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Entered as second-class matter a
Falls Clly , Nebraska , post onicc , Jann
u y 12,1904 , under tile Act of Congrca
of March 3 , 1879.
Published every I-Viday at Kails City
Nebraska , by
The Tribune ruMlshinjf Company
E. F. Snarls , Manager
One year $1.0
Six months ( V
Three months .3 ,
Weeds ! Weeds ! !
It is now only a few clays unti
our chautauqua begins and ai
this is an enterprise that even
citizen should be proud of , it ii
our duty to put forth every efforl
within our power to make thii
occasion one of the most import
ant events ever held in our city
This can be done by making i
pleasant for our visitors durinf
their stay with us , and in ordei
that they may get a good impres
sion of our city and be in a posi
tiou to talk it up to their neigh
bors on returning home , wi
should have our streets and lawn ;
looking their best on this occa
sion. Tins can only be done bj
a united effort of all the people
Now lets get busy and cut tin
weeds and clean up around am
about our homes and I assun
you it will be greatly appreciate !
by this administration.
G. M. BAKKHTT , Mayor.
If you want to take a vacatioi
that sure enough vacates go ti
Sycamore Springs and drinl
plenty of the water.
The Hiawatha World urges
its subscribers to be neighborlj
and attend our chautauqua
This is the right spirit.
Every man must settle tin
bond question on his own re
sponsibility , but to settle i
right means a great deal to tliii
* _ =
Have you ordered your ten
for chautauqua ? A weeks out
ing will do you a world ofgood.
Live in the open air twent ]
four hours a day for a week an (
see what it does ior you.
Before another issue of tin
paper the fate of the bonds wil
be known. If you desire you
town to progress vote for iti
progress. To defeat thes
bonds is to seal the fate of Fall
After wo vote the lionds lo
park and make it the beautih :
place it is destined to be , wh
not name it Valleyview Park
The stretch of green valley froi
the summit of the park hill i
one of the prettiest bits c
scenery in the coun ry.
The Tribune management i
seriously considering increas
ing its subscription price to
dollar and a half a year. Ever
thing we buy from white , papc
to labor has increased froi
tifty to one hundred per cen
and we are almost forced to it
i crease the subscription prici
This announcement is not oflich
but do not be surprised if in tli
near future we raise the "ante.
Falls Oity seems to be in fc
another town row. The deba
able question is "whos
administration is the better ,
A writer in last week's Neu
suggests the appointment of
committee to settle it. Why n <
ha\fe a special election to sett
such an important controversy
It isn't a question as to ho
you voted on the bond questic
last year how are you going
vote now ?
The water and light bon <
mean labor for every Falls Ct
workingman. It meaus fi :
protection and sutliciei
lights. It means encourag
inent to the men who are wor
ing for the city's improvemen
It means a city united in
desire for better things.r.
defeat them means a gener
abandonment of effort ai
many discouraged citizens as
ing the question,1'oh , whal
the use , "
The Farmer and Feeder !
Frequently finds it both profitable and necessary to
secure accommodations from the bank , This Bank is
prepared to grant its customers every accommodation
in keeping1 with good banking. Open an account with
us NOW and when you wish the accommodation don't
hesitate to ask for it.
Capital and Surplus $65,000.00.
I licrcby announce myself a * a ca ml Male to
the nomination for county ntscssor of till
county , subject to the action of tlia
Primary. II. A. 1'KNCn.
The last two administrations
have called the deplorable con
dition of our water plant to the
attention of the public. Mr ,
Leyda in public print and fron ;
the rostrum was the first to
urge action. What he ther
stated would not be strong
enough to describe the present
condition of the plant. Mayoi
Barrett has been and is doing
all in his power to bring UK
true situation to the attention
of the public. The duty of the
voters is clear. Do your duty
1873 1907.
Mrs. F. E. Duncan died at
her home in Barada July 9tl
1907 aged 84 years 1 month anc
20 days. She was born in Hol !
county Mo. May 19th 1873 nnc
has lived at Barada severa
years. She leaves of her im
mediate family her husband ant
six children , and many other re
latives to whom many friends
extend sympathy through th <
Tribune. The funeral was licit
in Rule July 10th nnd she was
laid at rest in the Rule cemetery
Revivals Closed.
The Oliver meetings at tin
tabernacle closed Monday nigh
after a three weeks session.
The meetings have been ver
successful and those having tin
work in charge feel highl ]
gratified at the results. Then
has been fully three hundra
converts and we feel safe ii
saying that is alow estimate.
