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Entered as second-class matter at
Falls City , Nebraska , post office , Janu
ary 12 , 1W4 , under the Act of Congress
of March 3,1879.
Published every Friday at Falls City ,
Nebraska , by
The Tribune Publltliinrf Compuny
E. F. Shtvrii , MantXer
One year
Six n'onths
Three months .
Republicans Attention
The republicans of 2ml ward
Falls City are requested to meet
in caucus at court house Feb. 28 ,
at 8 p. in. * for the purpose of
electing delegates to the county
convention to be held March 2d ,
and for the transaction of any
other business that may conic be
fore the caucus.
II. A. PUNCH , Committecmm.
The republicans af Arago pre
cinct are requested to meet in
caucus at the Arago town hall
Feb. 28 , at 2 p. in. for the pur
pose of electing delegates to the
county convention to be held
March 2nd , and for the trans
action of any other business that
may come before the caucus.
Louis Siwsu , Committecman.
The republicans of the first
ward are called to meet at the
court house at 8 o'clock p. in.
sharp , Thursday evening , Feb.
27 , for the purpose of selecting
delegates to the county conven
tion. Preferential vote on pres
idential candidate will be taken.
All republicans of the first ward
should be present.
The republican voters of Liber
ty Precinct are requested to meet
in Caucus in the Parson's Hall in
Verdon , on SaturdajFeb. . 29 , at
2 o'clork p. m. for the purpose of
electing 9 delegates to the county
convcntion-to be held in Falls
City on March 2nd , 1'JOS , and to
express a choice for president by
secret ballot and to transact any
other business that may come
before the caucus.
G. A. JOHN , Committeeman.
The republican electors of
Falls City township are request
ed to meet at the town hall in
said precinct on Saturday , Feb.
21) ) , 1908 , at 2HO : p. m. for the
purpose of selecting 8 delegates
to the republican county con
vention to be held in Falls City ,
Neb. , on March 2 , 11)08 ) , and for
the transaction of any other
business which may properly
come before said meeting.
JOHN W. Cuooic ,
The republican electors of the
3d ward ol Falls City , Neb. , are
requested to meet in caucus in
the election room of the Na.
tional Ilotel on Friday evening
Feb. 28 , 1908 , at 7:30 p. in. for >
the purpose of selecting 8 dele
gates to the republican county
convention to be hold at Falls
City , Neb. , on March 2 , 1908aud ,
for the transaction ot any other
business which may properly
come before said meeting.
Bit. II. T. HAHN ,
Committeeman 3d ward.
How would Taft and cs
suit you for the head of the t
Keep the republican caucuses
and primaries in mind. Attem
Note February 18th as tin
date of the first large snow ill
in Richardson County in white
of 1'JOS.
The Verdon Vedette goes on
the "early bird" theory and ha
commenced talking Fourth o
July celebration.
The Mississippi senate passei
the statutory prohibition bill b.
a vote of 3d to 4 on February 13.
The bill is effective December 51.
Be patient. In nine month
more , the country will be save
again as promised in every pres
dential election , and the electio
will be over.
Ten years ago last Saturday
the Battleship Maine was blown
up in Havana harbor and 226 of
Uucle Sam's gallant sailors went
to the bottom of the sea.
With the democratic central
committee in other counties in
the state taking upon themselves
the power of selecting the dele
gates to the congressional conven
tions , it does not become our
democratic friends to howl about
"The rule of the people. "
The Kentucky legislature has
now spent more than four weeks
trying to elect a United States
senator , \\ith no present prospect
of a break in the dead lock. An
other point in favor of the Nebr
aska plan of permitting the voters
to express the preference for
The Panama canal engineers
compute tliat over twelve car
loads of earth were dug out of
that canal every working minute
during the month of December.
The amount removed every day
would fill 5)868 cars , and would
make a train thirty-three and one
third miles long- Uncle Samuel
is a power at throwing dirt as
well as in other enterprises.
The city of Detroit within the
last year made a profit of $35,000
from its city prison. All prison
ers who were able , were compelled
to workIf more cities followed
the example of Detroit and com
pelled the lawless element to
work , while in the custody of'the
law instead of allowing them to
lay around and consume rations ,
our prisons could be made to bear
a portion of the expense required
to maintain them.
The Standard Oil Company
has recently declared a quarterly
dividend of $15 per share. With
such evidence of prosperity on the
part of that concern , the fine of
$29,000,000 imposed on it by
Judge Landis of Chicago will
only tend to cut down its annual
dividend. It will require more
than a fine to compel these crim
inals to obey the law. A few
weeks or months behind the bars
would be a better remedy.
