The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, August 03, 1906, Image 5

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C3o We Have all Kinds and Styles of Up = to = Date Footwear C5O
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* Goods Marked in Plain Figures. Conic in and sec us , we will try to
r SHOE ST0RE Please Yon.
Bat Sowles' candy.
Chas. Davis spent Sunday at
H. P. Rieger of Preston was in
town Saturday.
John W. White was a Salem
visitor Tuesday evening.
G. A. Freiburghouse has our
thanks for fayors this week.
EE. . Ewing of Verdon was in
the city on business on Saturday.
Mrs. E. F. Sharts spent Tues
day afternoon at the chautauqua.
Anna Jenkins of Rule attended
the McNamara funeral Monday.
Sol Russell of Rule was trans
acting business affairs here Mon
Maud Graham and Henry C.
Smith were chautauqua visitors
last Sunday.
Dowty Watson of Reserve was
the guest of friends in this city
last Sunday.
Al Kroh and wife of Verdon
were Falls City visitors the latter
part of last week.
Mrs. J. A. Benedict of Verdon
spent Sunday with her daughter ,
Mrs. George Noah.
Dr. Parsell has moved his
household effects and located in
Pawnee City , Neb.
Jessie Berry and George Hall
drove up to the chautauqua on
Sunday afternoon.
Jennie Stump of Verdon was
the guest of Ethel Parchen on
Monday of this week.
W. H. McWain of Rule was a
pleasant caller at this office while
in the city Saturday.
Mayme Waldron of Topeka ,
Kansas , is visiting with her
friend , Eithia Houck.
Ait Wilson , the famous ball
player of Humboldt spent Mon
day with friends here.
Julia Frauentelder of Verdon
spent a portion of this week with
her cousin , Ethel Parchen.
Mabel Greenwald is soon to
leave for LeMars , Iowa , where
she is to teach in the public
Arnold Schuetz and father of
Humboldt were pleasant callers
at this office while in the city on
i , F. G. Foster of this county had
* a carload of nice cows and heif
ers on the Kansas City market
the first of the week.
| James H. Cornell and wife re
turned Monday evening from a
visit with their daughter , Mrs.
Nelle Tinker , at Omaha.
Paul Weaver , who has been
spending some time at Seattle ,
Wash. , and other western points ,
returned to this city Monday.
Prof. Crocker and family ex
pect to leave about the 15th inst.
for Pawnee City where the pro
fessor will teach in the public
Jacob Mack , Martin Werner ,
Key. Geradewohl and wife left
the first of the week on a trip to
Germany. They expect to be
gone three months.
Chas. F. Krecker and wife ,
Dottie Sage , Mrs. Oliver , Iva
Kent , John Baptist and Rev. T.
H Lindenmeyer are attending the
> ' ' state convention of the churches
to of Christ of Nebraska at Bethany
, < J , camp grounds about eight miles
out of Lincoln which holds forth
July 29th to August 5th inclusive
Edward Poteet went to Salem
R. A. Clark came down from
Stella Friday.
Geo. Holt is enjoying the Colorado
rado climate in Denver.
Dick Baker returned from
Salem Sunday afternoon.
Maud Davis was among the
Salem visitors Sunday.
Judge Raper was transacting
legal affairs here Saturday.
Dr. Reneker was a Friday pas
senger for Denver , Colorado.
Rill Houston is quite ill , being
threatened with typhoid fever.
John Gilligan left Saturday on
a business trip to Seattle , Wash.
Mrs. J. B. Varner and daugh
ter , Marion , spent Tuesday at
Levi Cheney , one of Stella's
business men , was in this city on
Joe Morris of Humboldt was
among the Monday visitors in
his cit } ' .
Judge Reavis was called to
Atchison in a business way on
Vlonday morning.
Esborne Wheeler was down
from Stella and spent Sunday
with relatives here.
Leo McKiever came from Chicago
cage to attend the funeral of his
sister , Mrs. McNamara.
Fred Miller came down from
Lincoln and spent Sunday with
lis family in this cit } .
Hammond Willard of Reserve ,
Kansas , was a business visitor in
this city the past Friday.
Herman Richardson of Verdon
was a Falls City visitor Saturday
and gave us a call while in town.
Little Opal Foehlinger of Mc-
Cook is visiting with her grand
parents , James Goldman and
wife. "
Mrs. W. G. Lytle and daugh
ter , Hazel , of Atchison are the
guests of Geo. S. Albright and
Anna and Mabel Poteet and
Mrs. Harry Crooks were among
the chautauqua visitors the past
Rev. W. T. Cline and family
left Tuesday afternoon for Lin
coln where they will attend the
Mr. O'Brien , who has been vis
iting with Dick Coupe and family
left Saturday morning for Effing-
ham , Kans.
