The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, April 10, 1908, Page 5, Image 9

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Eat Snwlcs' candy.
Dr. Callisou of Stella was a
visitor Sunday in this city.
P. S. Ilcacock was a business
visitor in Omaha the first of the
Dr. Geo. W. Rcnekcr , Gradu
ate Optician. Eyes tested , frames
"Biff Hearted Jim " will be the
attraction at the Gehling Satur
day night ,
K. S. Unland of Kansas City ,
ivas the guest of A. EGantt in
this city Saturday.
Miss Florence Wheeler of Stella
spent Sunday in this city with
her aunt , Mrs. E. F. Sharts.
Perhaps more seeds of kindness
would be sown if it were not so
sure of a harvest "of ingratitude.
Geo- Martin came down from
Council Bluffs , Saturday , for a
Jew days visit with home folks
Did you ever notice how many
friends a man has if he possesses
an automobile or a nice horse and
Don't kick ; the milliners may
be having their innings now , but
jour time will come when you
pay the bill.
Mrs. Dr. Wilson returned the
Jatter part of the week from a
visit of several days with friends
in Humboldt.
Harry Schraeder of Verdon
-was a Falls City visitor Friday ,
and while in town made this office
a very pleasant call.
Mrs. Ed Frauenfelder and little
son came down from Verdon Fri
day for a few days visit with her
sister , Mrs. Ferd Parchen.
That automobile of Steve Miles'
is a dandy and he is not one bit
stingy with it , but shares the
pleasure with all his friends.
Mrs. John Boss and mother ,
Mrs. Harding , passed through this
city Sunday , en route to their
lome in Humboldt from Auburn.
The "Merry Widow" seems to
be the principal subject of conver
sation just at present , and it is
not such a small subject , either ,
E. K. Hurst of this city was
elected vice-president of the South
eastern Nebraska Debating
League , at the meeting held in
Beatrice last week.
Mrs. J. S. Smith of Marshall ,
Mo. , spent a portion of the past
week in this city with her sister ,
Mrs. D. W. Reid. Mrs. Smith
stopped en route to California.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cain and
baby and sister , Mrs. J. S. Smith ,
of Marshall , Mo. , left Sunday for
a trip through California. They
will visit many places of interest
en route and expect to be absent
about two months.
Geneva and Bessie Stump of
Verdon , returned to their home
Saturday , after a few days visit
in this city with Miss Ethel Par
chen. The latter accompanied
them home and will visit friends
in Verdon during the week.
EvelynThaw now wants $50,000
for having her feeling hurt by
stories being circulated to the
effect that she and a Mr. ER. .
Thomas had been asked to leave
a -hotel grill-room. One would
think her feelings would be im
mune from any kind of a story by
this time.
Miss Eva Scott of this city ,
T-ho has been teaching near Ilum-
loldt during the past term , re
turned home last week. Before
leaving , however , the school
board contracted with her for an
other term at $55 per month ,
showing the high appreciation of
her work.
Mrs. F. II. Cole of Omaha , gave
a very interesting talk at St.
Thomas' church Friday evening
on the Clarkson hospital work in
tbat city. Mrs. Cole is one of
the visiting club women who at
tended the Gist reception and
was the guest of her cousin , Mrs.
C. F. Reavis , while in the city.
Tom Hall was down from Ver-
don , Monday.
Mr. Cummings of St. Joe ( spent
Friday in this city.
M. Scff was a Kansas City
yisitor the first of the week.
J. J. Lollman called Friday and
added his name to our increasing
Mr. L/undy and son-in-law , D.
D. Lewis ) of near Shubcrt , were
in this city Monday.
Fred Ileineman of Verdon was
looking after his brother , Char
ley , in this city Monday.
Miss Emma LictBke and broth
er , Henry , went to Humboldt ,
Saturdav , remaining over Sunday.
Hnrry Clark of Kansas City ,
spent a portion of the week look
ing after his interests in this
F. C. Cleveland and son , Fred ,
of Nebraska City , were business
visitors in our city the last of the
Mr. Primley , manager of the
Lyric theatre , was a business vis
itor in Lincoln the latter part of
the week.
Bart Messier , who is now em
ployed in Hayden Bro.'s store in
Omaha , spent Sunday in this city
with his mother.
Rev. R. Cooper Bailey , Ph. D.
went to Auburn , Monday to at
tend the spring meeting of the
Presbytery in session in that city.
John Towle and family of
Omaha , spent a portion of the
past week in this city at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. E. S.
