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Society News.
Saturday last was the 45th.
If anniversary of the marriage of
I Mr. and Mrs. Kleopfel of this city.
I This estimable couple have spent
the greater part of these years in
this county , settling in an early
day near Fargo. By thrift and
enconomy they have been reward
ed with a goodl- share of this
worlds goods and are now com
fortably settled in this city en
joying a well earned rest , the re
ward of early labor and numerous
hardships they passed through
as early settlers in this new west.
May they celebrate many similar
anniversaries is the wish of their
" numerous friends.
A birthday party was given at
the home of Mabel Morrison Fri
day evening in her honor. It
was a masque affair and many of
the costumes were unique. There
were some fourteen of her young
friends present and they report
being royally entertained. At a
proper hour refreshments were
served and the young people dis-
pered feeling that it had been an
evening'most ' pleasantly spent.
The woman's club met with
Mrs. Maud Davies April 2nd.
Miss Schoenheit was elected
delegate to represent the club at
the Federation in Lincoln April
21-22. On account of absense of
members the program was not
carried out. Miss Banks and
Miss Wilson played piano solos.
The club adjourned to meet with
Miss Banks April 16th.
Numerous friends of Mrs.
Huber tendered a surprise at the
German Hall Tuesday afternoon.
When arrangements were com
plete , she was ushered in where
scores of friends had gathered to
show their appreciation of a kind
neighbor during these years of
residence in this city and upon
the eve ot her departure from our
midst , express their regret at our
loss. It was a very pleasant af
fair and will .long be remembered
with pleasure by those in at
The German Hall in this city
was the scene of festivity Mon
day evening. Music , dancing
and a banquet were in store for
those who attended.
Miss Maud Graham entertained
a few friends at her home in this
citv the first of the week. As is
always the case at the open door
of this most hospitable home , the
affair was pronounced a most en
joyable one.
Marion Varner entertained a
number of her little friends at
her home in this "city last Satur
day afternoon in memory of her
sixth birthday. The event was
one long to be remembered by
the little ones and after hours of
merriment and a delightful
luncheon , the happy croud dis
persed wishing many returns of
similar events fop the little hos
An April Fool party was given
by the M. E. Kensington at the
home of Maude Maddox on last
Monday evening. The home
was decorated with dunce caps ,
trimmed with bells and ribbons ,
and other follies to suit the oc
casion. The guests were greeted
at the door to their surprise with
a false hand , held by hostess
which created much merriment
to remind them at the first thai
they had arrived at an April Fee !
party. After assembled the
guests were asked to hunt a
package of each a red , white ,
and green ; with them they made
a composite picture of humanity -
* \ ) ity , each also proved his art by
tearing some animal out of paper
which were afterwards guessed
i Later in the evening the guests
j all marched out around the dunce
maid and picked a bow from her
cap , with a slip witli a part of a
word pertaining to April and
matched for partners. Tliev
were then escorted to the din
ing via. of the. reception room
where they doned a cap and bib.
In the dining room the dunce
maid seated them around the
table on stools of extreme height
and lowness. i
An elaborate lunch was served
proving that , "things arc not
what they seem. " Souvenirs
were given on leaving the din
ing room in the form of the head
of an April Fool on a nut shell
the form to be completed by the
owner. At a late hour the guests
departed voting many thanks to
the comittee for having spent
such an enjoyable evening.
The E. A. Needle Club met
with Mrs. Manshart on Wednes-
daj * afternoon of this week , and
spent the afternoon in sewing.
The next meeting will be at the
ionic of Mrs. L. P. Wirtli on the
iftcrnoon of April 10 , l'J07.
Clerk of the Court.
Clias Loree's office has been a
busy place the past week. To
gether with the general routine
of business the following cases
were filed :
First National Bank , of Hum-
doldt , vs. F. W. Samuelson and
others , on bond.
S. Gist vs Shaffer , action to
vacate the office of justice of the
peace at Salem.
W. H. Maddox vs O , O'Neel ,
A Model"School. .
The Nebraska City Commercial
club has just concluded arrange
ments whereby the noted busi
ness educator , Mr. F. J. Toand !
establishes in that city one of his
famous business training schools.
