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    Henry C. Smith
240 acres well improved, 1J miles from Depot in Kas. Good spring-. Best of terms. Will take
40 acres as part payment, balance long time at low interest.
200 acres \}t miles from depot, Kichardson county, Nebraska. Good buildings and land. Will
take 40 or 80 acres as part payment.
100 acres upland, 1 mile from depot Kichardson county, Nebraska. 512,000.
160 acres Johnson county, Nebraska. 80 rods to church and school. Best of terms. Might rent.
107 acres near Brownville, Nebraska.
80 acres 4*-mile from Falls City high school.
040 acres, $8,000 improvements Also 640 acres adjoining. Will take 100acres as ;i,irt payment.
Fine running water. A No. 1 opportunity.
Money to loan.
The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
Ed Davis was in St. Joe this week.
Frank Simon was in St. Joe last
Wylie Yastine was a Duwswn visitor
last week.
Dill Haler spent a part of last w eek
in St. Joe.
Father Sproil was a St. Joe visitor
this week.
Jim Koiaml of Missouri visited in
Kulo Monday.
K. P. Philbrie of Wyiuon was a Kulo
visitor Monday.
Mrs. Nettie Copie was a Falls City
visitor Monday.
(iarnet Wilson of Preston was in
Kulo last week.
Phi) Horan was a St. Joseph visitor
one day recently.
Frank Burgett and wife were Kulo
visitors last week.
John llurk and little son left for
Denver Saturday.
L. J. LeBlanc is putting in three
concrete crossings.
Clrra Alkman of Kansas spent Sun- I
day with her mother.
Mase Perry of Missouri was a llulo
visitor one day last week.
Frank Record of Kansas spent Sun
day with his parents here.
Mrs. Gagnon of Falls City is visiting
friends in Rulo this week.
Jim Roland of {Rush bottom was in
our city the first of the week
Mrs. Hasford and family visited
friends in Falls City last week.
Mrs. Joe Harris and little daughter
of Wymore spent Suuday hero.
John Inks of Salem visited his sister,
Mrs, Emma Wallace, over Sunday.
Rev. Mazo and son visited with his
friends here several days last ween.
Pearl Andersou returned Wednesday
from a visit with relatives in Kansas.
HI Orcnt of Missouri was a business
visitor in our city one day last week.
Mrs. Marion Nobles of Kails City
visited relatives here during the week, j
On Wednesday of last week a little
daughter was born to John Harris and
Edgar Bryant and wife visited with
friends at White Cloud, the first of the
John Kanaly and daughter Agues
were Falls City visitors one day last
Frank Werner and wife of Falls City
furnished music for the dance Friday
Cha*. Jordeu, Wayn Richardson,
and Earl Shepherd went to Preston
Mrs. Lida Show and daughter of
Salt Lake visited with her sister, Mrs.
McClealan last week.
The band concert Saturday evening
was fine and was atten ded by a large
and appreciative crowd.
W. A. Marcum and daughter, Mrs.
John Burk left last week for a visit
with relatives at Denver.
Ross Jackson, formerly agent at this
place, stopped off to chat with his old
friends while on his way to Atchison
the other day,
Mr. Kubfer of Kansas City was here
last week, trying to make arrangements
to iurnish the furniture for the new
Methodist church.
D, Vanvaulkinburg arrived this week
from a trip to Denver, and a visit with
his daughter Mrs. Mdvin Rinehart at
Smith Center, Kansas
A1 Schaffer and family after a visit
with Rulo friends left for Scribner,
Nebr. where they were they will lo
c. te. He will run a blacksmith shop
there, having sold his shop at Tarkio,
Last Tuesday being Mrs. William
Johnsons birthday her children cele
brated the day by preparing an excel
lent supper to which all of her child
ren and a few other relatives were in
Herman Boahme and family wen; to
Atchison Wednesday to be present at
the marriage of their daughter Amela
to Frank Castello which took place at1
the Catholic bhureb in Atchison on 1
Dallas Jones purchased a team at '
| White Cloud one day last week. They
run away while he was trying to get
them home. One was not found for
several days but the >ther was tound
the next morning with u broken neck.
lluth Kanaly returned to her work
in Geo. Oeambs store Monday after a
few days absence on account of sick
ness. Her sister Gertrude filled her
place during her sickness.
l)ouo Anderson and da lghter drove
to Kansas Sunday afternoon to see his
father, who lias been sick for several
John Alexander and family of Rush
bottom returned from a visit with rela
tives at Lincoln the first of the week.
