The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, November 09, 1906, Page 8, Image 8

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$40,000 Private Money to loan , Annual Interest
Hen Smith
est , Optional payments , Choice farms in this
and adjoining counties , cheap homes in the
LANDS & LOANS West and South. Exchanges made.
Morning , Nov
Come in and let us ( junto you prices on ANYTHING IN FOOT WEAR. This sale is to be a sensation and you will lose money if you don't come here for
Foot Wear during the sale. Everything , Work and Dress Shoes , High Tops , Hosiery , Overshoes , Rubber Boots , Leggins. Come and see.
Falls City , Nebraska-
Mrs. Mimii la visiting liur son I lurry
at this place
Mrs. Huyer , sister anil Httlo son
wore Rule visitors Sunilny tliu quests
of Hurry Mini n mill wlfo.
The election passed oil quickly Tues
day , Hulo township went republican.
P. E. Kulp of Wyinoro was in Hulo
Mr. Ennls and family of Alclil-
eon were thu guests of I)1 E. Plum anil
wlfo last week.
W.A.Jones of I'Yldora , Kansas , was
Blinking hands with old friends In Unlo
3a3t Thursday.
U. C. James of Falls City was a visit
or in this city last week.
James Roland of Rushbottom was
transacting business In Kulo last Sat
Quito u number of our town people
attended the Hryan speaking at Falls
City last Saturday.
Hov. Mav.o of Dawson preaehod Sun
day morning and evening to a crowded
house. In thu morning , Ills subject
was "The Autumn of Life , ' and the
church was beautifully decorated In
nil theproduet $ of autumn.
Joe Hrlttorlc of Fortescue visited in
Kulo Sunday the guest of Mr. Noland
and wife.
W. J. CunnliiRhum and wife visited
in Missouri Sunday.
Grandma Mourner departed for St.
Joseph Tuesday whnro she will spend
several weeks visiting with her son
John C. Illnkle of Forteseuu , visited
with his son , J. A. Saturday.
Mrs. Clyde Adams returned homo
Saturday from Nebraska City where
she has been visiting for the past three
Jim Rhodes , of the Hlg Lake was
transacting business in Kulo Saturday.
Mrs. U. E. Anderson and children
ol Ilumboldt arrived In Uulo Tuesday
lor a visit with her parents and other
Thu Ilurlincton bridge inspection
car passed through Rule Tuesday.
John Cheycno visited friends in
Missouri last Saturday.
Cass Jones was a business visitor In
Rule Monday.
Frank Vanvalklnburt ; of Chicago , is
visiting his parents and other friends
this week.
Harry Hallow of Lincoln who was
hurt hero some time ago has entirely
recovered and returned hero Sunday
to again take up his work.
Ves Bunekr was a Hulo visitor Sat
Myley , who has been away for some
weeks has returned to Uulo.
Mattlu and Hcssie Hays are visiting
friends at Forest City this week.
Clay Brown of Missouri was a Uulo
visitor the last of the week.
J. Barker of Shubert was In Uuk
Joe Moorehcud of Falls City wa :
here Monday and Tuesday helping
the Workmen to extend their order.
A medicine show is holding fortl
this week to a more or less crowdci
The Bachelor Club girls met Thurs
day night at the home of Mr. Winter
John Kunuly was a Falls City visltoi
Charlie Scott and family of Kansai
Visited in Rule Sunday.
Phil Horan is moving Into Mr. Win
tcrbottoms house lately vacated b ;
Dr. Shepherd.
Ed Davis was a St. Joseph visito :
Thursday of last week.
Mi's. Cynthia HocrniT and children
are visiting rclatlvi'i In Vcrdon this
Mrs. Charles Fredurlck and two
daughters returned from a visit to
: ilN City Sunday uvoning.
Cecil and Margaret Kanaly wore
alls City visitors Suturriay and Sun-
James Halcr and family spent sever
ays the latter part of last week visit-
ig relatives in Missouri.
Mrs. Win. Johnson visited her moth-
r In Vcrdon this week.
Dr. Shepherd has moved Into Jacob
VlngltH house , recently used as a
Worth Anderson of Kansas visited
11 Rule Friday.
James Cronlns was a Falls City
Isltor last Friday.
