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    THE FALLS ClTtf TRIBUNE , FRIDAY , JULY 12 , 1907.
* If you wish to avoid the risks and anoyances of
loaning1 money , and are satisfied with a moderate 4
rate of interest , place your funds in this bank. 4
January 5th , 1903. - - $ 7,403.83
January 4th , 1904 , - - - 10-480.12
January 4th , 1905 , - - 22,542.4' !
January 4th , 1905 , - - - ' 27,044.12
Januarv 4th , 1907 , - 34,322.09
4 ,
.J * * p * * * * < d
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and up-to-date stock of Fine Buggies , Surries and Driv
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Buggies. We can fit you out in Moon Bros. , Henney
and Keys. Don't fail to see our Line , and our Prices
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Remember we carry a big stock of Implements and
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Gasoline Engines We lead them all. See us when in
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And Don t forget us when in need of anything in
the Implement Line.
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Werner , Mosiman & Co.
One 100 piece set Haviland China $25 and a season Chau-
tauqua ticket and a $2.50 Berry Set FREE.
Two 100 piece sets Austrian China $20 each , and a $2.50
Berry Set and season ticket FREE-
One set German China $17.50 and a season ticket and a
$2.25 water set FREE.
S *
& Hall Shoe Room after the 20th.
Correct Spelling.
The importance of correct
spelling is not likely to be over
estimated. How best to teach
-pelling in the public schools
s a question which has been
very much discussed , and about
bich there is a variety of
tpinions. It is taught differ-
itly now from what it was in
the old days , and the question
; whether the rising generation
ran spell better than its an-
cestors. If children could only
be made to appreciate how es-
.sential the ability to spell cor
rectly is , and how much it
would be worth to them in
future life , they would all strive
for excellence in this branch.
It is worth while to stimulate
interest in it wherever possible ,
and no better way is found than
through the old-fashioned spell
ing bee and spelling down in
Return has been made to that
ancient practice in tne public
schools of Cleveland , and the
authorities there are quoted as
saying that the children in the
elementary grades spell six
times better than the } ' did be.
fore. If it has worked as well
as that in Cleveland , it will
work well elsewhere and de
serves to be added to the cur
riculum. The value of the spell
ing bee is simply that it makes
a contest and a competition of
it , in which children are anxious
to excell , and will study more
for that than tor the mere purpose -
pose ot learning their lessons.
Statement from Committee.
Following is statement of the
total amount of money received
for Fourth of July celebration ,
and how expended :
Total amount subscribed
and paid in $286.00
Paid for band 100.00
Paid for balloon 75.00
Paid for printing 36.25
Paid for fireworks 40.80
Paid for purse 100 yd race 10.00
Paid for purse sack race. . 5.00
Paid for potato race 5.00
Paid for greased pig 5.00
Paid for telephone and
telegraph 1.50
Paid for postage 1.25
Paid for posting , bills and
help 6.20
Total 286.00
Piles get quick and certain rellel
from Dr. Snoop's Magic Ointment.
Please note It is made nlono for pile ; ,
and its action is postlvc and certain.
Itching , painful , protruding or blind
piles disappear like magic by its use.
Large nickel-capped glass jars 50 cents.
Sold by ull dealers.
Secret of the Happy Life.
Keep true to your best faith and
dot the days with deeds which love
and kindness prompt. Be just in
your dealings , and keep from stain
of sin in thought nnd word , and
yon shall wear the crown of nn
approving conscience and know
the secret of the hnppy life. I
Mench Chambers.
For Backache ,
Pineules Rheumatisn
neysandBladdei and the Kid-
Something New to Serve at the Next
Luncheon Proper Mixture of In
gredients for the Ap
For tonuvto and iiiucniiplo salnd ,
peel medium sized tomatoes. He-
move a thin slice from top or each
ami take out seeds nnd pulp. Sprinkle
with a llttlo salt anil place lu the
refrigerator for an hour , .hist before
serving 1111 the tomatoes with fresh
pineapple , thoiouRhly chilled , cut In
small pieces or shieddod , and nut
meats , using two thirds pineapple and
one-third nuts. Mix with mayonnaise ?
dressing ; garnish with a llttlo of
the dressing , and halves of nut meats.
Serve on a bed of lottuoo leaves or
Most salads should be dressed just
before serving , whether French dress
ing or mayonnaise is used. Celery or
lettuce wilt if left In oil and vinegar.
Celery should not oven bo washed
long before serving , as It becomes
rusty. Potato salad takes up largo
quantities of oil , and need to bo very
well mixed with whatever dressing
is used.
Salads made of greens should al
ways be served crisp and cold. Can
ned or cold cooked left-over vege
tables are well utilized In salads , but
are best mixed with French dressing ,
and should bo placed In the refrigerator
tor an hour or so before serving.
