returned, and
he may not be a candidate for
the position or he may not be
among the living that time.
Now if he (the News man) is
sincerely and so strongly in
favor of publicity of intentions
why does he not pump the demo
cratic candidates for the legis
lature to tind out their position
on county option. I think that
the farmers who pay the big
end of the taxes are entitled to
know what our representatives
will do for or aga.nst us when
they get to Lincoln. Or can the
farmers not be trusted to have a
say in ihis important matter.
Now, Mr. Parmer, il the candi
dates do not tru'tyou enough to
tell you what they intend to do
on this or any other question,
can you trust them?
I notice ttiat Mr. Taxpayer in
the last two publications of his
article in the News left off the
1908 tax both state and county
and there is a reason tor leaving
it off. And the reason is that,
the 1908 state tax for this coun
ty is less than that for 1907 for
this county, and the 1908 coun
ty tax is greater than the 1907
county tax. This shows that
the state tax under the new
valuation of property through
out the state has reached its
zenith, while the county tax has
not. It should be borne in mind
that a number of the western
counties are paying less under
this arrangement than they did
under the old, justly too, for
their land is much less valuable.
Although I know that it is a
very unpopular thing to say,yet
I am forced to tlie conclusion
that the land in this county is
not assessed at more than 7."»
per cent of its actual value to.
day, and any one at all acquain
ted with land values here will
bear me out in this statement.
We should also bear in mind that
we have paid off more than
three-fourths of our standing
debt of about $2,000,000 during
the term of Gov. Sheldon, and
before he finishes his next term
it will be entirely wiped out,and
then the state tax can be further
reduced. Now I ain ready to
admit that I am not as wise as a
few men in this county who
know exactly what the railroads
in the state are worth, and on
this knowledge base the state
ment that the railroads are not
paying their just share of taxes.
As I stated before I am not pos
ted on this matter, but I am
strongly in favor of the coming
legislature taking the necessary
steps to have the Railway com
mission make a physical valua
tion of every line of railroad in
the state and then levying the
tax and freight rates on that
valuation. As Gov. Sheldon
has already declared himself in
favor of this plan, and because
I feel sure that the republican
candidates for the legislature in
this county will cooperate with
him, I feel that this great, and
in my estimation only just way
of regulating freight rates will
be accomplished in this state in
the near future. And that too
by the republican party, for we
can have no hopes of any re
form from any other party, that
is, to judge the future by the
It seems to me that this pro
posed bank deposit guarantee
' law is simply a buyahoo to yet
into olHce on. It was yotton up
by the politicians and not by
the depositors. I would like to
know how many depositors were
afraid of their deposits beiny
lost in any bank in this county
last tall or now. Our democrat,
ic friends fail to tell us what
kind of a guarantee law that
they will yive us. If it is no
better than ihe one in Oklahoma
1 do not think that it will
amount to much in a real panic, j
For tlie law there is simply a
larger per cent of reserve held
in the banks for an emergency.
Which is all right in ordinary
times when bank failures are,
few, but in time of real panic
that fund would soon be ex
hausted. To get such a law in
Nebraska we would simply have
to make our 15 per cent deposit
reserve about 25 or 30 per cent
and then turn it into a guaran
tee fund instead of a reserve
fund and we will be as well off
as they are in Oklahoma. The
only absolutely safe guarantee
of deposits would be to compel
the banks to hold in reserve the
entire deposits all the time, but
that would raise the interest
rates too high to make it prac
ticable. Any deposit guarantee
law that can be devised will
raise interest, i 1 universally
adopted, because it would take
a large amount of money out of
circulation. Yours very truly,
G. A. John.
Several, thousand dollars of
private funds to loan on good
farm security. Want to place it
out at once. Hknky C. Smith
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Lincoln Daily
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From Now Until Jan
uary 1st, 1909
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