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    ItUlorlcal Sookts
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Coney Island's Tribute To The
Coney Island stood still for
half an hour yesterday afternoon
as a mark of respect to the late
'Elmer S. Dundy oneof the found
ers of Luna park and a pioneer
in the building1 of new Coney
Island. At 4 o'clock Mr. Dundy's
body was removed from the re
ceiving vault in the old Mora
vian cemetery , Staten Island , tea
a new vault prepared for it.
Promptly on the strike of that
hour all business was suspended.
The music stopped and the res
taurants ceased to serve their
patrons. Thousands of visitors
were wonder-struck by the sud
den transformation , but when
they learned the reason they
joined in the silent honors ot the
Jeptba Dunn.
Jeptha Dunn of Barada died in
Lincoln on Sunday April 2Sth.
1907. Mr. Dunn has been a res
ident of Richardson County for
nearly twenty years , having
made his home with his son R.
J. Dunn in Barada and vicinity
all ot that time.
For some time the old < jen tie-
man , who was vpast 74 years of
age , has been suffering1 from a
complication of ailments ; and in
the hopes of benefiting his health
he was removed to a sanitarium
at Lincoln some three weeks ago.
The deceased is survived by his
widow and two children to whom
the Tribune tenders its sympathy
in the hour of their be'reavment.
The funeral was held from the
home of R. J. Dunn in Barada on
Tuesday. Rev. Teeter of Falls
City being officiating the clergy
Union Tabernacle Meeting.
The great union revival meet
ing for Falls City will have to be
postponed from May 12th. tc
June 2nd. on account of the re
markable success of evangelisl
Oliver at East Liverpool , Ohio.
It being impossible for him tc
close the meetings there withoui
great injustice to the cause.
A second tabernacle has beer
constructed in a suburb when
the meetings are being continued
From the latest report of the pro
gress of the meeting the numbei
of converts has now passed the
1000 mark.
It will be a great day for Fall :
Cit3 * when a man ofsuch not <
and power opens a campaigt
here. Now is the time to adver
tise the good points of Palls City
Falls City Clob Women.
Falls City has a number o
woman's clubs and such ones a
different times have shown i
desire to aid and promote th
general welfare. Why wouldu'
it be a good idea for each one o
these clubs to plant and tend
flower bed Jn the park ? Wi
mean by this a real flower bed
artistically arranged and laid out
It would add greatly to th
general appearance of the par
and will assist in starting righ
what is destined to be the pretties
spot in Southeastern Nebrashn
Now is the time to do this , so wh.
not do it now.
At the Band Concert.
The following1 are some of th
special numbers to be rendere
at the Band Concert entertair
ment at the Gehling theatr
next Wednesday evening :
Vocal solo Mrs. Geo. Wai
Violin duet. .Alice Cleaver am
Anita Wilson.
Vocal solo Helen Marti
Drum solo John Holt , ji
Vocal solo Edna Croo
Additional numbers will prol
ably be added.
" A. Stouffer spent Sunday wit
his family at Salem.
Edward McWain was born in
New York state , died at his
lome in Rule , April 24th. 1007 ,
i ed 49 years , 0 months and 1
days. Mr. McWain had been a
eng and patient sufferer , he was
sick for a year and a half and
luring all that time he never
nurmered but was always pa-
lent and cheerful.
He told his friends before he tie-
jarted on this long journey thai
ic had made his peace with his
rleavenly Father and that he
vas glad to go. He was raised
n this' neighborhood and all
cnew him asj a good neighbor
ind a true friend.
The funeral was held at the
amily home Wednesday after
noon , at 3 o'clock , it being im.
possible to keep the remains
until another day. Rev. Thos ,
Arkinan preached the funeral
He leaves an aged mother , his
lather having gone before , one
brother , a wife and five children ,
The only daughter , Mrs. Mark
) urfee , resides on a farm neat
Falls City , the boys , Charlie !
Clarence , Olin and baby Roj
are all at home with their
nother. The stricken fatnilj
lave the sympathy of a large
circle of friends. May his resl
be sweet.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our neigh
bors and friends for their helj
and sympathy , during the sick
ness and death of our belovee
Shorthorn Cattle Sale.
On Friday April 20th , Lev
Hitchcock held one of the mosi
successful Shorthorn cattle sales
ever held in this vicinity at his
iome seven miles northwest o
In all thirty-four head thor
oughbred Shorthorns were sold
: he total sale amounting t (
$3,346.50. Of the twenty-tbrei
cows sold the highest price paic
was S2G5.00 for "Blanche" sole
to Henry Kuper of Humboldt
The average price paid fo
cows was $114.02. The averagi
price for the eleven bulls sol <
was $65.82.
