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    The Value of Perfect Teeth
cannot i>e overestimated. They ctn easi- j
Iv make or mar a beautiful face It is |
the mission of l)r. \ utzy to correct im- 1
perfections of the teeth from any cause :
whatever. His inetnods are thoroughly
scientific, sanitary and painlecs. He can
replace your entire set, attend to a small
filling, do crown and bridge work with
the utmost success
BERT W1NOI.E, l). 0. is., Assistant
Fails Cilv, Nebraska
Hand=Decorated China!
See the wear==a full
case in the south win
dow at
The Falls City Roller Mills
Does a general milling business, and manufactures the
following brands of flour
The above brands are guaranteed to be of the highest pos
sible quality. We also manufacture all mill products and
conduct a general
Grain, Live Stock and Coal Business
and solicit a share of your patronage
P. S. Heacock & Son ' Falls City, Nebr.
When you have Grain or Hogs to market do not forget
that we pay the top price and give you honest weights.
K® When you need anything in ■
Lumber or Builders’ Material
call on us—we can furnish you anything in this line as
cheap as the same grade can be had elsewhere.
h has t^Jargest circulating flue
wmnav’kin a-baseiburner!
' ;* and this,with the new
side ’Hue heating surface mahesit
the STRONGEST HEATER for amount
of fuel used.EVER PRODUCED
BURNER.// wort A? in vestigoting
The New
Round Oak '
Base Burner
The greatest heater for
amount of fuel con
sumed ever known in
this t/pe of stove. It
is a decided improve
ment in base burner
construction and com
bines new and advanced
features in flue build
ing and control of the
fire, owing to fine
Falls City, Neb.
All Popular Brands of Wet Goods
with an experienced mixer at your
service. Foreign and Domestic Cigars.
L. E. LEED, Proprietor
The County in General
Crowded off (he regular Correspondence I’age.
J. W Wright of Howe was horo Sat
Barney lliley of Dawson was here on
K. ('. Welch is thi> new night opera
t >r here.
J. L. Griffiths went to Lincoln to see
Ben Hur.
W. F. Mowery was in Yerdon the
past week.
C. A. ,1 ones of Auburn was in town
this week.
Roy Leech of Pawnee was in town
last week
J. S. Davis of tiuubert was here lim
ing the weee.
Mrs. Joseph Nedrow went to Falls
City Thursday
Mrs. Moore returned Sunday from a
visit at Auburn.
L. M. Weddle ol Shnhert was in this
city Wednesday.
Wtn. I.oiler of Falls City whs h vis
itor here th's week
II. M. Peters of near Howe was here
Friday on business.
Clyde Harden and family visited rela
tives in Peru Saturday.
Chas, Carlton of Lincoln was a busi
ness caller here lust week.
D. A. Watson made a business trip
to Kansas City this week
N. B. Bobbitt of Kimball, Neb., ar
rived this week to visit friends.
-Mrs. Wilts j and Mr. Ausdale of Lin
coln visited relatives here Sunday.
J. C>. Hoppers sale was hindered by
the weather but amounted to $11590.
Mrs. A. W. Montgomery of this
place went to Oinulia Friday morning.
J. H. Vader of Pocahantas, Iowa.left
Friday with a car of apples for ttiat
W. J. Hodge and wife left Wednes
day for California where they will
Guy Crook of Falls City brought a
couplt of traveling men to this place
W. T. Young returned Sunday from
Pierce, Neb, where he had been with a
car of apples.
J. D. Rollff of Ravenswood, W. Va..
arrived last week to visit relatives
west of town.
I. S. Vader and wife returned last
week from Iowa, where they had Been
visiting relatives.
Mis. James who hus been spending a
ftw weeks with her parents at Auburn
returned Thursday.
Miss French who is one of the leach
er» iu the public school spent Sunday
at Salem wi\h her parents.
Mrs. \V. H. Stringfield arrived
Thursday afternoon from Geneva for
a vi-it. with her children.
Arthur McCray bought 21 head of
steers from John .Tenkius Friday and
will tf?gin feeding soon.
A. L. Bourke while at work one day
this week run a nail in his hand and
made a very painful wound.