John Chaney has returned from Ches
ter anil is now working on the section
for Frank Dicks.
Henry Smith went to Beatrice the
llrst of the week, where ho will work
for a while.
J. W. Mann of Wfiite Cloud visited
with old friends in Uulo, u few days
last week.
Wm. Brown ami wife arrived recent
ly from Los Angeles. Cal., to visit some
Mrs. Harry Spicer of Belview is vis
iting with her father and mother in
Arba Duncan and wife of Preston
spent Sunday with his paruuts hero.
The band stand is now complete and
is a very nice ornament to the city.
Mrs. John Andeason of the Ueserva
tion visited relatives here Monday.
John Ltyan went to Prestoa Sunday
after spending a few days in Uulo.
Henry llobisou of Fortoscuo was a
Uulo visitor the last of the week.
Jim York of Hiawatha visited with
Uulo friends one day last week.
Ike and Hen Lunsford lias built a
new barn on their property.
Burnes Cotton and wifo of Kansas
spent Saturday in this city.
Winnie Watts of Kansas was in our
city this week.
Ida Haler spent Sunday with rela
tives at Salem.
Edna Shalter spent last Monday with
Mrs. E. I), Shaffer.
Anna and Elsie Ueischick visited with
Ethel Peck Sunday.
Mrs. Ed. Zorn visit? 1 Mrs. August
Zorn last Wednesday.
Mr. Melvin has returned from an ex
tended stay in Dakota.
S. H. Knlsely, wife and daugter spent
Sunday with relatives.
F. S. Lichty and family visited with
Chester Stump Sunday.
Mrs. John Ueischick enjoyed a visit
from her parents Monday,
Al. Ruegge of Table Rock was a
guest of relatives Sunday.
Mrs. John Reischiek was a guest of
Mrs. F. M. Shaffer Sunday.
Mrs. Cleon Peek left Monday on a
visit to her sister at Davenport.
Mrs. George Sturms left Monday for
a visit with her sister at Horton, Kan.
Mrs. Eph Feck and niece Daisy Peck
were guests of Mrs. N. Peek Tuesday.
Mrs. E. D. Shatter and Mrs. N. Peck
were guestsof Mrs. Huettner Tuesday.
Mss. Geo. Prichard and Miss Lola
Sturms visited with Mrs. Frank Liehty
Chas. Stump, Guy Burk and Wm.
Hutchison were guests of Ralph Ned
row Sunday.
H. J. Prichard and several friends
went to Sycamore Springs Sunday af
ternoon in their auto.
Mrs. Guy Liehty and sisters of Kan
sas City were entertained at the home
of Mrs. F. S. Liehty Friday.
The hum of the threshing machine
can be heard in almost any direction
these days. Wheat and oats are yield
ing very well.
Mrs. Eph Peck and son Roy went to
Waterloo, Iowa, last Thursday for a
visit with relatives. They were ac
companied by Mrs. Knight.
Guy Liehty and wife, Marie Liehty.
Frank Liehty and the Misses Gilder
sleeve of Kansas City were guests of
George Prichard and wile Sunday.
Guy Liehty and wife entertained a
number of friends Monday evening in
honor of the Misses Gildersleeve. sis
ters of Mrs. Liehty. All present re
port having spent an enjoyable eve
ning. Refreshments were served.
Mrs. 1 toy Tomlinson left Saturday
for Pawnee City to visit relatives.
I. W. Harris went to Verdon to look
after some business matters Wednes
Mrs. Crook of Salem is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. .1 H. Holland of this
Kd Workman and wife from near
Humboldt drove over to this place
Miss Ninon Gentry spent part of the
week hi town at the borne of Mrs. A.
Miss Bonnie Wert of Auburn spent a
few days the past week with Miss Verdu
H K. Clark and wife from Kansas
City arrived Sunday afternoon for a
visit with relatives.
r.tier l.usk who tins been visHing-ln
parents for r few days returned to bis
work at Elk Creek Sunday.
A' J.C. Robb of Lincoln arrived nere
Wednesday night to look after some
improvements on his farm west of
S. R. Garrison returned from Echo,
Minn, Friday where he has been look
ing after farm interests and doing some
The Out Door Art club have install
ed a new swing in the city park and
now the children can have the time of
their lives.
A heavy rain full[ in this vicinity
about noon Monday and the streets
wore Hooded for a few minutes. About
an inch of water fell.
A Sunday ball gamo came otY be
tween Stella and the Champion ball
boys at this place. Next Sunday the
boys play at Verdon.