Gco. Hall eamo up from Falls City
. 'uusday.
Davu Davles , wlfo and son wuro Vcr-
Ion visitors Tuesday afternoon.
Guy Houston of F.xlls City spent
Sunday afternoon here.
J. W. Watson , wlfu and -.laughter
voro Falls City visitors last Saturday.
A. N. Harris of Shubert was renew-
ug old ai-iiualntanccs here ono day
list week.
Frank Urlchor of Shubert was a
iiibiness visitor hure Saturday.
Norman Weaver and wife spent Sat-
irday at Falls City.
Meeohcr Cornell cumu homu from
jlncoln Sunday.
O. E. Stout of Auburn was looking
if tor business here , Monday.
Edith Uournmn of Lincoln is visit-
ngR. E. Uowmiin ami wife this weuk.
Mr. Chailln and wlfu of Ilumboldt
spent Monday with O. P. Veal and
Mrs. U. E. Estes and sou of Hum-
boldt , spent a short tlmu here Thurs
day afternoon.
N. U. Jiuhl of Dawson was a business
visitor hero Thursday .
Lizzie lionmun returned homo Wed
nesday after visiting her sister , Mrs
Homer Watklns.
Lot-en Corn eamo down from Lin
coln , Saturday and remained until
Moso Vouch and wife wore Falls Citj
visitors last Saturday.
Mrs. Dan Grllllth returned home the
last of the weuk from a pleasant visit
In tli3 western part of the state.
Henry Corn heard W. J. Hryan ill
Falls City Saturday.
O. P. Veal and family spent Sundaj
at ttio home of Vincent Arnold , soutl
of town.
Mrs. Belle Cornell and duughtoi
Eunice visited In Falls City last Tues
The Friends in Council of Falls Cit :
were entertained Friday evening b ;
GertrudeLum. .
The play , "A Day at the Union De
pot at Vcrdon , " was taken to Salon
lust Tuesday evening. They tODk It
about $2-4.
Will Mowery of Stella was In town i
short tlmo Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Elvira Hull and daughter re
turned homo Saturday from a pleasan
visit with relatives at Barada and Sbu
John Walker and family of Shubert
visited with relatives here Sunday.
Messrs and Mesdames W E. Gools
by and C. G. Humphrey were buslnes
visitors at Shubert the last of tin
The Corn Bros , are building an ad
dlllon onto their barn this week. Con
Bros. , of Salem are doing the work.
Mesdames Will Gibson and Al Krow
ere Falls City visitors hist week.
The Ladles of thu Congregational
hureh gave an oyster supper on olec-
Ion night.
Mrs. E A. Lltchfiold and baby left
londay for a visit with relatives at
\shluml , Nob-
Frank Mullen entertained the Bachu-
) r club at his home northeast of town
Saturday evening.
Ollte Potrashck came over from
'awnee City Saturday returning to
or school duties Sunday.
Ralph Philpot was a passenger to
\rupuhoo , Neb. , Tuesday.
Mrs. L. C. Mann ivus seriously ill at
ho home of her daughter , Mrs. Elmer
Woods In Elk Creek , the last of the
Mrs. Mary Illavaty has returned
rom a several week's visit with Lin
coln friends.
J. L. Kirk and family arrived In the
ity the middle of thu wuck , and will
jo permanent residents of HumbuKlt.
Mr. Kirk has accepted a position with
ho local telephone company.
Bertha Dodge and Laura ShalTer
were visitors In Falls City Monday.
Rov. Bert Wilson returned Tuesday
'rom a business trip to Polk county.
Mrs. A. A. McMurray and son Coouer
returned thu hrst of thu week from a
visit with St. Joseph friends.
George Hummel , who Is attending
thu state I'nlvorslty in Lincoln camu
down to vote Tuesday.
Olive Harmon of Elk Creek spent
Sunday with her friend , Daisy Morris ,
in Ilumboldt.
Ray Glut and wlfu returned Thurs
day last from an extended visit with
E. A. Tuekur.und wlfo at'Los Angeles ,
Abraham Moore ol Pawnee county
- and Mrs. Lucinda Medium of this eitj
were united in murrlugo at thu county
clerks olllco In Pawnee City lasi week
John Fellers came down from Tal-
iiro. Nebr. , to cast his vote Tues
Earnie and Glen Moore drove to
Falls City Wednesday.
