The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, September 11, 1908, Image 5

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What Your Friends and Thsir
Friends Hava Been Doing the
Past Week.
Eat Sowles Candy.
Dr. Tefft, Dentist, Maddox block,
opposite court house.
Ewing Herbert and his auto
were in town Sunday
H. M. Jenne and wife were in
Auburn Friday afternoon.
C. E. NimSjOf Humboldt is a
new subscriber this week.
George Weaver, wife and baby,
were down from Stella Friday.
A baby girl was born to Mrs.
John Nulk on Friday evening.
The Ursuline convent opened
Monday with a good enrollment.
N. C. Campbell, one of Hum*
boldt’s leading merchants, was in
our city Friday.
Neilie Dore returned to her
home in Omaha Saturday’, after
spending a week with relatives
C. E. Nims, the next supervisor
from the west end, was mingling
among- his Falls City friends Sat
An eleven pound boy was born
to Elva Crook and wife one day
last week. All concerned are do
ing nicely’.
E. H. King left Monday for
Los Angeles, after a few days
pleasant visit in this city with
his many old friends.
Word retched us this week thai
Neal Thornton has purchased a
butcher shop in Muskogee, Okla
homa. and has a good trade.
Mrs. John Conner and children
of Auburn returned home after
a visit with her mother, Mrs. Sue
DeWald and other relatives here.
Hacel Wing left Friday for
Humboldt to assume her duties as
teacher at Cottage district near
Humboldt during the ensuing
Dr- Laurence reports Fred Diet
rich to be improving rapidly and
he is now out of danger. He has
been very sick at the home of
John Carico for the past two
Mrs. I. Mead and daughter
Vergie were called from Omaha
Thursday night by the illness of
the former’s husband. At that
time his condition was considered
dangerous, but we are glad to re
port he is now much better.
Wstn Trifles Become Troubles
If any person suspects that their kid
neys are deranged they should take
Foley - Kidney Remedy at once and
not risk having Bright’s disease or dia
betes. Delay gives the di 'ase a strong
er foothold and you should not delay
taking Foley’s Kidney Remedy. Kerr’s
Private Money.
Private money to loan on Real
Estate. Mortgages bought and
sold. Call at First National
Bank- 3-tf A. J. Weavkk
Rush .
A good 8-room house,
well located, 3 good cor
ner lots, close in, well
improved—a snap, only
See, or write, us at
Tickling or dry cough will quickly
loosen whtfu ti-ing Dr. Shoop’s cough
remedy. And it is so thoroughly
harmless titat Dr. Snoop tells mothers
11 u-c nothing else,even ior very young
babies. The v' holesome green leave
a id tender sietus of a lung healing
shrub gives the curative properties to
Dr. Shoop's Cough remedy. It calms
the cough and heals the sensitive bron
chial membranes. No opium, no chlo
roform, nothing harsh used to injure
or suppress. Demand Dr. Shoop's and
accept no other. Sold by all Dealers.
Some ot the ball boys had an
exciting time of it getting to Au
burn Friday. The majority of
the players went in Poteet's and
Peacock's motor cars. The
steering gear on Poteet's car
broke at Shubert and the boys
had just seven minutes to catch
the train at Stella. They made
it in Roy's car by breaking all
records between Shubert and
Stella making but a little less
than 50 miles an hour between
the two towns.
Mrs. Lettie Bollman left Sun
day morning for Kansas City
where she will spend a week with
her sister, Mrs. Bert Wright.
From there she will go to Okla
homa City to again take up her
work in the millinery establish
ment of Mrs. Frank Marvin.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will conduct a food ex
change at Morsman's drug store
Saturday afternoon, where you
can get a supply of everything
suitable for Sunday dinner.
John Hutchings, J. S. Lord,
Win. Fenton, E- E. James, E. F.
and Charles Sharts were among
those front this city who attend
ad the funeral of O. I. Hall in
Humboldt Sunday.
M. F. Noble and wife, Mrs.
Chas- Gagnon, A1 Doerner and
wife and son chartered an auto
mobile Sunday and went to Kulo
and spent the day with Mr3.
Frank Simons.