Mrs. P. S. Heacock and daugh
ter , Elizabeth , returned from
Kansas City the latter part of the
past week.
Bert Brenizer returned to Mc-
Cook , Saturday after a brief visit
at the home of his parentsFrank
Brenizer and wife.
Mrs. Benj. Slagel has recov
ered from her recent illness suffi
ciently to enable her to walk
about at the home.
40,000 acres for sale , 30.00 to
$12.00 an acre. Level Land Realty
Company/ Bird Citv , Cheyenne coun
ty , Kansas. Local agents wanted to
bring us buyers.
Florence Boose left Tuesday
for Haswell. Tennessee , where
she will be occupied in the
studies and labors of missionary
Mr. VanWinkle went to St. Joe
last Friday where he purchased
a large tent for the apple packing
factory. Their other one was
riddled by the severe storm lasl
Herman Minnick came up from
Atchison Sunday.
Ruth Lewis is spending the
week with Omaha friends.
John Helfenbein on route 5 re
membered The Tribune Tuesday.
Mrs. Frances Heaston was a
pleasant caller here during the
Mrs. Ella 1'riest left Sunday
'or a brief visit with friends at
Mr. DeYoung of Lincoln was
the guest of Elta Boose during
: he week.
Will Gibson and wife were
down from Verdon on business
ast Saturday.
Elizabeth Miller a n d John
lutchings drove up to the chau
tauqua Saturday.
Mrs. Esborne Wheeler of Stella
vas visiting with friends in this
city the last of the week.
Fred Gibson of Verdon and
rolm Gibson of Delsarte , Texas ,
were in this city on busines-s last
E. C. Hatfield of Sabetha , Ks. ,
remembered the weekly edition
n a substantial manner the first
of the week.
Barney Mullen of Stella was on
the Kansas City market Monday
with a car of choice heavy hogs ,
weighing 295 pounds that sold at
C. J. Thomas and daughter ,
Sophia , were up from Rule on
Wednesday and while in this city
were welcome visitors at this
Tuesday was Gov. Bob Taylor's
day at the Salem chautauqua and
nearly everybody in this cit } ' that
could possibly take the day off ,
were in attendance.
Mrs. Wm. Griffin and children
of Hebron , Neb. , came down last
Saturday for a visit with her
parents , J. A. McCormick and
wife , and other relatives here.
J. J. Burgner while up from
Reserve last Saturday gave this
office force a pleasant call. Mr.
Burgner is a very successful
farmer. His wheat crop aver
aged forty bushels to the acre
which is a fine yield-
Mr. Farlow stopped in this city
last Friday while on his way
home to Rapids City , S. D. , from
Chicago where he had just mark
eted five carloads of sheep. He
has an extensive sheep ranch and
does a large business.
D. F. Harbaugh , the noted
cattle feeder near Dawson , had
on the Monday market at Kansas
City , three carloads of dry lot
steers that not only topped the
market , but sold at the top price
for the year , $6.20. They were
the kind that Mr. Harbaugh al
ways takes to market , and were
well finished. They averaged
around 1,450 pounds.
Among the Falls City people
in attendance at the chautauqua
last Sunday were : May Jones ,
Clarence Heck , Mary and Flora
Albright , Willard Sears , Max
Werner. Scott and Stanley Stump ,
Earl Cline , Stephen Miles and
wife , Nelle Cain , Bessie Davis ,
Dr. E. Hayes , Ed Ilaner , Harvey
Foehlingar , Sydney Lapp , George
Jones , Keith McMillan , Carl
Sedylmayr , Will Ramsey , Nellie
Vance , George Grinstead and
daughter , Floy , Mrs. John Gilli
gan , Dr. W. S. Fast and wife ,
Mrs. E. E. Scott , Miss Mowery ,
Albert Zimber , Mrs. Wm. Cade
and Laura Cade.
Mrs. John Oswald was a Salem
visitor Tuesday.
James Mooney , Jr. , was up
from Rule Wednesday.
Ernest Vincent was a Salem
visitor Tuesday evening.
Stella Knickerbocker was a
Salem visitor Thursday ,
C. F. Pribbeno was among the
Tuesday visitors licre from Pres
" *
James Cronin returned to Rule
on the evening passenger Wed
Edna Spencer returned the last
of the week from a visit with
Reserve friends.
H. C. Xoeller of Preston re
membered The Tribune while in
town Wednesday.
Mrs. Chas. Heineman and
laughters have returned from a
jrief visit at Verdon.
Katie Schulenberg and Eliza-
jeth Sanford went to Omaha
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. D. N. McCarthy and chil-
Iren will leave Monday for a
nonth's visit at Denver.
