The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, January 31, 1908, Page 6, Image 6

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3d White Sale
The White Event of the Season
Begins Sat. , Feb. 1st , Ends Sat Feb. 15th
Samuel Wahl's Big White Sale , always an important event , will be much larger and better than ever. We
have collected for this sale the largest line of White Goods ever shown in this part of the state , including
Laces , Embroideries , Table Damask , Muslin , White Dress Goods , India Linens , Dimities , Bed Spreads and
Corsets and have made prices that will pay you to prepare for your summer sewing now. Be here when our
Doors Open Saturday morning. x
in Swiss , NainsooU a n d
Cambric from
4c to $2.50
a Yard
Valancinc , Torchon , Cltiny ,
Allovcrs , Nets a n tl Filet
from 3c to $3.25
a Yard
in Skirts , Night Robes ,
Drawers , Chemise , Corset
Covers and children's Pants
lOc up to $5
We are sole agents for the
C. B. Corset , made with
new flat hips , that you must
have for your new Summer
Gowns. Tape gerdles
25 °
Table Linens
and Napkins in both Ger
man and Irish bleached and
unbleached , from 66-inch to
2 yards wide , from
32c to $2
We have just received our new White Ribbon Shoes , endorsed by the W. C. T. U. of this country. Every
pair you buy helps their cause.
Saturday ,
February 1st
ICntered as second-class mutter at
Fulls City , Nebraska , post office , Janu
ary 12 , 11J04 , under tliu Act of Congress
01 March 3 , 1879.
Published every Friday at Falls City ,
' Nebraska , by
fhr Tribune Publishing Company
E , F. Slmrls ,
OHO year Sl.fiO
Six months 7f >
Three months -40
The Farmers Institute
Within the next wcclranother
session of the farmer's annual
institute will be held in this
city. We are glad to see the en
lightened interest taken in it.
Ours is an agricultural state.
The wealth of Nebraska depends
upon the products of its soil.
This is more nearly true of out-
state than of most any other
state. During- the recent finan
cial llnrry , the farmers of our
state escaped without a loss.
With cribs and granaries filled
with grain and farms well stock
ed with horses , cattle.sheep and
hogsthe prosperity of the farm
er is now to be envied more
than ever.
The time has gone by when
tillers of the soil are looked
down upon because ot their oc
cupation. With our improved
markets , our rural telephones ,
and our rural delivery , and our
improved farm machinery , the
rural life has become the life of
leisureindependenceand plenty.
No occupation holds out brigh
ter prospects to the young man
who is willing to labor and
economize than farming. On
the farm he is his own master.
He has the best that the earth
produces. He has his sea-on
for rest. With his finely bred
horses and eleg-ant carriages he
can make h s trip to town and
procure what he needs in his
home and return to a privacy
which no other life affords.
The Daylihgt Store
Every one of the ninety-eight
students dropped from the Leland -
land Stanford university be
cause of poor j-cholarship was a
cigarette smoker. This should
be an object lesson to the boys
who are ambitious to succeed
in life.
With wheat at DOc per bushel
ind corn atISlc , the American
armer is of no mind to indulge
u tallc of a panic. Ue is too
busy gathering in the coin. He
las not forirotten , however , the
l > rophet who said that the price
o ( wheat and silver go up and
down together.
Mr. Hryau made a special trip
without invitation , lie says , to
Louisville , Kentucky , to advise
the legislature of that state to
elect Beckham United States
Senator. He poured oil on the
troubled waters of old Kentucky
in an hours speech behind closed
doors , and still the waters
boil and Beckham is a private
citizen. A little more oil Mr.
Mayor Dahlman of- Omaha ,
disgraced not only his city , but
his state when he appeared in
the Water-way convention at
Sioux City in a drunken and
staggering condition. The idea
of the mayor of thegreat metrop
olis of Nebraska appearing before -
fore anT convention in such a
condition is repulsive to all
right minded people. We pre
dict that we shall hear nothing
more of Mayor Dahlman as a
candidate for governor of the
state of Nebraska.
