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At the time of writing this
there seems little need to speak
of uootl roads. The absence of
rain has left our highways in ex
cellent condition , but there is an
old saying that in time of peace
prepare for war. If there is any
thing in which Richardson
County is behind the times it is
in road making. Up in Iowa
there is a county that lias the
best roads in the state. Their
method is unique but it produces
{ § - the reuults never tile less- Each
precinct divides itself into four
t U parts and cacli part selects a man
to drag the roads with the King
I drag. For this service fifty
cents a mile for each dragging
; is paid. The first year the roads
were dragged twelve times.
The second year it was necessary
to drag them nine times and last
year but five times. The roads
have been put in such excellent
condition that a very little labor
is necessary to keep them good.
This county has the reputation
of having the best roads in the
state of Iowa. The farmers can
and do haul bigger loads , the
cost of overland transportation is
greatly reduced and the comforts
of traveling so greatly enhanced
that no resident would go back-
to tltc old condition for many
times the sum invested.
* *
* . We really believe that better
I days are in store for Kails City.
The contentions and animosities
heretofore existing seem to be
growing less acute and a general
= disposition to get together is
1 manifesting itself. The busi
| ness interest are reporting excellent -
| lent trade notwithstanding the
4 backwarness of the Spring.
' The committee soliciting for
the commercial club stock have
met with generous and cheerful
receptions from practically all of
our people. There seems a dis
position to make things better
and the presence of such dis
position is the most encouraging
sign of recent years. This town
is just as good as the peojili
make it. Its surroundings a tic
opportunities are all that wi
could desire and if it dosn't pro
grcss the fault lies entirely witl
its people. The local man-
ufacturics are doing well and an
receiving the earnest and active
co-operation of all of our citix.ens
with one rare exception. The
one way to help in such a tnoyc'
ment is to make it porular to bt
a booster and unpopular to be ;
knocker. All people like the ap
probation of their neighbors am' '
if the sentiment favorable to acfc
looking to the city's advance
ment become general it will fol
low as a matter of course tha
the boosters band wagon will b <
pretty well filled.
With the greatest business in
stitutions in the world makiiu
their first and largest cxpensi
appropriations for advertising
purposes ; with the object lessoi
given by the business of our loca
firms that advertise as comparci
with the business of those firm
who do not advertise , we some
times wonder why men of busi
ness sagacity cherish the belie
that printers ink is an cxpens
rather than an investment. 1
newspaper receives so many re
ports from its advertising patron
concerning the returns froi
judicious advertising that w
probably understand and apprt
ciate the true value of it moi
than others less fauuliaY wit
the subject. As a local instanc
we would cite the fact that la ;
week the firm of Reavis & Abbe
announced through the columi
of this paper that it had pu
chased every phonograph recoi
in the Edison catalogue and ca
ried the entire list of sever
thousand in stock. The papi
containing this announcemei
reached its readers on Frida
On Saturday , the day followin
the music room of this firm w ;
filled with customers from ear
morning until late at night at
one man was kept busy the c
lire da } ' waiting upon the wan
vi people who had read the a
nouncchicnt. Nine out of every
ten of the farmers who make
thrir purchases in Falls City read
the Tribune. If you have some
thing for sale that they want you
can tell them about it through
the columns of this paper at a
very nomial expense. It is
purely a business proposition.
That it is a good proposition is
attested by every sucessful firm
in America.
Commencement Exercises.
On Thursday evening , May
25th , the twenty-fifth annual
commencement of the Falls Oily
high school was held at the
Gehling Theatre. The class of
twenty-two is the largest ever
graduated from the schools of
our city and it would be hard ,
indeed , to find a nicer looking
class of young people. That
they looked their best on this
occasion goes without saying
The stage had been tastefully
decorated with the class colors ,
red and white , cut Mowers and
potted plants and everything
tended to make the scence attractive -
tractive and pleasing , The
music was furnished by the high
school band and chorus , with a
few selections by members of
the class ,
After the opening music and
invocation by Rev. 10. II. Jack
son , "friendship" was sung by
a double quartette composed of
members of the class.
Owing to the sine of the class
the themes which were written
and handed in were not read
during at the commencement
exercises , only the salutatory ,
class prophecy and valedictory
being given.
Miss Minnie Macomber deliv
ered the. salutatory in a very
pleasing manner ; she is a very
bright young lady and received
the merited approval of the au
Sterling Falloon has prophe-
cied wonderful things for his
classmates and should each ful
fill his prophecy we will learn
of startling developments and
universal success in not a few
years to come. His prophccj
was witty and original and a
source of amusement and pleasure -
ure to all.
