The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, March 13, 1908, Page 3, Image 3

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and Boys' Clothing , consisting of a fine
line of the VERY LATEST STYLES in
is now on hand and ready for your in
Our Line of Trunks and
VALISES is most complete and if in
need of anything of that nature you
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Weil Pflaum & Co.
Wahl & Parchen
A New Appendicitis Cure
If a newly discovered cure for
appendicitis turns out to be ns
certain ns it appears to be the
knife of the surgeon will BOOH
have lost another of its uses and
humanity may keep possession of
its appendices forever.
By pure accident Dr. Archibald
of this city has discovered that
appendicitis yields to the applica
tion of the X-ray pretty nearly as
quickly as mists are dissipated by
the sun. He declares lie has cured
many cases in his private practice
and today announced his discov
ery publicly and offered to prove
his cure before any clinic of medi
cal experts in the country.
When a case of appendicitis
cornea into Dr. Archibald's ofilee
the physician does not sharpen up
Irit'cutlery and begin making in-
cieious to take the appendix away.
All he does is to sit his pp.Heut
down in front of a Roentgen ma
chine. Then he trains the powerfully -
fully penetrating ray upon the
sore spot. The swelling goes
down at once and the excruciat
ing pain stops short.
And 5 or ( vdays laterafter , from
1 to 0 appl cations the cure is al
ways complete , Dr. Archibald
"The new cure is so childishly
simple that I never would have
come upon it except by the merest
luck , " the physician said. "It is
nothing more or less than tlie process -
cess of bombarding the congestion
about the appendix with violent
electric rays and a high frequency
current. T h e treatment causes
the blood to return to the central
circulation system , the congestion
departs from the simple reason
that the cause of the congestion
has been removed and that's the
end of the appendicitis. ' '
Remember that when the Stomach
nerves full or weaken , Dyspepsia or
Indigestion must always follow , But ,
strengthen these same weak inside
nerves with Dr. Shoop's Restorative ,
and then see how quickly health will
again return. Weak Heart and Kid
ney nerves can also bo strengthened
with the Restorative , where Heart
pains , palpitation , or Kidney weak
ness is found. Don't drug the stoin.
acb , nor stimulate the heart or kid
neys. That is wrong. Go to the
cause of these ailments. Strengthen
these weak inside nerves with Dr
Shoop'a Restorative and get well. A
simple , single test will surely tell. Sold
by all dealers.
Money !
to loan on good farm , security ,
Call on or write
Office Over Kornor's Hardware Store
Bold Robbery.
Shirley & Buerstetta's cloth
ing store was entered "Wednes
day night by some unknown
person , or persons and a quan.
ity of clothing1 stolen. The
robbery was not discovered un
til the following1 morning1 when
a party coming1 up from the
depot found a glove with the
trade mark of Shirley & Buer-
stetta upon it , and returned it
to the proprietors , an investi
gation followed and it was
found that about fifteen over
coats were missing1 , twenty hats
and a number of shirts , ties
and smaller articles of apparel
had been conliscated , the loss
amounting to near three hun
dred dollars , f It is presumed
that the theif
entered with a
pass key , secured the loot and
left town during the night. The
detective force in Lincoln and
surrounding cities and towns
were notified of the theft , but
so far no clue of the burglary
has been obtained. A similar
robbery was reported in Table
Rock recently , about fifty pairs
of shoes being stolen from a
shoe dealer of that city , the
empty boxes were replaced on
the shelves after the shoes had
been removed , and thus so clev
erly ffid their theft , that the
guilty parties are still at larg-e.
Ilumboldt Standard.
A Big Farmer. * .
David Rankin , the big million
aire farmer at Tarkio , Mo. ,
farms nearly 20,000 acres of land
and his men plow 2,500 acres of
corn a day. He sells no corn ,
feeds it all. He says lie owes
much of the millions he has
made to the republican party
that the things contended for
and gained by republicans have
increased the value of his land
and products , lie says he lost
money under democratic rule
but made $100,000
, the lirst year
after Cleveland q u i t. Ilia-
watha World.