Sadiu Jones spent Saturday and Sun
day in town.
Cora Spurgin'.visited over Sunday in
town at Mrs. Meredith's.
Zulu , McCool was a passenger to
Wymoro Tuesday for a visit with Fred
Wlndoll and family.
John Wells returned Tuesday to his
home in Manvillc , Ivans , after a short
visit with Salem relatives.
Mrs. W. W. Spin-lock returned Wed
nesday fro.ii an extended visit with hoi
daughter at Greenwood , Wis.
Will Kershuw was In town Saturday
and Sunday.
Clay Wagner Is improving his resl
deuce with a new coat of paint.
Goldie Billings and Joe Harbaugh o
Dawson were Salem visitors Tuesday
Mrs. Keller arrived Tuesday for t
visit with her daughter Mrs. Ed May
Gco. Knapp and wife of Vcrdon
spent Sunday in Salem.
Ed May left Tuesday for a buslnes
trip to Kansas.
Guy Miller was a Fulls City visitor
Will Hanna and Mrs , Mattle E. Muj
of Falls City were Salem visitors Tues
Mrs. Frank McCool drove to Fall
City Monday.
George Slocum and wife of Stelh
visited in Salem Sunday.
Dr. Waggoner and family were Daw
son visitors Sunday.
A number of young folks from Salem
ttended the box social at Nemaha
Yiduy evening.
Ctias Suyder and wife of Table Rock
came down Sunday.
Florence Savlllu spent Sunday at
R. E. Grlnsteud and Em Wlckhnm
verc Falls City visitors Saturday.
Annie Meyers was a guest of Eana
ShatTer Sunday.
John Wlltse and family of Falls Ulty
snent Sunday with Mrs. Wiltse's moth
Xona and Ruby Burn worth' visited
with Sarah Cook Sunday.
Ethul Cook was a guest of her friend
Kate Shouse , Sunday.
Annie Stump is on thu sick list last
Fred Chesley and wife were guests
of the hitters parents O. A. Burk and
family Sunday.
Geo. Shou e and family were visitors
at Eph. Peck's Sunday.
Mrs. Omara and two small children
went to Hulo Saturday for a visit with
her daughter Mrs. A. Darvc u.
Clarence Peck and Win. Hutchison
visited with Guy and Albert Burk
Frank Shulenbergur and wife visited
at Henry Walters Sunday.
Jaku Cook is on the sick list this
Mrs. George Johnston was quite sick
this week.
Noah Peck and wife went to Merrill
Tuesday to attend the wedding of then-
son Chas. which took place Tuesday
John Reisehiek and family wuro
guests of Mrs. Relsehick's sister , Sun
Dsllu and Nellie Knisely spent Sun
day with their brother A. E. Kuisoly.
Fell in Cistern.
While attending a Hallowe'en
part } ' at the home of her father-
in-law , Christian Wamsley , on
Wednesday evening of last week ,
Mrs. Maud Heck-Wamsley fell
into a deep cistern. One of the
the boards covering the cistern
had been taken up for some of
the games , and Mrs. Wamsley , in
going in quest of some paper
with which to wrap up some
dishes , and not being aware of
the absence of the usual covering
of the cistern , stepped in the hole
and plunged into the cavity.
She called for help and Christian
Wamsley slid down the tubing
and picked her up , when a ladder
was lowered and he brought her
up. Dr. Fast reported the in
juries very severe , but at this
writing she is a trifle better.
Severed Little Finuer.
While chopping some kindling
Monday morning , preparatory to
making a fire at his smithing
shop , Samuel Prater sustained a
badly cut finger. The hatchet
missed the end of the piece of
kindling and struck the little
finger on his left hand , leaving
it hanging on by a piece of the
skin about a quarter of an inch
in length. Dr. Miner stitched
the finger back on and it is
thought at this writing that it
can be saved.
George Bliss was born on the
twenty-second clay of October ,
1859 , at Burlington , Iowa and
died at his home in this city on
the iirst day of November , 190(3 ( ,
aged 47 years , and 0 clays. Fun
eral services were conducted at
the residence , by Samuel Lichty
at 11 o'clock last Friday morn
ing , interment being in the
Stelle cemetery.