Mrs. M. Anderson and byother Amel
F. Morritz loft from Dawson Saturday
for Ritzvllle Washington to visit sick
sister, Mrs. A. 15. Wiltse.
Irvin Curry arrived from Kansas for
a visit with his sister, Mrs. Guy Mont
gomery of south of town. Mr. Curry
has been ill for some time.
1. L. Plasters a farmer living west of
town is the first in this part to get all
his grain stacked. Ho finished stack
ing his oats ine latter part of the week
Mary Cain who lias been visiting J.
R. Cains at Falls City for the past
month came to this place Monday after
noon with her uncle to visit with her
cousins, Helen and Caroline Cain.
Mrs. Margaret E. Wood and daugh
ters left Friday morning for Marshland
Wisconsin, where they will visit Alex
Wood and family, Mrs. Wood went
north hoping to better her health.
Mr- and Mrs. W. LI. Hogrefe left
Monday for Tilden, Neb., where they
will visit their daughter, Mrs. E. Luik
art for a short time. Their daughter
Hazel is also visiting in that part of
the state.
Prof. I. G. Wilson who has been
teaching in a Junior Normal at Alli
ance this summer has finished his term
and is now visiting with his parents
and his wife’s people in Iowa. He will
return to this place the latter part of
part of August.
A number of the men have been
catching fish out of the Muddy the
past few days. Two boys, Pugh and
Melnineh came in Sunday afternoon
with three carp fish they had caught
with their hands. The water has been
very shallow and the boys wade around
until they find a big one and they get
him. Four of these carps weighed
about six pounds apiece. Some have
been picked up that weighed nine
The Electric Light Company has be
gun to figure up the lights they now
hare installed. At present there are
about 500 lights and most of the houses
have not yei been wired. When the
company started out it was hard to get
signers enough to make 550 lights and
gow people can not wait until their
time comes to get the lights installed.
It is hard to get the supplies to work
with and many times the work is de
A party of about ten boys and young
men were brought before Judge Bald
win Monday for trespassing on the city
park. A new swing has been installed
in the park and the boys thought they
would try it to make sure that it was a
liood one. One young man had a bunch
of keys one of which unlocked the
swing. The boys were having a good
time when the president of the Art
Club caused their arrest. To the sur
prise of all they went free.
J, R. Cain jr.. went to Falls City
Saturday to attend the meeting of the
republicans of this county. Mr. Cain
will take the field for the nomination
of state senator. He visited home
folks until Sunday afternoon when lie
returned to this place.
Saturday morning when the mill
men went down to their work they
found their coal on fire and upon in
vestigation it was found to have come
from spontaneous combustion. After
a few hours work of spread iug the coal
the (ire was put out.
The town board issued an order to
have the town well cleaned and the
early part of the week it was baled out
and scrubbed from top to bottom, The
only thing that is wrong with it is the
grit and the sand is coming into the
A. A, Shellenba rger of west of town
began threshing Saturday morning but
was delayed by the rain. Monday he
was again delayed by rain. He thinks
thinks his grain will average better
than 20 bushels to the acre.
H. V. Davis, the barber, has been
having a general house cleaning this
I week. He has had his place repapered
! and painted and also instullcJ electric
lights and on electric fan. W. Sutton
has charge of the painting.
Guy Harris is putting up hay be
tween showers this week. He cut
down 25 acres of hay Wednesday using
four mowers and has had a big force
of men in the field when it is nice.
Mrs. W. J. McCray accompanied by
her daughter Blanche went to Lincoln
Wednesday to consult a Hot Springs
doctor with the hope of getting relief
from rheumatism.
Mrs. Georgia Williams and mother
are visiting at the home of M. H. Van
deventer this week. Mrs. Williams is
remembered in this part as Miss Geor
gia Vandeventer.
While Joseph Wagner and Roy Ad
ams were making hay Monday a bumble
bees' nest was pitched onto the wagon
and the result was that Mr. Adams is
badly disfigured.
J. W. Ball the well known speaker
of Lincoln will come down to this place
Saturday. He will preach in the
Lutheran church both Sunday morn
ing and evening.
Rev. and Mrs. Coats of Ohio are
here this week visiting the formers,
sister, Mrs. Chas. Mason Rev. Coats
preacned at the Lutheran church Sun
day evening.
R. A. Clark is getting the material
on his lot in the north part of town to
begin building soon. He has contracted
for cement blocks to build the foun
The Commercial club has been hav
ing some business to get things iu read
iness for the coming picnic. All com
mittees have been appointed.