Nebraska City is to be congratu
lated on securing a Toland school ,
they are strictly high grade and
prepare their students" for the
most difficult positions. They
are also of great value from a
financial standpoint , their stu
dents spending thousands of dollars
lars annually. Elsewhere will be
found an announcement of the
Nebraska Business University ,
Richardson County To The Front
D. F. Harbaugh of Dawson *
Neb. , one of the most exte nsive
farmers and cattle feeders in this
county was at Kansas City yester
day with 2 carloads of fed heifers.
M. Harbaugh has back 250 steers
that he will feed for several
"Whether the earth has slip
ped a cog or the seasons are
changing , I cannot say , " said
Mr. Harbaugh yesterday as he
mopped the perspiration from his
facebut I know we are having
summer weather. We have it
up there in Nebraska , too. The
sun seems to have slid up this
way faster than usual this spring
and forced the season along in a
great hurry. We are fully three
weeks ahead in the vegetation
line. Farmers are busy seeding
and plowing , Something that is
very much out of season. Other
springs at this time we had snow
and ice , and no one thought of
plowing. And besides there was
not a sign of a bud this early.
A. E. Schmidt has sold the
City meat market to C. M. Nick-
olas of Pawnee City who takes
possession of the same the 10th
inst. Mr. Nickolas comes to us
well recommended as a thorough
and experienced butcher and no
doubt will enjoy the same liberal
patronage that has been extend
ed to Mr. Schmidt.
Dan Gallegar of Preston was
a Falls City visitor Monday.
| Alarried.
J At 10 o'clock on Wednesday
morning1 occurred the marriage
of Miss Jessie Hull of Liberty.
[ Kansas , and Clarence Simmons
of Independence , Kansas. The
ceremony tooic place at the
home of tin- groom and was a
quiet wedding.
The groom is well known in
this city , having lived here
since childhoodand is an excel-
ent steady young man. The
bride is a stranger to Falls City
folks.Ve wish them well.
At the home of John Kloepfel
and wife in Falls City , Nebr. ,
on Thursday , March 28th , their
grand-daughter , Miss Anna L.
Paul to .lames V. llosford , ni
Rule , Nebr.
Rev. W. T. Olinc of the M. E.
church officiated. The groom
was dressed in black , while the
bride was attired in white.
These young people are well
and favorably known at Rule
where they have many iriends.
There new home will be es
tablished one mile from Rulo.
At high noon on Sunday ,
March } J1 , 1907 , at the parlors of
the Lindell hotel , Ernest F.
Vincent and Miss Elva Leland
Sears were united in the holy
bonds of matrimony , Rev. Lin
den meyer of the First Christian
church officiating.
The bride basprown to woman-
: iood in our midst and has a
lost of friends in this city. She
is a graduate of the high school
iiere and for the past two years
iias held the position of local
reporter and book keeper with
The Tribune PublishingiQo.f
always doing her work faith
fully and well. She has a fac
ulty of meeting all with a smile
under any a n d all circum
stances , which certainly casts
a ray of sunshine about a dingy
old print shop , and has won her
the esteem ol all with whom she
came in contact.
The groom came here from
ShenandoahIowa , some months
ago and has been employed on
the Journal and is a young man
of steady habits and unassum
ing nature. The young couple
took the first train for Shenandoah -
doah , where they are spending
the week with the parents of
the groom. They return to this
city where they make their
home and will be welcomed by
a host of friends.
The Sentinel of Shenandoah
has this to say of the\ \ young
people :
Ernest F. Vincent , one of the
old Sentinel Post boys , called
yesterday in company with a
couple o f handsome young
ladies. One of them we knew
as his sister , but the other was
a stranger until he introduced
her as his wife.
The bride was Miss Elya
Sears , of Falls City , Neb.where
they were married Sunday.
The groom is well known in
Shenandoah and has a great
many friends who join us in ex
tending congratulations. The
little lady he has won has every
appearance of being worthy and
we have no doubt his choice is
as good as she is pretty. They
will go to housekeeping upon
their return to Falls City next
The groom was employed for
some time in this office as a
printer , and has worked in the
other offices ot the city and is
now holding a good position in
the largest printing office in
Falls City.
