The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, March 13, 1908, Page 6, Image 6

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    I 'I
Superintendents for State Fair
The following is n list of the
persons appointed by tbo Bonrcl of
Managers as Class Superinten
dents for the 1908 State Fair :
General Superintendent , Win.
Foster , Lincoln.
Chief of Police , C. ) . Tracy ,
Master of Transportation , L. E ,
Emerson , Lincoln.
Superintendent of Gates , Dr.II.
Pritchard , Wiener.
Superintendent of Mercantile
nail , John F. McArdle , Washing-
Superintendent of Ainpithcatre ,
W. P. Johnson , Harvard.
Superintendent of Fish Exhibit ,
W. J. O'Brien , South Bend.
Superintendent Class AHorses ,
J. A. Olli * , jr. , Orel.
Superintendent Class 0 , Cattle ,
0. E. Mickey , Osceola.
Superintendent Class C , Swine ,
George A. Leonuid , Pawnee City.
Superintendent Class D , Sheep ,
R. M. Wolcolt , Palmer.
Superintendent Cliifis E , Poul
try , 0. M. LewellinuBeaver City.
Superintendent Glass P , Agri
cultural Products , Wm. James ,
Superintendent Class G , Dairy ,
E. M. Little , Lincoln.
Superintendent Chips 11. Domes ,
tic Products , Mrs. I. Frishetle ,
Superintendent Class T , Beet
and Honey , W. C. Oaley , Creigh-
Superintendent Class J , Wo.
men's Department , Mrs. 0. A
Mansfield , Lincoln.
Superintendent Class K , Fine
Arts , Mrs. F. M. Hall , Lincoln.
Superintendent Clues L , Educa
tional , E. 0. Bishop , Lincoln.
Superintendent Class M , Ma
chinery , Jos. Koberts , Fremont.
Superintendent Class Q , Spue
iala and Fornge , Chan. Mann
Superintendent Class S , Speed
George P. Dickman , Soward.
Speed Committee , C. H.lludgo
W. 11. Mcllor and Gorogo F
Suits Were Stolen
Graham Bros. & McKnight re
ceivcd a consignment of spring
goods the last of the week am
when they came to open the bif
boxes , it was discovered that rob
bers had been at work and that a
some point along the road ono o
the big boxes that had been ship
ped from Philadelphia was openei
and 10 suits of clothing stolen
The stolen suits were valued a
ibout $200.
The goods iimveiljiero over th
Missouri Pacific and the ollicial
) f that road were at once notified
Railroad detectives wore sent her
u seach of the clues and over
ffort will be made to apprehoiu
he thieves.
The company will make gooi
id loss of the amount as it wa
isponsible while the goods wer
i transit. Graham Bros. & Me
luight frequently miss stnal
tides that have beeifstolen fron
leir shipments of goods but th
68 of 10 suits has been the Inrg
\i \ shortage they have experien
id. Auburn Republican.
America's Thermiiial Wonderland
Curative waters , health
ful and agreeable cli
mate , restful surround
ings every form of rec
reation if desired , all
completely illustrated
and described in our
new booklet , also rates
at hotels , bath houses ,
etc. , etc.
Missouri Pacific
Iron Mountain
Call on your local agent
Ocucral Pafevnger nml Ticket Agent
St. Louis , Mo.
V .
Dcllevcr In Law and Order Saves Hli
Friend the Sheriff the Neces
sity of Escorting Him to
Not long ugo tlicro appeared at tin
gnlo of n pqnltontlary In Kentucky i
nmn who asked to BCO tliu wartlon
Ho was u toll , wcll-drcBHOtl. flno nj :
penrlng nmn , with nil the marks of i
citizen of the eastern or mountali
portion of the Htttte. At his rotiuoH
the warden showed him the Jnll. No
a dotnll escaped the visitor's oye. 11
linked nhout the hottra of oxerclHo am
of labor , looked at the kltchons , Ir
Hpuctcd thu food , looked crltlcall ;
over u few cells , and at hint , when h
liatl made himself familiar with th
routlno and administration , departu
to vlHlt Homo ether places of intores
In the neighborhood.
