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Secretary Wright and General Bell
Will be Matinee Attraction
One of the attractive day feat
ures of the military tournament to
be held in St. Joe beginning Sept,
21 and continuing six days, will
be the review of the o.iKX) troops
by Secretary of War Luke Wright
nud Chief of Staff General Hell.
The tournament troops embrace
every branch of tin* service and
tlie entire complement of infantry,
cavalry, artillery, hosp t»l and
balloon crops will be reviewed in
the tournament arena on Wednes
day afternoon September 2J.
Another day feature of the week
will be an up town parade of all
of the troops on one or more fore
noons of the week, the exact days
for this feature has not yet been
Troops for the tournament will
begin arriving on Thursday the
loth and all the 5,tH)0 soldiers
will be in camp at Lake Contrary
before Saturday night proceeding
the opening of the tournament.
Richardson County Boy to the Front
The Billings, Mont,, Daily Ga
zette of September contains the
following complimentary remarks
in regard to William M. Johnson,
an old Richardson county boy,
who received the democratic nom
ination for associate justice of the
Montana supreme court. The on
ly weak spot we ever found about
Billy was his politics, but his sterl
ing worth and efficiency in his
chosen profession, always brings
him to the front. Here is what
the Gazette says:
“William M, .Johnson, the dem
ocratic nominee for associate jus
tice ot the Montana Supreme
court, is one of the best
known practicing attorneys in
eastern Montana. llis nomina
tion at Anaconda Tuesday, seems
to have met with the approval of
the party in this section,
Mr. Johnston came to Billings
about thirteen years ago and en
gaged in the practice of law. He
is a graduate from the Nebraska
state university atJLincoln in the
spring of 1894, having finished
the academic course. He rend
law in the oHiee of Stearns and
Strode, the junior partner being a
former congressman. llis rise
here was rapid. He gained a rep
utation for possessing a thorough
knowledge of the law and being
conservative at all times. He was
elected county attorney for two
terms and at another election was
chosen state representative from
Yellowstone county. He has pre
viously been mentioned hs a pros
pect for supreme court justice, but
it was not known that lie was a
I candidate this year. He presided
at the recent county convention
to elect delegates to the state gath
ering and was elected as one of two
delegates at large. Mr. Johns n
is married ami 1ms a beautiful
borne on the west side, where he
resides with his wife and two little
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Legal Notice.
In tlii- District court of Richardson comity.
Stats of Nebraska.
'Myrtle Sehaible Mulligan
t ’amo Sehaible, widow of
lolm Sehaible jr. deceased,
I mr-i Sehnihb* R«*\ S.*11:11
ble, I'd ward Sehaible. Edna
Schaibh* and William Mul
Defendants 1
To Laura Sehaible, non-resident defendant:
You are hereby notified that Myrtle Schai
bh* Mulligan did on the 12tIt day of Septem
ber, IMOH, file her petition against you and the
above named defendants in the District court
«>f Richardson county, Nebraska, the object
and prayer of which is to procure a decree of
partition of the following described real
estate, situated in Richardson county, state of
Nebraska, towit: The south half of the north
cast quarter of section Thirty 1.90] in township
One ill North Range Slxte^i Ilf>| In which the
plaintiff and you, Laura Sehaible and tin*
other defendants except Carrie Sehaible,
widow of John Sehaible jr, deceased, who has
a dower interest in said land and William
Mulligan husband of plaintiff- are tenants in
com 111011 of said real estate.
And you are further notified that unless
you plead, answer or demur to said petition,
on or before the ?nd day of November I1H)8,
Die same will be taken as true ami the
prayer thereof granted as of course.
Ri . v vis & R» wis
Attorneys for Plaintiff
First Publication September is 5 times
Legal Notice
Notice is hereby^ given that or. the 11th
day pf September 1008, the undersigned
Henry C. Zoeller. Kdwin Dotvty. James T.
Margrave. Harry C. Herman. Clyde Thacker,
and William C. Margrave filed the following
articles of Incorporation with the count '
clerk of Richardson county, Nebraska.
The name of this corporation shall Is* The
Preston Mercantile Company.
article ii
The principle place of transacting the
business of this corporation shall be lesion,
Richardson county, Nebraska.
article hi
The general nature of the business to be
transacted by this corporation shall Is* a
general it-lail iuiiltki bUa*i»* and g ‘jirr;*.!
mercantile business and a general elevator
business with the power to buy and ■*< 11
grain, to buy feed and sell live stock, and
to hold such real estate as may be necessary
for the proper conducting of the business
herein enumerated.