A Chinese editor , while lectur
ing at the Y. M. C. A. associa
tion in San Francisco , stated that
"The United States is the only
nation on earth with a conscience. "
Quite a compliment this , but then
Uncle Sam hns always been an
advocate of the "square deal. "
It is now but a few years since
he turned down the proposition
which was made him , asking him
to be a party to the plan of pay
ing off creditors with fifty-cent
dollars , under the guise of free
coinage of silver at the ratio of >
16 to 1.
. Mrs. Clara C. Hoffman , state
, president of the Missouri W. C.
r T. U. , died last Friday at the ;
home of her son in Kansas City.
Mrs. Hoffman has always been a
prominent worker in the temper
ance cause , was the Missouri
state president for twenty-five
years , and national recording
secretary for twelyc 3 ears. In
1S % she was delegate to the
world's convention at London
and spent months lecturing in
Great Britan , Germany , France
? ; and Switzerland. The success ol
the temperance cause for the
past quarter of a century especl
ally in Missouri , has been practl ;
cally due to the efforts of Mrs
Simple Remedy for Ln flrlppo
Lu grippe coughs are dangerous as
they frequently develop into pnemnonli
Foley's Honey und Tur not only stop
as the connh but heals und strengthen
of the lungs so ttiut no berlous result
need bo feared. The genuine Foloy'
Honey and Tiir contains no harinfu
drugs and Is in n yellow package. HD
fuse substitutes. Ivorr's Pharmacy.
. If you have Catarrh , rla yourself o
this repulsive disease. Ask Dr. Shoo
bs of Ruclne.Vls. . , to mall you tree ,
ed trial box of Dr. Shoop's Cutarrh Roiu
si- edy. A simple , single test , will sure ) ,
tell you u Caturrh truth well wort !
on your knowing.Vrlto today. Don1 '
suffer longer. Sold by all dealers.
Mrs. L. R. Record la very sick.
Cbas. Uodgo IB very elck with typhoid
J , S. Pope was a St. Joseph visitor
Clem Davis was a St. Joe visitor one
day last week.
D. Vanvaulkcnburg was on the sick
list last week.
Mrs. Enoch Zelglenwas on the sick
list last week.
Grace Cronln visited friends in Falls
C ty last week.
Will Fulton is visiting friends in
Rule this week.
Em'l Saal was a Tarkio visitor the
flr t of last week.
J. J. Cavcrzagio spent a day in St.
Joseph last week.
Jake Wilton , of Kansas , visited here
one day last week.
Jim Haler was a Hiawatha visitor
one day last week.
Al Doeriier , of Falls City , was a Rule
visitor last Sunday.
Mrs. B. F. Jarrott Is quite 111 this
week with la grippe.
K. L. Walbrldpc. of Falls City , was n
Rule visitor Monday.
Mrs. Ida Brown is visiting with her
mother , Mrs. Jcfferlcs.
Mrs. Belplcr and daughter , Eva ,
went to Preston Monday.
Jim Mcndcnhull , of Heatrlce , was a
Utile visitor last Friday.
Mis. John Chancy has been on the
sick list for several days.
Isorn Bryant , of Rush Bottom , was n
Rule visitor last Friday.
Mrs. Win. Kclley is visiting relatives
in Nebraska City this week.
Jacobt Wiggins returned Monday
from a trip to King City , Mo.
EJ Mathers , of Rush Bottom , was a
business visitor here Monday.
C. B. Rodgers was n business caller
in this city one day last week.
Mrs. Clarence Simons , of St. Joseph ,
is visiting her parents in Rulo.
Charlie Boomer's mother , who lives
at Hiawatha , Kan. , is very sick.
Will Anderson , ot Kansas City , Is
visiting lila father at this place.
Marion Nobles , of Falls City , was a
Rule visitor one day last week.
Si Bunker , of Missouri , was a bus !
ness visitor In this city recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Young returned to
their homo in Atchisou Saturday.
Ray Hart went to St. Joseph Sunday
for a few days visit with relatives.
Ella Carpenter and Anna Mahan were
Preston visitors last Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Koehlcr and
wife visited Rule friends last , week.
Tom Wlntcrbottom , of White Cloud
visited Rule friends one day last week
Grace Harding went to North Bor-
ron , Iowa , last week to remain for some
Mrs. Lelghhigh , of Highland fetation
visited relatives in Rule a few days labt
Jiiko Ilooly received an Injury on the
ohln while chopping wood one day last
D.tvo Anderson and family , of Hum
bolt , are visiting Rule relatives thl
Lizzie Alkmau , of McCook , arrived
in Rule Friday morning to visit he
Will Young and Sherman Alexander
were Falls City visitors Thursday o
last week.