"What tlmo do you close up for th
night ? " ho asked as ho went away.
"At flvo o'clock , " said the wanloi
A few minutes heforo llvo the Btrai
gor again appeared at the olllco an
produced from hlu pockut a lllu of pi
"Well , sir , " ho Bald , "I reckon you'
just hnvo to lock mo In now. My tlm
BOCIIIB to ho up. "
"Lock you In ! " exclaimed the win
don. "What do you moan ? "
"Just what I say. Lock mo In. I'i
to ho ono of your prisoners Hero ar
my papers. " Ho handed over his con
mltniunt , which was regular , and r <
quired the warden to conllno him I
the penitentiary for two years.
"Sit down and tell mo about this ,
Bald the warden. The qtrangor too
a chair and explained.
"You see , up In my county they hiiv
boon having conslderahlo talk ahon
law and order , and against every ma
doing his own shooting. I'm that wa
myself. 1 hellovo In the law and th
sheriff. Hut , of course , when the
came to ho a llttlo shooting amen
Bomo chaps that had a feud in thel
families , and It wasn't nobody elso'
business , and the sheriff stopped 1
and tried to arrest the follow tin
done the Hhootlng , and ho being
friend of mine , I Just naturally ha
.to go along and BCO that ho got awa ;
"There was considerable use c
guns , and In the course of it tli
Bhorlff tlmt'B Jim Hurt got shot u
qulto had. They all said I done U , an
I don't doubt it , though wo were a
shooting. \
"So they up and Jailed me , and ha
mo tried , and found mo guilty ,
owned up I probably done It , as the
said , and the Judge gave mo two ycai
In the penitentiary to pay for it.
"That's where the trouble como li
Jim Hurt , bo's a great friend of mliv
Of course by law ho had to como dow
hero with mo and turn mo over I
you ; but being shot up tlmt-a-way , li
vasn't in any shape to travel. Doc sal
t would Just break him all up to hnv
0 come. I writ , sitting up nights wit
" 'I don't know what I'm a-golng I
lo,1 Jim says.
' "Why , Jim. ' I says , 'you nln't g
ng to do anything. You glvo n
thorn papers , and I'll go down to tl
[ ) onltentlary and hand 'em over whc
1 go In. I wouldn't bo the cause i
your having any trouble , ' I told him.
"So Jim glvo mo the papers , and
como down hero , and hero I am. S
lock mo up , Mr. Warden , and I'll p
In my tlmo any way you say till n
two years nro up. " Youth's Coi
Information for Uncle HI.
"Well , I swan , " said Undo HI Hn
ricks as ho was being conduct !
through the flno club building by li
nephew , "It's mighty elegant , air.
no doubt about that. You1 people th
belong to it muet all bo millionaire
ain't you ? "
"Not all of us. There are sever
millionaires among our members , ho'
over. "
"Why , it's Jos' llko a palace. Wh
you got all these llvln' rooms for , an
how ? "
"They are mostly for the accoinm
datlon of gentlemen who are payli
alimony , or who expect to beg
soon. "
Of The Tanners State Hank , of I'resti
Nebraska. Charter No. 7lV , Incorporated In t
Hate of Nebraska , at the close of busini
1'cbrtiary 23. 190 $ .
Loans and discounts . . . J Z3,9o2
Overdrafts , secured and unsecured 114
ItanUnik- house furniture and ftMuros ( oO
Current expenses and laves paid . C4
Duo from state and prlxalu
banks and bankers . 25,534.17
( Currency . . .
Cash >
IColn . 4,037.95
Total cash on hand . .T . 20.02.
Total . ? UH
Capital stock paid In . * 13KX
Surplus fund . . . 1,5X
UmU-UUM profit- , . ; . 14'
Individual deposits subject to
ch.-ck . i24.100.73
Tune ccrtltlcatvMof Uopo lt U.CM.tll 3 .7ti !
Total . $54,41
STATI : or Nr.
County of Klchardooit.
I. Cl > de Tuacker , cashier , of the ab
naniixl bank , do hereby nwnarthat tha ab
statement is a correct and true copy o ( the
port made to the State Hanking Hoard.