Mr- and Mrs. Fowler returned
Saturday evening from a visit
with their son in the western
part of the state. They stopped
in Lincoln for a few days visit at
the fair.
Ned Towle is making substan
tial improvements at his lumber
yard in the way of new sheds,
and when completed it will be as
near perfect as it is possible to
make it.
Charles Reed and Miss Leota
Frenchy, both of this city, were
married Sunday evening at the
Methodist parsonage.
C. E. Nims, O. E. Zook and S.
H. Bolejack were down from the
west end Saturday mingling with
their many friends.
Mrs. Tjaden of Humboldt and
daughter, Mrs. Rena Kuper of
Auburn were in the city Monday
enroute to Auburn.
Capt. J. P. Grinstead of Salem
was in the city Monday and filed
complaint against George Tuttle
as a depsomaniac.
Lon Eaton, a former familiar
figure in this city, was in town
Monday celebrating his 81st
Joe Lepik and family of Hum
boldt spent Sunday in this city
with Mr. Boxstine and family.
Matt Scbulenberg of Barada
was looking after business in-1
terests here Monday.
Mary Sinclair left Friday night
for Gorden, Neb., tc visit for a
time with relatives.
Mayor King and Col. Ualby
were down from Shubert the lat
ter part of the week.
Jack Jeliison is again holding
down his old position on the
laundry wagon
G- E. Hall of Verdon helped
swell the crowd on our streets
Geo. Hall ot Verdon is another
one to join our big family this
A number of our people are at
tending the Hiawatha fair this
Our German friends are count
| ing on a big time next Tuesday.
Frank Nims was down from
Nims City the first of the week
j Prot. Harnack was over from
Hiawatha the first of the|week.
A baby girl was born to Paul
B Weaver and wife Monday
John Crook left Sunday night
on a two weeks trip through Ok
Walter Boyle was in the city
Sunday the guest of bis mother,
Mrs. J. C. Yutzy
W. L. White returned the lat
ter part of the week from a busi
ness trip to (hnaha.
Hal Sowles came up from St.
Joe and spent Sunday with his
parents in this city.
John l'utnam and wife this
week moved into a cottage in the
north part of town.
Mr. Keiler, a Missouri Pacific
employe, this week moved his
family to Hiawatha
Ora Ross of Nelson, was a vis
itor to his parents in this citv be
twe.en trains Monday.
L. C. Edwards spent a portion
ot the week in Humboldt looking
after business matters.
Dr Wilson spent Tuesday last
with his parents in Nebraska City
returning that evening.
Situation wanted by young
man, high school student, to
work for board. Call at office.
Miss Clara Tanner is again *at
her old position in the post office,
after a month’s vacation spent in
Mrs. J. R. Wilhite and W. H.
Crook went to Humboldt Friday
to attend the funeral of Uncle
Tom Brown.
The ladies of the Episcopal
church have arranged to serve
meals arid lunches in the Maddox
building on German day.
Wanted.—An office girl. It
is not necessary that she has a
knowledge of stenography. Ap
ply at Maust Bros, office.
Mrs. II. Gensichen and daugh
ter, Miss Margaret of Leigh,
Nebr., are in the city guests at
the home of Carl Buthman.
Alice Jaquet left Monday for
Galesburg. 111., where he will be a
student in a young ladies semi
nary during the coming year.
The ideal weather of the past
week has added materially to the
corn crop in this section. All the
late corn now shows great prom
George Keeling of Aurora, 111.,
who has been visiting in this city
with his brother, Majpr Keeling,
left the first of the week for To
peka, Kas.
Mrs. W. A. Stewart and child
ren arrived in the city Monday
from Okmulgee, Okl., for a visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
P. H. Jessen.
Rev. D- Everett Smith of In
dianola, Iowa, was in the city on
Tuesday to see Dr. Bailey about
lecture courses and next summer
Chautauqua work.
Lela Powell, Edna DeWald nnd
Hazel White went to Hiawatha
yesterday to be present at a
social function. They will re
main to witness the ball game.