The sale was well attended
buyers from all over the count ]
being present and from as fa
west as Fairbury. A numbe
Xf ladies from town and tin
country were also present.
The morning was given pnn
cipally to inspecting1 the cattl
and at noon a bountiful di'nne
was served by Mrs. Hitchcock
assisted by a number friends
The table fairly groaned unde
its weight of good things an
the visitors did ample justice t
the repast.
At 1 o'clock the sale bega
and the visitors were invited ou
to a pavillion that had bee
prepared for their comfort. Th
bidding was lively and muc
interest was manifested.
Mr. Hitchcock has a repv
tation of long standing as
Shorthorn breeder and thos
who were buying knew the
were getting the best. The sal
was in every way a fine one an
not only adds to Mr. Hitchcock
already wide reputation but t
Richardson county also , as
tine stock county.
Have you given your share t
the Chinese Famine Relief fund
If you have delayed doing so yo
will have another opportunit
Friday ad Saturday , when
number of ladies will solicit coi
tributions on Main Stree
Other communities are givin
generously. Can not Falls Gil
do the same ?
Society News.
Mrs. Kate Shock was the vie.
titii of a surprise by a number
of her neighbors and friends
Tuesday night.
A few neighbors just liappenecl
to come in for a call and while
they were visiting pleasantly
the rest of the party having tnel
at Aaron Loucks walked in
taking Mrs. Shock completely
by surprise. The evening was
passed with games and refresh'
ment ? prepared by the friends
were served. That the evening
was a most pleasant one was
shown by the late hour at which
the guests departed for theii
omes. jf
On Thursday of last week
Mrs. William A. Crook was
lostess to an afternoon whisl
larty. She was assisted in re
ceiving by Mrs. John A. Crook
ind Miss Edna Crook. Eighl
tables were played and at the
close of the contest it was fount !
Mrs. Bert Whitaker had wor
the greatest number of games
and was awarded a beautiful
landpainted plate , while Mrs ,
Orville Schoenheit was giver
: he consolation prize , a cup and
saucer. At 6 o'clock refresh
ments of a most appetizing na
ture were , served to which the
guests did full justice. Mrs
Crook is a charming hostess ant
icr guests regretted the hour oi
departure having spent a tie.
ighttul afternoon.
The C. E. Kensington of the
Presbyterian church met witl
Mrs. 0. N. Allison on Tuesdaj
evening of this week. NeedU
work , games and a social goot
time were the order ot the even
ing. Refreshments were servet
and a good time was reported.
On Friday evening of las'
week Mrs. and Mrs. Edwin Fal
loon enterained in honor of th
class of 1J107 of which theii
eldest son , Sterling , is a mem
ber. The guests included th <
members of the board of educa
tion and their wives ; the1 teach
ers of the various schools ant
the class of 1907.
The house was prettily decor
ated for the occasion in thi
school colors. In the receptioi
room black and yellow wen
used in the decorations and ii
the parlor the same colors witl
ferns and yellow roses , while ii
the living room the cole
scheme was red and white
The class flowers red and whit
carnations were used in profus
ion' In the dining room red am
white were used with stnila
and cut flowers with pleasin
effect. From this r.oom punc
was served during the evening
The evening was given over t
various games and music , Mrs
Falloon being assisted in er
tertaining by Miss Maddo
and Miss Jennie Keim. At 1
o'clock an elegant supper in tw
courses was served by the hosi
ess , assisted by her sons an
Miss Keim.
Mr. and Mrs. Falloon ar
royal entertainers and the tirn
passed so quickly the hour wa
laterbefore the guests took thei
reluctant depeparture , loud i
their praises of the pleasar
evening afforded them.
The E. ATNeedTe club im
Wednesday afternoon at th
home of Miss Ida Hilgenfielt
The afternoon 'vas spent in scv
ing. After I'elicious refresl
ments were served , friends di
parted. Next meeting will b
at the home of Mrs. Louise Bacl
stein , on Wednesday alternooi
May 8th , 1907.
At the tea given by St. Mai
tha's Guild at the home of Osct
Maddox , Wednesday evening ,
j large crowd was in attendance
j and the net receipts were about
I SI2 50.
i Miss Ethel Cade entertained
[ about eight young ladies
Saturday evening. The time ,
was pleasantly spent with music
and games. Mrs. Cade assisted
by Miss Ethel served very dain
ty refreshments. The evening
is reported a very pleasant one.
