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A number of business firms In Falls
t'Uy , Including Thr Tribune , have nr-
ranged for 11 voting contest to bo
unturcil Into by Utchardson county
schoolschurches , Sunday schools , i-ool-
olios , lodges , literary associations , or
nny other regularly organized bodies ,
she prl/.es to bo nn exuellunt library of
259 volume.- , valued at $050.00. The
library will be absolutely free of cost
to the winners , anil it , doesn't cost the
voters anything to vote When you
make a purchase for cash , or pay a
bill , the firm with which you are Iran-
Micting business will give you a. ticket ,
htled out with the number of votes to
which you are entitled. You wrlto in
the name of the organization for which
.von desire to vote , sign the ticket , and
deposit it in the ballot box , according
to a plan outlined below.
The following publications constitute
ihe library :
30 vol. consolidated Ency. Library , }
1U volumes World's best orations , i mo.
)0 volumes World's best orations , S
M volume ? Dicketib works , cloth.
' 'volumes Irvlns works , cloth.
* volumes Elliots works , cloth.
" volumes Hugo's works , cloth.
< volumes Shakesnear's works , cloth.
i volumes Great Republic , J morocco
10 volumes Clusste Fiction , i leather.
11 ! volumes Classic Fiction , cloth.
10 volumes Historic Novels , cloth.
11 volumes Famous Novels , cloth.
\ volume Japati Novels , cloth.
) volumes 1'resoott's Historic , cloth.
25 volumes Home Library , cloth.
107 volumes Copyright Fiction.
250 , Total Volumes.
This beautiful library will be award-
t'rt at the close of the contest , to the
'nstitution receiving the largest num
ber of votes.
The Tribune will , besides receiving
the votes cut from the paper , Issue ono
vote for every 10 cents paid on sub
scription at Its ollleeelther for arrears
or , for now subscription , or for job
work or advertising
The rule * of the contest provide that
each merchuiit shall carefully make a
record of his votes on Tuesday night
of each v euk , sending a duplicate of
same over hid signature to Tribune
olllco before noon Wednesday , the
merchant retaining his tickets with
record , carefully filing them away to
bo delivered to committee on awards ,
appointed at the Hose of the contest.
Voting tickets can bo secured from
the following merchants :
Samuel Wall I
Dry Goods , Clothing , Boots and
Shoes , Ladies' and Mens' Furnishings.
H. M. Jenne
Shoes that satisfy Lot us lit you.
Perd M. Horlow
The Cash Grocorman.
The Citv Pharmacy
Drugs , Toilet Articles , Sundries ,
Paint and Wall paper ; also S r > ck Food
ut McMillan's-
Heiser & Mosimon
The Falls Citv meat market. Deal
ers in Live Stock of all kinds.
Reavis & Abbev
Furniture , Carpets , Mattings and
Elastic Book Cases.
Paul Hcssler
liiirness. Saddles and repairing.
Opera House Bvkcry
Bread , Pies , Cakes and Candy--
Lunches , etc
0. P. Heck
Flour. Feed , Baled Hay and Straw ,
Coal and Wood , Produce.
Oswald's Studio
High grade Photography.
u , k t
+ This coupon entitles the holder to ONE vote that can be enst * f
* for any institution competing for the beautiful library when j *
* * properly filled out , signed and returned I to this oflice. ] 3 | r
4- if
* "
* Name of Institution . |
T $ '
* H
Name of Voter . i
* #
A Man's Job Before Him.
Gariield is earnest. The
President likes earnest persons.
Gartield is ambitious The
President likes ambitious per
sons. Garfield is conscientious ,
and the President lays much
stock by that. In short , Gar.
tjeld is a clean young man , with
a mind that grapples with great
problems , no matter what the
vandup of the encounter may be.
He came to Washington as
the [ 'resident's friend , and he
h.xs never let the Presidint get
away from that idea. He is
as regular at the White House
as a Secretary Lioeb. Any time
a great problem presents itself
to him , and he gets a tail-hold
on it , he rushes breathlessly up
to tell the President about it.
He darts in and out of
the President ' s private
oflice half a do/.en times a
day , or used to before he went
into the Cabinet. His om'ce as
Commissioner of Corporations
was on Fourteenth Street , only
a short distance from the White
Z-Iouse. Now he is up at Eighth
and F , and it is likely he will
not have time to do so much
Breathless rushing , unless he
gets a new supply of breath.