Anita Wilson left Sunday for
Omaha, where she met Edna
Spencer and together the two!
went to Valparaiso, Itid., to j
enter school for the coming year 1
Miss Lois Keeling, who has
been assisting in the post office
for some time, has accepted a po-1
sition in the office of the county
clerk, beginning her duties there
Carl Eietzke, who has been in j
Albany, N- Y., for the past year,
is in tli»cityr visiting his parents,
Charles Lietzke and wife. The
visit was a happy surprise to the j
family here.
Rev.George Cornford of Frank J
lin county, Iowa, preached for
Dr. Hailey last Sunday evening
at the Presbyterian church. Rev.
Cornford is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Cornford who live in the south
west part of the city.
A clever, popular Candy Cold Cure
Tablet ca lei Preventin' is being
dispensed by druggists everywhere.
In a few hours Preventics are said to
break any eold completely. And Pre
ventics being so safe and toothsome,
are very line for children No quinine
no laxative, nothing harsh nor sick
ening. 13ox of 48—25c Sold by all
Drice rheumatism out of the blood
with Dr, Shoop’s Rheumatism remedy
and see how quickly uain will depart.
Rub-on’s never did reach the real dis
ease. Rheuinat'srn isn't in the skin
it's deep down, its constitutional. (Jet
ting rid of the pain, ts after all wlitu
counts. That is why Dr. Shoop’s
Rheumatic remedy goes, by word of
mouth from one to anot her. Ami here
in lies the popularity ot the remedy.
It is winning defenders everywhere.
Tablets or liquid. Sold by all dealers.
Cordv Houghlan, a bronco rider
who has liccn performing some
marvelous feats at the different
fairs, came down from Lincoln
the first of the week for a few
days visit with his parents here,
lie left Wednesday lor St. Joe
where he will ride in a frontier
wild west show.
Martin Kanaly and wife this
week sold their home property to
Henry Sandrock ot near Salem,
who will move to town us soon
as possession can be obtained.
Mart has not decided as to their
future intentions but we hope
they will decide to remain with
Mr. Sipe of Illinois, arrived in
the city’ the latter part of the
week and spent a few days at the
home of Mrs. Jane Bohrer, leav
ing Tuesday accompanied by his
wife who lias been visiting with
her mother for the past few
The evening services at St.
Thomas church, which have been
suspended for a time in order to
permit Rev. Neide to assist in
other parishes, will be resumed
on Sunday evening.
Mrs. . •runo Hansen and little
son came down from Omaha
Tuesday and will visit for a time
at the home of her parents. Dr.
and Mrs. W. H. Kerr.
Mrs. Lloyd Peck and little son,
of Reserve, spent a few days the
last of the week in this city with
ner parents, Henry Ruegge and
Mr. and Mrs- Bailey who are
visiting their son in this city, are
spending a few days this week
with numerous Humboldt friends.
Mrs. Herbert Hedges and child
ren returned home Tuesday morn
ing from a visit with Relatives 10
the western part of the state.
Henry Berry and wife came up
from Atchison the latter part of
the week and will visit for a time
with relatives in this city.
Mrs. J. R. Farris ot Lincoln,
came down Monday to attend the
funeral of her father, V. W. Bat
Mrs. Chas. Baldwin of Western,
Neb., is in the city visiting with
her parents, Wm- Palmer and
J. C. Gillispie of Chicago, was
the guest at the home of Mrs.
Katherine Wylie over Sunday.
Stanley Stump has been quite
sick this week, suffering from a
severe attack of appendicitis.
The Pattern hats are now
ready for inspection at the Patz
man Sisters millinery store.
Mrs. Doc Brockman of Stella
spent Wednesday in this city the
guest of Mrs. .T. R. Wilhite.
Florence Wylie began her
school in the Knickerbocker dis
trict Monday morning.
Cvril McCarthy left this week
for Omaha, where lie will enter
the Creighton college.
Miss Ollie Petrashek of Hum
boldt, is the guest of Mrs. Dr.
Wolfe, in this city.
Henry Brecht and wife returned
Saturday from a few days spent
at the sta & fair.
Mrs. Maude Wigton is now em
ployed as assistant clerk in the
post office.
Miss Sarah Hutchins will leave
next week on an extended east
ern trip.
The Leo Cider and Vinegar Co.
want a million bushels of apples.
Mrs. Amos Gantt spent Sun
day with friends in Table',Rock.
