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IlenusBros. are paying 20c. for
butter fat.
Best Wisconsin Rye Flour at
i #
Heck's feed store. tf
Mrs. A. W. Southard was on
" the sick list a few days this week.
* v New U. S cream separator for
sale cheap. Sec Chas. P. Stump.
George Linn , the lumberman
of Verclon was in the city Friday.
Mrs. Geo. Albright visited her
mother in Ilumboldt during the
Miss Nan Ilutchings left Sat-
iirda } * for a two months visit in
Roscoe Anderson was down
from Ilumboldt the latter part of
the week.
Attorney I. E. Smith of Hum
boldt was transacting business in
this city Friday.
Frank Martin of Council Bluffs
was in the city over Sunday visit
ing with his parents.
Ewing Herbert made an extra
visit to our city during the week ,
coming over on Friday.
A number ot our people enjoyed
the opening session of the Hia
watha Chautauqua Sunday.
Fred Nettlebeck returned Sun
day from a week's stay in Den
ver. If looks count for anything
Fred must have had a strenuous
Miss Myrtle Hoffnell arrived in
the city Friday from Abilene ,
Kas. , and will spend some time
visiting with her many school
girl Iriends.
Mrs. M. Giannini and mother ,
Mrs- Seymour of Fairfax , Mo. ,
returned Thursday night from a
two weeks'visit with relatives at
Orleans , Neb.
Mrs. Win. Ilarnack and child
ren came over from Hiawatha
and spent a few days at the home
of her parents , Peter Kaiser and
wife during the week.
Dr. Bailey went to Auburn last
Monday to make arrangements
for the organization of a Presby
terian church in the country a
few miles south of the city.
King Thompson.G.Shields and
Lou Slatna were among those
from Humboldt who saw the ball
game here Thursday. They made
the trip via the auto route.
J. M. Jellison left Thursday
night for Smith Center , Kansas ,
where he will be employed for
some time on several brick build
ings being erected there.
Will Bobst , an old Humboldt
boy , but now representing a mil
linery house in Chicago , was in
the city Friday. He made The
Tribune office a pleasant call.
J. C. Segrist , G. W. Segrist ,
Irvin Shirley , Ambrose Buerstetta
and Abe Buerstetta made up an
automobile party from Humboldt
who came down Thursday to wit
ness the ball game.
E. Rowell was in from Barada
4 Friday and made The Tribune a
pleasant call. Mr. Rowell is a
fruit grower in that locality and
was here for the purpose of ar
ranging for the disposition of his
big stock of fine blackberries.
We notice in the Hiawatha
World that Prof. Harnack is now
manager of the Hiawatha ball
team , and that the same is win
ning every game they go after.
They havn't tried Falls City ,
however.V o n d e r if they
couldn't be induced to meet our
boys for a series of games.
20 Per Cent For One Year.
All customers buying goods of
us after July 18th will save 20
percent on the dollar by our new
Copyrighted Coupon plan. Ask
to see our special novelty depart
ment. G. W OCAMB , Rulo.
Get ray "Book No. 4 for Women" . It
will give weak women many valuable
suggestions of relief and with strictly
confidential medical advice ie entirely
free. Simply write Dr. Snoop , Racine ,
i \VIs. The book No. 4 tells all about
Dr. Snoop's Night Cure and how these
soothing , healing , antiseptic euppost
14lories can be successfully applied to
correct these weaknesses. Write for
the book. The Night Cure Is sold by
ill dealers.
The infant daughter of Mr. | i
and Mrs. Fred Mosiman died in
this city Saturday night , aged
only a few days. Funeral service
was held at the home of Mrs.
Mosiman's parents , Mr. and Mrs.
R. B. McMahon on Sunday after
noon , conducted by Rev. Dunkle-
berger ol the Christian clinch.
Interment was made in Steele
Cemetery. The parents have the
sympathy of the entire commu
nity in their loss.
No man is a good citizen until
he takes an active interest in the
welfare of the town ; no man is a
good citizen who regards the town
merely as a convenient place in
which to live. No man is a good
citizen until he becomes jealous
about the town and all her ma
terial and moral affairs. Every
citizen ought to stop and ask him
self every oncein a while : "What
can I do to make the town a bet
ter and more home-like place ? "
Tarkio , Mo. , Herald.