There may be a deep , dark
Presidential reason for his
transfer based on this ; but why
speculate on matters that con
cern us not ?
Combined with Garfield's
earnestness is a caution that he
is obliged to pay excess bag-
gagt on every time he takes up
? new line. He is so circum
spectly cautious that he puts a
tag on every thought he has ,
enters it on the card index and
then lays it away to try. He is
no adventurer into the fields of
nigh emprise. He is no pioneer
to blaze his way through pre
cedent out into thu open fields
of constructive originality.
What has happened is good
enough for him , and the idea
uf making anything happen , off
bis own bat , and on the impulse ,
iSas _ foreign to his nature as
going to Benning's and betting
on a horse.
He has a man's job before hiir
now. The Department of the
Interior controls the public
domain , the forests , the Indians
the patents , the pensions , the
Bureau of Education , the GeO'
logical Survey and the Reclamation -
tion Service. All the land
grafters , all the Indian grafters ,
all the sharks who are trying tc
get the timber and the oil and
the coal for nothing must come
to him and pass under his eye.
lie has the last say , and , de.
spite his seriousness , there is
nobody in Washington whc
does not wish him well , lie is
following sturdy old Hitchcock ,
who fought the grafters fet
years. He has some bureaus
that need overhauling , thai
need cleaning , and he says he
intends both to overhaul and
clean. The President has faitl :
in him. Saturday Evening
Ponder Well. ,
There is a man in jail at Tro }
because he cannot furnish aS50 (
peace bond. Any of his neigh
bors would sign the peace bent
but the man drinks , and thej
are afraid he will fill up soim
day , and forfeit the bond. Tin
man H an excellent mechanic
when sober , and a good fellow
but whisky has him down
This man probably began drink
ing when young , because IK
thought it smart. Whisky
drinking isn't smart : it is tlu
biggest fool trick in the world
ff boys can get rid of the fee
notion that whisky drinking i ;
smart , the temperance questioi
will be solved. - Atchison Globe
Does uotleu disagree with you ? Pro
bnbly it does' Then try Dr Snoop'
Health ltneulthCoffee"isuclo
ver combination of parched cereals am
nuts. Not u grain of real collee , re
member in Dr. Snoop' * Health Coffee
yet'it iim'che * closely old Java an (
Mochu Cot foo. If jour siouiucb , Lear
or kidney' * , can't stand colTeo drink
ing , tr > Health ColTeo. It U wholeomi
ourishing and satisfying. lo'i nice oei
for the youngest child. Sold by Fret
E. Sob mitt.
How J. R. Rose To The Cabinet.
Is it possible the President
of these United States , to
gether with a few outlying , but
expensive , possessions , has
sunk so low as to use the dim
inutive in spunking , even thus
casually , of the gallant young
man from Cleveland , Ohio , who
is striving so hard to keep us
on the track ? Is it possible he
does not take the Honorable
James Rudolph so seriously ts
the Honorable James Rudolph
takes himself ? If it is , what
mercy can any ot us expect ?
Where do the common , Or gar
den servants ot the people get
off ?
Still , there must be a good
deal in this young man , for he
has progressed rapidly under
the fostering care of the Presi.
dent. He came as Civil Ser
vice Commissioner. He was
made Chief of the Bureau of
Corporations when the Depart ,
ment of Commerce was organ
ised. There ho trailed the Beef
Trust to its lair , and there he
hounded the Standard Oil Com.
pany until it squealed for mercy
but could not refain , automatic
ally , from raising the price of
oil. There he tore through the
insurance companies , and there
he created 'that masterly com
pendium of laws relating to
corporations in all States and
all countries that so ponder ,
ously sets forth the statutes for
regulating trusts ( so called ) ,
but which universally fail to re
Then , after they had pried
Ethan Allen Hitchcock out of
his place at the head of the
Interior Department , he went
to that mighty seat , to the head
of the department that , in
point of power and diversified
interests , is the greatest in the
Government , and there he is to
stay until President Roosevelt
retires. Saturday EveningPost
Packed and Cinched for a Hard
He will be cautious , conserva
tive , honest , but he will always
have on display a head bowed
down with weight ot aresponsi-
bility that will put many bulges
on that pallid brow. It seems
a shame to take a tresh young
man , to tear him from the de
lights of Cleveland , Ohio , where
he was illuminating the law ,
and load him down like that.
