The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, November 23, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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Heauty is a dangerous asset.
A lame excuse is worse than
none at all.
I caru to be a good loser and
you'll never bo sore.
After a man lias climbed to
the top of the ladder lie forgets
about those he left at the bottom.
Anybody can be good when
temptation is absent ,
Talking scandal implicates you
with it.
Never use what is not your
owiii never buy what you cannot
pay lor , never sell what you
haven't got , is a pretty good rule
to go by.
"One good turn deserves an
other" said the poet as he turned
his cull's lor the fourth time.
You can't ever say a man is
rich , judging by what his daugh
ter wears.
Life is like the ocean. It
drowns one man because he yields
to it passively and blindly. It
buoys up the other because he
strikes it skillfully and with
lusty sinews.
To be successful one must
know when to grant and when to
refuse concessions.
Too many people think it isn't
wrong to lie about a man who
lives a hundred miles away.
How one conducts himself in
the unusual and extraordinary
circumstances and conditions of
life is the true test of one's worth
and manhood.
The fool and the liar are insep
arable for the simple reason that
a liar is always a fool and the
fool is usually a liar.
How brave we all arc when
there is no enemy in sight !
The oldest love letter is in the
British museum. It is a proposal
of marriage for the hand of an
Egyptian princess and it was
made 3,500 years ago. It is in
the form of an inscribed "brick , "
says an exchange. Now we know
the identity of the original gold
brick man.
If you arc wronging anyone ,
quit it in time.
Why is it most of us believe
good nature is cultivated and ill
nature is natural ?
Don't permit pretended friends
to exaggerate your sorrows.
There is no such thing as a
white lie. Every lie is black.
A discontented person is bad
enough to live with , but a self-
satisfied person is lots worse.
A lot of fellows get into the
band wagon who make the driver
feel like swearing.
Some men hate to do right be
cause they think they are doing
it for the Lord. That is where
they arc fooled. A man should
do right for his own sake ; because
doing right pays better than
doing wrong. For his. own sake ,
no man can alTord intemperance ,
dishonesty or idleness.
The true woman believes in
marriage ; in motherhood , in fam
ily life and happiness. She finds
in this circle of interest her
noblest calling and her greatest
"Coming-out" parties for girls
are generally intended as public
announcements that they are
willing to go into retirement in a
"cottage built for two. "
' The training of the boys is
generally intrusted to mama be.
cause papa doesn't want them tc
become prixe-iightcrs or politi *
A Japanese woman's age cat
be told from her dress. It ii
probably the only country in tin
world where women are no
ashamed of their age.
Don't bet on your popularity
When some people get int <
trouble they enlist a lot of peopl
to help them out.
Piles quickly and positively cure
with Dr. Shoop's Magic Ointuicnl
It's made for Piles alone and It dot
the work surely and with satlsfactlor
Itcblnc , painful , protudlng or blin
piles disappear like magic by its use
Large , Nickel Capped glass jare , ! i
cents. Sold and recommended by u
Cuttlefish Have Been Found with n
Hencli of Thirty -Eight Feet
Kill Victims.
Of all the big garniof the deep
BCU Unit have been takou by man
enttlcllsht'.H nre the most dia
bolical in Hlmpo and general ap
pearance. . I hnvi ! handled and
muiimircd one thai was US feet in
length , a weird , spiderlike crea
ture with two antennaelike arms
0 feel in lunglh , nays a urilcr in
Metropolitan .Magax.ine. Speci
mens of these animals have been
caught 70 feet in length , the nip-
tors lighting them with an ax , cut-
ling ( lie arms which seized and
held the boat.
Oil' ( lie ooasls of California and
Alaska there is a big deep sea ally
of ( his animal a big spiderlike
o'Mofms thai haunts the deep
banks , preying upon the fishes
most esteemed by fishermen. It if
found oil' the Karraloncs on rocU
bottom and at times tlietiidiermen
haul in their lines thinking thai
they have fouled a slono or rock ,
so heavy is I he weight , bill when
the surface is reached long , livi. '
arms shoot above the waler. sci/ <
the boat and the mriiiur forced to
fight \ \ illi knives and hnlclichi ( he
weird , uncanny game I hat has < i
radial spread of .W feel , its eight
sucker-lined arms being l"i feet
in length and possessed of < -x
traordinary powr. A specimen
taken oil' the island of San ( ! ] <
menle had a spread of .ihonl 1U !
feet and gave ( he boatman a Imril
battle to sever its flying u n is
Nothing more diabolical can be
conceived than ( his spiderlike
gianl of the deep sea , living among
the rocks liOO to 1,000 feet below
the surface. An individual of
moderate si/.e which I kept alive
displayed the greatest pugnacity.