W. C. MAKOKAVH. Director.
Subscribed and \\orn tu Ixforc m # this
day of March , 1W3.
L. D. McCcuUBK. Justice 1'oaci
Of The Tall * City Slate Hank of TalU City
cbrntUa , Charier No. IS1 * . Incorporated In the
tntc of Nebraska , at tile close of bttshicm
ebrtiary !
oaim ami Discount * . { 192.199.0
Hcrdrafts , secured and iitnecured.4M.2
ankliiK lion i ! furniture ami fixtures. 13,2 ( l.o
urrctit expenses ami taxes paid . 337.1
hie. from state ami prUnte
bnnkn ami bankers . 37,105.71
hcokflaiul Itmnsof u.xclianiro 635.11)
I Currency . 7.H74.00
Cash >
I Col n . di00.73 :
Total canli on liaml . 1.915.0
Total . 2.VUI5.0
niillnl nloclc palil In . * ffl.000.0
urpltu fuiiil .
J IH ! \luYd I piollt * . 3.SH.J
ndtvldunl dopimlls Mihjecl
to check . * I3I.73".20
K-innml cortlllcntL-H of ilu-
posit . 41 , 102.73
rtllU-il cliookH . 3.SIO.CX )
) ue to Mate and private
ul banlfors . 17,022.59 19 l.flXU
Total . . . 2VM.415.C
TATI ! 01' XlillKASKAi I
County of Rlclianlsdii. )
I. W. A. dreeiiwald , cashier of thu abox
named bank , do hereby swear that th
above statement Is a correct ami trim copy < i
thu reiiort mnile to the State. Hankinit Hoard ,
W. A. ( tKHH.NWAUi , Cashier.
K. I' . C.IST , Director.
T. J. ( ' .1ST. Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before ma this 7'
day of March , PUS. K. 11. lIi'STON ,
Notary Public.
My commission expires I'ebrtiary 0 , 1914.
nniieillaiik oft Salem , of Salem. Nebrask ;
Charier No. 35' * , Incorporated Tin the State <
Nebraska , at thu close of business I'ebruar
Loans nnd discounts $ 5,377. !
Overdrafts , secured and unsecured. . . . 1,026. "
Hanklnir house , furniture and tlxtures 3,086.1
Current expenses and taxes paid 187. '
Urti ! from state nnd private.
banks and bankers 40.l26.Si3
C.ibh on hand 4.IKI3.10
41,75' ) . '
Total * 135,0.'J9. :
Capital stock paid In $ IlO.oOO.i
Surplus fund 10,000.1
Undivided profits 1,510.1
mlhldnal deposits subject to
check 70.319.93
) eniand certificates of deposit 17,772.83
Total 135,0,19.
Comity of Ulchardnon.
_ l i K. II. Huston , Cashier of the above nami
mik. do hereby swear that the alunc stalemoi
H.\ correct and trim copy of the report made
lie Slate llanUliiu Hoard.
S , 1' . r.isr , Director.
W. A. , Director.
Subscribed and sworn to'before me thlsO
lay of Mart'li , IWS.
r.i'1' . r.HKKNW.VLD. Notarj 1'ubllc.
CommlsNlon expires Dec. , Hill.
A Conservatory of Music To
Richardson County
\Yo have just learned that thoi
is boin opened in the Will
building in this city , a couservi
lory of music for those interc-ste
in the study of music in Kichnn
eon County. For a long time tli
question lias been asked how is
possible for a person to acquire
thorough and correct knowledf :
of the science and art of imis
without the expenditure of a larjj
amount of time and money i
some distant city where theschoo
for the cultivation of the fine ar
are usually located. It is we
known that there are many real !
talented persons who cannot spin
the necessay amount of time awn
from their homes at the largi
centers of education , to say notl
ing of the great financial co. .
which Biich a course would nece
arily require. In opening tl
Falls City Conservatory of MUB
the promoters of the entorprif
feel that they have met and eliu
hinted all the objectionable fei
lures and made it possible for eac
and everyone who so desires to st
cure the very best instructic
along all musical lines. Falls Oil
itself is peculiarly adapted for tl
organization of such a school , b
ing situated at the junction of bol
railroads and being also in eas
driving distance of the Mit layii
towns. In this way the pupi
would bo enabled to come into tl
school once a week from the mo
remote parts of the county , tal
their lesson and return home tl
same day.