The valedictor } ' by Miss Lucj
Lemon , was delivered in very
commendable style ; she showed
thought and application in hei
address and express the senti
ment of the entire class in hei
remarks on the pleasures o :
their school day and the regrcl
that , as a class , they were ended
The piano duet , by Grace am
13d i th DcMers was executed it
splendid style and fully appre
ciated by the audience.
' Mr. Edwin Maxey of the Uui
versity Law School delivcrec
the address of the evening. 111 !
subject "Place ol Am eric :
Among the Nations" showet
what America had and coulc
do and tended to raise the ambi
tions and aspiration of gradu
ales and all ambitious person ;
to higher ideals. Mr. Maxey i
a very able speaking and hi :
address should profound though
and research.
The diplomas were presente (
with a few well chosen remark
by Rev. R. R. Teeter.
The exqrcises closed with
class song composed by Misse
Inez Wachlel 'and Minnie Mr
comber which was heartily aj
The graduates have the sii
cere congralulaliens and be *
wishes of a hosl of friends an
great credit is due Supt. Tobi
t and his splendid corps of teacl
ers for the efficient work dom
The class roll is as follows :
r.ilitlt Catherine DeMvri. I.illic I.cota Stumi
( ' .race DoMcrs Inez Atlclta Waclit
Jc&bloriittc ) Dorothea White
Hutli I'liironco Ik'acock Kamuiia Wiloox.
1 Lucy 1'ajo Iemmoii Harry N. Cain
_ C.ertnuUMarian I < yford Sterlnie A. 1'alUHii
Oracu ( icraldlno Lyfonl Itayartl T.C.rcomvn
t Mliinlo MacotuU-r James K.
Anna May Mason John K. Mason
Dorothy Morclu-ail Harry J. Plttock
, i Harriet llertlia Plumb Lculs V. KixluwaUl
Hurried nicitls , lack o ( exercise n
the main causes of dyspepsia. , A Rin
Dyspepsia Tablet after each inealal
s digestion , improves the appetite. So
by A. G .Wanner.
A Washer thai will Wash
Quickly , thoroughly
and without tiring
the operator or
wearing the clothes.
The following wash
ers are displayed on i
our floors : The 1900 0
Washer , Acme ,
White Lily , White
Rose , Diamond and
American , all of
which will give per
fect satisfaction.
Call and examine and see for yourself.
Anniversary of Business Life.
Last Monday marked the 2 th
anniversarv of the business life
of D. W. Sowlcs in Falls City.
Kor twenty seven consecutive
years he has been in the con
fectioners business , starting with
a little store of modsst proportions
tions and adding something year
by year , until his business has
reached its present large pro
lie has one of the most attrac
tive confictionaries and ice cream
parlors in this section of the
country. His candies are man
ufactured in his own establish
ment and at all times several
kind of ices and ice cream are on
hand , or other delicacies accord
ing to the season.
At one time the firm was
known by the name of Sowles &
Mauler , LC. . Mauger the gro
cer beinjr the partner. But for
several years Mr. Sowles has
been sole proprietor.
His business record in Palls
City regarding the number of
years is probably exceeded by
only one man , II. C. Smith ) who
during the 3'ears of business here
has never made a change of
firm , always having conducted
his business on his own behalf.
There lire tunny kidney remedies but
low that accomplish the result.
"I'lnunles" lh u Uidnov remedy that
contains no alcohol or opiates of any
kind complies with the National Pure
food and drug law guaranteed to give
Mitisfuctlon. Thirty day treatment for
$1.00. Inquire about "Plnculns" at A.
CS. VVaniu'p' * drug storo.
Several years ago this section de
veloped a boom in coal , and lead
prospects , now the interest
centers in two oil prospects. One
on the land of John Wagner twc
miles south of town at the junc
tion of the Ncniaha river am :
Pony creek , where coal and shale
outcrop. Here it is claimed thai
very encouraging evidence of oi
appears. Jackson , whose groc
cry store is near the Burlingtoi
depot , has claimed for more that
a vear that his well produced oi
that will burn. His well is adja
cent to his store. At first hi
was inclined to believe that sonu
one had salted his well but afte :
i - he had made unsuccessful effort
31 to remove the oil when it firs
( appeared and at numerous time !
since , he was convinced that i
i was no ordinary joke that hai
been played on him by his friends
t The water and oil combinatio
1 when turned into the gutter an
e'allowed ' to How down the stree
contained a sufficient film ot o
i , to burn. Mr. Jackson has seale
up his well and at present is saj
ing nothing but is increasing hi
' holdings in that locality. Stat
Peerless Stock Powder Go's An
kl nual Meeting.
