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Suggestions for the Treatment 01
Different Beds and What Ma
terials to Use.
A very pretty one was recently
made from a linen sheet. A hem six
inches wide wns turned up on three
Hides of it , and hem-stitched. A slml-
Dle scallop was then worked nil around
it on the double cdgo and cut out.
A dcsJgu showing hunches of chryK-
. nthcroums nnd leaves , joined by a
running design of ribbon , was mndo
exactly to fit the top of the bed
anil a similar design was put across
the upper end to go over the bolster
toll. The work wns done in heavy ,
whlto mercerized cotton the ribbon
being darned in , and the flowers and
leaves heavily stuffed nnd worko'l ' in
ratln stitch.
For a yellow and white room the
ni > rcal was made of six yards of plain
yellow wash material , 30 inches wide ,
costing eight cents a yard. This was
rut into six pieces , each one yard
pqtmrc , and joined together , tnrec
nieces on each side , with insertion
nbout three inches wide. In thn cen
ter of each square wns worked n con
ventional figure.
Kor an old-fashioned four-post ma-
hognay bed a handsome India cotton
print was used. This came 12 feet
Jong and six wide. The ground \vas
white , with gay red and hluo figures
of hirds and llowers across the two
ends. Ihc pattern took the form of
a wide horder. These two ends were
tut off and sewed along the upper pirt
of the two sides , the square openings
at the corners being left for the posts.
The whole spread was edged with
Rome old lace and insertion ripped
from discarded curtains.
Another sprea-l was made from Irish
unbleached linen , which comes 90
inches wide. This spread was made
three and onc-l.alf yards long so as
to allow of an extra piece to put ovnr
the bolster loll. The whole surface
was worked in a Mount Molltsh de-
Rlgn , using thn heavier grades of knit-
ling cotton ; the edges of this spread
"were hemstitched , but could be scal
Green Vegetables Highly Recom
mended and Hot Water a Great
Aid to Digestion.
Green vegetables and salads will
counteract a tendency to pimples ana
other skin eruptions. Sufferers from
eczema should eat uparingly of fruit ,
which , as a rule , contains too much
acid to be suitable for them.
The best toilet preparation in the
world is plain hot water. Drink a
glass of it every night if you want a
tyood digestion , clear complexion and
a good sleep.
If the hair is in a very weakened
ttate , as it is alter illness or fever ,
brushing , clipping and vigorous sh&m-
l > oos are too severe treatment for
Massage the scalp tor five minutes
every day , or for half an hour twice a
week , rubbing a very little vaseline
into the roots of tinhair. . Let Iho
hair hang loose and free as often as
possible and dress it as simply as pos-
Hlble , so that much handling will not
lie necessary. Give it a rest. Its weak
condition demands that It ho left
alone Instead of being fussed over.
In spite of the danger of the old-
Inshioned punishment of a box on the
cars , it is one which is often inllic'.ed
on troublesome children by their iar- *
vntfi , without the smallest regard of
consequences. The parents are ig
norant , not cruel , hut they ought co
know that such a punishment Is likc-
Jy to cause lifelong injury. Deafness
js probably the most frequent 111 re-
Milt of ear-boxing , but it may cause
injury to the brain and insanity.
Farmers' Review.
Stewed Veal with Barley.
Put a knuckle of veal In a saucepan
with a bit of butter the size of a wal
nut , and fry the meat a nice brown all
over. Just cover the meat withqulte
boiling water , put in a teacupful of
barley , two heads of celery , cleaned
smd cut in inch lengths , two carrot ? ,
two turnips , two largo onions , a sprig
f lemon thyme , marjoram and two
nago leaves. Let this simmer for ' .we-
hours ; put the meat on a hot dish ,
j-eason the vegetables with pepper and
all , pour over the meat , and serve
'With a tablespoonful of finely chopped
varsley sprinkled over.
To Ecinove a Grease Spot.
Here is a new way to remove a
crease spot , which answers excellent-
Jy : First place a double thickness of
Dotting paper on an ironing board.