In the person of the directory
feel that too much cannot be sai
Ho is a graduate from the be
schools of this and the old worl
He has a doctors degree of IIUIE
and has had five years of expei
ence in teaching in the conserv
tories of Cincinnati , Chicago ai
Denver. Instructions will
given on piano , violin , pipe orgi
and voice , while special attenti <
will be paid to classes in music
history , biography , theory , the
ough-bass , harmony and compoi
lion. The tuition charged will '
very small when compared wi
Legal Notice
Frtilorlck H. Nltuclip , oxcctitor of tlio t-smt
of ( IcorBo Hcrfclilwwr , ilecon ecl , and trtistco o
nti cxprvM trust , plaintiff , vs.
The city of Arn o , Ni-l > rnkn , nml tlmclttrcn
and ItilmhitnnU tlirrcof ; tlm unknown liplrs o
Ixnild AllKuwnhr , ilcconncd , tlio unknown liolr
of Jncoh Hclipii , Jacob Iloycr nml ( IwirKo Holler
1th , ( It-ccaM-d , wlio reprpsmitixl tlipmcelreH n
truotr-cs for the Opnornl ( ipnniui Colonlzntloi
Hoclcty of IlulTiiiu , New York , n corpomtlon itni
Jofcpli A. Hwivtwr , Jo.H'lili lllnfpr , Wm. Mnsl
Adnin Umliuif , 1) . W , t'urtlf , Joepph llumhud
8.imuol Sclmor , John Bchlclfcr , ( li'ow , Hour
iind Aimtist I'lirchon , licirn nt law ofVm. . I'm
chvn , dfCPiiMHl ; llcnniin nnd Win. Doorftc , hvlt
lit law of AimiiHt Docrstoj A.iK stii H. Dncor
Hophln C. Iliircluiril , liplm of F. W. Iturclmril , d (
cowwli Atiilrciut HIK" < , Iloliitlch Bnclit , A.dorl
hpldo , UriiHt Tiippc , ICd\u\nl I'ncki'tt , John Wcl
or , I-'rlitlrk-li Bull , Jiunon Thornton , Horndc
Hcliprnicr , Henry iihl : , llilllip llnuck , Mrs-Miu
KlhiRlpr , l-'roidrich Tuppo , Hultluifpr Wirthiie
John Horn , ( li-or o , August Nortc , JOM-P
8clm nii , IVti-r Hiiulivrt , liliiiutnl J.U'.d.IlicI
Loutn Tlfclipo , llcriiliiiril Kiilp , Nicli < iln , | ] ,
HPIIIJ llrunii , Knnlrick Will , Krlctlrlch Kli-
clipcli , Charles .SihiniiiicbpforinlK. IVIiilrir
Ijnliii , Ailuin Ailum ky , horpiizOrnnniiL licrThc <
iloro HIIKIT , I'xlwnnl Heron , I'otrr I'liulllHooi
Jolin HothliiiiIh , Jacob Hchlcffur , AlUirtlloju
I'ctor Klrliilmiii , NIrliolntiH Wiinnpinnohur , Ho
iniiri iici : > ITel , Wi'iulli ) Stern , 1' . Anthonj Sinltl
JncoliOiH'cklo , ChnrleBTiitkowHky , Jncoh Hole
iil iihUli riti-el , 1. ! ' . JliiPBPlIu , Lorenz Olllli
AndrcnH HO-PS , 1. M. Kull , l''rie < lrlcli niimsicl
UiljoficiiH Hllpurth , Jncol ) 9clilis cr , Oeor >
HclihiiiK. Atifntxt HolzhiiiiHon , Chris Dun Kurt :
nmn , Adam Kulnhnrdt , V'rlwlricli Resell , 1'rlei
ricli Wuerth. Juliana-I.Solomon , Mlohauicioecl
kel , Heniuin Dt-IrliiKer , IjtiuU FornofT , Frederic
I'iescheck , Herman IucrlTulAtiKUitua Sohriimn
OeorKO Schneider , John (1 , Focll , John llotl
Imrth , Josppli Hall , 1'otur Nest-elliUHcli , Henry 5
I'urchen , John Naumnn , 1'lillllp Hcliutiun , Hem