Max Werner was a Nebraska
City visitor Sunday.
Claud Rowe spent Sunday with
friends in Humboldt.
Mrs. Wm. Uhlig was quite sick
during the week.
Mrs. Sam lJavtie was a Salem
visitor Sunday.
S L. Redwood was a Dawson
visitor Sunday.
The Pattern hats are now
ready for inspection at the Pat:<
111 an Si>ters millinery store.
P. S- Ileaeock and son Roy>
were Humboldt visitors Tuesday,
making the trip in the 1 attors
Have you arranged your affairs
so that vou can attend {he Ger
man day celebration in this city
next Tuesday.
Frank Greenwald left Tuesday
for his home in Mitchell, S. I).,
after a few days visit with rela
tives in th is city.
C. M. Bohrer catne in this
morning from Wilsonville, where
he has been for some time look
ing after building contracts.
The Preston Mercantile Co. is
a new business venture in Pres
ton. It is in the hands of the
Margraves which insures its suc
John Musselman returned Sun
day to his home in Kansas City,
after a very pleasant visit in this
city with his aunt, Mrs. P. H.
Mrs. Mary Ashcom who has
been visiting in this city with Mrs
Kate Steele, for the past few
weeks, left Tuesday for her home
in Washington, D. C.
Married at the home of Mr.and
Mrs. Schrader Wednesday even
ing, Ray Conner to Oatees Odell
both of Auburn. Key. Mastin
uniting them in marriage.
Bijou Mcisenheimer, Emma
Dilley, Ben Dilley and Mr. Fin
ling came over from Hiawatha,
Tuesday, via. the automobile
route and spent the evening with
Miss Dorothy White.
Dr. W. M. Balch, pastor of the
M. E. Trinity church in Lincoln,
has resigned his charge there and
accepted a call to Dover, N. H.
Dr. Balch is known to many of
our people, being a brother-in
law of Mrs. Dora Richards.
Nellie Lee Holt is about the
happiest little girl we know of,
all on account of a neat little
tnrnout purchased by her father
while in Lincoln last week. It is
a wee little black and white Shet
land pony and a little rig to
match. Nellie Lee will be the
envy of all.
Cards have been received in this
city announcing the marriage of
Ed. H. King to Blanche Williams
at the bride’s home in Shubert,
on Tuesday, Sept. 8. They will
be at home at 730 E- 20th street,
Los Angeles, Cal., after Sept. 25.
We unite with their many friends
in extendingcongratulations.
Mrs. Wm. Sears this week re
ceived a letter from her daughter,
Mrs. Ernest Vincent, now in Den
ver for the benefit of her health,
stating 'that she had been thor
oughly examined by the best
physicians there, who say that
with proper nursing, they can
perfect a complete cure. This is
indeed welcome news to Elva’s
many friends in this city.
Foley’s Orino laxative is a new rem
edy, an improvement on the laxative,
of former year-, as it does not gripe or
nauseate ami is pleasant to take. It is
guaranteed. Kerr’s pharmacy.
Have You Seen Those
Hew Electric Clocks?
WE have on display
.in our window,
several Geo. S. Tiffany
Electric Clocks. They
never need winding.
Davies & Owens
Jewlers and Opticians
BEFORE buying a
watch you should
learn about the HOW
ARD—the one Ameri
can watch that has real finish and
adjustment—real fineness.
The Howard is the finest
practical time-piece in the world
for daily pocket use.
New extra-thin model HOWARD
is the first American thin-model
we can guarantee as a time-keeper.
Every Howard is adjusted in
its case, and price-ticketed at the
factory—$35.00to$150.00. Price
is never cut.
We are diitributora for thia diitiuctive
North Window of Kerr's Pharmacy
If you want the best for
your money in Tablets,
Pencils, Inks or any
thing in School Supplies
A larger assortment than
ever before.
We solicit a share of
of your business.
Falls City. Nebraska
Good Morning!
Did the letters blurwhile
you were reading last g^
evening's paper.•
Mv Glasses Make the Vis
ion Clear !
Falls City. Neb.
Hides and Furs
Hii^liesf market prices—1st
house south of Peter Freder
ick, Hr.
Phone .109 II