Lemon Brettorlc returned last week
from a weeks visit with relatives a
F. E. Krilp , of Wymore , was lookln
after Burlington work hero one day
last week.
R. E. Shepherd , of Ccntralia , Kan.
attended the funeral of Grandma She ] :
herd Sunday.
Engineer Joe Morris drew the auto
. matlc rltlo which was rallied off her
Saturday night.
Harry Shepherd , of Billings , Mont
is in Rule , called homo by the death o f
his grandmother.
Mrs. Goolsby and daughter Ella , <
Missouri , were ylaltlug Rule friends a
few days this week.
Archie Kelly's wife and baby are
, both quite eick , though baby Isiuiprov-
ing at this writing.
George Anderson , of Kansas City ,
was called here by the serious sickness
of his father last week.
Mable Long returned to her homo In
Kansas last week , alter a two weeks
- visit with Rule friends.
. Wayne Richardson bought grain at
the 1 > Y" while his uncle was uuablo to
attend to business there.
Win. Johnston has been night watch
man at the Missouri river bridge since
the death of Mr. Jackson.
Mrs. J. M. Pope and children depart
ed Saturday morning for a visit with
friends at Marysvlllo , Mo.
Evan Dunn and family departed for
St. Joseph last week. Evan expects to
- work in that place for awhile.
The Missouri river has been giving
the ferryman and the pump man all
of kinds of trouble the past week.
The pupils In the third room wore al
it lowed a letter box on Valentine day
- and all shared in tbo good time.
The men working on he river bridge
completed the work Saturday evening
and will probably go to Fremont to
work soon.
Five deaths In less than a week , and
all old residents of this city , is a record
which no hope will not have to bo re
corded again.
Mra * John Anderson returned Thurs
day of last week from North Burrow ,
Iowa , where she has been visiting for
several weeks.
John Threlkold , of Rlvcrton , 111. , ar
rived here Thursday. Sickness pre
vented bis coming until after his
mother was dead.
Steve Cunningham held a sale at his
farm across the Missouri river Satur
day which was a success. Everything
was sold and brought good prices.
Wess Coupe and James Mooney re
turned Thursday of last week from Ef-
flngham , Kansas , where they went to
attend the funeral of Joseph Coupe.
Grandpa and Grandma Prlbbcno arc
reported on the sick list.
Miss Olllit Bain paid a visit to her
parents in Stella a few days ago.
Cecil and Willie McCutuber spent
Sunday with their grandparents.
Mr. Kaiser and children wore visited
by an attack of the grip the last week.
Amiel Pllunder went to Kansas City
with a car load of stock Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zoeller spent
Sunday at the homo of Mrs. Ellen
Mr. Johnie Morris and family spent
Sunday with Mr. Charles Zouller and
Mius Beulah Zoeller spent Sunday in
town with her friend , Miss Flora Ha-
Quite a number of our citizens at
tended the sale of Herman wolf's last
Miss Agnes Shroeder went to Rule
Friday night to visit over Sunday with
her folks.
Mrs. A. L. Larrabcc , of Craig , Mo. ,
U visiting her mother. Mrs. Dykes ,
this week.
Mrs. Bowersox and children have
been quite sick with the la grippe the
past week.
Miss Ida Meyers , of Falls City , spent
several days of last weeic with her par
cuts in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. John Morris spent Sat
urduy night at the home of his brother ,
north of town.
Mr. Eyersolo and son , of Holdredge ,
Nebr. , were transacting business here
the first of the week.
Grandma Shelby and daughter , Mrs.
L. A. Meyers , have been in the clutches
of the grip for several days.
W. A. Margrave and the other ship
pers shipped several loads of stock
to Kansas City Monday night.
Mrs. Frederick and children spent
Saturday and Sunday with her parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Story , of near Rulo.
Carrie Neitzel , who has spent severa
months with her sister in Beatrice , re
turned to her hnniL in this city last
The pascengers to Falls City Satur
day were : L. E Simons , C. U. Shelby
Roy Djkes.Sam MartinlAmel Pllunder
Ed Doety and Arble Duncan.
Little Verna anil Florence Rieger
who have been sick for many weeks
with typhoid fever , wore able to return
to school again Monday.