lloinrich Wnner ( , Wilholm WOKHC
Fienw-l , I-'riedrlcli HImharK , Fried
rickn Jljer , Jacob F. Swnrtz , Itobort Schnstc
KraiizlH A. llurKhnnlt. Anilnuii llpess , OeorKO 1
Walther , lIliHalM'th Kiefel , Jacob Holer , Jotei
O.Virth , Jacob ( loercrio , AugustWOOBC
"liarliw Talkownky , C'lmrlps Heittcr , I'lillll
'ertol , Chrictian Ilirli ; , I. M. Koil , Charles Iteii
or , ICnirich Meier , Frledrlch Tappo , AIIKUI
Voeppen , Victor Diiprpe , Mlcliaul Danner , Joh
Vm. ( lordon , FrnnriH F. DoVine , Julius I'.Wnh
\nton Sciklor , 11. (1. ( ( Ipphart , John ( ! . Sclunid
Ltulreas Sterr , Frledriclt IjiutennchlaeKPr , 1
Vnthony Smith , I'eter Schultz , OeorKO Joh
iurkel , Charles F. AlincrldiiiKer , Fnedric
. .autenochlupKor , Henry ItciBBeii , JoHeph Yoc
vnrkn , Jacob Molter , Henry Nauert , I'hilli
iojer , Carl Weidnnbanni , Chribtian I'nrchc :
'hrlstianStipcker , Otto .Mueller , ilathias Ha
eritli , ( IreKor HiiueM'r , John ( i. Waterman
Theodore. SelU , I. F. MneKolin , Abraham N. 1'a
terson , Henry Schuemami , Win. UUIKO , Frin
rich iCesch , Henry lloeitweiRer , John Schneidu
'hillipll. llcndpr , John Hess , Herman Packer
Wilholm DOOKP , OeorKO F.lienilcr , Win. MeH&in
'tiedrlch llochsnlmch , Carl Nut-sal , John (
( empter. Charles F. Mejer , John lj. Ixjlinian
Henry W. Itothert , Jos-eph Vodwnrka , Johai
. ' . Trefzer.deoreu W.Prake.Herman H. llother
jouis Holzhorn , Joxeili | Knrtz , Wm. Kichonbet
Cmil , f. Smith , ( JporKO Herch , Il.irbai
leilmnn , lleorKo I' > ride , Nicholaud MoprHfolde
Jhnrles F. AlmcmUiiKfr , Friedrich Caesar , II
nan Schmitt , Win. HeuniiiK , FriLxlrich
ieoree F. Jloehl , AiiKtmt Schwnrz , C. F. Hart'
uicr , 8. ItliiKwald , J. Konft , Jt > sol > li Dialer , A
K > rt-Mohn , Cd H. TommhaKun , Lucien Sorri
leer o CliriHiniiuiii , IK'HIUWnppel , Jos-el
Aolltnan.Otta Jlicliaellsi , Frank Schmidt , Wi
tanrmacher , ( ieorKO (5aptel ( , Friedrich Cae < i
Jamuel K. SlcKlderrj , Jacob Schiesswohl , Jol
lutli'iibert. Molina Fnutnacht , Win. llollmn
I'eter I'aul , Frank I'feomiB , John U'cber , Loroi
Scheldt , Itoiiofatz Hnrtman , Jacob Strolwl , Ai
Kiist C. Tappe , AtiRUbt Daorr , ( leorKO Landp
lohn C. Kenchlin , Joliu Ij. Jncob , Jolin 1
tothcrt , AiiKiist Uothert , IK-rman * H , Mother
'lirifctinn Allirecht , I'eti-r Ausbtel , Heurj Spun :
\ithur KrlK- , Phillip lleore , IMward Hcio
, ciui-u ( ' . KCJIT , 1) . llurtuclrt , Jobu ( ipckle
Vilntn S.ichs , JameH Thornton , Henry C. Han
ieoriio P. Hans , Ilenr > A. Sclmrdclnmn , Hen
M. Paicheu , Fredrlclii.MaucurCasper Waltht
Jacob Itndolph , P. M. lleinrich , AujjiiBt Hothei
l''riedrich Itochenbuch , ( ieorno P. Haas , Xmi
joetz , Hernuin Stiefel , Kdward Heron , Feril
i.tud Kehr , Jonn Artnbriibt , Jacob Heinment
Freidricli Uorschmanu , Joseph Knrtz , 1'rie
ricli Kuplin , defendantH.