They have done it , though
have packed him and cinched
the pack-ropes. He cannot
escape. He must save his portion
tion of the country.
And he knows it. He knows
it , brethren , and , knowing , tells
the gasping world. He has a
mission , and men with missions
must be serious.
There is no persiflage about a
task that compels a man to be a
pillar for the Nation. Cheerful ,
ness goes out the window when
such responsibility comes in the
door. Probably there are
greater things ahead of him ,
Still , it would be a real act of
friendship for somebody to send
him a motto for his private-
office wall-a motto reading :
"Cheer up , for cherries will
soon be ripe.- Saturday Even
ing Post.
Improper action of the kidneys
caubes backache , lumbaso hcumatlsn.
"Plneule ? " ' is a kidney remedy thai
will relieve these diseases. Pleasant U
take and guaranteed to give satisfuc
tlon or money refunded. "Relief it
every dose. " Sold by A. G. Wanner.
A young married couple came
out of the house the other morn ,
ing and were speeding down the
street. He was dressed to kill
and she , with a hairpin in her
mouth was doing her best tc
pull on a pair of refractions
gloves. "Why don't you dress
in the house ? " he growled con.
tinning : " 1 would just as soon
see a woman put on her stockings -
ings on tin- street as her gloves'
"Most men would , " she said ,
sweetly , and the silence was si :
intense that you could heai- ; i
gumdrop. Troy Chief.
SYRUP cures coughs and colds.
For Pure Food In the
Examine ) the label * The now food law roqulras that
atatomonts as to the contents of the paokafjo ntusti
ho tr.uom Knowing the contents ? you sait ho sisrs ? to
purchase only pnrei , oroam off tartar haMng
Baking Powder
Worth While.
The trouble usually is , a man
likes lee many women and a
woman likes one man too well.
Prosperity is a great .teacher ;
adversity is a greater. Posses ,
sion pampers the mind ; priva
tion trains and strengthens it.
It is the gold of love that
makes the quartof life worth
while. A. 0. Manning.
"one of the "
Being boys" is
another distinction that never
helps a man much in securing a
It is not so much the being
exempt from faults as the
having overcome them , that is
an advantage to us. Swilt.
We are all inclined to waste
powder when the enemy is not
in sight.
While a man is watching his
enemies , his friends get away
with him.
Conscience is the highest of
all courts. Victor 1 lugo.
Some people take a lot of
chances In trying to drive into
the social swim.
It takes quite a number to
make enough to go around on a
The worst of slaves is he
whom passion rules. Hrooke.
Iti trying to take time by the
forelock you occasionally find
that it wears a wig.
Every truth that comes home
to us is a moral call bidding us
rise to a new position. Goethe.
A good many people believe
that to know a lot of contempt
ible gossip is to be wise.
Delays are dangerous , except
in matrimony.
The largest house is too small
if you are living in it with some
one you dislike.
Are you wasting a lot of energy -
ergy in hating enemies ? It if
a foolish thing to do. Quit it ,
in the name of common sense.
Compliments are like wine
It only takes a small dose to gc
to the head of some people ,
while others can stand a good
If au old man is honest lit
will admit that the greatest
contributors to his comfort in
life were not the prettiest
women he knew.
With some people , respect tor
the Law is closely related to
fear of the consequences.
Abou.t half the pleasure of .n
vacation is looking forward tc
it ; there is al.o some pleasure
in returning to work after it is
Half our bad temper comas
through our inability to see the
justice of the other side.
A young man is a theory ; an
old man is a fact.
If there is so much enjoyment
in flirting , why don't men flirt
with their wives ?
You probably expect more of
a friend than you are willing to
Market Letter.
KnnsiiH City Stock Yards , April
15 , 1907. The cattle market
ended last week in fine condition ,
with a net gain of 10 to 25 cents
for the week , beef steers profiting
the most. The run for the week
was 41,000 head , several thousand
greater than during any recent
week , but in spite of this there
was not sufficient cattle received
to go around. Supply today is
11,000 head , market steady to
strong , in the face of a big run
and lower prices at Chicago.