Food For Thought
A now enemy IMS arisen to tight
the prohibitionists. This is the
federation of liquor dealers which
has recently been planned , and
which is to have its headquarters
at Chicago , Heretofore all that
the prohibitionists had to contend
with was the apathy of the masseo
of the people , supplemented by
the platouic opposition of the per
sons in each of the big parties
who objected to "sumptuary legis
lation. " But now they will have
to light men whoso financial interests -
torests aio assailed by the cold
water wave which io swooping
over the country. Every organi
zation which is connected , directly
or indirectly , with the liquor trade
is to uuilo in the aggregation of
BJciotioH which is at ranging to do
battle with the prohibition hostb.
Eloie is a light which may crcalo
n now political parly. The feder
ation of liquor societies represent ? ,
it is said , an investment of $3-
1550,000,0000 , which pays licenses
of one sort and another amount
ing to $2(58,000,000 ( annually , and
which pays a yearly tax of over
$70,000,000. , On the rolls of the
federation are said to bo 1,200,000
voters. As this is a larger poll
than any of the prohibition lead
ers have been claiming for 1008 , it
is plain that the federation could
put up a haul light , if it should
stick together. The federation
already has affiliated societies in
28 states , and it says it will cover
the other 18 states before the na
tional conventions of the- great
political parties meet. Thus a
new element of interest will bo injected -
jected into the politics of 1908.
The convention of the political
prohibitionists will meet in Co
lumbus , Ohio , on July 15 , and if
their opponents intend to put up
a fight as a separate organization
in the political field they may be
relied on to select a ticket soon
afterward. Heretofore there has
been a steady gain in the vole of
the big parlies , except that there
was a slighl dec-lino in 1900 and
1901 from the combined total of
the first Bryan canvass of 190(5. (
But with the prohibitionists , the
liquor interests , the socialists and
Hearst's now national party cutting -
ting into the vote of the great or-
gani'/ations , the combined repub
lican-democratic total of 1908 may
drop to a lower level than has re
cently been touched. Incidental
ly , this ought to draw out a larger
aggregate vole than has ever yet
been polled. Alchison Globe.
Give Him A Chance.
Don't let the boy have to ask ,
or , worse yet , tease , for every
cent of spending money. Every
child should contribute his
share to the work of the farm ,
simply because it is right , and
by no means should he expect
pay for doing his duty. How
ever , to cultivate a spirit of
thrift and independence , the
orphan lamb , tlieJpet | pig , or a
few hens , may well be made the
property of the small boy , and
any money accruing therefrom ,
his also. The larger boy may
cultivate a parcel of the farm
( small or large , according to
circumstances ) on shares , with
results satisfactory to lather
and son alike. It will be found
that the average boy will be as
careful and wise in expending
his own money as his father's
money. Philadelphia Farm
Frank Granted New Trial.
The motion for a new trial in
the case wherein Ernest Frank
was convicted of manslaughter ,
at the February term of the
district court , came up for hear
ing before Judge Raper Wednes
The counsel for the defense
asked that a new trial be grant
ed on the grounds of insufficient
evidence , improper evidence ,
faulty instructions to the jury
and other reasons , and the judge
alter listening to the arguments
took the matter under advise
ment until the following day
when he sustained the motion ,
and the case will be tried anew
at the next jury session of the
Instructions Concerning
Pickle Crowing
RHAD OAKKFULI.Y ! Good corn ground is good pickle ground.
The richer the better. It will pay to plow under a thick coat of
manure the previous fall ; but hill fertilising is best if properly
done. Put the manure into deep furrows and cover well with
mellow soil upon which 10 to 12 seeds should be placed and
covered not over one and one-half inches with mellow dirt. Be
sure to have all of the manure well covered to prevent drying
out. If ground is not fall plowed it .should be plowed in the
spring when in the right condition to .stir well , then be cnltivtaed
occasionally till time for planting when it should be clean and in
good mellow condition. Too much .stress cannot be laid upon
the richness of the soil and a thorough preparation , for which
your reward will be a bountiful As many as live hun
dred bushels have been grown on one acre.