Mr. Bliss came to this city
about thrity-five years ago and
was well known to Falls City
people , and his death was a
great surprise as he had the ap
pearance of enjoying fair
health. For many years he was
engaged in the horse trading
business and was quite success
ful in this trade. Two weeks
ago he was taken ill. and al
though an operation was per
formed , he grew steadily worse
and finally passed awaj' .
Ele is survived by his wife ,
mother , two sisters and three
Our New Band Appears.
Last Saturday morning was
the Hrst public appearance of
the band since its new organi
zation , the boys thus showing
their appreciation of the sup
port lately given them. If they
keep on at such rapid strides
we will soon have one of the
best bands in the state as the
boys certainly .did themselves
proud last Saturday , the music
being very much appreciated.
Here's listening for more.
Changes Hands.
George Prater bought the
barber shop recently purchased
by Mrs. Clara Glines , the latter
deal taking place on Tuesday
of this week. Mr. Prater is
now owner and proprietor of
the shop and with his many
years of experience will con
duct it in an up-to-date manner.
Fred Whitten of Atchison will
assist Mr. Prater.
Small Blaze.
The lire department was
called out Friday morning by a
blaze at the home of Mr. Buck-
misister on south stone street ,
but it was extinguished before
the hose cart arrived. But a
small loss was sustained.
Upset Carriage.
The team attached to a car
riage occupied by Mrs , Chris
Horn and daughter and Mrs.
Gus Bucholtz became frighten
ed last Saturday afternoon
while standing in front of the
V. G. Lyford store , and started
to turn around in a circle. A
severe bit on one of the horses
chafed it and made it all the
more unmanagable in their effort -
fort to check it. The carriage
was upset but scarcely any
damage sustained. Miss Horn
received several bruises but the
others escaped without injury.
On the evening of Nov. Ott.
1900 at the home ot Mr. and Mr .
S. A. Flickinger occured a mot
beautiful wedding ceremony ,
the occasion being the marriage
of their daughter Verna Maud
to Mr. Charley Peck.
The parlor was decorated
with smilax and white chrysan
themums , an arch being con
structed of choice ferns , under
which the ceremony was per-
The dining room was decor ,
ated with evergreens and car
nations. The table presented a
most attractive appearance being -
ing festooned with carnations.
Precisely as the clock struck
half past six , the bride and
groom appeared , at the beauti
ful strains of Lohengrin's wed
ding march which was played
by Miss LilaKmney. TheRer.
Eisenbise preformed the cere
mony , which made the happy
couple one , after which con
gratulations w e r -howered
upon them. The assembled
guests were then invited to the
dining room where the'partook
of a most sumptions feast ,
which was served in four
A most pleasant evening was
spent , the guests leaving at a
late hour.
The out of town guests we.'e
the parents of the groom Mr.
and Mrs. Noah Peck and daugh
ter Ethel from Falls City , Mis *
Li la Kinney of Sabetha , Clint
Kreitzer from Sabetba , C. C
Stull , wife and daughter , Peart
of Hiawatha. Elsie Higgins of
Robinson , J. F. Dague aud wife
of Hiawatha.
During the evening a party of
young ladies , friends of the
bride , serenaded the happy
couple with most beautiful
songs , and they were rewarded
with cake passed by the bride ,
also cigars passed by the groom.
The bride and groom will be
at home to their many f riend. >
after January 1st on the farm
of John Master three miles
south west of Merrill , Kansa ?
New Glass Arrived.
The two new plate glasses lor
the Jenne Shoe store arrived on
Tuesday of this week and were
immediatly put in place. Three
of the large plate glasses have
been broken in the remodelling
of tlii ? building. A piece ot
scaffolding fell against the first
one and the other two were
broken in attempting to change
them. Mr. W. W. Jenne had a
narrow escape from having his
foot cut off by the falling broken
glass last week. Extensive
changes and repairs have been in
progress on this building for the
past two or three months , and
when completed it will be one
of the most modern and up-to
date store buildings in this part
of the state. As soon as com
pleted the building will be occut
pied by the H. M. Jenne shoe ebr