Miss Florence Wylie returned
Monday from a very pleasant
visit with friends at Peru , and
also with her sister , Mrs. Allen
D. May , at Auburn.
Misses Zula McCool , Irene
Spurlock and Mary Russell re
turned to their home in Salem ,
Sunday after a few days scent in
this city the guest of Miss Anita
Mrs. Geo. Crocker and children
returned to their home in Pawnee
City , Sunday , after a few days
spent in this city visiting at the
home of Mrs. Crocker's patents ,
N. B. Judd and wife.
Mrs. Al Tanner of Humboldt ,
one of the club ladies in attend
ance at the reception giyen by
Mrs. T. J. Gist on Friday morn
ing , remained in the city for a
short visit with relatives.
J. T. Oneal is a new oculist
who has located in our city , with
his office over Fred Schtnitt's gro
eery. He informs us that he has
come to stay and solicits your
patronage. See ad. in this issue.
Milt Borer left Tuesdav for
Wessington Springs , S.D. , where
he goes to figure on a $50,000
seminary building. The Bohrer
boys are among the best in their
line of business and we hope they
will be able to land this contract.
Charley Loree is the busiest
man in town just now , getting
ready for that new home. He
has moved into the cottage east
of the Methodist church , where
he will live until that new house
which he is building on his old
home site , is completed.
Our old townsman Ernest Bode
was down from Sterling , Monday
We are glad to say that Ernest
has almost recovered from the
injuries he received recently
caused by the explosion of a
lamp which he was lighting ir
the store where he was employed
Clarence Nussbaum , who has
been attending the Omaha Com
mercial College for the past si >
months , graduated from that in
stitution last week with the gen
eral average of 96. At the con
elusion of the affair Clarence lef
for Percival , la. , where lie en
joyed a visit to relatives , arriving
home on Saturday afternoon. The
Vedette acknowledges will
thanks the gift of a handsome
bust of the composer Beethoven
master writerof symphonies , fron
Mr. Nussbaum Verdon Vedette
Grant Windle and family spent
Sunday in Salem.
Dr. Foster was a Humboldt
isitor the first of the week.
Billy Casey is a new member of
he Tribune family since our last
Harry Hughes of Padonia ,
pent Sunday in this city with
Oliver Aycrs and wife of Daw-
on , were shopping in our city
Leonard Green and wife ol
lumboldt were Falls City visit
ors Monday.
Elmer Ileiser and family spent
Sunday in the country with the
brmer's mother.
Dr. Morris came down from
lumboldt and spent Sunday with
'riends in the city.
John Voellers came down from
lumboldt the first of the week
on a business trip.
Bert Emmert , wife and little
3on of Salem were visiting friends
n this city Monday.
Marguerite Rawlev returned
Saturday from a few days yisit
vith relatives in Stella.
Frank Cook and family of Ohio
ownship were guests of A. N.
2ook of this city last Sunday.
Masters Don Linn and Albert
Tanner of Humboldt were pleas
ant callers at this office Friday.
Mesdames Fred Cleveland , Sr.
and Jr. , of Nebraska City , spent
Monday and Tuesday in this city.
The Falls City Nursery that
las always sold the trees , will
lave a fine lot of trees for the
spring trade. Itf.
Bruno Hanscncame in from his
road duties Friday and spent a
'ew days with his wife at the
ionic of Dr. Kerr.
Miss Nolle Cain left Saturday
or Savannah , Mo , , where she
will act as bridesmaid at the
wedding of a friend.
We are more than pleased testate
state that John Ross is again able
: o be on the streets , after his
recent serious illness.
Miss Sarah Sanguette of Pres
ton is spending the week in this
city the guest of Mrs. Rose Ileas-
: on and other relatives.
Miss Minnie Tiehen returned
to her home in Dawson , on Tues
day , after a visit in this city with
lier sister , Mrs. RobtKanaly. .
Mrs. W. II. Pillsbury and
children , returned to their home
in Lincoln last Saturday , after a
few days spent in this city guests
at the home of V. G. Lyford.
Mrs Cline , who years ago was
one of the teachers in our public
schools , but now a resident of
Humboldt , stopped in the city a
short time Sunday on her way to
Joseph II. Ray of Humboldt
was an earlv caller Monday morn
ing , starting us off on the right
foot for a successful week by
giving us a liberal donation on
our subscription fund.
