The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, April 19, 1907, Page 7, Image 9

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Will make the season of igoat m\ place i ? j miles east
and i yz miles south of Falls Cit\ .
St. Anthony is a high
grade Percheron , perfect
individual and admired by
all who see him.
Color Seal Brown.
Foaled April , 1Q03.
'Weight ' at a 4 year old ,
1700 pounds.
Dam a high grade Percheron mare and a good indi
TERMS $10 to insure a livingcolt. . Care will be taken
to avoid accidents but I will not be responsible should any
occur. J. W. CROOK.
We have just received our Spring line
of Suitings and Pants Patterns and they
are certainly swell. We ask our custo
mers to call and inspect them.
We are proud of this seasons display
and feel confident that you will be able
to find something that will please you
either in a suit or single piece.
Prices are right and goods of the best.
John Wilson , Tailor
Season of 1 907
Will make the coming season , beginning April 1st ,
ns follows :
From Saturday evening until Monday evening at my farm three
miles south of Barada , the balance of the time at my barn in Barada.
Fritx is n coach horse and is so well known here that he needs no
Will make the se'ason ut the same place on the
eame dates as Fritz. Nick is a live-year-old eoal
black Mammouth Jack , with white points , very well proportioned and
has proven to bo an excellent breeder and sure foal getter. You will
make no mietake in breeding to Nick if you rjre looking for a rangy ,
well built mule.
"T/ri" " | Will nmks the season at the same place and on the
111 same date as above described. Tom is a Blacli
Percheron Horse five years old , weighing 1700 pounds and is well
proportioned , with plenty of bone. Come and see these nnimnlt
before breeding elsewhere.
TERMS : $10.00 to insure a colt to stand and suck. Wher
mares are sold , traded or leave the vicinity , service money become *
due and piyable. Care will be taken to prevent accidents but wil
not bo responsible should any occur.
Barada , Neb. MHTT sCHULENBERGOwnei
Doiv't Neglect to Read
Cussed and Discussed by Everybody. Add youi
name to the list. $1.00 per year.
A Little Lay Sermon.
"If thy servant do ill , tell him
of it ; but if thy servant do well
tell him also of that. "
In his bright comedy , "His
House in Order , " Arthur W. Pin-
ere has Hilary Jesson , domestic
pacificator , repeat a little parable
concerning the bestowal of words
of praise here and there to help
those who arc struggling against
difficulties inherited and acquired.
It is a pretty speech and carries
the moral of the comedy. Yet
Mr. Pinero only put his finger
upon a universal human weakness
which was cryst.-illix.ed in the
foregoing Mohammedan admoni
tion and preserved again in the
Jewish instruction : "Masters ,
give unto your servants that
which is just and equal ; knowing
that ; e alho have a Master in
heaven , " and again in the New
Testament is this sublime rule of
life : "Therefore all things what
soever ye would that men should
do to you , do ye even so to them ;
for this is the law and the proph
ets. "
What a helpful thing merited
praise is to every human being.
There can be no richer reward of
loyalty and of self-sacrifice than
the knowledge that sonic heart
beats the warmer for our doing. It
is a most unfortunate weakness of
many natures that neglects the
vorcl of helpful encouragement
hen a despondent spirit craves
he refreshment of a smile and
lie enheartenmeut ol a conunen-
ation. Some lives are made
heerless because the one who
hould have said , "You have
one well , " neglects the obliga-
ion. Some tcmp9ranients are
endered sourand saturnine when
little leaven of comforting as-
urance would have redeemed
hem to beauty and happiness.
LMie right word at the right time
nakes burdens lighter and illum-
nes the way. One day an engi-
icer of a heavy train noticed that
lis poor fireman was almost over
come by the arduous labor of
seeping up steam. Leaning over
close lo his fireman's ear , the en
gineer shouted : "It's might } '
iar-r-l ( work , it is , Moik , but
ook at the fein shtnoke yer-r-r
nakin' . " That little touch oi
vitty acknowledgement of Mike's
icavy task made his shovel
ighter and kept up steam.