Kall'eeKlautch will meet'with
.liss . Slocuni this afternoon.
Mrs. ,1. II. WilTiite gave n
linner party Wednesday in hon
or of the seventy-seventh birth ,
lay anniversary of her mother ,
Mrs. Jesse Crook. The guests
ncluded the family of Mrs.
Drook and a few friends.
A splendid dinner was served
n Mrs. Willhite's customary
.jood style which the guests
; estitietl their approval by their
ndulgance. The occasion was
jolly one , each contributed
lis share to the pleasure ol
others with light heart and good
.jrace. Mrs. Crook is enjoying
he best of health and we wisli
ler many happy returns of the
Jay. .
The Presbyterian kensingtor
society members were the guests
of Mesdames Jane Bohrer , E. F ,
Sharts , T. C. McMillan and S ,
3. Harvey at the home of tlu
bnner , on Thursday afternoor
of this week The event was ar
exceedingly pleasant one.
At Work On Park.
The work men have commenced
operations on the new park ant
will shortly have things in fin (
iliopp. A number of elm treei
mve been planted and the drivei
and walk's are soon to be laid out
A number of Nebraska towm
jnve purchased park sites thin
spring and the papers tell of tin
jreat interest their citizens an
aking in the enterprise. For in
stance , the citizens of Fairburyoi
Arbor day went to their new parl
and planted 1150 flue shade trees
When Falls City's park getf
carpeted in blue grass and tin
wttlks and drives are laid out il
will be a beautiful place. It i
uoped that the several clubs wil
put in flower beds and assist ii
beautifying the grounds.
To The Mayor And Council.
Every city worthy of the naini
lias one day set apart for a gen
eral clean up. All the cans , th
trash and rubbish are raked tc
gether by property owners am
put in piles along the streei
The city furnishes teams to carr
the debris to the garbage pile
All the alleys are cleaned out'an
the town , brushed up like a youn
swain for his Sunday call. Th
influence of such proclamation i
contagious. If the mayor an
council will select such a day an
publicly announce it , you will se
every lawn mowed , the tree
trimmed and the hundred and on
things done about Kails Cit
houses that go to make for betk
appearances and a beautiful citj
Try it ouco and s-ee.
Tue Village Knocker.
The Gage county board c
supervisors met at Beatrice las
week to let the annual bridg
John A. Crook and Ike Lyons
jr. , were present in the interes
of the Gilligan company.
John Martin was also in Bei
trice distributing copies of hi
paper attacking the companj
The Gilligan company los
the contract.
Thus has the Journal agai
demonstrated its great love fc
the tax payers and shown ho
false is the charge that it :
actuated by personal spite an
malice in its fight on the lion
I W. C.T. U.
! There will be a regular meet
ing held at the Brethren church
Friday , May 3rd. We would like
as many to come who possibly
can to make arrangements for the
coming convention on the 8th
and 'Jth.
The following is the supposed
program to take place in the
Brethren church Wednesday
evening , May 8th :
Music Congregation
Dovotloniils. . . . Mr. . Haltio M auger
Music Miifii ( Juurtottc
Address of welcome Mrs. Tcetci
Response.-.Mrs. Atkinson. Piiwncc
Music ' . Mule Quartette
Address Mrs. Annotttt Ncsbltt ,
Puwnco City.
tlublo Congregatlor
) : ! U ) u. in. IJovotlomils
0 n. in.- Paper History ofV. . C. T.
U Mrs. C. A. roulton , Pawnci
Question box tbo ubcnu subject
0:45 : u. tn. Conference 1st How
make temperance work more ollce-
tlvo In Jttbbath school..Mrs. E. E
Linn , Table Rock.
2nd Medical temperance , .Mrs. Val
Ird Nooutlao prajur
2 i ) in. Dovotlonals
Open Parliament 1st Law enforce
ment M r $ . Lena Muddo *
! nd--EIcretMty nnd environment
which IF strongest..Mrs. Robertson
trd Humboldt Choose own subject !
110 : Mothers meeting-lender
Mrs. E. A. Fultot
Paper Child training. . . Mrs. Jennie
Tyner , sulem.