Meats for salads should be freed from
skin and gristle , cut into small pieces ,
and allowed to stand with French
dressing before combining with veg
A dinner set usually consists of
from 100 to 150 pieces. All large
houses carry a number of stock pat-
teins , so that one may replace at
any time a half-dozen or dozen plates
or cups and saucers. These stock
patterns arc not confined to the
cheaper grades , but many of them are
artistic In design and of the best
quality of domestic and impoited
china. Dluo and white Is particular
ly attractive for breakfast. It Is no
economy to buy a cheap ware , and
the simpler the color and design ,
the better. Gold Is expensive. It Is
well to choose china which has the
name of the maker on the bottom. If
one lives in a large city , where spe
cial sales are held once or twice a
year , great bargains may be picked up.
Shabby Carpets.
To clean and brighten a shabby
carpet , cut an ounce of yellow soap
Into small squares , and make Into a
lather with a pint of boiling water.
Add to this a quart of water and one
ounce of borax. Place the mixture
on the range and bring It to a boll ;
then remove It , and when qulto cold
add an ounce each of alcohol and
ammonia and half an ounce of gly
cerin. Wlpo over a small portion of
the carpet at a time , and rub vigor
ously with a clean flannel ( which
should bo repeatedly turned as It gets
soiled ) dipped In the mixture , until
all the spots arc removed and the
color revived. . When you have fin
ished you will bo delighted to find
how nice your once shabby carpet
Lavender Linen.
Lavender linen when combined
with white linen and lace Is very be
coming to those who can wear this
delicate color. A pretty dress of this
color was made In a jumper suit with
all edges piped with whlto linen. The
front and back part of the waist , in
stead of being closed with straps run
ning from side to sldo , was fastened
together with plain panels , the front
one being joined at the bust line and
buttoned to the jumper straps with
three whlto pearl buttons on each
Bide. The back was of a similar de
sign. This was worn over a whlto
gulmpe , the full , short lace alcoves be
ing capped with whlto piped Chinese
sleoves. The skirt was nine-gored
with no trimming.
Porch Furnishing.
For a cottage on the lake or sea
shore the deep porch may bo made a
picture in deep blues and the brilliant
scarlet of Turkey reds. This scarlet
tone may always ho used effectively
in porch furnishings , especially when
the scarlet and whlto East India cot
tons are in combination. Delft blue
gives a lovely porchroom also ; the
hammock in blue and white cord ;
denim cover In blue worked with
whlto for the table ; blue denim cush
ions for the chairs , as well as piled in
the hammock ; a big wicker armchair
pettlcoated and cushioned In blue and
whlto Japanese cotton crepe , and on
the floor a blue and white "hit or
miss" rug in cotton.
Braiding Thin Goods.
The best way to In aid thin materi
als Is to have the pattern stamped on
heavy paper or cardboard and baste
the material over the stamped pat
tern. Follow the outline of the pat
tern , sewing by hand or with the ma
chine. It takes > omo skill nnd experi
ence , however , o use the machine
for this work. 1 the hi aid is put on
by machlno ti < stitching is done
through the pa r and the paper is
afterward cut av uy from the back.
Save on Sugar Bills.
During the fruit season , when your
sugar bill is lae. . and you feel you
can't afford to make moro Jolly or
jam because of the sugar needed , try
cooking down the fruit juice. Healing
it up well , and putting away until win
ter. Then make your jell > or Jam
as needed.
We are Headquarters for the Full and Complete line of fe
St. Joseph Implements
This line needs no introduction in this community as these goods are
conceded the best on the market. When in need of a Lister , Cultiva
tor , Harrow or anything in the line of Implements , call on us and get
prices before buying. We also carry a fine line of Wagons , Carriages
and Buggies.
In addition , we carry a full line of Flour and Feed from the following
mills : Preston , Falls City and White Cloud. When in town call on us
and look over our stock whether you want to buy or not , we will treat
you right.
Social Intercourse as an Educator.
it is astonishing how much
you can learn from people in
social intercourse when you
know how to look at them
rightly. But it is a fact that
you can only get a great deal
out ol them by giving them a
great deal of yourself. The
more you radiate yourself , the
more magnanimous you are , tne
more generous ot yourself , the
the more you lling yourself out
to them without reserve , the
more you will get back.
You must give much in order
to get much. The current will
not set toward you until it goes
out from you. About all you
get from others is a rellex of
tne currents from yourself.
The more generously you give ,
the more you get in return.
You will not receive if you give
out stingily , narrowly , meanly.
You must give of yonrselt in a
whole-hearted , generous way ,
or you will receive only stingy
rivulets , when you might have
had great dyers and torrents of
blessings , v
A man who might have been
symmetrical , well-rounded , had
he availed himself of every op
portunity of touching life along
all sides , remains a pygmy in
everything except his own little
specialty , because he did not
cultivate his social side.
It is always a mistake to miss
an opportunity of meeting with
our kind , and especially of mix
ing with those about us , he
cause we can always carry away
something of value. It is
through social intercourse that
our rough corners are rubbed
off , that we become polished and
It is possible to get a benefit
out of social life which cannot
be gotten elsewhere. If you go
into it with a determination to
give it something , to make it
a school for self-improvement ,
for calling out your best social
qualities , for developing the
latent brain cells , which have
remained dormant for the lack
of exercise , you will not find
society either a bore or unprofit
able. But you must give it
something , or you will not get
When you learn to look upon
every one you meet as holding
a treasure , something which
will enrich your own life , which
will enlarge and broaden your
own experience , and make you
more of a man. you will not
think the time in the drawing-
room wasted.