Charley and Jess Scott am'
Miss Marshal of Mound City were
in the city Sunday , making the
trip in their automobile. Mrs.
Charley Scott who has beei
spending the past few days here
returned home with them.
Fred Sebold returned the latter
part of the week from Omaha
where he went to attend a meet
ing of all the district and state
agents of the Williamsburg City
Fire Insurance Co. , called by the
general manager , F. M. Gunn.
A. N. Cook who has represent
ed the Columbian Hog and Cattle
Powder Co. of Kansas City for a
number of years , left Monday for
Colorado and Wyoming , where
he will meet several ranchmen in
these states , who arc interested in
dipping stock.
Private Money.
Private money to loan on Real
Estate. Mortgages bought and
sold. Call at First National
Bank. 3-tf A. J. WKAVKK.
Below are n few of our Easter Novelties and their prices.
\Ve have everything carried in an up-to-date store.
Barrcttcs Belt Pins
Gold filled with Jade and Silver and gold filled in
Rhinestones. The very the new green and rose
hrwest gold finish , set with
Jade and Tourmalines
from 75c up
from 75c up
Although the necklace Silver Purses
has been worn for
The for
rage just now
seasons , its popularity is
silver and card
higher than ever before. purses
cases is at its height.
Come and see our line of
Look at line
Rope , Bead and Festoon- our
Necks. from $4.50 up
Bill Ward was down from
Ilumboldt Wednesday and a
pleasant caller at this office.
It is a firm change , not a new
firm but the old firm at the old
place. F. W.Cleveland & Son.
Mrs. Ernest Bode came down
from Sterling on Wednesday to
attend the funeral of her father-
F. W. Cleveland & Son ( suc
cessor to Geo. S. Cleveland ) ex
tend to you a cordial invitation
to call and inspect their lines.
You will find the ad of the new
firm in this paper. F. W. Cleve
land Son will continue their
Nebraska City store in connection
with this store.
M. Giannini has been on the
sick list this week.
Louis Voellcr was down from
Table Rock. Monday.
Davics & Owens will give you
pointers on Easter gifts. See
their ad.
Samuel Bayne is in O in aha
this week , having been called
there to serve on the federal j
Ilargrave tells you all about
the kind of clothes you should
wear for Easter. If in doubt read
his ad.
Miss Grace Miner , formerly a
teacher in our public schools , but
now holding a like position in
Omaha , is spending the week in
this city with her brother , Dr.
Max Werner has accepted a
position in the Cleveland depart
ment store ,
Misses May and Kate Maddox
and Dorothy Morchcad returned
to Lincoln Monday to resume
their studies in the Wesleyan
S. A. Little left the first of the
week for Giltncr , Neb. , where he
will remain for some time looking
after business matters pertaining
to the Matthew's stores.
J. F. Scarlett , is a new resident
in our city , and about the first
thing he did upon arriving waste
to add his name to the Tribune
list. He announces his business
through an ad in this issue.
Mrs. I. C. Maust returned the
latter part of the week from a few
days visit with rclatiycs in Table
Rock. Her little nephew , Ben
Norris , accompanied her home ,
visiting in the city a few days.
Reid's Yellow Dent
Seed Corn For Sale
This variety showed the larg
est yield under all conditions of
any corn in the state , the test
being1 made at the Nebraska Ex
periment Station. I bought this
seed from the State University
farm three years ago and it is
well acclimated. This is one of
the so-culled early maturing va
rieties and will he sold on car at
$1.50 per bu.
The demand is strong for this
corn and it is going fast. If you
want any of it , order now as the
supply is limited.
Phone 32 , Spelser.
Announcement !
F. W. Cleveland & Son
( Successors to Geo. S. Cleveland )
Due to the fact that my brother takes his depar-
ttire for the west. I have purchased the stock and
will contirme the business as the firm of F , W ,
Cleveland & Son. With pleasure I announce that
we will continue busiiies in this community , Our
past connections with this vicinity was very satis
factory. The patronage extended us is highly ap
preciated. We feel it an honor to be in your midst
again. We hope we may be able to meet all our old
friends at the old stand. In behalf of my brother
and myself we wish to thank you again for your
liberal patronage of the past.
I also wish to state that this store will be re
modeled and fixed tip-to-date , Every convenience
will be offered for your comfort. Our high stand
ard of quality and our always prevailing low prices
will be maintained , We positively will not be un
der sold. We extend to you a special invitation to
call and inspect our lines.
Falls CitY , Nebraska Falls City , Nebraska