John Findlay of west, of town thresh
ed his wheat the past week and he re
ports it to have made 26 bushefs which
is above the average.
D. D. Davis of near Nemaha came to
town Thursday on business and had a
chat with friends. Uncle Danirl dont
come to town often.
Misses Mary Nesbit and Maude Berry
of Tekamah are visiting Miss Allie Da
vies at her home north of town this
A. G. and A. P. Simpson, also C. A.
Jones of Auburn were business visitors
in this place the middle of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. J'. G. McBride and son
Gregg went to Table Rock the latter
part of the week to visit friends.
Miss Mamie Ryan of Auburn visited
her brother John at this place a couple
of days the past week.
C. H. Coons and J. B: Briggs of
Omaha were business visitors in this
town Wednesday.
Luther Burro of Elk Creek and fam
ily are visiting sisters of the former in
town this week.
L. L. Jesse of near Howe came down
to this place Friday afternoon to trans
act business.
James McFarland, deputy sheriff, of
Falls City, was a business visitor here
The M, E. Church people installed
new electric lights in their church last
Mrs. A. Tynan of this place went to
Auburn Thursday to visit her daughter.
P. H. Reimers visited his son George
of Verdon the fore part of the week,
G. F. Ailer and family visited E. C.
Ailer at Lladdam, Kaus., this week.
S. F. Mutt/, came down from Auburn
Friday afteruoon to lead the band.
Miss Tilden of Salem spent Sunday
at the home of S. H. Bailey.
Lawrence Curtis and J. L. Griffith
went to Auburn Thursday.
M. Andetson and W, Ulmer hauled
hogs to market Thursday.
Mrs. D. S. Hinds returned from a
trip to Colorado Tuesday.
Ernest Fergus of Humboldt called on
friends here F riday.
— >
Mrs. Smiley spent Tuesday in Peru.
John Boyd of Nemaha was here
Hardy Hays and wife were in Stella
Win. Brown is now employed by
Henry C. Smith.
Walter Morehead of Barada was a
this city Thursday.
Olive Hanika spent Saturday even
ing with friends here.
Mrs. Hiram King of Peru visited
relatives hero last week.
Ross Stokes of Barada was on our
streets Saturday evening.
Mary Arnold of Salem was a busi
ness visitor here Monday.
Ed Shubert of Verdon tpent several
days here during the week.
Mrs. C. L. Day of California is now
the guest of Mrs, J. M, Evans.
Mack Weddle and family was shop
ping in town Saturday evening.
Guy Hutchings and wife were Oma
ha visitors the first of last week.
Mrs. Snelling eutertained company
from Nemaha at dinner Saturday.
Mrs. Williard Shubert was the guest
of friends at Tecumseh last week.
A. Camblin and wife of Stella spent
Friday with M. T. Hill and family.
Mrs. Jake Birdsley spent Saturday
with her mother, Mrs. j. O. Schulen
Mrs. J. M. Evans entertained her
sister, Mrs. Gibson a few days last
John Ahern entertained quite a
number of his relatives at dinner on
August Egner and family of near
Falls City spent Sunday with raia
tives here.
Mrs. J. C. Schulenberg spent one
day last week at the home of Charles
Carrie and Emma Lietzke of near
Barada spent Sunday with the Weick
girls near town.
Mrs. Fritz Shirkolk spent a part of
last week with her sister Mrs. H.
DeCour at Johnson.
Mrs. S. Brisby is now enjoying a
visit with her bnother Walter Weddle
and wife at Curley, Nebr.
Mrs. Lawyer of St Joe who has been
visiting Mrs. Chas. Felt returned home
the latter part of the week.
The party given by Bessie Ahern at
her home in honor of her lady friend
of Chicago was quite a success Thurs
day evening.
Dr. Shook spent a dart of last week
at the bed side of his father, who is
seriously ill. Dr. Heskett of Salem
took charge of his practice during his
Dr. Green was in town Tuesday.
John Pearson spent Monday in Falls
Dude Corn was over from Verdon
R. E. Grinstead was in Falls City
Ura Mobley was in Fall9 City last
?. B. Met/, of Falls City was in town
Mrs. Glen Curtis of St. Joe is visit
ing in Salem.
J. E. French and wife drove to Falls
City Monday.
W. B. Boyd and wife were in Falls
City Tuesday.
John Giliigan drove up from Falls
City Tuesday.
W. H. Davis and wife were in Falls
City Wednesday.
Mrs. C. L. Simmons is in Omaha
having bis eyes treated.