Rev. Olliver and his wif <
have gone to Colorado ior i
vacation and will return t
Nebraska City later where Rev
Oliver will conduct the chau
The other visitors who wer
assisting during the meeting
have returned to their home
for the summer.
Chautauqua Notice.
There will be no charge at th
gate for the admission of team
and the chautaiujua associatio
is putting up'a generous lot c
hitching posts for the accommc
dation of those who may desir
to use them. A mistake wa
made in the chautauqua program
in quoting the rate for childrc
from 7 to 13 years ; the seaso
ticket is only $1 instead of § 1.2 :
" "SoficT
Next Sunday , July 14th , at tli
M. E. church. Special da ]
Baptismal service at 10:45 : a. n
A welcome to those who desit
to enter the church , also an
person who may desire to giv
his heart to God should do so ne :
Sunday. At 7:30 p. m. the sul
ject of the sermon will be "Hel
its nature and duration. "
All are invited to attend thes
services. W. T. GUNK.
One of several this week.
"When the butcher's boy of tl :
City Meat Market was greasin
his wagon Monday morning 1 :
took the cupling pin out of tl
doubletrees and a movement (
the team let the doubletree
down on their heels and awa
they went. They tore down tl
t alley between Stone and Harli
streets to the Catholic Churc
where they turned east at
north for three blocks wlu
they turned west and in the sic
street west of John Martin
they ran into a post and bol
horses were thrown. Bol
horses were pretty badly brus <
up but no serious damage dot
and it is thought they will 1
alright in a few days. Tl
harness was torn to pieces.
Chester Stump and family spent th
first of the week In Falls City.
Edith Peck was a guest of Mrs. P. S
Llcbty Monday afternoon ,
Henry Uaesch and family spent Sur
day with Herman Schriober and wife
Albert Faller and wife entertaine
a great many of their relatlvesSunday
Mrs. O. A. Burk spent a portion c
las week In Falls City , the guest of he
daughter , Mrs. Fred Chcsley.
The farmers are very busy In thl
locality as the wheat , bay making an
and corn plowing all come at one time
Mrs. Meyer * of Pennsylvania sper
Sunday at E. Pock's.
Mrs. Clay Peck spent Friday of las
week with her sister , Mrs , E T. Pect
Mrs. Noah Peck and daughters wor
guest of Mrs. F. S. Llchty Tuesday.
\Vm. Hutchlnson Is visiting with h !
grandmother In Falls City.
Geo. Prltchurd and family spent sut
day In Falls City the euests of frlendi
Blanche Lewis of Western Nebr. , !
visiting her grandmother Mrs. Cully.
Mrs. H. A. Burk spent Tuesday wit
the family of O. A. Burk.
Emma Blase was a guest of Katl
Wolck Sunday night.
John Hutchison was a guest of Gu ;
Stump Saturday night.
George Johnston and family spot
Sunday with Phlneas Fisher an
family ,
II. A. Burk was in Rule Tuesday.
S. H. KnUely and wife visited at Ep
Peck's Sunday.
Grandpa and grandma Dowty too
dinner with their son Alllo Sunday.
John Llchty and son. F. S. , shlppc
two car loads of cattle to Kansas Cit
Monday from which they realized
good price.
Vera ShatTer returned homo fro
Nebraska Citv Monday.
P. E. Snuffer and wife and Earl Shafer
for and wife were Uu'.o visitors , Tue
The Park Co. purchased tl :
lumber in the tabernacle used fc
the Oliver meetings , and are no
building a permanent pavilion c
the park grounds. The buildin
will be 'JO feet by 120 feet with
first class rubberoid roof and sul
stantial in every partscular. Tli
lloor will have a pitch of two at :
one-half feet from the entrant
to the platform. The side wal
are to be a continuous lot <
doors , hinged above , 6 feet hig
and can be raised so as to for
an awning on the sides tht
providing splendid ventilatic
and in case of a storm may 1
closed and make the pavillic
storm proof. The comfortab
canvas folding benches us3d du
ing the Oliver meetings are no
used instead of the usual roug
' 'backless' * seats.
A pair of traveling bicyc
riders made their appearance <
the streets Wednesday and pr
ceeded to give exhibitions but tl
rain stopped them and on Tluu
day they were out in lull fore
They were not particularly cley
though they managed to get
good sized crowd , The financi
receipts were not the best aft
two collections were taken
they hit the high places for
town where the people are mo
easily worked.
Misses Grace Martin and Ha2
Dunn came down from Barada <
Wednesday to take the train f
Forest City , Mo. , where they w
visit friends a week.