To the unknown lieirn of Louis Alltjewnhr , d
cease < l , n > id the unknown heirs of Jacob Sche
Jacob llejor and CpurK ! Hollerith , deeeoKil. ai
dloftho ubo\e named individual defendaii
commencliiKlth the nninuot Juteph A. Sttet
SIT , and ending with thu name of Frieilrii
Kuehn , noiiTesideiitH of thu flute of NebruHka :
N'OI'IFIKl ) that Frinlerick U Nltzi-che , nxcruti
of tlioi-Mntuof ( ieorno Hersclibi > rKer , decease
uid triiKteoof an express trutt , did on tlina !
ay of Febrtino , 1WW. tile his petition in tlm d !
trict court of Itichaidxon Count } , the object ai
l > rajerof which is to iirocure the rendition of
lecree by wild honorable court quietlnc the tit
In him as the Icnateoof the taid ( iporno. Heitc
Ix-TKer , decea-MHl , to thu follow IIIK dpi-rrilxxl re
estate situated 111 Hichtirdson Co. , nnd the t-tn
of Nebraska , tow it : thu west half ofthonort
weit uuarter of section li , township U , nitiKo I
IX of thu U P. M. , in which said real estate > <
appear to claim BOIUO interest , and which ji
nro roiulrcil by said iwtiiiou of plaintitl here
to set forth jour answer thereto.
iiu ) < ' ? s } < iu Mnemlly olead , answer or demur
the , petition of plaiutift filiil herein on or bofo
tlm 18th dnj of April. 11K)8. ) said iHitltion will !
taken as confessed , and ndecreu reuderetl utaiu
> oii accordingly.
This son icu by publication , so far as the cm
relates to the unknown heirs of Louis AllKeual
dereaspd , and tin * unknown heirs of Jac <
Schon , Jacob Ilejer nnd ( ! oorKo Hollerith , d
ceased. Is made pursuant to an order of the Ho
John 11. ( taper , onoof the judges of thodistri
court of Ktclmrdsou County , mmlo for that pi
iiosoand endorsed on the i > etitiou of plaint
0-lt Attorueya for Plaintiff ,
the class of instruction the pup
will receive. A pupil will be ei
abled to study music in this scho
for one year for the same amoui
that would be required to kec
them in Lincoln or Kansas Gil
for a period of two months.
This is a worthy enterprise an
deserves the patronage of all. " \ \
feel that everyone who is interes
ed in the study of music shou
give this their careful consider
lion and invesligation before tin
decide to send their children o
of the county to patronize hi { .
priced schools in the distant citie
There is no reason why Falls Ci
and Richardson County shou
not support as good a school
music as Lincoln or Kansas Cit
All correspondence will be fro
ly answered and all class of wo
guaranteed to be of the highe
grade. Address , Falls City Co
servatory of MusicFallsCityNe
Bissell Case Reversed.
The supreme court has just
reversed the celebrated Bissel
Gandy case and remanded it
back lor trial on the showing ol
prejudice existing in Pawnee
county where the case was lasl
heard ,
This is a victory for M. E
Gandy , appellant in error.
Humboldt Leader.
