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Vol. Ill FALLS CITY , NEBRASKA , FRIDAY , JULY 20 , 1906. Whole No. 132
Floater Found.
Starting on a little fishing trip
last Friday , on the northwest
part of the Bilby ranch , Win.
Ehrlich was attracted to the
bank of the Missouri river by the
peculiar actions and whines of
his dog. Arriving close to the
water's edge , he found the re
mains of a man. He immediately
went to Fargo and telephoned to
coroner , Dr. Rcncker , who ac
companied by Sheriff Fcnton ,
drove to the scene at once.
A jury was impanelled and the
verdict given was "cause of death
unknown. "
Dogs had torn the head into
pieces , one jaw bone being in one
place and the other in another.
The evidence at hand would
show that the body had been in
the water for some six or seven
months , there being no ilesh
whatever on the bones. The
skeleton was clad in a heavy suit ,
had on a dark blue woolen shirt ,
top coat and a duck coat ; also a
pair of overalls on over the heavy
suit. Six dollars and fifty-two
cents was found in the pockets ,
but aside from a silver watch ,
there was no evidence to serve as
a means of identification. It had
former ! } ' been a very good watch
but was ruined by the water.
Following is given a descrip
tion of the watch hoping that
some clew will be gained concern
ing the identity of its wearer.
The private number was 1085.
The case was a crown silverode
No. 168123 , Hamilton works , 17
jeweled , adjusted , double sunk
dial , movement No. 154737.
There wasn't even a key ring ,
card nor letter in the coat pock
ets and not a very extensive
search could be made to locate
his name or home. The remains
were brought to his city and
. buried hcie Saturday morning.
Peaches and Cream.
Our old friend , Supervisor
Chas. Zoeller is equally as good
a fruit grower as he is an offi
M , cial.The
F * The public vouched for his
commendable official acts , by
his large majority at the last
election , while T h e Tribune
force will vouch for the former.
Last Friday morning he
brought us up from Preston a
large box of some of the finest
peaches of the season. We
didn't keep any on file , bul
thank our friend for remember ,
ing the printers. We missed
mentioning the fact that Chas ,
forgot the cream.
Commissioners Meet.
T h e county commissioner ;
closed their session last Satur
day. They allowed in bills , th <
sum of 2,915.30.
The board also purchased ;
new adding machine for the us <
of the county officers , whicl
will be a great help and conven
ience at the court house.
The board also made a settle
ment of the lees of count ]
The fees collected for the firs1
six months of the year are a !
follows :
Clerk Hutchins S & 5.7i
District clerk Loree. . . 82G.GI
Judge Gagnon 587. li
Register Edwards 021.01
Sheriff Fenton 520. II
Superintendent Oliver. 127.4' '
Treasurer Lord 129210.81
The last amount was collec
The county board will agaii
convene August 2nd.
Game at Humboldt.
Four of the Colts and five o
the younger ball players wen
to Humboldt last Friday an <
crossed bats with the base bal
nine. Score stood 7 to 0 i
favor of Humboldt.
Eleventh Annual Reunion.
An extremely pleasant affair
happened last Thursday July
12th at the home of Win. Zoell
er South east of this citv , it
being the eleventh annual re
union of the Karl Friedrich
Daesclmer , S e n. , Ancestral
lieague. There are seventy-
even members of the league
ind they meet in a reunion once
every year , this being Hie
eleventh anniversary.
There were forty-six of the
nembers present on this occa-
ion , making a large and pleas-
int house-party. From 10 to
2 o'clock a. in. the program
onsisted of original songs , reci-
ations , historical sketches , and
; he reading of letters from ab-
ent ones.
Ot all the pleasant ways of
neeting loved ones and those
of kith and kin , we think this
Lieague to be the most pleasant
ind congenial of any.
At 12 o'clock a sumptuous
dinner was served , which for
rariety , plenty and appetising
iishes was perfection.
The afternoon was spent in
games of various kinds , one of
; he most interesting- events be-
ng a game of base ball between
: he Uncles and the Nephews-
Game resulted in a score of 17
o 11 in fayor of the latter
Members of the League pres
ent from outside the state were
< Yank Daesclmer and family ot
Hiawatha , Kansas ; Henry Schir-
ner , wife , Clarence , Edward
ind Kate of Holton , Kansas ;
Prof. August Daesclmer , wife
ind son Harold , of Del Norte ,
Col. ; and Mr. and Mrs. Gideon
Daesclmer , Darrow , Old a.