Mrs. Ella Lord of Hiawatha is visit
ing with relatives and friends in town.
Mrs. Heiton and grandson Verne
arrived from the west Tuesday after
Chas. Adams and family of Lincoln
visited with relatives here a few days
last week.
Mrs. Will Hoagland and baby came
down from Humboldt Tuesday after
noon for a visit with her sister, Mrs.
Ray Johnson.
A Revelation.
It is a revelation to people, the severe
eases of lung trouble that have been
cured by Foley’s Honey ard Tar. It
not only stops the cough but heals and
strengthens the lungs, L.M. Buggies.
Reasnor. Iowa, writes: “The doctors
said I had consumption, and I got no
better until I took Foley’s Honey and
Tar. It stopped the hemorrhage and
pain in my lungs and they are now as
sound as a bullet.” Kerr.s pharmacy.
Mrs. Lettie Clement Burns Dead
Lettie Clement Burns was. born
April 23, 1SS7 and died at her
home near Verdon, July 24, 1‘iOS,
aged 21 years, 3 months and 3
days old. Her mother dying
wThen Mrs. Burns was quite young
she had made her home with her
aunt, Mrs. Jess Weaver until her
marriage, She was married Feb.
7, l')Q5 to William Burns. Three
children were born to this union
two of which survive their
mother. The funeral services
were held from the Christian
church Sunday, July 2d, 1908 and
interment was made in the Ver
don cemetery. Rev. Oliver of
Falls City had charge of the
services. We extend our sympa
thy to the husband and babies.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to extend our thanks
to the friends and neighbors
whoso kindly assisted us during
the illness and at tbe death ot
our dear husband and lather.
Mary Fkeie and Family.
Legal Notice
In the Richardson County, District court
State of Nebraska.
Peter Frederick sr, )
Jacob Gebhart, the Uncle
Ham Oil Company, a Kansas i
Corporation ami a bankrupt
Peter W, Goebel trustee in
bankruptcy of bankrupt es
tate of Uncle Sam Oil Co.
and Martha l\ Gray
Defendants J
To the Uncle Sain Oil company, a Kansas cor
I»oration, and declared a bankrupt by the judg
ment of the United States District court for the
District of Kansas, Peter W. Goebel trustee in
bankruptcy for the bankrupt estate of the Uncle
Sum Oil Company and Martha (\ Gray, non
resident defendants. You will take notice that
the plaintiff. Peter Frederick sr., did on the
HOth day of July, 1908 tile his petition in the dis
trict court of Richardson county, State of Ne
braska the object and prayer of which is to fore
close a mortgage on the following described
real estate situated in Richardson county state
of Nebraska and in which it is alleged you
severally claim some interest to-wit. Com
mencing at the southeast corner of the land
deeded by Towle A ('rook to J. W. Hamel in the
southeast quarter Pi) of the northwest quar
ter (l.\) of section No. Fifteen (15) Township
One (1) Range Sixteen (1ft) east. Recorded iu
Hook seven 171 page 28ft Richardson county
Nebraska deed Records, thence running south
175] seventy-five feet; thence west one-hundred
and twenty-five feet [1251 thence north seventy
live feet [75] thence east one hundred and
twenty-five feet [125] to the place of beginning.
Also lots twenty 1201 twenty-one 121 i twenty
two [22j twenty-three I2ft| and twenty-four 1*241
in block No. two-huudred-thirty-one ]2‘ii] in
the city of Falls City state of Nebraska.
Also the following tract of land situated in
tlie corporate limits of Falls City i«wit;
Commencing at a point seventy-five 175 feet
south of the southeast corner of land deeded
by Towle ^ Crook tod. W. Raniel in the south
east quarter !h] of the northwest quarter [H\
in Section fifteen 115] Town one 111 Range six
teen (lft) east, thence running south from that
point 37 feet, thence running due west to Ben
Poteet's corner, thence north 11*2 feet to J. \V.
RamePs corner, thence due east about 145 feet,
thence south seventy-five 1751 feet thence east
120 feet to the place of beginning.
And you are further notified that unless you
plead, answer or demur to the petition of
plaiu;iff on or before the 7th day of September
1908 the same will be taken as true and a
decree in accordance with the prayer thereof
will be rendered by the court.
Rmavis Ai Rkavis
Attorneys for Plaintiff
First publication August 31 4 times
I want a carload of poultry
delivered to my poultry house
at the following prices, good
to and including Tuesday,
August 4:
E. E. James
Phone 290