There is nothing too good for
the old employes of this office ,
but Ernest's last "take" is un
doubtedly his best.
Miss Hazel Jellison , of this
city , and Elton Sherdeman , of
Omaha , were united in marriage ,
Wednesday , April 1) ) , JU07 , at 8
o'clock p. m.,2fr > ( ) Harney street ,
Omaha , in-the presence of im
mediate relatives and a few :
friends of the contracting par
The bride is one of the best
known young ladies in this city
where she has grown to woman
hood , while the groom is one of
the popular young traveling
men of the state , traveling out
of Omaha. The young people
will sobn be at home to their
friends at Lincoln where they
intend to locate. T h e best
wishes of a host of friends are
City Election.
The past city campaign has
been a most peculiar one. At
the time of the nominations a
mass meeting was held and it
appeared to be the unanimous
voice of n well filled court room
that whoever should be the nom
inee at the citizens caucus , would
receive the hearty support of that
body , let it be friend or foe. We
are glad to note that a majority
kept this pledge sacred , but a
chosen few still kept their ham
mer out and very quietly kept
This is not the spirit that
builds up a town , betters the
conditions politically or wins
laurels for the knocker. No
faction can have smooth sailing
at all times and it is much better
to take our little defeats in a
manly way than to charge all
sorts of dirty work to the opposi
tion simply because we have been
( Ivkappointed and arc mad.
Now that the election is over
and the choice of the people are
at the helm , if this same spirit
of harmony exists in the
breasts of those who were not
exactl ' suited let behind
} , us .stand
hind them like men and work for
Falls City's upbuilding this year.
Anything that will add to the
growth or prosperity of the town
in which you live , adds some
thing to every citizen within her
borders. We are here to dwell
together in harmony and peace
and this is a good time to begin
right living.
The campaign was an old
fashioned still hunt from start to
finish. No one ventured a guess
as to results but when the polls
were closed and the vote counted
it was discovered that the citizens
ticket was a winner from top to
bottom by good majorities.
The majorities were as follows :
Mayor , G. M. Barrett , 87 ; Coun
cilman first ward , Bert Whitaker ,
; Councilman second ward , I.L.
Maust , 23 ; Councilmen third ward
Martin Gehling , ; Dr. Ilahn ,
. Bert Baker for clerk and
Will Uhlig for treasurer had no
opposition as was also the case
with John Crook for city engin
eer. Messers Greenwald and
Abbey were elected members of
the school board.
Salem had but one ticket in the
field and at last accounts they
were still running and counting
the votes.
Humboldt went wet which was
the only issue , and elected the
mayor and full council.
At Rule no little excitement
was created at the close when
someone sprung the question of
legality on the printed ballot.
The party and circle at the head
of the ticket had been omitted
and our neighbors are now won
dering what to do next.
The Misses Francis and Ruth
Martin of Nebraska City , are the
guests of Mesdams G. J. Crook ,
and Ben Foster this week.
An Operation.
Numerous friends of Miss Rue
Gates in this city will be pained
to learn that it became necessary
for her to undergo an operation
at a hospital in St. Joseph Taes-
day. Her mother , Mrs. George
Morris was called to her side on
Monday and preparations were at
once made for the ordeal. As
we go to press we understand
that the patient is doing nicely
ind indications point toward a
complete recovery.
Some Good Contracts.
Bohrer Bros , of this city have
secured some splendid contracts
in Kansas which will probably
occupy their time until snow
At Selden they have a school
building which is to cost com
pleted SHjiiOO , while Norton ,
Ivans. , will sport a $ ! )0,000 ) , opera
house at the hands of these
artists in their line. These
gentlemen spent the greater
part Of last season in Kansas
jind their work gave general
satisfaction and they are now
in demand in that section.
Di\ring the solitude of the Mir-
roundings about town Monday ,
a mule team attached to a
spring wagon dashed down
street. As this was the first
excitement we had witnessed
for some time , we watched re
sults with interest. They head
ed straight for theRine and had
not the linemen thoughtlessly
placed a pole in the route chosen
by the frantic mulesthey would
certainly have struck the bottom
tom of thf branch. Mule fash
ion they stopped at the pole
without giving the blacksmith
or ivagon maker a fifty cent job.