Mrs. M. J. Gains returned to Rule
Friday evening , afterjhaving spent aev
oral days with her sister , Mrs. Dyker ,
vho has been quite sick .vita the grip
The many friends of the Sebing fam
lly will bo glad to learn that they ar
all once inoro enjoying peed health
after their recent siege of dlptherlu
and that they are no longer under quar
Misses Minnie and Gertrude Kanaly
Maggie and Anna Mann , Grace Croni
uui Ella Carpenter and Messrs. Law
rencc and Ed Murphy and John Me-
Cullau , of Uulo , attended the party at
Prokards Friday night.
Earl Meyers came homo from the
hospital in St. Joe Monday afternoon.
The llttlo follow happened to rather a
peculiar accident. Whllo walking up
the railroad towards his homo ho pick-
ed up a broken Insulator and threw it
against the rail and a pleco of the glass
How into his eye. Dr. Henderson was
immediately called and on examination
decided that an operation would bo
necessary and ho was taken to St. Joe
on the evening train where it was
found necessary to remove the injured
i yo.
Friday , the 14th. bclug Claud Prok
ards birthday , his mother and sister
planned a pleasant surprise in his
honor. A crowd of his young friends
were invited and on the evening' men
tioned went together to his his home.
To eay that Claud was surprised would
be putting It mildly. However , ho
soon recovered enough to assist in en
tertaining his guests. After a most enjoyable -
joyablo evening refreshments were
served and all departed for their homo
wishing Claude many happy returns.
Ed Guilliams is a victim of the grip.
Kato Shouso returned to her home
Harvey Peck visited with Ivan Kel-
Mrs. John Strauss is visiting her par
ents in Verdon.
John Relschlck went to St. Joe last
week on business.
Mrs. Alllo Doroty spent Monday with
Mrs. Geo. Sturms.
Frank Houtz is much improved from
his recent sickness.
Lola Sturms was a guest of Lydln
Dowty Sunday night.
Mrs. Clem Stump , who has been
quite ill is improving.
Mrs. Guy Llchty returned homo last
week from Kansas City.
H. A. Burk and wlfo spent Sunday
ivlth the formers parents.
DnrrynndGuy Prichard visited at
hencas Fishers Sunday.
Mrs. Arthur Dawson , of Rule visited
with her mother last week.
Mrs. Henry Meyers spent last Thurs
day with Mrs. Wcs Nedrow.
H. A. Burk and wlfo spent last
Thursday with the lattor's parents.
Mrs. Henry Meyers spent a portion
of lat week with Mrs. P. E. Shaffer. "
Geo. Prichard and wlfo wcro guests
ot Mrs. Noah Peck last Wednesday.
Mrs. Perry Shaffer was a guest of her
son Earl and wife one day last week ,
Chas. McWain and wife , of Rule ,
spent Sunday with the latters parent ? .
Mrs. Earl Shaffer and mother spent
aat Thursday with Mrs. Chester
Frank Brecht and wife were guests
of the former's parents in. Falls City
Geo. Prichard , wife and Mrs. A. A.
Gulron spent Monday with Guy Llchty
and wife.
Fred Gilbert and wife , of Stella ,
came down Frldav and visited with
co. Prichnrd and wife.
Mrs. Wm. Bartlett returned horns
last week from Rule , where she was
visiting with her parents.
Anson Kinsley and wlfo spent Sun
day near Hamllu , Kan. , with the lat-
ters parents , Mr. Bruin and wife.
Mrs. Thos. Keckler left Saturday for
her home in Manloy , after a weeks visIt -
It with her daughter , Mrs. Earl Shaf
Ellis Houlz and Chas. Diamond , of
Omaha , opened up a barber shop with
two chairs In Strausville last Saturday.
Success to you boys.
Will HorUman lost a valuable horse
last week. It was caused by choking
to death. Bill will have to pound
harder on the back after this.
Some from this city drove up to Ba-
rada Sunday evening to attend the re
vival meetings going on up there now
with Evangelist O. H. Parrish as
Miss Zulu McCool is on the sick list
L. L. Kinsey is down from Dawson.
Mrs. D. C Simmons has an attack ol
the grip.
Roe Moore returned from St. Joe
Jim Metz and children spent Sunday
in Salem.
Roe Moore is reported on the sick
list Monday.
Mrs. J. A. Taylor returned Tuesday
from Lincoln.
Miss Lena Staver returned from Atchison -
chison Wednesday.
Miss Helen McCool spent Saturday
and Sunday In Falls City.
Mr. C. H. McDowell and wife spent
Sunday with Mrs. Meredith.