Dawson Choose their own subjects
Paper How can wo best handle the
self-willed child. , Mrs/Laura ShnfToi
Thursday o\'e ' contest at M. K. church
Instrumental solo Organ
Prayer ' . .Mrs. Nesblt
Music Male ouartetti
Contestants are Mrs. Ellf
Van Horn , Pawnee ; Mrs. H. R
Knider , Table Rock ; Mrs. May
Bcdoe , Table Rock ; Mrs. Alia
Wood , Table Rock. Verdon ant
Humboldt will also be represent
ed by Mrs. Laura Saylor , Press
1.0. 0. F. Celebarte 88th Anni
On Pridary evening , April 26
the I. O. O. F. of this city cele
brated the eighty-eighth anni
versary of American Odd-fellow
ship at Bode's hall.
At eight o'clock the member
of the lodge tiled in to a tnarcl
played by Mr. Clarence Smitl
and at the rap of the gavel b ;
Noble Grand Knight all joined ii
singing the opening ode whicl
was followed by a prayer by Pre
late A. Southard.
The address of welcome de
livered by Dr. J. C. Yutzy in hi
usual good styled and pleasini
Mr. Wilson Turman sang
solo to such good effect that h
had to respond to a hearty er
core.The trio by the Pruese childrc
was well rendered after which A
E. Gantt gave a concise "histor
of the lodge since its orgatmatio
in America.
This was followed by a. violi
solo by Miss Aneta Wilson a <
companied by her mother. Th
assembly was then favored wit
a solo by Mrs. George Wahl , wh
has a charming voice and her si
lection , "Just a Wearin' for You ,
proved one of the most pleasin
on the program.
After the program the Hot
was cleared for dancing whic
was continued till a late hou
Supper was served during tli
evening by the members of tli
Fully two hundred guests a
tended , including visitors froi
the different lodges in the count ;
The entertainment was i
every way a success and doi
great credit to the Falls Gil
Tom Palmer went to Shicklcy ,
Neb. , Tuesday. _
The best 25ccnt brooms in
town arc found at Shields Variety
Garden hoes , rakes and spad
ing forks cheap at Shield's Var
iety Store.
Mason Shurtlcff was here in a
business way from Humboldt
Saturday last.
Bert Windle came up from
Kansas City Tuesday to visit
with friends.
Mrs. E. Standiford of Kansas
City Mo. is visiting at the home
of Jno Ramel.
WANTKDA few boarders.
Inquire of Mrs. Hunt. Cor. 7th
and Ilarlan St.
W. D. Easley returned the last
of the week to Kansas City after
a brief visit in this city.
J. II. Reed of Nemahai Neb. ,
shipped a car load of cattle to
Kansas City the past week.
T. S. Simpson of Chicago was
i guest at the home of A. Gra-
lam a few days this week.
Will Schmclxel of Chadron
spent a few days the latter part
of the week with Falls City folks.
Lettie Stewart went to Salem
Saturdaj- afternoon to attend a
large party at that place the
same evening.
Miss Kate Maddox went to
Lincoln Wednesday to visit her
sister , May , who is attending
Weslyen University.
Mrs. Mary Rowley returned
Saturday afternoon from a weeks
visit at the home of A. A. Tan
ner and wife at Humboldt.
Robe'rt Gantt was down from
Lincoln a few days the latter
part of the past week for a brief
visit with A. E. Gantt and wife-
Glen McMillan left Tuesday
afternoon for DCS Moincs , Iowa
where he will take a course in a
large school of pharmacy at that
Mrs. Glenn Bronson and baby
came down from Venlon Satur
day night for a short visit with
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jno
If all the houses in this town
were painted with Bradlcv &
Vrooman Paint , there would be
no more painting for at least 5
years. Dr. McMillan is the
Henry Kuper of Humboldt and
Mr. Locke of Pawnee City while
in this city Friday were pleasant
callers here. They were down
to attend the Hitchcock sale.
Experts agree that Bradley &
Vrooman Paint is the longest
wearing Paint. It is guaranteed
to give satisfaction every can of
it. A complete stock , all colors
at Dr.
Mrs. Allie Watson and son ,
Otha , are spending the week
with friends and relatives at
Auburn. Mrs. Watson has a
weeks vacation from her work in
the composing room at this office.
Wednerday morning we re
ceived a letter from Abe Moore
formerly of Stella , with the re-
' I quest that we send ( he Tribune
to him at Jess , Nebraska. They
still are interested in the county
news while in the new home.
In our issue of March 15th we
ask in our locals "what is nastier
than a day in March ? " This week
we received the local pasted on a
slip of paper with the answer
"April 20th , 1907" and we are
not inclined to contradict the
writer as we did not exactly en
joy the climatic conditions last : \