One of the most interesting
eatures of the reunion was a
burpritse , being the announce-
nent of the marriage of Gideon ,
the youngest son of the Daesch-
ner family , to Miss Agnes Roth-
er of Los Angeles. California.
The bride came from her west
ern home and met the groom at
El Paso , Texas where the cere
mony was performed in the
First M. E. Church Sunday ,
July the 8th. 190G.
The couple came direct tc
Reserve , Kansas last Wednes.
day and from there drove to tlu
Zoeller home Thursday morn
ing , arriving a few minutes be.
fore the program began. Gideon
liacl told but two members of the
League of the intended surprise
they being1 his mother , and Aug
Daesclmer the historian ; to tin
remainder it was a complett
The bride is a charminj
young lady having a large cir
cle of friends at her home city
while the groom is the enter
prising editor and proprietor o
the Darrow Press published a
Darrow , Oklahoma.
We wish Mr. and Mrs. Gideoj
Daesclmer smooth sailing 01
life's sea , and when storm ;
come , we wish them a sheltere <
h arbor.
The young couple will be a
home to their friends after Jul\
2-1 th at Darrow , Oklahoma.
Dislocated Knee.
While running- from first ti
second base during the bal
game at Humboldt last Friday
Thomas Glines sustained a se
vere injury. The plate on hi
shoe caught on some obstacle
throwing Tommy , and givinj
him a severe sprained and dis
located knee. The doctors en
cased it in plaster paris ther
to enable him to be brought t
this city , when Dr. Hays wa
called and straightened ever }
thing all well and good. Unde
his efficient care Tom will b
able to resume his position in
few weeks.
Aleeting of the Central Com-
The Republican County Cen
tral Committee met in the office
of Cleaver & Sebold in Falls City
oil Monday afternoon of the 16th ,
a large number of the committee
being present.
W. K. Dorrington , Chairman
of the Committee called the meet
ing to order and presided during
its deliberations , while J. L.
Cleaver , the committee Secretary
acted as Secretary of the meet
The meeting was perfectly
harmonious , and the business for
which they came together was
soon transacted , vix. : the calling
of the County Convention.
The next Republican County
Convention in this county will be
held at the Court House in Falls
City on Monday August 6 , l'JOC >
at 2 o'clock p. m. and the pri
maries will be held on Saturday
August 4 16.
The convention will nominate
three representatives for the
state legislature and one county
ittorncy , and select delegates to
the State , Congressional , Judicial
ind Senatorial conventions to be
icld in August.
There will be two hundred and
fifty-seven delegates in the con
vention apportioned among the
several precincts according to
the call printed elsewhere in this
A canvass of the committeemen -
men present showed they were
unanimous in favor of the pre
cincts and convention endorsing
and instructing for Brown foi
Senator and Sheldon for Gover
nor , and that the sentiment in
: hcir precincts was universally
favorable to these gentlemen.
Lost His Toe.
Peter Kniser while trimming
an ingrown toe nail one day
last week , let the sharp knife
slip , thus cutting in too deep.
The toe became so bad that it
was found necessary to amputate -
tate it last Friday. Mr. Kaiser
has been laid up ever since ,
but will be able to resume his
work in a few days.
Small Scratch Causes Death.
Mrs. Peter Resterer received
word last week of the death o :
her nephew at Oklahoma and lef
Saturday for that place. Bldoc
poisoning was the cause of tin
little one's demise.
On the Fourth he had been
playing with a toy pistol , shoot
ing off caps , and the triggei
accidently snapped down making
inga tiny cut in the Ilesh be
tween the thumb and fen
finger. Although the injnn
was slight lie was taken to tin
doctor and had it attended too
Tins precaution proved unavailing
availing- and ten days later h <
died from lock-jaw.
Some Fine Fruit.
D. W. Sowles brought eve
some of the most perfect speci
mens of winter apples on Tues
day morning- that we have seei
this season. Among them wen
Mammoth Black Twig , Missour
Pippin , Ben Davis and Gan <
samples and each and ever ;
one , was very solid , the skii
smooth and free from blemishe
while worm holes were con
spicuous by their absence.