Packers were especially active
today , as competion last week
from butchers in local towns with
in the radius of 150 miles of this
point was so keen last week that
local killers failed to fill all their
orders. No choice cattle have
been here for more than a week ,
top last week 85.'JO. and highest
price today S5.S5. Hulk of the
steers sell at $5.00 to SS.f.O , cows
$2.'JO to S-U.O , heifers $3.f.O . tote
to $5.25 , feeders $4. ( > 0 to $5.35.
Country grades arc at the extreme
high i.otch , and above any recent
year at this time. Receipts of
this class are moderate , ship
ments to the country last week
200 car loads , and the supply is
likely to run small for some time ,
and prices hold up somewhere
near the present level.
Hog run last week Ivas 58,000 ,
market fluctuating a good deal
but finally closing the week al
most steady with close of previ
ous week. Run today is S.OOO ,
market 5 to 7J4 lower , top$6.524
bulk of sales $6.45 to $ ( . .50.
Buyers arc more particular as to
quality than heretofore , and
weight does not always cut the
most figure , heavy hogs some
times selling near the top. Deal
ers look for the run to continue
around 60,000 per week for awhile
and prices to keep cloic to the
$0.50 mark. A year ago prices
were 5 to 10 cents below present
Supply of sheep and lambs lait
week was 25,000 head , many
thousand short of actual requir-
ments of the trade. Packers arc
doing eu-rvthing they can tc
increase receipts here , their most
effective and convincing argu
ments baing the payment of re
cord prices for desirable stuff.
Top lambs brought $8.35 today
and bulk of lambs sold at $8.00 or
better , ewes sold atf > .00to$6.10 ,
no wethers or yearlings included
in the supply of 8,000 head.
Clipped lambs bringclose to$7.00 ,
The market looks 10 to 15 cents
above a week ago. Country
buyers paid $7.95 for lambs today
depending on the fleece for most
of the profit.
Coughs and colda contracted at this
season of the year should have Immediate -
mediate attention. Bees Laxative
Cough Syrup , contains Honey and Tar
and is uncqUallcd for heart > cncsB croup
and coughb. Pleasant to take ; mother *
endorse it ; children like to take it.
Contains no opiates. Moves the bowels.
Sold by A. G Wanner.
Gust Waihler of Corning apunt Sun
day with F. K. Nil/.scho. '
.lames Sollc was a Hhoppcr lirro
C. Wright bpent Sunday with home-
folks in Missouri.
1 ! . I ) . Waggoner had business In
llulo Monday.
[ lei-Ian .lonca of Foit Hit/.el win a
visitor hero Thursday.
The opura at the Uedineu Hall Sun
day evening wui well attended.
Chri'-t Mtitaiih am' Fred Hueggo and
family were visiting with Otto Illreh-
burger Sunday ,
Clarence Shotfpent Sunday with
dome folks.
F. K. Nltxschiu and family were
llulo shopper ? Saturday.
John Futsoher and family were llulo
choppers Thursday.
II. ( . Doistu was visiting his sinter ,
Mrs. Shotat Corning Suntlii ) .
George Smith and J. W. llundall
were Hulo business callers Monday.
John Wlsmun and Henry Prlbbeno
had business in llulo recently.
Hill Herbster hnd business here
Hev. Grodenvoal was a Fargo visitor
H. G. Dorato had a carload of hteers
on thu St. Joe market Tuesday.
W. F. Dorstaof Fort Ha/.el had a
loud of mixed cattle on the St. Joseph
market that sold for f 1.75.
John Illrsehborger and L. M. Jones
eaoh had cattle on the St. Joe market
F. W. Mlllor was u visitor here
Carrie Uuekmlnslor and brother
Will bad business at Falls City Wed
In the treatment of pile * It bet-omen
necessary to have the remedy put up
In such H form that it can bo applied to
the pAt'U affected. Man /.an Pile rem
edy Is encased in a uollaiwlblo tubu
with noz/le attached. It cannot help
but reach the spot. Relieves blind ,
bleeding , Itching and protruding piles.
Fifty cents wltl. iio//.le guaianteed.
Try U. Sold by A. G. Wanner.