R. B. Johnson , formerly con
nected with the V. G. Lyford
store , returned Friday from an
extended trip through California.
Mr. Johnson was most favorably
impressed with the west and has
decided to locate in Santa Anna ,
Cali. He is now packing his
household goods and he and his
family will leave for their new
home at an early date.
Mrs. C. L. Marts and children
arrived in the city Thursday from
Kansas City for a few days visit
at the home of Samuel Marts and
wife. Mrs. Marts went on to her
home in Wymore Saturday , but
little Glenn refused to move as
he has too good a time here with
his grandparents.
Little Evelyn Morton , who has
been spending the past few
months in this city with her aunt ,
Mrs. Jim Powell , returned to her
home in Sabetha Thursday. Mr.
and Mrs. Powell accompanied
her to her home remaining for a
few days visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ouster
went to Tecumseh Saturday to
spend a few days with relatives.
Earl Carruthers came down
from Tecumseh Sunday and spent
the day with friends in this city.
Don't forget the Candy Kitchen
when you want the best in Ices ,
Ice Cream and Candies.
Hello girls wanted at the local
central oflke.
Best Wisconsin Kyc Flour at
Heck's feed store. tf
Miss Ida Pribbeno was a Hia
watha visitor Sunday.
T. F. Plumb spent a portion of
the past week in Rulo.
Tom Davics was down from
Auburn to spend Sunday.
The Tribune will issue a daily
paper during the Chautauqua.
New U. S. cream separator for
sale cheap. Sec Chas. P. Stump.
II. C. Lapp was on the sick
list the latter part of the week.
New U. S. cream separator for
sale cheap. See Chas. P. Stump.
Dr. Geo. W. Rencker. Gradu
ate Optician. Eyes tested , frames
fitted. . tf
Miss Marie McCarthy is the
guest of Hiawatha friends this
Earl Margrave was up from
Preston Monday , looking after
business affairs.
S. S. Arnold and family spent
Sunday in the country with J. R.
Jones and family ,
Miss Dora Richards returned
Sunday from a week's vacation
spent in Lincoln.
Watch for our announcement of
plans in detail for The Tribune's
Chautauqua Daily.
The finest stationery is turned
out by the Tribune printcry. A
trial is all we ask.
Miss Blanche Capp left Satur
day for a two months visit with
relatives in Iowa.
Geo. Hansell was down from
Salem Monday , and made this of
fice a pleasant yisit.
We cater especially to social
functions desiring anything in
our line. Candy Kitchen.
Frank Ranger of Salem spent
Sunday in this city with his
sister , Mrs , EE. . Scott.
Mrs. W. C. Sloan and little
sons of Verdon , visited with rela
tives in this city over Sunday.
W. D. Easley of Kansas City
spent Sunday in this city at the
home of E. F. Sharts and wife.
The Zentner sisters , the leading
milliners of Tarkio , Mo. , came
over Sunday for a visit with home
On page two will be found rui
article "Editors for License" The
space this article occupies is sold
and will be paid for by the pur
chaser at regular n d v e r t i s i n g
rates. It docs not represent the
Tribune's opinion regarding the
A "striking machine" has been
furnishing amusement for those
who can be entertained so easily ,
the past week. We observed sev
eral individuals "taking exercise"
who wouldn't pitch hay in the
harvest field for $3.00 per day ,
For the first time in her history
Falls City sent a large crowd to
attend a Ilumboldt event , which
action is amply appreciated and
will be reciprocated in the future
by our people when the county
seat has something doing. Ilum
boldt Leader.
At the Christian church next
Sunda3" , July 19 , Rev. Dunkle-
bcrger will preach in the morning
to the Christian people generally
and at night to everybody. It
will be his last Sunday here , you
will be welcome.
Mrs. E. G. Whitford and chil
dren returned Sunday from a
visit with her parents in DuBois.
"Whit" wasn't expecting them so
his plans were all knocked in the
C. H. Ileineman returned Sun
day from a trip to St. Joe and
Kansas City , where he had been
looking up matters of interest
pretaining to the paving question.