The amount of capital stock authorized
Khali *be $25,000.00, of which there shall be
paid in $20,000.00 at the time of the **• »m
mcitcenient of the corporation and be for* • any
'business shall be conducted by the cor
article v
The time of commencement °f the corpor
ation ^hall be at the time, of filing these
articles with the county clerk of Richardson
county, Nebraska, and such corporation
shall terminate twenty years thereafter.
Tile highest amount of indebtedness or
liability to which the corporation may at any
time subject itself shall not exceed two
thirds of tlit* paid up capital of said corpor
The affairs of the corporation are to he
conducted by a president, a general manager,
which two offices may 1m* held by the same
person, a treasurer, a vice-president and
secretary, and a board of directors con
sisting of five members, all of whom shall
be stock holders in the corporation.
Henry C. Zoellek
EmviN Dow rv
Jas. T. Margrave
Harry C. Herman
William C. Margrave
State of Nebraska ' ss
Richardson County t
On this llth day of September, b’hs. per
sonally appeared before me, a Justice of the
Peace within and for Richardson county
Nebraska, Henry Z«R*Uer. Edwin Dowty,
James T. Margrave/Harry C. Herman, Clyde
Thacker and Wm. C. Margrave known to me
to be the identical persons who sub
scribed the foregoing instrument and each
acknowledged the execution thereof u be hi*
free and voluntary act and deed for the pur
pose of organizing aud incorporating The
Preston Mercantile Company.
In witness whereof, 1 have hereunto set mv
hand and notarial seal the day last above
E. D. McCi mhek, Justice of Peace.
Ri wisA Ri avis
Attorneys for Incorporators.
First publication Sept. Itf 4 times
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Senator Burkett
First Cun for Taft!
The following proposed amendment to the
constitution of the State of Nebraska, us herein
after set forth in fuli. is submitted to the electors
of the State of Nebraska, to is* voted upon at the
general election to be held Tuesday, November
3rd, A. I). lUtfc.
A JOINT HESOLUTION to amend Sections,
two 1 >, four (4), live .V, *ix (ft) and thirteen (13)
of Article six (ft) of the Constitution of the State
of Nebraska, relating to Judicial Powers.
Bk it Kkholved by the Legislature of the
State of Nebraska:
Section 1. Amendment Proposed. That Sec
tion two (2> of Article six ft of the Constitution
f the State of Nebraska be amended to rend as
f jlows :
Seotiou 2. Supreme Court; Judges; Juris
diction.! i he Supreme t ourt shall consist of
seven 7 judges; and a majority of all elected and
qualified judges shall In* necessary to constitute
a quorum or pronounce a decision. The Supreme
Court shall have jurisdiction in all cases relating
to the revenue, civil cases in which the state is a
party, mandamus, quo warranto, habeas corpus, j
aud such appellate jurisdiction as may be pro
vided by law.
Section 2. Amendment Proposed.) That
Section four, (I of Article six Hj of the Constitu
tion of the State of Nebraska, be amended to read \
as follo\vs :
Section t. (Supreme Court, Judges, Elec
tion, Term, Hksidem k. ■ The judges of the Su
preme Court shall lie elected by the olector» of
the stare at large; and their term of office except
us hereinafter provided shall In* six years. And
said Supreme Court judges shall during their
term of office, reside at the place where the court !
18 Inddm.
Section 3. (Amendment Proposed.) That
Section five |5 ) of Article six |t>J of the Constitu
tion of the State of Nebraska Ik* amended to read
aw follows:
Suction 5. j Supreme Court, Judges, Elko
tio? , Term. Chief Justice. | That at the gen
eral elect ion to he held in the state of Nebraska
in the year 1900, and each six years thereafter,
there shall Ik* elected three |3| judges of the Su
preme Court, who shall hold their office for the
period of six years; that at the general election
to Ik* lielil in the state of Nebraska in the year
1911. and each nix years thereafter, there shall he
elected three 131 judges of the Supreme Court,
who shall hold their office for the period of six
years: and at the general election to he held in
the state of Nebraska {in the year 1913 and each
six years thereafter, there shall Ik* elected a Chief
Justice of tin* Supreme Court, who shall hold his
office for the period of six years. Provided that
the member of the Supreme Court whose term of
office expires in January 1011, shall In* Chief Jus
tice of I he Supreme Court during that time until
the expiration of his term of office. And pro
vided further, that upon the adoption of these
amendments by the electors of the State, the
Governor Khali, immediately upon issuing his
proclamation declaring said amendments adopt
ed, appoint four | 11 judges of the SupreineCourt,
two |2J «»f whom shall Ik* appointed to hold said
office until their successors shall Ik* elected at the
general election in 1909, and have qualified; and
the other two [21 shall hold their office until their
successors shall be elected at the generul election
held in 1911. and have qualified.