J. II. Richardson of Verdon
remembered The Tribune in a
financial way last Saturday.
Hazel Jellison left Tuesday for
Bern , Kansas , where she will
spend some time with friends
Mrs. George Prater and daugh
ters , Chloe and Hazel , left Sun
day for a visit with friends in St.
Mr. Zimmerman of Nebraska
City , who has been the guest of
Alice Cleaver , returned Wednes
day to his home.
Word was received in this city
from Denver of the birth of a
baby girl on Saturday , to Mr.
and Mrs. Turman.
Florence Wylie is enjoying a
week's vacation from her duties
at the Cleveland store and is at
tending the chautauqua.
Fred Cleveland has purchased
a dandy new automobile. He
and Bart Messier came down
from Nebraska City in it , Sun-
da } ' .
John Ross is building a large
porch onto the west side of his
home , which is quite an addition
in the way of neatness and com
Nellie Hossack returned the
latter part of last week from a
visit with her sisters Mrs. Eph-
riam Witthcc of Stella and Mrs.
Will Sloane of Verdon.
Col. C. H. Marion returned
Tuesday from Omaha , where he
assisted in crying a horse sale
that was held in that city. He
left at once for Corning , where
he had charge of a horse sale and
reports a splendid average. The
colonel is kept busy at home and
abroad looking after his increas
ing sale dates.
Herman Koehler returned Fri
day from engineering a party of
three or four to Baldwin county ,
Alabama. The party were all
well pleased with the country
there , voting it a fine place , and
will probably locate soon in that
locality. Mr. Koehler brought
home some specimens of the won
derful friut and cereal crop , among
which are pears , apples , oranges ,
plums and oats. The fruit is
extremely large and free from
blemishes while the oats is about
seven feet in height. Samples
may be seen at this office.
Our stock of Jewelry is replete with suggestions
with gifts for any and every occasion. Beauty
Pins , Bracelets , Necklaces , Rings , plain , sealer
or gem-set , Brooches , Fobs , Watches , Scarf
Pins , etc. , any of which will please the recipient.
We keep only first-class Goods , that are of good
quality and workmanship. Call on us and in
spect our stock and see if you cannot find just V
what you wish here. We carry everything kept
in a first-class Jewelry Store ,
The "Old Reliable" Jeweler.
A full line of the Small Musical Instruments ,
J Latest Sheet Music , Edison and Victor Records.
We also carry a large stock of
r Falls City Music Company j
Opposite Court House
Fred Sebold made a business
trip to Salem last Friday.
Mrs. Pearl Stout and children
left Tuesday afternoon for Col
Mrs. Ray DePutron of Lincoln *
is yisiting at the home of Gee ,
Holland and wife.
May Jones is spending this
week with Mrs. Maud Wamsley
at her country home.
Dr. Hannah Moran reports the
arrival of a baby girl , on Thurs
day morning at the home , of Mar
tin Gehling.
Marion Vaughn Sr. , came in
from Bertrand , Nebr. , the first of
the week , for a weeks visit with
his family in this city. He has
been there for about a year.
C. S. DePass , an insurance
agent tried to jump his board bill
at the National hotel and was
arrested Saturday evening , just
as he was leaving the hotel , by
Officer Marts. He gave bond
for his appearance at the next
term of court.
Ruth Knickerbocker swallowed
a pin last Friday afternoon , and
the same lodged about half way
down her throat. Dr. Miner was
summoned and removed the pin ,
which necessarily tore the throat
a trifle. Two hours afterwards
Ruth had almost recovered , aside
from a soreness of the throat.
Rev. Hovvhaauness Mugurr-
deetch Cheeneegaozyaan , Con
stantinople , Turkey , who lectured
at the Christian church last Sun
day morning is one of the most
forceful and convincing foreign
orators we have ever heard. He
is an Armenian and has in the
space of nine years , mastered the
English language and completed
a full course in the ministry and
also in the medical study.
James McKiever came down
from Nebraska City to attend the
funeral of his cousin , Mrs. Clara
Nelle Armstrong of Macon ,
Mo. , is the guest of Nelle Cain.
M. E. Church.
There will be no services at the
M. E. church next Sunday , Aug.
5 , on account of the chautauqua
and the assembly.
W. T. CLINE , Pastor.
First Christian Church.
Services of the First Christian
church , Lordsday , Aug. 5th :
Prof. T. J. Oliver will preach
at the morning service. As this
will be the only Protestant ser
vice in town , all are invited to be
present and hear him.
9:45 : a. m. , Bible School.
11:00 : a. m. communion.
11:30 : a. m. , morning sermon.
7:00 : p. ra. Senior Y. P. S.C. E-