The sentiment in favor of the
nomination of Mr. Talt forpresi-
dent is showing a steady growth.
No man before the public today ,
with the exception of the presi
dent , has such a splendid record
ot achievements as Mr. Tatt.
lie is a man of clean record.
Not one imputation can be
truthfully made against him.
He is honest , franlc , and out-
spnken. There is no disposition
on his paat to conceal his views
on any great public question.
By nominating him for presi
dent , which all signs now indi
cate will be done , the Republi
can party will retain its strong
hold on the confidence of the
American public.
The indebtedness of New York
City is nearly equal to the en.
tire national debt. It amounts
to several hundred dollars for
each family in the great metrop
olis. This burden must be
borne by the people , either in
the formjof increased taxation ,
or high rent. The tendency to
extravaganc-e is becoming too
common in the expenditure of
public money. With a little
more thought of economy , the
expense of our city , county ,
state , and national government
could be materially reduced and
the burden of taxation greatly
lessened. It is not he who
succeeds in expending the great
est sums of public money who is
the greatest benefactor , but it
is the officer who most judicially
expends it and keeps the ex
penditures within the public
The question of who shall
represent Nebraska , as delegate
at la'rge at the coming republi
can national convention at Chicago
cage , is now being quite gener
ally discussed. Nebraska has
tue distinction ol being one of
the lirst states to take a promi
nent stand for Mr. Taft , Our
influence in the national convention -
vention will depend largely up.
on who represents the state as
delegates. While there has
been several good names sugges
ted , there are none more deserv
ing of that honor than Mr.Allen
W. Field of Lincoln. Nebraska
would be honorably and ably
represented in him as a delegate
at large. Mr. Field is right on
the great national questions.
His sympathies are with the
people. His past record is good.
He is a ready talker and is well
fitted for such a position. Let
the public honors be passed |
A. 0. U. W. Debate.
The A. O. U. W.'s will have a
debate in their lodge room at
Falls City on the evening of
February 13.
The question , Resolved "That
all Kailroads should be owned
and Operated by the United
States Government , " will be dis
cussed by the following gentle
Affirmative Chas. M. Wilson ,
Chas. C. Davis , W. II. Crook.
Negative C. Frank Reavis ,
George Jennings , Dr. Ilahn.
All members are requested to
attend these debates and come
prepared to speak on any question ,
as you may be called upon by the
committee to till vacancies.
I will pay the following
prices for Poultry deliv
ered at my poultry house
February 1 , 3 and 4 , Sat
urday , Monday and Tues
day :
Hens - 8 I-2c
Springs - - ? c
Cox 3c
Dux - - 6 12c
Geese - - 5 i-2c
HaVe a few hundred Ibs
choice chicken body feath
ers for sale.
One block west of court
house , Falls City , Neb.
Phone 290
Bed Spreads
plain and fringed , with and
without cut corners.
Saturday ,
February 15
Idle Money
Money often lies idle awaiting opportunity for invest-
men1 , but these opportunities do not come i-vi-ry day , or
week or even month. In the meantime this , money should
be earningsomething - , and it can , if paced in this banlr.
Will explain it to you on applic ilion.
Capital and Surplus , $70,000.00
An Ad In The Tribune Will Pay
Wish to thank their many friends for the
success of the . \ \ - -
past year. e are planning-
campaign the coming- year that will go ahead
of any undertaking we have yet entered upon.
To commence the year we wish to announce
to all music lovers that we have
The entire catalogue of Sheet Music Published
by the McKinley Music Company--ioc per copy.
Orders filled by mail same day as received
and a complete catalogue sent on request. A
Postal Card will bring it.
If you are a beginner on Organ , Piano ,
Violin , Mandolin , or a graduate , we have the
Music for you. '