Plant from 1st to 10th of June , when bugs do not trouble.
Mark the ground about IIJ feet one way and 7 foot the other ,
having the wide rows run the way yon want to go in picking.
Cultivate both ways the same us with corn , and when the vines
urc 15 to 8 inches high hoc out any weeds in hill and thin out
plants , leaving four of the best in a hill. It is a common error
to make machinery do all the work. There is not an acre of corn
grown which if hoed by hand , at least once , would not make
abundant returns for the labor. Use your hoe.
When yon begin to pick be careful not to step on the vines
and remember yon do not lose anything by picking small pickles ,
even as small as one inch long , for several more will start for
every one you pick , and the more you pick the more bushels they
will bear. When yon see a two-inch pickle pick it , for it will be
too large next time. Do not expect everything that grows to
make pickles. Knots , chunks and yellow ones will not and arc
not figured in your estimated yield. Vines should be picked
every ! K5 hours ; therefore when possible pick over greater part
of the patch on Saturday and Monday ; if growing rapidly better
pick every day. Do not hold pickles over Sunday.
The pickles must be thoroughly sorted and put in clean sack
before delivering. Good pickles four inches long and under ,
picked so as to count not less than seven hundred to the bushel ,
are of first grade and worth.lift } ' cents per bushel of fifty pounds.
Those not soft , seedy , chunky or yellowish that will count not
less than 250 to the bushel and do not exceed 5 inches in length
are second grade and worth fifteen cents per bushel. Beyond ,
these two grades there is no commercial value as pickles.
The profit in pickle raising is in the first grade , and by
thorough , careful work in picking there need be but a few of the
second grade and practically none of the third. The plant vi
tality required to grow fifty bushels of second grade , netting the
producer § 7.50 , will easily produce one hundred and fifty bushels
of first grade , netting $75.00. Draw your own conclusions as to
which pays. One large pickle , if left to grow , uses up so much
vitality of the vine as to prevent others from setting , hence it is
of the utmost importance that all large pickles should be at once
removed. The growth of the large pickle seriously interferes
both with the setting of other pickles , as well as their develop
ment into a merchantable article.
The Leo. Cider and Vinegar Co. wants to buy a largo quantity
of Cucumbers for the purpose of making pickles.
We understand the same law
yers will be retained , and a
good hard fought battle will
result. Pawnee Chief.
Amazing Bloodless Cures
As great as were recent cures in Kit-
rope they arc greater in America to
day. The cure of Rupture and other
diseases without the knife is now an
accomplished fact as can be proved by
the German Specialists , of Council
Jlluffs , Iowa.
With special instruments used by no
other doctor they can diagnose diseases
so accurately that patients are aston
ished , especially because they tlo not
ask n .single question In finding the
cause of diseases.
The validity of their claims can he
tested by all who write for appoint
ment card. Their adstating time to
cure various diseases appears else
where in this paper.
" * Lally Held For Killing.
James Lally has been held to
the criminal court by Justice
Mitchell , on the charge of kill
ing Herbert Jordan , the Seneca ,
Kas. , newspaper man on Febru
ary l-l. Jordan was shot down
at night on the street , and from
bedind. Lally is known to have
had a"real estate deal on with
A Card
Thla la to certify that all druggists
arc authorl/.cd to refund your money
If Poloy'a Flonoy und Tur falls to cure
your cough or cold. It stops the cough
hculs the lungs nnd provi'nts eerlous
results from n cold. Cures lugrlppc ,
coughs und prevents pneumonia und
consumption. Contains no harmful
drugs and Is In a yellow package- Re
fuse substitutes. Korr's Pharmacy.
Farmers :
Our goods need no introduction as they have
been handled in this city for years , and as to
quality they are the
Best SVSoney Can Buy
The guarantee on every piece of machinery is
backed up by the manufacturers and by Werner ,
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Our stock of goods is new and the latest models.
A close inspection will convince you. YOU are
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Remember , we carry the
Largest Stock of Implements
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