Section 4. [Amendment Proposed.! That
Section six [t>J of Article six |fi| of the Constitu
tion of the state of Nebraska, be amended to read
as follows :
Section rt. (Chief Justice. | The Chief Jus
tice shall serve as such during all the term for
which he was elected. JIo shall preside at all
terms of the Supreme Court, and in his absence
the judges present shall select one of their number
to preside temporarily.
Section r>. [Amendment Proposed.! That
Section thirteen |13| «»f Article six |»>] of the
Constitution of Nebraska be amended to read as
follows :
Section 13. [Judges, Salaries. J That judges
of the Supreme Court shall each receive a salary
of $ir»00, ami ’the Judges of the District Court
shall each receive a salary of $3000 per annum,
payable quarterly.
Approved April M, 1907.
I. Geo. (Juukiu. Secretary of State, of the
State of Nebraska, do hereby certify that the fore
going proposed amendment to the Constitution
oft hesitate of Nebraska is a true and correct
copy of the original enrolled and engrossed bill,
as passed by the Thirtieth session of the legisla
ture nf the State of Nebraska, as appears from
said original bill on file in this office, and that
said proposed amendment is submitted to the
qualified voters of the State of Nebraska for their
adoption or rejection at the general election to
he held on Tuesday, the 3rd day of November, A.
D. 190S,
In testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto set my
! hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State of
Nebraska. Done at Lincoln, this l.'ith day of
July, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand
Nine Hundred and Eight, and of the Indepen
dence of the United States the One Hundred and
Thirty-third, and of this State the Forty-second.
[heal] Secretary of State.
Legal Notice
Iii the Matter of the Application j
of Clyde Thacker, (iuardiau to
Sell Real Estate \
Now, oil this 31st day of August, 1908, the pe
tition of Clyde Thacker, guardian of Frank P.
Davis, a minor and Harry Davis, a minor, for
permission to sell the interest of said minors in
the West half of the Northeast quarter of Sec
tion 33, Township 1, Range 17, in Richardson
County, Nebraska, for the reason that it would
be for the benefit of his wards that their interest
in such real estate should be sold and the pro
ceeds thereof put out at interest, and, it appear
ing to the court from such petition that it would
be beneficial o said wards that such real estate
should be sold, it is hereby ordered that the
next of kin of said wards and all persons inter
ested in the estate, be and appear before the
district court of Richardson County, Nebraska,
on Tuesday, the 22nd day of September, 1908, to
show cause why a license should not be granted
the petitioner for the sale of such estate.
It is further ordered that a copy of this order
shall be published for three successive weeks in
the Falls City Tribune, a newspaper of general
circulation in Richardson County, Nebraska.
John B. Raver, Judge.
Ri.avis & Rkavis,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
First publication Sept. 4. 3t
Sheriff's Sale
Notice is hereby given that I wiH offer at
public sale in front of the weft door of the
court house at Falls City, on Saturday, the
-4th day of October, 1908, at the hour of one
o'clock, p. m., of said day, the one undivided
htli, (ninth] interest or part of the following
described land, situated in Richardson county.
State of Nebraska, to-wit: the south sixty
l«01 acres in the south-wrst quarter [HI of
section seventeen [17 and the north half i1 1
of the north-west quarter [HI of section
twenty (20],all in township threel31,range north
sixteen [lol east of tile 0th P. M. The sale
will he made subject to a mortgage on the
whole tract for the sum of twenty-five hun
dred dollars, <25,000.00 and subject also to the
dower estate of Emily Leslie, widow of Hen
ry Leslie, deceased. The land to be sold
pursuant to the levy of an execution thereon
to satisfy a judgment rendered in the Dis
trict court of Richardson county, in favor oi
Blanchard. Ehrke & Wilderman vs Henry C.
Leslie, owner of said undivided 9tli interest.
Terms of ^ab*. cash.
W. T. Fenton,
Sheriff of Richardson County
Reavis a: Reavis,
Attorneys for Plaiutiffs in Execution.
First publication, September 18, 5 times
D. S. flcCarthy
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