J. F. I.lchart bought two lots in the
west part of town of H. E. Clark Sat
urday and will erect a house.
Sunday, Oct. 25, Rev Shirck pastor
ol the Lutheran church will preach in
the Rosefield school bouse at .‘1 o’clock.
The town board huvo been repairing
the street south of Barstkr's store this
week which makes a good improve
E. W. Stoltz and T. J. Kehrer who
have been farming here left Friday for
Twin Falls, Idaho, where the former
owns a farm.
Blanche Monnette, Hazel Hogrefe and
Ettie Martin ol Midland college of
Atpbison visited with home folks here
over Sunday.
Over fifty from this place registered
for Tripp county land. All are anxi
ously waiting to see if they are among
the lucky ones.
Prof. Hearst and live boys and girls
of Falls City high school were here
Saturday on their way to Auburn to
play basket bail.
Mrs. .T. H. Kiester, who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. G. W.
Lambert returned to her home in
Kansa3 Sunday.
K. A. Tynan of this place was on the
train wrecked at Shannon, Kas. He
was returning from Kansas City and
escaped injury.
Mrs. John Jenkins and daughter
Ruth went to Verdon Thursday and
on Friday left for Rockport. Mo., to
visit her brother.
A. Hhellenbarger who is in charge of
the cider mill received 300 empty bar
rels Thursday and has 4500 bushels of
apples ready for use.
Geo. Spaulding, frvin Curry and
Guy Montgomery returned from Colo
rado, where they were building some
houses on the land homesteaded by the
The pastorial year closed last Sun
day for Rev. SbiroK at the Lutheran
church. EJe has done much good work
Nov. 8 will be observed as Home Mis
sion day in honor of the anniversary of
the birth of Martin Luther.
W. A. Vandeveer of north of town
made a trip to his farm tu A Ete'ope
count v thi* week and brought a sample
of corn and potatoes home with hint.
The corn is good and the potatoes are
much better than the ones grown in
this part.
A Sunday school convention was held
Sunday afternoon at Pleasant View
chuceh. W. 11. tiogrefe was chosen
delegate from thl« place representing
the Lutheran Sunday school and owing
to the threatening weather be was un
able to attend.
About noon Thursday sparks from
from an origin 1 caused a fire south of
town. In the lla\s timber the pasture
was ail burned otT. North of town it
burned everythingin iLm reach. Mr.
Norris lost several tons of hay in the
stack urul his meadow burned off, .1.
E. Winfrey all his bottom pasture and
S. I). Curtis a lield of corn.
A pain perscriptiou is printed upon
each 2i e. box of Dr. Shoop’t Pink
Pain Tablets. Ask your doctor or
druggist if this formula is not com
plete. Head pains, womanly pains,
anywhere get instant relief from a
Pink Pain Tablet. Sold by all dealers.
Mrs Heine Kuker tins been quite ill
of lute,
Mrs, A C. Orr went to Fulls City
one day lust week.
Miss Katie Shulenburg was n guest
at John Kelly's Sunday.
H. Gerues and wife of Falls City
were visiting relatives here this week.
Miss Hattie Lilly spent Sunday at
her home near Verdon.
Miss Maggie Wrick of Verdon is
visiting Miss Zetta Isabel.
Mrs. Tom Davis visited her uunt
Mrs. Kelly on Wednesday.
Miss Lizz’e Kelly attended the dance
at Shuhert Saturday night.
Fulton Peters returned Sunday from
his trip ti» Rosalie and O’Neil.
Barada was well represented in Falls
City on Bryan day of last week.
Conrad Buehholz and family spent
Sunday at the home of John Kelly.
J. Spiekler and family returned
Thursday from their auto trip to Kan
sas City.
Grandpa Hanika spent Saturday and
SundHy with his daughters Mesdames
Palmer and Kelly.
Anthony Buehholz and wife weut to
Falls City Tuesday of lust week to hear
Hoke Smith speak.
Word was received here from Green
Burgess who is at Mound City that he
is badly hurt and not able to travel.