Almost as bad as the one who
saves his garlands for the graves
of his friends instead of bestow
ng them upon the living is he
who either couches his praise in
words of palpably insincere ilat-
tery or through lack of tact and
: lelicacy gives a compliment the
sting of a lash. Once a traveler
stopped at a farm house for din
ner. The farmer and the stran
ger discussed various topics until
the stranger asked about the
master's family. Near them sat
a girl of 15 years. Finally the
farmer spoke of her. "She ain't
very bright , "observed the father ,
'and she can't learn nothin' . I
always said it was because she
favors her mother. Got the go !
darndest temper and is awkward
as a cow. She ain't worth her
salt about the house , but " and
the father brightened - "she's
got some good points. Come over
liere , Mamie , and show the gen
tleman yer beautiful white teeth '
The defective Mamie obeyed , but
with an evident lack of enthusi
Those who are chary witl
their words of commendation
often are merely thoughtless
They feel a certain amount o
appreciation for the efforts o
others , but they never think to
express it. Such narrow selfish
ness has lost many an employer :
valued employe and it always de
tracts from the quality of service
rendered. Most natures are so
constituted th.t ; devotion is stim
ulated by cheerful recognition
In every relation of life this prin
ciple holds good. Say the thine
that cheers and encourages. Cove
the thorns in others' pathway
with the petals of hope and rail }
the faltering with forbearanc
and benevolence. This is th
gospel of triumphant humanity
Complies with til requirement cf the National Pure Food Lnw , Guarantee No. 2041 , filed nt Washing !
„ , . m
"Our food was good' Bear . / , &
stcnlc , flapjacks , fresh bnad , etc. , f.r
but nothing cecmccl lo and
llie ' . . '
gtmi'inj n.Coffw ! ill I'Jrttlty ni
strengthen us no much as a cup of codec all-f l ins ctu.nt1 cr ulwa rtpomfln ( \ M
ARIOSA Coffee , which we kept in _ Never buy lpoe collec out of n bag ,
the bin or tin. If il were good ihu roaster
original package and ground
would not be ashamed to sell it in
" " ii
needed. fron n rcnt'cnm now M Hctlilcliem , Talk about roasted fresh daily , the with his
packatjc name on it.
Aibucklcs' ARIOSA wni tic ! fim roasted way to get n cup of coffee that tastes Tlie MM rf AtlucUV AHIOIArnc-fltWcf all
packaged codec , packaged for the cosumcr's like coffee , with nil the delicious flavor llio oilier piclicrJ lodm coinbincj. Ili OielwtltofTrt
protection nnd the poles of each berry scaled ( cr you , tint ) cixti > cu ICIA.
after the with ftesh cggi nnd ti'ljar ' to and aroma intact , is lo buy Aibucklcs * If your grocer \von't supolyyrilc to |
keep l ! , odncss in end make the colfcc tcttlc ARIOSA and grind it as you waul to ARUUCKLE BROS. '
dear c..u USC it. V/nrauSE it n titllo i a llio flavor r.rd Ntw Yoik Gty.
f the Tree Falls Wlmt Will Be
come of the Ivy ?
\\V hear a great deal about the
lodern girl developing mannish-
ess , independence , and losing
er femininity. A great many
eople are much alarmed because
rirls arc not trained , as formerly ,
n womanly gentleness.
It is a beautiful figure of speech
0 defccribcthe feminine character
S the ivy which clings to the
lasculine oak for support , and
1 return covers and beautifies its
lidious knots and scars.
But , if the oak falis , what be-
omes of the ivy ?
There it > ( oo much of this ivy
linging and beautifying idea in
raining girls. They should be
aught that it is just as necessary
o be independent , to be self-sup-
lorting , as to be able to cling
ind beautify. In other words ,
, hey ought to be able to stand
alone if the tree falls , and not go
lown with it. Success
The News No Pure th'tig cough euro
aws would 00 m-eded , If nil cough
cures were like Dr. Shoop's cough euro
iind has been for -0 year * . The
Viiltorml Luw now requires that if uny
Uon- filter Into a uough mixture , it
mist lie printed on the l.ibc ! or package.
' 'or this reason mothers nnd others ,
hould iiibUt on hliving Dr. Shoon's
cough cure. No poli-on rnarki on Dr.
ShoopS lablex and none in the inedi-
inc. elit must by law tie mi the label.
And it's not only ntfe , hut it Is said 'to
) o by those that know It best , n truly
remarkable cough remedy. Take tie
ehauc'i- particularly with your children.
In ift on having Dr. ohoop's cough
cure < 'iimpart1 cart-fully the DrShoop
ukagi' with others and hce. No pol-
-mi mm kg tliiTiYou ! can always bo
> n thf stfo i-He by demanding Dr.
Shoop'i cou li cure Simply refuse to
i'i'pi any other. Sold by all dealers.