At the annual meeting of Tli
Peerless Stock Powder Co.
held in this city last Monda
0 night , the following officers wer
's elected for the ensuing yeai
18 Jacob Marmet , president ; P. I
(1 ( Martin , secretary ; and E. C
Lewis , treasurer and managei
Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Services at 2:30 : p. inon alter
nate Sundays.
St. T homas Episcopal Church
Services :
Holy Bucharest , 7:30 : a m ,
Morning prayer and sermon ,
10:45 : a in.
Evening service and sermon ,
7:45 : p in.
Sunday school , 9:45 : a m.
Evensong , Fridays , 7:45 : p m.
Choir rehearsal every Friday
night after the service.
Rev. Geo. Neide. Rector at St.
Thomas Episcopal church.
Christian Church.
Services next Sunday as fol-
ows :
45 a. m. Bible School.
1:00 : a. in. Preaching
:00 : p. m. Y. P. S. C E. Meeting.
:00 : p.m. Preaching.
Bro. T. J. Oliver will preach
t both morning and evening
You are invited to attend.
Somewhere !
Special to
tiliforma :
Low rate Summer tours to
San Francisco and Los Angeles
abotie half rates until Mag 18th ,
also June 8th to 15th ; June 22m
to July 5th. Slightly higher
daily commencing June 1st ; sinal
extra cost via Portland and Seattle
Dig Horn
Basin :
We run personally conductet
homeseekers' excursions May 7tl
and 21st , June 4th and 28th , uride :
guidonce of D. Clem Deaver , Gen
eral Agent Landseekers' Informa
tion Bureau , to assist settlers to
secure an early hold at cheapes
rates of magnificent irrigatec
lands in the Big Horn Basin
write about these lands. Rounc
trip $20100-
Cheap Rates
To Jamestown Exposition dailj
low rates : via New York slightlj
higher. During the Summer lo\
excursion rates to Atlantic City
Saratoga Springs , Philadelphia
also to the Seashore and Moun
tain resorts.
RocHv Mountain
Tours :
To Colorado. Utah , Black Hills
Cody , Sheridan , Yellowstone
Park. Daily low rate tours after
June 1st.
Local Ticket Agent.
L. W. WAKELEY , G. P. H. ,
Omaha , Neb.
The Falls City Roller Mills
. Does a general milling- business , and manufactures the
following brands of flonr r
The above brands arc gmirantccd to be of tile higlics * os-
siblc quality. We also manufacture all mill products und
conduct a general
Grain , Live Stock and Coal Business
ami solicit a share of your patronage
P. S. Heacock & Son , Falls City , Neb.
The Great Paper of the Great West
The Kansas Citv Star
Everywhere recognized ns the strongest nnel most re * lle
newspaper iu the most prosperous region of the United States.
Wherein It Leads.
ItS Unexcelled NeWS Service mbrace9 the continuous report
of the Associated Press , with dispatches every hour : the general and
special service of the New York Herald ; the Hearst transcontinental
leased wiru service and special correspondence from THIS STAR'S own
representatives In Washington , D. C ; .IelTerson City , Mo ; Topekti , Ks. ,
and Guthrle , Ok. , in addition to the largo grist of news that cornea
daily from several hundred other alert representative- ' .
Its Marvel Reports and Comments have an authoritative
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ItS Special Features include The Chaperon's column. In which
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affairs , a department for inquirers on other subjects and a wide range
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teresting people and events these in addition to a vigorous editorial
page , absolutely Independent politically , and a Sunday Issue that i
full of live special matter and h .iman interest.
13 Papers Each week for 10 cents
The Kansas City Star was the first and is still the only
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SAS CITY TIMES , to its subscribers without increase in the
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For Backache ,
and the Kid-
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X 2
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; , ; tion. j {
; | : Nicholas Meat Market ]
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Pain In the liead pain anywhere , has IU causa ,
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Office over Kerr's Pharmacy
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Office 'Phone House 'Phone
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1 C. H. flARION r
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| ; scientific and businesslike -
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* : Falls City , Nebraska
Relief I
During that trying period in
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Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills.
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