L. H. Morehead and wife spent last,
week in Kansas City. He was attend
ing to business and she visited a sister
at, that place
Miss Priscilla Woodring visited Sat*
urday and Sunday with her sister Mrs.
Charles Shulenherg near Shubert.
They were shopping in Kalis City Sat
Dr. Van Osd"i reports the birth of a
son to Jonii Mullen burg and wile on
Oct. 12; a daughter born to Walter Orr
and wife on Out. 15: and a son to It K.
Hendricks arul wife on Oct. 15.
Are You Only Half Alive
People with kidney trouble are so
weak and exhausted that they are only
half alive. Foley’s Kidney Remedy
makes healthy kidneys, restores lost
vitality, and weak delicate people are
restored to nealth. Refuse any but
Foley's, Kerr’s Pharmacy.
Foley’s Honey and Tar cures colds
eoughs quickly, strengthens the lungs
and expels colds. Get the genuine in
a yellow package.
L. B. Cornell went to Lincoln Inst
Tom Hall returned from Lincoln
Torn l'ain was a county sent visitor
Kd Fwlng returned Thursday from
Topeka, Kas.
Newt Cox and wife returned to Hlk
... Monday.
Win. Cook took a lond of Hour to
Fails City Friday.
John Hascnyager and family drove
to Falls City Friday.
Wm. Cook and wife were in Falls
City one day this week.
Julia Fraunfelder came up from
Falls City to spend Sunday
Gertrude Lum went to Falls City
Friday returning Saturday.
Mrs. Hoy Swlsegood and daughter
drove to Falls City Saturday.
Hazel llaper of Omaha visited her
Hunt,. Mrs. Goolsby, Tucsdry.
Dave Griffith and Charley Wear at
tended the football game ut 1’eru Fri
John Weaver and wife and Charles
Wstiver and wife were Peru visitors
Dr. Griftith and wile moved to Falls
City Tuesday. Faina Grillith accom
panied them.
I). G. Grittith and wife and F. W
Hohb and wife attended the foot bull
game at Peru Friday.
Mrs. Draper came down from Daw
son and took the train for her homo in
Manila, Iowa, Thursday.
Grandma Hoopes who has been sick
for the past four months died at, her
home Saturday The funeral services
were held ut the Christian church
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock by Hev.
Ogden of Lincoln. Interment In the
Verdon cemetery.
G. T. Griffith of St.cllu was hero on
T. A. Hays of Pierce, Neb, is visit
ing his brother here.
Mrs. James Weddle was shopping in
Falls City last week.
Miss Flattie Lilly of Barada spent
Sunday with her parents here.
Mrs. Verna Taylor and son of Bur
chard are visiting relatives here.
Prof. Collins and wife entertained
his sister of Gartield. Wash, Monday.
Mrs. Wheeler was the guest of
friends at Falls City during the week.
Mrs. Chrts. Shulenberg and Miss
Priscilla Woodring were In Falls City
Mrs-. .Too Spiekler and daughter ac
companied by Miss Floy Stotts were
Falls City visitors Saturday.
Word reached us that Mrs. Mary
Felt and Lewis Saver of Oklahoma
Oklahoma were married at Auburn on
Tuesday. .
Mi«s Priscilla Woodring of Barada
who is spending a few days with her
sister Mrs Chas. Shulenberg. was in
town Saturday.
The supper which was given by the
members of the W. R. C. Saturday
evening was largely attended and a
good time was enjoyed.
Mrs. Carrie Quiggle who has been
visiting relatives here left Saturday
for Kansas where she will visit after
which she will leave for Utah.
Little May Brown met with an acci
dent one day last week which might
have proved fatal while riding horse
back was in some manner thrown from
the horse breaking her arm and bruis
ing her quite bad, but under the care
of Dr. Shook is doing fine. She has
the sympathy of a large number of
You will find it a great satisfaction to do
More Home Baking
You will make biscuit, cake and pastry
clean, fresh and tasty—better every way
than the ready made foods.
I)r. Price’s Baking Powder is specially
devised for home use, and makes home
baking easy and a delight. It will pro
tect you from the dread alum baking
powders, which are too frequently found
in the ready made articles, and insure
you food of the highest healthfulness.