CURES catarrh of the stomach.
Hurried meals , luck of exercUo are
the nuiin causes of dyspepsia. A Uingf
D.vspepala Tablet lifter each meulaldt
digestion , Improves the appetite. Sold
by A. O .Wanner.
Notice To Colt Raisers.
I am now located attheSalen
fair grounds with two goo (
Stallions , one trotter and om
pacer. You are cordially in
vited to call and see them am
get acquainted. No trouble ti
show horses. While I am owne
of these Stallions I will pa ]
one hundred dollars to the firs
ten of their get taking standan
records. To be divided , fivi
colts from each stallion. Mone ]
divided $50.00 to breeder am
$50.00 to owner , at time standan
record is taken. Colts brokei
and track horses handled.
In case of my death , this cor
tract shall be void.
Spring wind chap , tan nnd eauso
freckles to appear , IMncsalvo Carbol-
1ml applied at night will relieve that
burning sensation. Nature's own rem
edy , Acts llko n poultice and draws
out InllammiUlon. Sold by A. 0. Wan
nor , druggist.
CURES cntnrrIiofjtlic tuinach.
Kansas City is after the Repub
lican National Convention. Here's
hoping that she gets if. It is
thought that the friends of the
President will favor the west in
locating the convention , and if so
Kansas City would be an ideal
place to hold it.
"Prevcnllc- " will promptly cheek n
cold or the Grippe when taken early or
at the "liiiec/.e stage" I'n-ventlcs cure
eatcd colds ns well. Prevention nro
ttlo cnndy cold cure tnblots , nnd Dr.
hoop , Uncinc. Wlfi , will glndly mull
ou snmples nnd a book on colds free ,
'you ' will write him. The snmplcH
rove their merit. Cheek early colds
1th prcventlcs nnd stop Pneumonia
nfic nnd 2. " > c boxes , sold by all dcalern.
Little Liver Pills
Saturday night the elegant 40-
H rillc which M. C. Walter ,
proprietor of one of the billiard
and pool halls in this city , was
giving away , was awarded to the
lucky person who happened to be
Cheres Wilson. It is a dandy
rillc and one anyone might be
proud of. Mr. Walter is one of
our-progrcssive business men , al
though he has only been in this
city for a short time.
M. 0. Churcli.
The following services next
Sabbath :
9'l5 : Sunday school. /
10:45 : preaching.
2:00 : p. in. Junior league.
7:00 : p. in. 13pworth league.
8:00 : p. in. , Preaching.
Prayer meeting 8:00 : p. m on
Wednesday evening.
All cordiall } ' invited.
W. T. GUNK , Pastor.
livery one knows Hint spring Is the
season of the your when the system
needs cleansing I linns Lltllu Liver
Pills iu-0 highly reeommenileil. Try
them. Sold by A. O. Wanner.
Public Sale of Shorthorns
Don't forgot the great Shorthorn Cattle Sale to be held at
liawatha , Kas. . Thursday , April 25 , 1907.
This offrring1 consists of 30 head of Scotch and Scotch
Topped females and 15 head of bulls including the Scotcli
icrcl bull , SCOTCHMAN 245103 , by the $ ' , Imp. Roy-
il Pride 149651.
These cattle are all in good healthy , thrifty condition and
t is just the time of year that the brdeder and farmer can
, ake them home and turn them out in pasture and\it wont
cost much to keep them.
This will be a grand opportunity to get some useful cattle
it your own price.
There will be choice selections from the herds of T. J.
Sands , Robinson , Kas. , P. Lohr , Sabetha , Kas. , C.
M. Christensen , Sabetha , Kas. , Neils Hansen , Willis , Kan. ,
nnd Everett Hayes , Hiawatha , Kas. '
For Catalogues address Everett Hayes , Hiawatha , Kas.
Col. Geo. P. Bellows
Col. C. H. Marion Aucts. C. O. Dimmock ,
: ol. N. T. Moore Clerk
The Latest in Jewelry
In addition to our regular large stock
of Jewelry we have secured a number
of Easter specialties.
Our spring stock is one of the most
complete we have ever purchased , offer
ing a most varied line of Watches , Rings ,
the popular Bracelets , Neck Chains ,
Souvenir Spoons , and all the staple and 1T 1
* silver novelties in Silverware.
Also a complete line of Phonograph T
I Records.
Davies & Owens
\ : Jewelers and Opticians