Mahlon Beachy and wife re
turned to their home in Merrill ,
Saturday , after a week in the
city at the home of their daugh
ter , Mrs. Jim Whitaker.
Miss Elizabeth Miller returned
to her work in Lincoln the first
of the week after a pleasant vaca
tion spent with home folks and
old friends in this city.
The Hiawatha Chautauqua is
the attraction this week a great
many of our people being in at
tendance. A good program is
Mrs. Win. Winterbottom of
Kansas City , and little daughter ,
who is a student at the Atchison
convent , were in the city over
Sunday ,
FOR SAI.K Good rain or slop
barrels , at 65c- each , at Heck's
feed store.
Max Werner spent Sunday in
Nebraska City.
Fou SAI.K Good rain or slop
barrels , at ( 5c. each , at Heck's
feed store.
Mrs. Jas. Cornell returned Sun
day from Omaha , where she had
been visiting her daughter , Mrs.
Miss Sarah Kelley of Camp
Point , 111. , is a guest in this city
of her college friend , Miss Mable
Charles M. Cox and Miss Millie
Cox of Mineral Point , Wis. . are
in the city , guests of the Jenkins
Mrs. Fred Nettlebeck returned
Monday from a week spent with
relatives in Nebraska City and
Mrs. A. Diesner and daughter
left Friday for an extended visit
with relatives in the western part
of the state.
Simon Davies returned to his
work in Shubert Monday , after
spending Sunday with his family
in this city.
Roy Melt ? and Cosby Later-
baugh of Sabetha , drove over
Sunday and spent the day at the
home ol J. W. Powell.
Mrs. A. Rowell , who has been
visiting with her sons in this city
left Sunday for Sterling , where
she will spend some time with a
For Sale.
Full oak , hand caryed bed room
suit. Extra large bevel plate
mirror on dresser. A bargain if
taken at once. C. F. Rcavis.
Operators Wanted.
Apply at once at local central
office Southeast Nebraska Tele
phone Co. tf
Legal Advertisement.
BonlM propoftnU nililnwocil to tint llonornbln
Mayor mid City Council , nml ondorniMl "Propos
als for furnlahlnK nmturlnl nml constructing
well , imtnpliniiKO , motor driven pnnip , pipu line
ntul tank nml tower in I'nlls City , Nebraska"
will bo recolvcxl nt tlm otllco of tlia City Clerk of
Falls Cltr , Fobra knat 12 o'clock noon Mntuliml
tlmo AuKUBt 3rd 1WH nml opnmvl nt tlm City Hnll
nt 7:30 p. in. fortlio fnrnUhliiK of nmtorlnl , Inbor
mill equipment required to construct tlie extnn-
tlon to wntorplnnt , nil in ncconlnnco with tlm
Krnernl nt > i > clficntlonn nml liiHtrnctlons to bid
ders on tile nt Hie otliceof tlio City Engineer ami
City Clerk of Fnlla City , Nubrnnkn.
All bills itiuftt I MI inude upon blank form * to IMJ
obtained of tin , City Kn lnwr. and iimnt KVO ! tlm
prim , both in writing nml In llKiires
mid IK ) Binned by tlio bidder with Ma nililrenn.
The City n > 8orv < thu rlKlit to reject nny or nil
bids or to accept liny bid without explanation.
Certified check for J.Wl.OO to nccompiiny encli
bid. W. W , AIIIIEY , Mayor
W. II. Boiiiiii.7Ki , , City Clerk
J. A. UROUK , City Engineer
First publication July 17 , 1M .
people who
MANY clipped their
hogs with Dipolcnc
have had better results
and larger hogs.
The strength of Dipo
lcnc is i to go , according
to the Government stand
A large supply can be
found at
Falls City , Nebraska
Wedding Silver
WILL not a wedding soon
take place in your immediate
family circle or among your
friends ? If so , let us show
you what we can do for you
in the way of presents. We
feel confident we can please
regarding quality , style and price
We carry the best brands
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Every piece is finished in the
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The Old Reliable Jeweler
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"The Home of Hargrave & Hargravc Opposite P. O. ,
Good Clothing" Falls City , Neb.