.Lay the material on this and sponge
well with benzine. Now put two more
thicknesses of blotting paper on top
and Iron with a moderately hot Iron.
Hemember that benzine is inflamma
ble , so don't do this near a fire or
light , and see that your flatiron isn't at
vrorching heat.
Present for a Baby's Basket
You can make a very dainty little
present for the baby's basket by tak
ing ribbon an inch wide in pink or
blue , nnd sewing It in four long loops ,
leaving enough ribbon at one end to
form a rosette at the top. On each
loop place a crocheted silk ring , -about
Iho size o a quarter , and attach to
these rings safety pins of various sizes.
This is easily made , inexpensive and
always a welcome gift.
Little Moire Coats.
Moire is newer than taffeta for the
little silk coat that is to be worn Una
spring. Faille , which always comes in
with moire , is used for the same nur-
pose. The coats range all the way
from little postage stamp Jackets to
be worn with corselet skirts through
the ordinary eton and the little eack
coat to all lengths and degrees of
teats with skirU.
The Soil Must Bo Moist and Contain a
Considerable Percentage
of Clay ,
The department of agriculture lias
in press a number of farmers' bulle
tins which should appeal to the farm
er. One of these , which will bo Farm
ers' Uullctin , No. 248 , is written by L.
C. Corbett , the horticulturist in charge
of the Arlington experiment station ,
on "Tho Lawn. " Mr. Corhctt con
tends that the lawn is a signal of
the inner soul of the householder ,
showing an appreciation of beautiful
home surroundings. A lawn is the
accomplishment of every effort on the
part of man to beautify the surround
ings of his abiding place. The great
increase of interest in suburban and
rural lifo has caused a corresponding
increase of interest in matters per
taining to the making and mainte
nance of lawns. Suburban railroads ,
the extension of electric lines into
the country and the return of man to
natural ways of living are all features
contributing to the growing interest in
matters pertaining to lawn making.
Mr. Corbett believes that a lawn
hould he beautiful and at the same
ime useful. Its beauty depends on
ho contour of the land , the color and
exture of the grass , and the uniform
ly of the turf. The use of the lawn
s to provide a suitable setting for
rchltectural adornment and land-
cape painting.
The ideal soil for grasses best suit-
d for lawn making Is one which is
uoist and contains a considerable per-
entage of clay. A strong clayey loam
T a sandy loam underlaid with a clay
oil is undoubtedly the nearest ap-
> roach to an ideal soil for a lawn ,
ince the lawn Is a prominent feature
t is hardly possible to make the soil
'or the lawn too rich. Stable manure
losed and rotted and which is as free
is possible from detrimental weed
iccds is undoubtedly the best material
o use in producing the desired for-
ility of the soil. After a lawn has
cen established and it has , gone into
winter quarters , it is well to give the
r'oung grass a mulch of well decom-
osed stable manure which .shall not
be heavy enough to disfigure or mar
he lawn , but should be so fine nnd
ivcll decomposed that it will be curried
beneath the surface of the grass by the
alns and snows of winter , leaving
cry little rough or unsightly matter
o ho raked off in the spring. Prairie
Wonderful What Happy Results Fol
low on a Protracted Wnlk in
the Open Air.
It was a matter ot surprise to Einer-
fcon that the following little piece of
: ulvice by Do Qulncey should not have
attracted more attention : "The depth
nnd subtlety of the eyes varies exceed
ingly with the state of the stomach ,
and if young ladles were aware of the
.nagical . transformation which can be
wrought in the depth and sweetness of
the eye , by a few weeks' exercise , 1
lancy we should see their habits on
this point altered greatly for the bel
ter. "
He then describes the elfect ot walk
ing as he had noted it in the eyes of
the poet Wordsworth. "I have , " ho
says , "seen Wordsworth's eyes some
times affected powerfully in this re
spect. His eyes are not under any
circumstances bright , lustrous , or
piercing , but after a long day's toll
In walking , I have seen them assume
an appearance the most solemn and
spiritual that it is possible for the hu
man eye to wear. The light which re
sides in them Is at no time a superfi
cial light , but. under favorable acci
dents , it is a light which seems to
rome from a depth below all depth ; in
fact , It is more entitled to be held
* th light that never was on land or
fiea' a light radiating from some spir
itual world , than any that can be
named. " Good Health.