The man who is determind tc
get on will look upon every ex.
perience as an educator , as a
culture chisel , winch will make
his liie a little more shapely
and attractive. Success.
Ed Morgan of Falls City ,
Nebr. , who passes through the
St. Joseph yards in coming tc
the Kansas City market had in
today a car load of 1,199 pound
steers of his own feeders thai
brought $6.05.
Why do you go ?
The Rev , Dr. Cobb , pastor of
St. Ethelburger's c h u r c h ,
Bishopsgate , England , is re
sponsible for a discussion now
making the rounds of the news
papers. Dr. Cobb inquired , in
a London cable dispatch , into
the reasons responsible for
church going , saying that most
of his parishoners went to
church on Sunday because of
habit , others through fear of
public opiuion , some to show
their cloths , hut none seemed
to go to hear the sermon.
_ A number of Chicago preach
ers have been getting reasons
from the members of their con
gregation for church going ,
and the Chicago Tribune gives
a concrete reply from the Rev.
R. Keene , pastor ot the Garfield -
field Boulevard Presbyterian
church , in Chicago , who has
been conducting an investiga
tion. Dr. Kcene says that out
of 100 men questioned fifteen
said that they attend church in
order to hear the music. Fif
teen because they wanted to set
a good examgle to their child
ren. Fifteen through force of
habit. Fifteen because they
wanted to please their wives.
Fifteen because it helped their
business. Ten because they
had promised dying parents to
do so. Ten because they were
not sure as to the future and
did not want to run any risk of
going to hell , although they
did not believe in such a place.
Five because they believed in
the teachings of the bible and
enjoyed the sermons.
Dead in a Nebraska Storm.
Plnttsmouth , Neb. , July 7. A
severe wind , rain and Imil storm
struck Plattemouth last night nnd
resulted in at least one death nnd
much loss of property. The rain
fall amounted to n cloudburst. It
caved in foundations nnd cnrried
nwny suinll buildings ami board
sidewalks. Several Italians camp
ing on the banks of the Missouri
river were surrounded by water
nnd were reported drowned , but
later nssurances were given that
they had been rescued except one
hey , whose name is unknown.
Long Pine , Neb. , .Inly 7. Lotm
Pinu was visited by a heavy wind
last night nnd much damage done.
With few exceptions all the fronts
of store building were blown in.
The Methodist church was tie-
molished nnd the roof of the round
house wna blown off. Three per
sons were injured , but in only cue
case are the injuries severe. Those
Wright was standing in n meat
market when the front was blown
in and Mr. Wrtght was cut badly
by the glass.
Polk , Neb. , July 7 , This little
town , founded only last Septem
ber , was badly wrecked by n wind
and hail storm which cleuended
shortly after midnight this morn ,
rng. The best business buildings
in the town were demolished or
damaged , and crops over a considerable -
siderable distance ruined.
TUc Unwritten Law.
From the Now York World.
Southern newspaper comment
upon the Loving trial shows that
in no part of the country does
public opinion fail to appreciate
the menace of the "unwritten
law" to the hard-won fruits of
law and order in civilisation.
The Columbia State says that
the unwritten law is a , "terrible
strain upon civilisation" and that
"where the courts practically
give warrant to procedure that
* * * makes it easy fora weaker
or vicious woman to have one
man sacrificed to save another ,
then it becomes a monstrous
evil. " In '
Judge Loving's own
state , the Richmond News-Leader
sayu that "life in unsafe , the
law against murder is almost nul
lified and the state is in the ig-
nominous position of being un
able to protect her own citizens.1
These are considerations not
for a section but for a nation.
New York may not plume her
self over Virginia so long as
Harry Thaw's case remaines undecided
The trouble with the unwritten
law is that it is unwritten. It
proves too much. There arc no
limits set to its vagaries. In the
Loving case it justified a father
in shooting a man who gave a
drink of whiskey to his daughter ,
the jury having assured Judge
Loving that no assault was com
mitted. In the Thaw case un
written law is cited to justify
Thaw in shooting the alleged se
ducer of his wife , who had also
been his mistress , although the
offence was committed years be
fore the marriage and was known
to Thaw at that time , In the
Strothers case it sets free a man
who killed his sister's husband
for the suspected intention to de
sert her after marriage. In the
Birdsong case it is invoked to
free a woman who shot a man
because she desired to have him
shot a demand so monstrous
that 200 southern women of the
vicinity conquered their repug
nance to such publicity to ask
that he be not released.
The southern newspapers which
the World has quoted are right.
There is no law but the written
law. The unwritten law is an
The bites and stints of insects , tan ,
sunburn , cuts , burns and bruises are
relieved at onee with Plnesalvo Gar-
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Sold by A. G. Wanner.
Evangelical Lutheran Churca.
Services at 2:30 : p. mon alter
nate Sundays.
R v. O. II.
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eour btoraach , Indigestion or Dyspep
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