These apples were gatherei
at random from the Boone or
chard consisting of 52 acres
located nine miles south west o
this city and from present in
dications will yield -lOOObuslieli
as this years crop. There ar
4400 trees in the orchard am
the Power Sprayer has bee
used all during this seasor
which accounts for the fin
quality and large size of th
The Salem Cliautauqiia.
The dates of the Twelfth an
nual assembly of the Salem In
terstate Chautauqua are July 2 !
to August 5 , inclusive. As usua
the gate opening on the evenin' } .
of July 28 will be free.
The demand for tents at tin
Salem chautauqua is increasing
daily. It will be well to send ii
your order at once that you ma >
be assured of a good location
Address , Allan D. May , Secre
tary , Salem Neb.
The farmers are to have a da )
of their own at the Salem chau
tauqua , Friday. August 3 , hav
ing been set aside for that pur
pose. The principal address or
that day will be delivered b3
Prof. A. 10. Davisson of the Nc
braska school of agriculture.
All fraternal orders will be re >
presented on Fraternal day ai
the Salem chautauqua , Thursda }
August 2. Prominent speakers
will be present representing each
Supt. McBricn will deliver ar
address at the Salem chautauqun
on Educational day , Wedncsda }
August 1-
Gov. Bob Taylor who has jusl
been chosen United States sena
tor from Tennessee will speak at
the Salem chautauqua on Tues
day , July 31. Gov. Taylor is a
great orator and one of tlu
prominent men in national poll
The Salem Chautauqua pro
gram this year is one of except
ional merit and is as varied a ;
such a program could well be.
Those who enjoy good moving
pictures will find special delighi
in the evening program for tin
Salem chautauqua. D. W. Rob
ertson and Rev. Ilolley will giv <
the most up-to-date moving pic >
ture program.
The musical features of tin
Salem chautauqua program in
elude such attractions as tin
Sterling Jubilee Singers , tlu
Royal male quartet , the Mer
chants band and the Overlain
orchestra besides the gram
chautauqua chorus. There wil
be music to suit the tastes of all
Medical Association Meets.
The Medical Association o
Richardson county met at tin
Park Hotel at Huinboldt , 01
Tuesday afternoon of this week
It was one of the most pleasan
and interesting the associatio
has yet enjoyed.
Several excellent papers wer
read , while the discussions wer
particularly animated and fu
of interest.
After business affairs ha
been concluded those preser
enjoyed a social session.
An elegant banquet ended th
very pleasant meeting.
Several of our local phys
cians were in attendance.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to tender our thank
to our friends for their man
acts of kindness and love 'durin
the sickness ami death of our In
loved son and husband. In th
hour of sorrow and bercavemer
the bond of friendship lighter
the dark path.
For Sale.
I have some household furn
ture that I want to dispose of ;
private sale , between now an
July 24th , viz : Refrigerate
gasoline stove , chairs , extensic
table , beds , two bedroom suit
bureaus with fine mirrors , ar
sundry other household good
all in good condition , Whoevi
may want better call soon ar
Falls City , Nebr.
Two blocks north of Uni <
Worth While.
LUt'.o ' WMlIo found u hoc ,
He put It in his pocket ,
Next thine Happened llttlu Hill
Shot up just like a rookut.
Don't try to see how much you
can do in a day , but how well
ou can do it.
While "virtue is its own re-
vard" yet there are many who
hink the reward too small , as a
esult , they go to the devil.
The man who sends the
veather doesn't have any harder
hue trying to please than the
vomen who cook for a large
Every old maid knows exactly
low to rear children. Ever- old
Bachelor knows all about the
roubles on the matrimonial sea.
3vcry subscriber knows how to
tin a newspaper. Every farmer
cnows how merchants should
ell goods , and every merchant
an see where the farmer could
mike more money on the farm ,
jut after all there are rough
) laces in the road that you will
lever discover until you get hold
if the lines and try to drive.
Be as kind as possible to your
riends ; agreeable to your ac-
Itiaintances , and let your cne-
nies alone.
The bluffer always plays his
trongest card first.
If you are supicious of others
ou'll find that there are others
uspicious of you.