The Old Morning1 Glory.
The old-fashioned but ever popular
morning glory still claims a promi
nent place as a quick-growing and
beautiful vine for either foliage or
llowers. Appearing every morning In
all the richest shades of white , blur
and red , often varlogatod and striped ,
the silky flowers add much to thf
beauty of the home and materially in
crease the charms of summer and au
tumn mornings. The morning glory
has recently undergone some improve
ment at the hands of the professional
llorlsts , but it is an easily cultivated
Jiower and should ue a part of ihe
tloral display of every home.
Baked Rhubarb.
Ithubarb is almost a specific for curIng -
Ing the various small indigestions that
accompany the early spring season.
And it is so much nicer when baked
than stewed , although 1 usually eay
"stewed" as a breakfast dish. But if
peeled , cut into Inch bits and plenty
of sugar sifted over , It is set in a
rather cool oven and allowed to cook it
will be found so much less trouble and I
more delicate. Stir once In a while
with a silver fork , and do not add any
water. When cold it may be served 1
in patty shell or tartlets , in a bowl i
that has been lined with macaroons erin
in plea.
For Cleaning Bottles.
Salt and vinegar make an excellent
solution for cleaning bedroom water
bottles or wine decanters. A dessert
spoonful of rough salt put into a w'ae '
decanter , moistened with vinegar and
well shaken generally removes all
Protect the Trees.
Trees should be protected during thu
cummer as well as through the win -
ter. The tree veneer does the work ,
The veneer is a guard against qua
cald , borers , mice and rabbits.
Mrs. Louisa Nltzsoho accompanied
by Pearl Lawrence of Wlnnobago vul
ley wore Palls City visitors Saturday
Mr. Urlnegar a prominent ranchman
of Idnho spent several days visiting at
the homo of M. C. Urlnogur of Wlntio-
b.igo Viilloy.
Henry Hcrshborgcr his largo
new burn completed. It is a fine build *
In } : and large enough to hold all the
iarmlng necessities for a largo farm.
Mrs. ICmlly Fischer visited at the
home of her daughter , Mrs. Annlo
Schmidt election day.
Mrs. Rimer Sohock spent several
days tit the home of Mrs. John Santo
of Hulo township.
Faithfulness of purpose re-elected
Cass Jones to the legislature.
Being tried and true Cbas. Xocllcr
could not be defeated by the demo
cratic host.
John Gentry sold his corn in the
field to Geo. E. Taylor for $190.
John Helfcnblne wasju business call-
r lu Hulo Tuesday.
Being opposed to the purchasing of a
lew roud grader defeated Louis Suess
'or county comlssioner.
J , II. Brlnegarof Uulospent Sunday
, vith his parents and friends at Winne-
bago valley.
The citizens of Fat-go all voted
election day.
Hmel Saal of Falls City had busi
ness iicre Tuesday.
Freda Paul , Anna Fischer and Mary
Thiltges of Fort Hazel are among the
miny who are being1 taught music by
Mary Iliuinks of Winnebugo Valley ,
Many reports uro In claiming an
iverago of CO to 7f outhel yield of corn
icr act-1. Farmers are pushing the
Harvesting of same with all haste ,
foster pays get your corn In the crib
jy November lutli or * much will be
ostby heavy snows. Let us watch It.
Work on Adam BloKels new barn Is
progressing nicely. Virgil Chlptnan
being the muster mechanic.
Frank Ouumun is helping build a
country bridge above the Bllby ranch
this week.
Grandmother Fritsohcr strayed
iwuy from homo Friday uftornoon.
She was seen at the Fort Hazel , school
house during the afternoon. An all
night beiireh was made for her and
she was foudd unharmed on the streets
of Falls City Saturday morning. Con
siderable excitement and anxiety , but
it was Sioon forgotten. The old lady is
getting very old and will be watched
more closely hereafter.