Misses Lela Meyers and Bess
Erwin of Merrill , Kans. , are t
guests of Mrs. Homer Jinki
this week.
Society News.
The tea given by St. Martha'
Guild at the home of Georgi
Cleveland on Wednesday evetiini
was greatly interferred with b ;
the hard rain that came up lat
in the afternoon. However , some
thing over eight dollars wa
realized which was not so bai
considering the weather.
The members of the L. B. T
club gave a picnic for their fam
ilies in the Holland park th
Fourth and a jolly good tim
was the result. An elegant din
ner and supper such as thesi
ladies have the reputation of pre
paring , was seryed , consisting o
all the delicacies possible for <
picnic dinner. All kinds of game
were indulged in and in the eve
ning there was a large display o
fireworks. The day was en
joved by all present.
Among those camping at tin
lissouri lakes this week are : Mrs
Wilson Korner , Mr. and Mrs. Hai
y Morrow and Mr. and Mrs. Wil
Uhlig and children. After ;
short visit at Mound City , MI
and Mrs , Marrow will returi
to their home in Hutchison. Kans
The Married Ladies Kensingto ;
gave a picnic supper to their fami
ies at the home of Mr. and Mrs
? red Keller the evening of th
fourth. All assembled witi
Baskets filled with all the tempt
ng things that make a picni
( upper most inviting and th
able was laid out in the larg
ihad } ' yard. The excellent suppe
was done full justice by thos
present and after a general socia
good time the company adjourne
o attend the band concert an
ire works. All those present re
port a royal good time.
Mrs. B. I. Reavis entertaine
the Married Ladies Kensingto
and a few friends for her sistei
Miss Stites who is visiting hei
The afternoon was spent wit
needle work and social conversz
ion. During the afternoon MH
Reavis served excellent refresl
nents. The afternoon was mad
most enjoyable for all the guest !
Mr. and Mrs. George Jenning
entertained a few friends at dii
ner on Monday evening for Mr !
eorge Crum and daughter , Mi *
Floss. The evening was sper
in playing whist and all tli
guests enjoyed themselves.
Mrs. Frank Landis entertaine
a number of young people on la ;
Wednesday evening with whis
in honor of her sister , Miss Ra
Miller of Nebraska City. Cues :
for four tables were present an
the evening proved a jolly ont
After excellent refreshment
were seryed by Mrs. Landis sou
of the young people had the
fortunes told , greatly to tl :
amusement of all. It was wit
general regret that the gues
departed and each wishes for a
early return to this city <
Miss Miller.
A Double Smash up.
While Willis Yoder was ui
hitching his team Monday or
of the young horses becatr
frightened and started to rui
Its course took it past Wn
Ruegge's implement store whei
Jim DeWald was loading pump
to start for Barada. When tl
Yoder horse passed Dewald
team started and on reachiu
Stone street ran south to U
Christian church where the
turned and were frightened in1
the hitching rack just befoi
they reached an old gentlema
who was watering his horse ;
th e city trough and could n <
possibly have gotten out <
their way. The wagon w ;
torn from the running gears i
the collission with the rack an
the streets were pretty we
littered with pump fixture
The horses got off withnothic
more than a bad scare.
The Yoder horse was steppe
on Stone street near tl
Nation Hotel.
Mrs. Rose Schlearch can
home Saturday from Burcha
where she went to visit frieni
over the Fourth ,
Will H. Wylie made his custo
mary visit here Monday.
A. M. Smith of Nebraska Citj
was here on business Friday.
S. Zimmerman and wife cam *
over from Sabctha to celebrati
Ray Catlet and wife of Pawnei
City were here to celebrate tin
F. W. Blumer did a whole lo
of cheering for Humboldt hen
the Fourth.
Mrs. R. A. Munson of Oneida
Kans. , is visiting her daughter
Mrs. Elliott.
Rudolph Voegle returned Tues
day from a six weeks visit witl
liis sister in Homestead Okl.
John Lacher has returned fron
Nebraska City and resumed hii
work with Putnam & Son here.
The Misses Beach of Lincoli
are the guests of Mrs. Sidne :
Spence at the National this week
Mrs. George Crocker and littli
daughter of Pawnee Cit } * weri
the guests of Mrs. W. S. Fas
Harry Hughes was up fron
Padonia to spend the Fourtl
with the family of his uncle , Gee
Miss Edna Brown is at home
having finished the course in tin
normal at Peru. She returnei
last Weenesday.
Chas. Humphrey and wife o
Verdon visited Mrs. Humphrey'
parents , George Abbott and wif
over the Fourth.