Business Change.
P. S. Hertnis has sold an in-
trost in his poultry and feed bus
iness to his brother who has
lately returned to this city Irom
Minnesota , where he has been
located for some time past. It
is the intention of these gentle
men to branch out in the poultry
industry and no doubt this is
but the beginning of an industry
that will mean employment lor
several hands in the near future.
We are pleased to see this mark
of faith in the future of Falls
City and hope the business may
grow until it reaches the pro
portions of the first in the state.
Our resources are as good as
those of Clarinda , Iowa , where
they now have a like institu
tion that is the pride of that
whole , country. Those inter
ested began on a small scale
and are now enjoying the dis
tinction of being at the head of
the list. Success to the new
Will Schock Heard From.
We are in receipt of a dis-
criptive circular faotn Will A-
Schock which sets forth the
beauties , possibilities and resources -
sources of Las Animas Col.
From this phamplet we notice
that Will has engaged in the
real estate business in the coun
try of his late choice , being a
member of the Las Animas
Realty Co. and his numerous
Iriends here certainly wish him
abundant success. Pie is a
rustler and with that Nebraska
push will certainly get a share
of the business in that line.
This country is now underditch
and the resources are wonderful.
It is the fulfilment of the prom
ise" and the wilderness shall
blossom as the rose. " Sugar
beets , alfalfa and cantaloupes
appear to be the main produd
while vegetables of all kinds
are raised in abundance.
Sour'grapcs win nothing.
Gcorsc Sells was up from Rule
Monday last.
John Wcddlc was down from
Shubert Friday.
W. N. Bourne of Beatrice spent
Sunday last in our midst.
Emery Alexander was over
from Ncmaha City Friday.
Dr J. k. Candy was down
from Humboldt Tuesday last.
LD. . Davies of Pawnee City
was a Sunday visitor in this city.
Fred Hickcs of Horton , Ivas. ,
! s visiting his sons in this city
this week.
Mrs. Albert Mitchell of
Wymorc is visiting her mother ,
Mrs. Peter Lour.
Sam Miles was down from
Lincoln and spent a few days in
our midst this week.
W. G. Mattnas of Shubert was
transacting business in this city
the first of the week.
W. E. Kentner was down from
Ilumboldt Friday transacting
business in our midst.
Miss Lottie Gulp is in Omaha
this week attending the Jellison-
Sherdcman wedding.
Mrs.W. G.Jones and daughter
Miss Grace of Ilumboldt , were
Falls City visitors Friday.
Evalyn McDonald is sick with
the measles having taken down
with them Friday evening ,
Thomas Ilildebrand wa * over
from Beatrice this week and was
a pleasant caller at this office.
Wm. Cade left Monday for
Osborne , Kas. , where he will look
after his land interests fora time.
Wilma Cline is spending a
short vacation from school duties
at Peru with her parents in this
John ScholtH was over from
Barada and spent a couple of
days in our midst the first of the
Ernest Bode was down from
Hebron the first of the week and
spent a day or two at his home
in this city.
Laura Scholl came down from
Peru the latter part of last week
to spend a short vacation at her
home in this city.
Errett Oliyer came down from
Cotner where he is attending
school and spent Easter with his
parents in this city.
W. H. Putman is in Geneva
this week looking after interests
he has in that city. He will be
absent about ten days.
An entertainment was given at
Convent Hall Sunday evening
which was well attended. The
Passion Play was produced by
moving pictures.
Willard Sears came in from
Beaver City Sunday morning to
be present at the marriage of his
sister , Miss Elya , and to spend a
few days with his parents in this
Mrs. W. F. Garver came down
from Ilumboldt Tuesday morning
and spent the forenoon with
friends in this city. She was en-
route to Plattsmouth to attend a
meeting of the Presbyterian mis
sionary society of this Presbytery
which meets in that city this
Probably the prettiest stage
picture ever concicved closes the
final act of the play. "The Vil
lage Parson. " Hardly a news
paper in the cities visited by the
production fails to mention this
climax , it sends everyone home
feeling better for having wit
nessed it. The play will be seen
at The Gehling Monday night
April 8th.
. iO m