The moment 1 approached it
would literally hurl itself at my
arm , winding its long tentacles
about it in a manner suggestive ;
of whnl a large individual might
do. Indeed , Dr. A. S. Packard ,
professor /.oology at Hrown uni
versity , says :
"An Indian woman at Victoria.
Vancouver island , in 1877 , was
seized and drowned by an octopus ,
probably of this species , while
bathing on the shore. Smaller
specimens on coral reefs some
times seize collectors or natives ,
and , fastening to them with their
relentless snekered arms , tire and
frighten to death the hapless vic
tim. "
Contrast Between the Two Artists
Difference Between Art and
The contrast between these two
artists is almost the difference be-
twcen art and nature , says St.
Nicholas. .Reynolds was learned in
what other painters had done , and
had reduced his own art to a sys
tem. Gainsborough found out
almost everything for himself ;
never lost the simple , natural way
of looking at things and people ;
and painted not according to rule ,
but at the dictates of what he fell.
Reynolds planned out his etTects ,
Gainsborough painted on the spur
of the impression which the sub
ject aroused. Reynolds' art was
based on safe general principles ;
Gainsborough's was the fresh and
spontaneous expression of his
temperament depending , that is
to say , on feelings rather than on
calculation. Llis temperament ,
or habit of mind , was dreamy and
poetic , gentle and retiring , includ
ing a small range of experience.
Reynolds , on the other hand , was
a man of the world and of business
capacity ; intimate with Samuel
Johnson , Oliver Goldsmith ami
other celebrities of the day ; a man
of knowledge and clevercouversa
tional power , whoso pictures b.\
their variety prove his versatility
Consequently when the Koyn
academy was established , in 17GS
he was elected president by no
clamation and was knighted bj
George III. , an honor that ha's
t ever since been bestowed on tin
holder of this oiVice.
These two men were at the heat
of the group of portrait pnintcn
who , in the latter part of the eight
eenth century and in the earl ;
years of the succeeding one , udde !
d luster to the new growth of art ii
Bunynn in 105 languages.
One book alone , the "Pilgrim'
Progress , " holds the record fo
English literature , having been re
produced in 105 different tongue *
Railroad Man Leaves Generous Be
quest to His Long-Time
Eighteen years of unswerving devo
tion has brought its rich reward to John
Smyth , of 87 Crawford road , N. B.once
n Now York "cabby , " now the heir of n
railroad man of wealth. For that length
of time ho served the late George Dur-
dctto Sprlggs , formerly general freight
agent of the Nickel Plate system , In the
capacity of valet and confidential secre
For live years prior to his death Mr.
Sprlggs was on invalid suffering from an j
incurable malady. During that time
Smyth hovered over his beside , forego
ing all his pleasures. For weeks at a
tlmo the faithful valet was seldom able
to take off his clothc.s and was forced to
snatch his Bleep la a chair by the bed of
his afflicted employer.
Mr. Sprlggs died a few weeks ago ; but
ho did not forget the self-sacrificing de
votion of the man who soothed the lust
hours of his lonely life. The former
"cabby" from New York In now heir to
real estate and moneys representing a
bequest of more thnii $50,000.
It was on u dull November morning ,
18 years ago. that George Hurdcttc
Sprlggs mot John Smyth , cabman , in the
lot by the Hoffman house , New York.
"Cab , sir ? " inquired Smyth of the
Sprlggs turned and looked at the
"cabby. "
"la this the man you recommended ? "
ho asked , turning to the hotel clerk at
the desk The clerk nodded.
"Son , would you like ( o go to Cleveland -
land with me ? I have just discharged
my valet , and Callahan hero tells me
you are honest and trustworthy. Will
you come ? "
It did not lalto long to strike the bar
gain. The promise of travel and the in
ducements held out were too strong to
be resisted by the neophyte who wished
to plunge into the baptism of life real
life by "seeing the country. " And the
arrangement was never regretted , cither
by the busy man of railroad affairs , who
had neither wife nor child to brighten
his life , or by the former cabby , who left
little behind , and who is yet in the full
tide of young manhood , with the means
at his disposal to pursue a crowning de
"Ho never treated me ag u servant ,
but rather as a companion , " said Smyth.
"Mr. Spriggs was one of those men
whom the possession of wealth does not
spoil. Ho was liked by every person with
whom ho came In contact , by his serv
ants as well as by his business asso
"Tho properly ho left me was entirely
unexpected. Before ho died ho told mo
I should be taken care of in his will.