Mrs. Carl Reuthenger of Par
sons , Kans. . and Mrs E. B. Elli
of Waurika , Ok , , are the guest
of their sister , Mrs. T. C. Bur
Stanley Russell and wife o
Hurnar , la. , who have been vis
iting Mrs. Russell's sister , Mrs
Elliott , returned to their horn
Mrs. Chas. Kobbins of Geneva
111. , who has been yisiting he
parents , Mr. and Mrs. Georg
Abbott returned ta her home 01
The glorious rained that coolei
the air Wednesday evening was
little tough on the tartners wit
cut grain and hay that was no
Miss Mae Gagnon is assisting
her father in the county judge' '
office during.the absence of Mis
Knickerbocker who is visiting i
Seattle , Wash.
James Jaquet came home fron
Peru Wednesday to celebratf
He returned on Monday havini
yet two weeks of the stnnme
school to finish.
Miss Oddie Lapp entertained
houseparty over the Fourth iti
eluding Misses Ella Meyer , Cai
rie Steele and Pauline Gebhai
of Hiawatha , Kans.
Mrs.GeorgeLippold and daugl
ter , Beatrice , left for Buffalo , >
Y.Saturday. After a visit ther
and in Chicago they will go t
their new home in Portland , On
Injured in Runaway.
Ed Voegle , a young man nea
Fargo , was driving a team c
colts on the Fourth and not fa
from his home they becam
frightened and ran away. The
ran into a mail box post in sue !
a way as to throw the youn
man against it tearing his kne
cap entirely loose. About tw
years ago he had all th
muscles and flesh of the sain
leg shot away and was bedfas
for almost a year and a half. 1
has only been the last fei
months that he has been able t
get around much and the ace
dent of the Fourth will crippl
him indefinitely if not perms
_ _
Those having bottles belong
ing to the Gehling Brewing C <
will please return same atonct
Mrs. AI Speer has been on the
sick list this week.
Uncle Joe Gla.sser of Humboldt
was in town Tuesday.
J. R. Cain , jr.i came down /
from Stella to spend the Fourth.
Miss Nan Ilutchi-u's returned
Saturday from Omaha where she
had been visiting a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Reavis and
their sister , Miss Stites returned
Tuesday from Excelsior Springs.
D. W. Reid went to bionx City
Friday to resume his newspaper
work after two weeks vacation at
Will Crook and daughter , Miss
Edna , returned this week from
their trip to Oklahoma and
Mr. and Mrs. Will Uhlig and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morrow
spent the. Fourth fishing at the
Muddy mill.
Mrs. Williams of Hebron , with
her children , is visiting at the
home of her parents , J. A. Me-
Cormick and wife. , ,
, . f
ii i - - -
Misses Gertrude and Grace
Lyford and Messrs. Fred Graham
and Lloyd Shaffer spent the
Fourth at the Missouri Lakes.
Jim Jellison came home frotu
Chester , where he has work with
Simon Davies , to spend the
Fourth. He returned Friday.
Mrs. P. S. Heacock returned
last Saturday from a visit to her
uncle in Minnesota and her
daughter , Mrs. Gould in Omaha.
Miss Fay Hughes of Perry ,
Oklahoma , who had spent some
time in this city as a guest of
friends returned home Friday '
The household goods ot Oscar
Maddox were shipped this week
to Missoula. Mont , , and Mrs.
Maddox and children will leave
for the new home in about a week.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson
of Cleveland and Mrs. Edwin
Bootn of Albequerque , N. M. , re
turned to the home of Chas. Wilson - _ _
son Sunday after a short visit
with relatives in Tecumseh.
The work of tearing down the
tabernacle began in earnest on
Tuesday morning and by night
all the lumber had been moved
to the park where the work on
the auditorium will be rushed.
Ralph Jenne has not yet been
fortunate enough to find his fra-
'ernity pin which he lost about
, vo weeks ago. It is very unfor
tunate for aside from being valu
able , it has associations which
made it doubly prized.
Mrs. Sherdeman of Lincoln ,
who has been so ill at the home
of her mother , Mrs. Jellison , is
improving and it is believed she
will be able to be taken to Syca
more Springs this week where she
hopes to regain her health.
Poultry Wanted !
fe % 3
W. E. Kenney will re
ceive Poultry near the old
Armour Poultry House ,
Falls City , Neb. , each
Tuesday , , until 2 p. m.
Our prices for next Tues
day , July i6th , are as fol
lows , craws to be empty :
Hens per pound - 9 l-2c
Spring Chickens - 130
AH Roosters - 5c
Do not forget the date ,
each Tuesday until 2 p. m.
one day only.