The New Pure Food svnd Drug LSV.W.
Wo are plcused to announce that
Foley's Uoney and Tin- for coughs ,
colds and lung troubles is not alTcctcd
by the National Pure Food and Drug
luw as it contains n.i opiates or other
harmful drugs , and we recommend it
as a safe remedy for children and
adults. For -ale by all druggists.
An Open Look.
Keep your inner self so free
from thoughts that need cover
ing1 as to be able to look clearly
and unflinching out upon your
dailj' life. A clear , outrcaching
look , bright and unsullied , is a
good recommendation. Some
boys and young men get so
steeped in hidden sins that they
can keep this open look even after
the waters of their soul are stirred
with dark wings , but this is poss
ible only by long and careful
tutelage. Do not try your hand
at it , for ten to one you will fail ,
and the ones you try so hard to
have think differently will think
the exact truth , and set you
down , not only as a wrongdoer ,
but as a deceitful wrongdoer ,
who. everyoiip knows , is still
more despised b } ' honest people.
Preventics , as the name Implies , pre
vent all Colds and Grippe when "tuki-n
ut the ftiee/.u stugf. " Preventics are
toothsome candy tablets. Preventics
dUfalputo ull coliii quickly , and taken
early , when you first feel that a cold is
coming , they check and prevent them
Preventics uro thorougnly safe for
children , and as elTectuul for adults.
Hold and recommended in fi cent nnd
2ii cent boxes by till dealer. %
I have found a tried and tested euro for Uhcu-
Tnattsral Not a remedy that will straighten tha
distorted limbs of chronic cripples , nor turn bony
growths back to flesh aroln. That is impossible.
llut I can now surely kill the pains and panirJ ot
this deplorable disease.
I In Oermany-wlth a Chemist In the City of
Darmstadt I found tha last Ingredient with
I which Dr. Shoop's Ithouinatlo Remedy was mada
M perfected , dependable prescription. Without
that last Ingredient. I successfully treated many.
many cases oi Itheutnatfsm ; but now. at last , it unl-
tormly cures all curable cases of thlslherutoforo
much dreaded disease. Thow cnmMlku granular
wastes , found In Rheumatic IJlood , seem todlisolvu
and pass away under the action of thU remedy as
freely as does tuirar when added to pure water.
And then , when dissolved , these poisonous wastes
freely pass from tbo system , and the cause of
Bhoumatlsm is gone forever. Thcru is now no
real need no actual excuse to suffer longer with-
i out hop ! , Vie soil , and In confidence recommend i
; Dr. Shoop's
: Rheumatic Remedy I
Burlington Bulletin.
XOVUMUUIl 11)0(5. ) (
liomul Trip to the Coast :
Daily Touriet rules in cll'eet nil
winter to Pucilio Const destina
tions with variable routes.
Chicago anil return : O n e faro
plus $2.00 for the round trip Dee-
ember 1st tollli inclusive for the
International Live Stool ; Exposi
To the East and South : N7ery
ow liomeseokor's and Winter
tourist excursions through the
\ . nt inn n and Winter to various
lestiiuttions throughout the
south and southeast.
Visit the Old Home : Low ex.
cnrsion rates to the old homo
joints in Illinois , Iowa , Wisconsin
Missouri and other middle states
lestinatiotis , ( Jet , IHli and 2Ircl. !
Nov. Idth and 27th , limit thirty
Homeseekorfl' Hxcureions :
frequently each month to Western -
ern Nebraska , Eastern Colorado ,
3itf Horn Basin , dry land farm-
i\K destinations or irrigated BOO-
Dry Lund Farming- : Send for
Voider and get hold of a quarter
section of cheap western land be-
ore it is too late.
Free Kinkaid Lands : Write
Diem Denver , Agent Burlington's
[ lomeseekers' Information Bureau
it 1001 Farnam St..Omaha , about
citing hold of a free section of
Kinkaid lands now being restored
to the public domain.