But what was left to mo was so much
beyond my deserts or expectations that
I was overwhelmed. I tried to do my
duty while I was in his employ , but
really I did nothing more than wftat I
was very liberally paid for. "
George IJurdetto Sprlggs was 71 years
: ilit when ho died. He had railroad and
> thor Interests in Canada and on the
continent aa well as those In this coun-
ry. By his will ho left $300 to each of
hreo other employes and some of his
eal estate to a niece In Gloucestershire ,
England. The rest of his estate ho bo-
lucathed to John Smyth , once cabman ,
hen faithful valet.
Conditions of Temperature May Force
Railroads to Radical Re
Weather conditions are frequently
of striking Influence upon rates. To
tart with , writes Samuel Spencer , in
'Railway Rates and Industrial Prog
ress , " In Century , the seasonable topic
of Ice , there was in a winter not long
past a total failure of the ice crop
on the Hudson river and the lakes and
streams in New Jersey and eastern
Pennsylvania. It was suddenly re
alized that distant sources must be
utilized for the supply of ice for New
York and the populous adjoining re
gion for the coming summer. Lake
hamplaln and Lake George , several
hundred miles away , seemed most
available , and rail transportation had
to bo arranged. Here was a new sit
uation , and a new and exceptional
traffic , for which no rates had over
before been needed or established.
The emergency was quickly met. The
necessary low rates were made , the ice
was transported , and the deficiency
A year or so ago the weather gave
another aspect to the Ice problem. A
particularly cold season left a large
surplus stock of Ice in the Icehouses
in the vicinity of New York city.
This depressed the Ice so as to affecl
injuriously the business of those lakes
in Pennsylvania which regularly
shipped ice to New York. To repair
as far as possible this unexpected In
Jury to a regular , established business
the railroads leading from Pennsylvn
nia made a substantial reduction in
their rates for Ice transportation in
order that their patrons during the
emergency might reach other more
distant markets.
Reed's Ride "Round the Horn. "
Tom Reed , accompanied by Willian
Bryant , a well-known politician in
\Valtham , took a Watertown branch
( Fitchburg railroad ) train one even
Ing a few years ago for the watcl
city , where ho was booked to speak r.
a Republican rally. It was Reed's
first experience going "around the
horn. " Stop after stop was made , am
finally the brakeman sang out
"Bleachery ! Bleachery ! The nex
station is Chemistry ! "
"Say , Bill , " drawled Reed , "thl
train is taking a regular high schoo
tourse. " Boston Herald.
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Mens , Boys , Children
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In work clothing we stand at r
the head. Work Shirts , Overalls , ' 1 !
Jumpers and Duck Coats , best
values at the lowest price of any
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Headache , Sour Stomach A thoroughly and clears
ach , Torpid Liver and 1 * ' fl sallow complexions of
Chronic Constipation. n\rni\j& TJflfl'f Q ' pimples and blotches-
\ \ & JTl'llfTJ
Pleasant to take 13X311V 6 riffll DyFUp It is guaranteed
For Sale by all DRUGGISTS
The Falls City
Candy Kitchen
A Complete stock of
Candy. The best of
Chocolates Fresh Every
Day. Allegrettis Creams
and best hand-made
H e a d qu a rters for
Good Candy.
About our meat market
and saying "what a nice
place to buy one's meat.
The popular price , high-
quality business that is
attracting the attention of
every thrifty woman in
Falls City. She says to
herself , "there must be
some reason for this pop
ularity. " There is , it's
The meat wo sell is the depen
dable kind , [ f the few people in
this town who have not gotten ac
quainted with us would only come
in , compare prices and note our
up-to-date way of doing business
wo would have the trade of the
city at our door. You're invited.
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Heiser & Mosiman.
It you like Cotleo but dura not drink
It , try IJr. Shoop's Healthy ColTee. It
Is true that real Coffee does disturb
thu Stomach , Heart and Kidneys. But
Dr. Shoop's Healh ColTeo has not n
grain of true colYeo in it. Bein < r make
from parched grains , malt , etc. , it
forms ti wholesome , food-llko drink ,
yet having the true flavor of Old Java
and Mocha Coffee.Made in a min
ute. " Call lit our store for a free
sample. Sold by Fred 2. Schmltt.
C. E. lllessing of Auburn , Neb. ,
has returned from South Dakota
where he has been selling apples
shipped him from Nemaha
county. He says that while the
demand there for apples is great ,
the market is already overstocked.
Many shippers could not find
sales and the fruit was dumped
into the stock yards. The
shippers also encountered a state
law requiring a license to sell the
fruit and some of the cities were
also armed with ordinaces requiring - I
ing still another license. Many j
of the shippers were arrested for
seeking to evade the paying of )
the license. Mr. Blessing lost j
considerable money on his ship-1
ments. Nebraska Politician.
f )
( J C
2 "V
ts ts *
| ' 8
O tt
( U g
( J ci
§ nixed Farming and Dairy jj
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g and the settlers already there aae desirable neighbors.
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