It keeps one busy dodging the
rouble wagon.
Do not retire late at night and
ise at daybreak and imagine that
every hour taken from sleep is an
lour gained.
One can't estimate the amount
f moral courage a man has by
lis physical dimensions.
An apology is a poor excuse at
All the lovliness of the wedding
ceremony is centered in the bride
ind the roses that she wears.
The groom is onlv tolerated be
cause it takes two to make a con
Wonder why it is that baclie-
ors always pose as the best
judges of home cooking ?
The ardent lover who com
pares his sweetheart's complexion
to peaches and cream probably
knows little about the cost of
Every man has a right to his
opinion and an equal right to
express it. This does not neces
sarily mean that \\2 \ can insult
every one who believes differ
Men who are prejudiced againsl
mothers-in-law should remembei
that if it wasn't for those sami
mothers-in-law they would'ir
have the dearest wives in th <
Catch a man in a lie and h <
will say that he told it just ti
see whether you would believe ii
or not.
An Able Article.
In the current issue of Till !
MONIST , a philisophical pub
lication published in Chicago ,
appears a splendid contribu
lion on Space , Time and Exist
ence , from the pen of Davk
Abbott of Omaha. The write
has read the article with pleas
ure and profit. It shows deej
study and research and is con
vincing of the fact that Mr
Abbott is possessed of a mine
of unusual acuteness. Dav <
has been prosecuting his studie ;
along scientific and philisophi
cal lines for several years ant
this production indicates clear
ly the great advance he hai
Society News.
The Sunday school class of
Mrs. Nickolson numbering six
teen girls , very pleasantly sur
prised her on Friday evening of
ast week. They drove to her
home and found her out feeding
the chickens. Her husband call
ed her to the house to answer
i pretended telephone call and
the girls took possession of her ,
giving a complete surprise. A
generous supply of Sowle's Best
lad been brought along , and
ulded to the many other pleas-
Miss Maud Graham entertain
ed a number of young ladies on
Thursday afternoon. The af-
air was quite a novel one being
i kimona party. The iuvita-
ions were quite cleaver and
Albert Manst and wife enter-
aincd a number of guests last
veiling at a card party compli-
nentary to Mr , Walter Edwards
of Kansas City.
Anita Wilson was hostess to
he members of the II. S. M. C.
on Friday evening of the past
veck. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Misses Lyford entertained
it a Kensington on Monday
iftcrnoon in honor of Bessie
Alexander of York , Nebraska.
Refreshments added to the after
noon's pleasures.
The Junior League of the M ;
3. church enjoyed a social in the
church basement on Tuesday
Lucilc Mcttsc was hostess to
several young ladies at a 6 o'clock
linncr on Wednesday of this
week. ' The function was in
loner of Uessie Alexander of
York , who is the guest of Falls
2ity friends. An elegant course
linncr was served.
Mrs. Albert Maust made
Thursday afternoon one of pleas-
ire to the Young Married Ladies
\ensington Club , being hostess
on this occasion.
Twenty young ladies gave a
dance in the Wahl hall on Tues
day evening. It was a decidedly
novel affair , no gentleman's name
being included on the invitation
list. It was one of the most
pleasant of the mid-summer's
events and as a fittingly climax
the entire crowd visited Sowle's
ice-cream parlors thus paying
tribute to their excellant ices and
The M. E. Kensington was
very pleasantly entertained by
Mrs. Farrington , Miss Mattie
Schock and Miss Pearl Hanna
at the home of the former. The
heat of the afternoon was for
gotten when one entered the
happy company assembled. De
licious refreshments were served.
Dorothy Miller entertained the
K. K. club girls on Wednesday
afternoon complimentary to Miss
Edna Reimers of Stella.
Council Meets.
The council room was occu
pied by the dads on Monday
evening The sidewalk ques
tion was considered , this sub
ject taking up the entire eve
ning. Several propositions
were made concerning1 the lay
ing of new walks to the depot.
Council then adjourned to
meet Friday evening , July 27.
Pioneer Picnic.
Some of the attractions at the
Pioneer picnic at Verdon , July
25 and 26 will be : Three dailj
performances by a band of In
dians , a gold medal contest by
six young ladies of the county ,
athletic games and contests , and
fine music by band and voice.