E. 0. WHITTOUI ) , Agt.
This is Worth Remembering.
As no one Is immune , every person
should remember that Foley's Kldnoy
Uurc will cure any case of 'kidney or
bladder trouble that Is not beyond the
each of medicine. For mile by all
Notice of Settlement.
In the Comity Court of Klchardscm
Comity , Nebraska. In tin- matter of the
stale of Auirnst Wclnerl , deceased , fa
he Creditors HeirsI.eit.iteos ami all
others interested In said estale. Take
uillce thai John \Vclnert has filed In said
Court a leport of his dolitits as Kxecutor
if said estate for his final seltletncnl
Ihereof , also Illi-d a petition for an order
> f illstrlltiton | of tin- residue of said
eslale In Ills hands.
It Is ordered by the Court thai tilt
same l > c heard in the County Court roon
In said County on Iho 17th d ay
if I Nevi-mlx-r IWi , al 2 o'clock p. in. , hen
and where all parlies may appear
ind oppose tinsatin' . Ordered fur
ther , that upon tlie approval of slid
repoil , a decree of distribution of said
residue \\lll IM- made Id the parties entitled
lly orde.4 of tin- court dated October 27th
1'HKl. JIIN C.AC.NdN ,
47-31 County Jmlirv.
Cheap Farm Land.
Southwest Offers Best Opportunities
For Securing Homes.
Many fanners in the Northern
and Eastern states are selling their
high priced lands and locating in
the Southwest. Many who have
been unable to own their homes
in the older country are buying
lands in the new country.
Unusual opportunities e xi s I
along the lines of the Missour
Pacific-Iron Mountain Konte.
The rich , alluvial , delta lands ant !
river bottom lands of Southeasi
Missouri , Eastern Arkansas
Louisiana anil Texas , capable o ;
producing (50 ( bushels of corn ,
bale of cotton , -1 to ( ! tons of alfalfi
150 bushels of potatoes , and other
grains , vegetables and hay crops
can bo bought for $7.50 to $15.00
per acre. When cleared ant
slightly improved will rent fo
$4.00 to $0.00 per aero cash.
Uplands more rolling , lighte
soil , adapted to fruit growing
ppache.s , pears , plums grapes
berries also melons , , tomatoes
( and other vegetables , can be
bought for $5.00 to $10.00 pe
acre in unimproved slate. Man ;
places with small clearings am
some improvements can be bough
very cheap.
Write for tntip and descriptive
literature on Missouri , Arkansas
Louisiana Texas , Kansas 01 In
dian Territory. Very cheap rates
on first and third Tuesdays o
| each month ,
Address ,
TOM HUGH us , T. P. A. ,
Omaha , Neb.
or n. O.TOWNSKND.G. P. &T. A. ,
St. Louis , Mo.
A full line of the Small Musical Instruments ,
Latest Sheet Music , Edison and Victor Records.
i We also carry a large stock of J
i Falls City Music Company
Opposite Court House
This is our motto not only in style , but
in material and workmanship as well.
When you wear a suitor overcoat made
at Wilson's you may be assured that
none are better dressed than you.
Tailor made suit will wear as long as
two Hand-me-Downs and they always
hold their shape and look dressy. The
result is that it pays to dress well and
look neat at all times.
Call and examine our extensive line of
patterns and get our prices , we are sat
isfied you will look no farther.
: i e
55 The Falls City Roller Mills
Docs a general milling business , and manufactures the
f following hrandb of flour
The above brands are guiirantccd to he of the highest pos
sible quality. We also manufacture all mill products and
conduct a general
Grain , Live Stock and Coal Business
and solicit a share of your patronage
P. S. Heacock & Son , Falls City , Neb.
* * XX * * * * *
Have you tried the *
Under new management. We will carry at if
all times a full stock of the best of everything
in our line. High Standard Quality is our if if
Motto. Our methods are bound to please if ir
you. 'Phone 3. Yours for Business , if if
A. E. SCHMIDT. if if
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