Pain can be quickly stopped. A 2i
cent box of Dr. ShoopN Hctidnuhi
Tablets will kill any pain , everywhere
in 20 iiilnuteal Besides they are thor
oughly safe. Painful periods will
women , neuralgia , etc , quickly ceasi
after one tablet. Sold 03' all dealers
Free Copies to Advertisers
The Canadian postoflicc de
partment is making an investiga
tion into the practice of publish
ers sending free copies of thei
papers to advertisers as second
class matter. They claim tha
under the regulations advertiser
are not entitled to receive frei
copies at this rate , nor even fo
the purpose of checking , bu
must first become subscribers
Several publishers of dailies am
weeklies have had a claim mad
against them for extra postage
at the rate of one cent for fen
ounces on copies which they liavi
been sending1 out to advertiser
: or years back. In the case o
one daily the sum involve *
amounts to thousands of dollars
Canadian Publisher and Printer
Thousands Perish
Thousands perish every year fror.
consumption resulting from a cold
Foloy's Honey and Tar cures the mos
obstinate racking coughs and expel
the cold from your system and prc
vents consumption and pneumonia. I
has cured many cases of incipient con
sumption. Kerr's Pharmacy.
The Falls City Nursery tha
lias always sold the trees , wil
have a fine lot of trees for th >
spring trade. Itf.
How Cough Germs Multiply
When you have a cold the mucou
membrane Is inllamed and the discus
germs wdlcti you breathe find lodge
merit" and multiply , especially th
pneumonia germ. Folcy's Honey an
Tar teethes and heals the Inllamed al
passage , stops the cough and expel
the cold from your system. Refus
substitutes. Kerr's Pharmacy. *
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California Trip NOW
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sorts daily until April 3Oth
Homeseekers' Rates
First and third Tuesdays c
each month to Colorado
Big Horn Basin , Montan
and the Northwest.
The Big Horn Basin
Mr. D. Clem Deaver , Land
seekers' Information Bt
reau , Omaha , will persona !
ly conduct landseeker t
this country the first an
third Tuesdays in Apri
Write Mr. Deaver for ir
formation about very desii
able irrigated lands in th
Basin-subject to homestea
under the big Governmer
Ditch or under privat
ditches. 100,000 acres c
new Basin land will com
under water in 1908.
Business Openings
We have a list of excellei
business chances in ne\\
growing towns on Burling
ton extensions ; get estal
lished early ahead of tli
coming population. Writ
Mr. Deaver.
Local Tlclsct AQCII
L. W. WAKELEY , G. P. A. ,
Omaha , Neb.
Land , mine and drainage sur-
eys , estimates , reports by West
ern Engineering Co. , mapping ,
draughting , designs of steel , 4
iiasonrv and re-enforced concrete ,
blue , brown and black printing ,
Drawings of patent models made.
36. U. S. Nat'l. Bank Building ,
Omaha , Neb 2 4t.
borne people stop advertising
during dull seasons and that is
what makes dull seasons for
: hcm.
* ; i in m 11 m 11 ! i n HM
D. S. HcCarthy :
Prompt attention given
to the removal of house
hold goods.
< -t < t-M It I HI I i I It M-frj-K *
Sales conducted in
scientific and busi
nesslike manner
: Falls City , Nebraska I
For Good Sales , flood Service , Pro
Returns Ship Your Stock to
Qeo. R. Barse
Write us for Market Reports
Kansas City , Mo. ,
< & $ * $ & $ < * ' & 3 > < § >
Practice in Various Courts.
Collections Attended To.
Notary Public. FALLS CITY
Otllce over Kerr's Pharmacy
Olllce Phone 200 Residence Phone 271
Phonosi i Residence ICO
i nones -
-j ,
onCQ 55
MTI' ' S 1s
Phone 243 Over Richardson County
DR. H. T. HttHN
Oflice and residence first door
north of city park. Phone 263.
Z > El K T" ! E S
Phones : Nos. 177 , 217
The Cough Syrup that
rids the system of a cold
by acting as a cathartic on the
bowels is
Dees is the original laxative cough syrup ,
contains co opiates , gently moves the
bowels , carrying the cold off through the
natural channels , Guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded.
. . .
* - - - - - * < HW