The heart may he weak
just llie same as the eyes,
stomach or other organs.
It often happens that a
person is born with a weak
heart. Then again dis
ease, levers, over-exertion,
anxiety, nervousness,
rheumatism, etc. weaken
the heart. The result is
shortness of breath, pal
pitation. pain in the heart,
or in some of the nerves
of the chest or abdomen.
The heart should be
strengthened with a tonic,
and for this nothing equals
Dr. Miles’ Heart Cure.
"I lmd J.aGrlppo last fall an I
thought In a mild form. I was weak,
tired feeling, and short of breath:
could hardly go about, and a good
deal of the lime sort of an asthmatic
breathing and extremely nervous. I
began taking l>r. Miles’ Heart Cure
and Nervine and now I feel ao much
better In every way. I am so thank
ful that I began taking this medleine,
and shall not hesitate to tell others
how much good It has done me,"
Freevllle, New York.
Your druggist sells Dr. Miles’ Heart
Cure, and we authorize him to return
price of first bottle (only) if It falls
to benefit you.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Chinaman Firmly Convinced That His
Brother Was a Victim of Super
natural Wrath.
How Frank Moy fell asleep while
propitiating the heathen gods by the
burning of a candle under his bed,
and was slain by them in their wrath
at his defection, was told by Willie
Sing, a brother of the victim, who
was the proprietor of a chop suey
restaurant which was attacked by
fi re.
The police say the house was acci
dentally set ablaze through Hoy’s
carelessness, hut Willie Sing knows
1 ef tor.
Did not Frank Moy send to
Shanghai for a candle blessed by a
Chinese priest? asked Willie of
Lieut. Coughlin at the Englewood
station. And does not everybody
know that a candle so sanctified will
i ure the most obstinate ease of rheu
matism if placed under the bed of
the sufferer, provided he prays all
night without ceasing, and thus
keeps away the evil spirits, who oth-'
erwise would spoil the charm?
“No doubt,’’ said Sing, “he go
sleep. Plesently ’long come dleviis,
plulf out candle. Hod’s velly mad;
no let Flank Moy live.”—Chicago
Real Estate Transfers
Wui.C’ar -h him! wife In Joseph Canh
wd to one-third interest in nw qr of
section 18-2-14.$11X10
Joseph Carsli to Win. harsh wd to
one-third interest in nw qr of section
Mary Plumb to Chas Oaverzagle wd
to lots 1, 2 and 3, block 5, Ruleau &
Bedard’s add to Rulo..... $1300
Henry Bean to Lois Spencer wd to
lots 17, 18, 10, 20, blk 04, Falls City .... |
John Buss el at to L Knickerbocker
wd to w bf of nw qr section 24-1-17....'
E. L. Snyder to Thus. Messmer, wd
to all the nw qr of section 33-2-18 .. $1
Elmer and Sarah James to S. E.i
Twist, wd to 20 acres in section 27 72-15j
.#7ir»00 ’
i 4
A Jeweler's Experience
C. R. Kluger, the Jeweler. 1000 Vir
ginia Ave., Iodianapidis, Ind , writes,
■‘I wna bo weak from kidney trouble I
could hardly walk one. hundred feet.
Four bottles of Foley's Kidney remedy
cleared my complexion, cured my
backache and the lrreg ’larities disap
peared, and I can now attend to busi.
ness every dav and recommend Foley's
Kidney Remedy to ml sullerers as It
cured me after the doctors and other
remedies had failed. Kerr’s Pharmacy
German Evangelical Ghurch
9:45 h. in. Sunday school.
10:45 a. m. Sermon.
7 p. m. Young People Alliances
7:30 p. m. Sermon.
Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30
p. ni.
Friday choir practice H p. in.
Petek Schumann, Pastor.
Private Money.
Private money to loan on Real
Estate. Mortgages bought and
sold. Call at First National
Bank. 3-tf A. J. Weaver
I am now prepared to do all kinds
of Pump and Windmill repairing
Can also furnish you Pumps. Wind
mills and Gasoline Engines. Phone
calls answered.
12-11 J. D. HAYS.