MM. Nancy Fouraker died Sunday
evening at her homo in Salem.
Prof. Sargent visited relatives in
Humboldt Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Roy Dupgett and children are
visiting C. W. Stewarts in the country.
Miss Iva Meredith has accepted a po
sition in a milliner shop in Scottsvlllo ,
Mrs. Jane Stewart died Sunday eve
ning at tbo homo of her son James
Fred Wlndlo and wlfo of Wymore ,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gist , of Humboldt ,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Gist
over Sunday.
Miss May Morgan and daughter , of
Colorado , tire guests of Joe Windlcs
this week.
Oil Wlndlo , of St. Joe , visited with
his parents over Saturday , Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Wlndlo.
Mrs. Bessie O'Donnall and children ,
of Stella , spout last week with Mr , and
Mr ? . R. C. Brown.
Mr ? . Lev ! Cllpplnger and children
started on Thursday for tholr now
homo in Houston , Texas.
Mrs. Speence entertained the ladies
of the M. E. Aid society at dinner with
their husbands on Wednesday.
Mr. Win. Gentry mot with a serious
accident while cutting saw logs last
Friday which resulted in a broken leg.
Wednesday night Mr. and Mrs. Cass
Moore were treated to a surprise by
some twenty of tholr old friends who
congregated at the Moore homo with
well filled baskets. The surprise was a
farewell party as Mr. and Mrs. Moore
expect to leave for their now homo
soon ,
Charley Paradise and family have
moved to Summcrficld. Kan. , at which
place lie recently bought a billiard
J. M , Young and family left for their
future home at Arapahoc Tuesday ,
uenr which place Mr. Young purchased
a farm recently.
Dr. Boal , of Auburn , was here a
number of times the past week in con
sultation with Dr. Moiigomery in re
gards to J. D. Curtis' condition.
A tenant house is being built on the
Pritts farm , just south of town. Guy
Goldsberry and family , of Lincoln ,
will occupy it and work for Mr. Pritts.
The ladies of the Cemetery auxiliary
cleared about sixty dollars at their sup
per last Saturday evening. The pro
ceeds will be used for beautifying the
Fred Gilbert and wife were the
guests of friends at Falls City , Satur
day and Sunday. L. G. Fankell car"
ried the mail on route one during Mr.
Gilbert's absence.
Dr. Andrews and wife , former resi
dents of Stella but now of Cordell , Ok
lahoma , arrived here Sunday for an
extended visit at the home of their son ,
Dr G. M. Andrews.
C. C. Fankell has been the guest of
relatives at Lincoln this week. He , in
company with his brother , expect to
leave for Montana soon , where they
have taken homesteads.
J. L. Hays , aged about sixt3'-five.
died at his home south of town , Tues
day morning from lung trouble , and
was buried in the Prairie Union cem
etery Wednesday morning. Mr. Hays
was one of the earliest settlers in this
vicinity , having lived here for fifty-
seven years.
W. S. Bain and family moved to
Kearney 1-mt wcnk , whore Mr , Rain ,
in company with his son , who has been
in Lincoln , will engage in the cement
business. Eli Knupp , who took Mr.
Bain's place as carrier ou route two ,
lias purchased the Bain residence in
the east part of town.
To the Patrons of Rural Free Delivery , Falls City , Neb.--
Pursuant to recent orders from the Post Office Department , box
holders are required to have their box number and name plainly
and durably Inscribed on the outside of their mall box. If you have
not already done so , or if you have and for any reason the same has
been obliterated or erased , kindly have your name and box number
Inscribed thereon , in a conspicuous place.
I Would suggest that you direct your correspondents to Include
route and box number In their addresses.
At the suggestion of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General I
desire to call attention to the practice of some patrons , of placing
loose coins in their boxes each time they desire to dispatch letters ,
Instead of supplying themselves with postage in advance of their
needs. The practice imposes undue hardship on rural carriers , in
removing loose coins from boxes , and delays them In the service of
their routes. You are therefore urgently requested to provide and
keep on hand a supply of stamps , consistent with and In advance ol
your needs. It is also very desirable that rural patrons place in
their mail boxes , small detachable cups of wood or tin , In which to
place coins when necessary in purchasing supplies of stamps.
G. J. CROOK , Postmaster.
Money otten lies idle awaiting opportunity for invest
ment , but these opportunities do not come every day , or
week or even month. In the meantime this money should
be earning something , and it can , if placed m this bank.
Will explain it to you on application.
Capital and Surplus , $70,000.00