The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, July 13, 1906, Page 5, Image 5

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Eat Sowles1 candj' .
T. J. McKicver was a Rule
visitor the Fourth.
James Philpot was down from
Hrimboldt on Tuesday.
Ed Davis and wife were up
kom Rule last Tuesday.
Anna Jenkins visited with her
parents at Rule the Fourth.
Mrs. Brock of Humboldt is vis
iting with Mrs. D. HBlakcncy. .
Mrs. John Wilson has returned
from a visit with friends in Mound
\ City.
Karl Sedltnayr spent the Fourth
with Fred Cleveland at Nebraska
\ 4 City.
Mrs. M. O. Rickards and baby ,
of Auburn are visiting relatives
Oil meal and Armours meat
meal for hogs at Hecks Feed
Elmer Richards of Humboldt
spent Tuesday with friends in
this city.
J. II. Miller of St. Joseph was
the guest of Miss Rue Gates last
Emma Grant and John Casey
were among the Mound City vis
itors last week.
Father Fitzgerald of McCook
was visiting old time friends
here , this week.
Winnie Nedrow , of Stella is
visiting her grandparents Levi
Nedrow and wife.
Miss S. A. Carroll of Mount
Vernon , Iowa remembered The
Tribune this week.
Mrs. Jack Callahan and daugh
ter Etta of Chicago are visiting
Patrick Gunn and family.
Paul Greenwald had a carload
of cattle on the Kansas City
market the first ol the week.
Leah Poteet is at home after a
visit with her sister , Mrs. Otto
Wartenslaben at Leavitt , Nebr.
John Barnhart of the Auburn
Herald was a pleasant caller at
these quarters the past Friday.
T. J. Shafer of Shubert was
transacting business affairs here
the latter part of the past week.
' ' Mrs. C. Gehling returned Fri
day from a two weeks visit with
her daughter Josephine , at Lead ,
S. D.
Mrs. Wilson and three chil
dren of Salt Lake City are visit
ing with her brother C. G. Har
Dora and Mary Glinescame up
from Oklahoma City Monday
and will make this city their
Mrs. Elza Morris and little
daughter , of Kansas City are the
guests of J. J. Morris and wife in
this city.
Jerrr Kermode , wife and
daughter of Atchison are the
guests of relatives and friends in
this city.
Thomas O'Brien , son of the
late Officer O'Brien of the Chic
ago Police force , is the guest of
Patrick Gunn , ana other rela
tives here.
Wednesday , the Fourth was a
busy day for County Clerk
Hutchins. He celebrated the
day attending to the pension
Touchers of the old soldiers.
Geo. Boone and wife were up
from St. Joseph the past week
visiting with D. W. Sowles and
wife. Mr. Boone left Saturday
to attend the Hotel men's con
vention at Chicago.
Dr. F. Hall and family ol
Galesburg , Illinois are visiting
-with his brother George Hall ir
this city , and relatives near Ver
don. George and his brothei
will leave Sunday for Denver-
Mrs. Sue E. DeWald , Mr. and
Mrs. Otho Wachtel and daughtei
Inez , drove to Merrill , Kan.
Sunday to visit numerous rela
tivesamong them being an unch
Sam Springer , who is now pas
ninty-one years of age and verj
feeble *
Ralph Lewis went to Kansas
City Saturday.
Mrs. Berry Jones of Vcrdon
saw the circus.
Margaret O'Grady was down
from Dawson Tuesday.
J. S. Everetts of Omaha was a
Monday visitor in this city.
W. D. Easley came up from
Kansas City the past Friday.
James Gilmore and son of Vcr
don were in town Tuesday
Frank Vcaclt aud wife were
Falls City visitors Tuesday.
Mable Poteet returned Friday
from a visit with Rule friends.
Joseph Tiehen was among the
Dawson visitors here Tuesday.
Miles Kelley was cniong the
Verdon visitors here circus day.
G. J. Crook was a business
visitor in Lincoln on Friday last.
Miss Anna Martin of Cowcta ,
I. T. , is visiting with friends in
this city.
John Benschoter of Sheridan
County was in this city the first
of the week.
Harry Hughes was the guest
of Nebraska City friends one day
the past week.
Emma Beachey of Ottawa ,
Kansas was a Merrill visitor dur
ing the past week.
Dr. A. E. Wolfe has returned
from a visit in his former home
in Malvern , Iowa.
J. L. Mendenhall of Beatrice
an official of the C. B. & Q. was
in this cit } ' Monday.
James McDowell of Tecumseh
is visiting with his parents , J.
McDowell and wife.
Mrs. E. L. Crane of Humboldt
was the guest of Falls City
friends during the week.
Misses Julia Hunt and Florence
Umstead ol Omaha are visiting
at the home of P. II. Jussen.
Mrs. Ross Jackson and little
son Otho of Rule , were visiting
in this city the first of the week.
George Wahl returned Friday
from Nebraska where he had
been since the preceding Tues
Ferd Harlow has added anoth
er improvement to his residence
on Harlan Street , by having a
curb line put in.
John Mositnan , Jr. , and family
enjoyed a very pleasant day at
the country home of Herman
Tubach last Sunday.
Henry Bucher and daughter ,
i Mrs. Hill and Grace Bucher , and
Fred Sebold were Rule visitors
lone day the past week.
W. A. Greenwald and wife ,
and Carrie Greenwald left the
last of the week for a month's
visit in Pennsylvania.
Mrs. J. L. Bentley wife of the
, Commercial agent at Deadwood ,
I S. D. is the guest of her sister
j Mrs. E. G. Whitford.
Geo. Gould and wife of St.
Joseph were the guests of A.
Restorer and family the latter
part of the past week.
A new spick and span stamp
rack has been added to the many
modern convenience in the Cleav
er & Sebold rsal-estate office.
Mrs. Major Hartwick and
niece Miss Vegley of St. Joseph
have been visiting with D. W.
Sowles and wife , and other rela
tives here.
Chas. Prater and wife , George
Prater and wife went to Merrill
Sunday to attend the funeral of
John Sellers , a nephew of Mrs.
C. H. Marion.
What Wisconsin did Nebraska
can do. The republicans elected
Senator La Fallette against the
combined opposition of the rail-
roads. Nebraska can elect Brown
under the same conditions.
| C. H. Marion and wife were
called to Merrill the last of the
week by the death of a cousin ,
John Sellers , who died in Kansas
City , the result of an operation.
The funeral services were held on
Sunday afternoon at Morrill.
Dr. Clapper and son of Verdon
attended the circus in this city.
Dr. Eckard and Loren Smith
of Dawson spent Tuesday here.
Queen Guinn of Dawson spent
Tuesday with friends in this
Frank Dempsey , C. B. & ( J.
operator at Dawson , was here
Charlie Mann of Humboldt at
tended the big doings here on
circus day.
Carl Bates of Hiawatha at
tended the circus in this city the
first of the week.
Mike Miller and Pat O'Brien
of Dawson spent Tuesday with
Falls City friends.
John C. Foster of Pawnee City
was looking after business here
the past Saturday.
Messrs. Hey , Love and Frazicr
were among the Hiawatha people
in this city Tuesday.
Attorney Guile of Humboldt
saw that the elephants all did
their stunts properly.
Dr. Berger and wife came down
from Dawson to see' the Fore-
paugh & Sells Bros , circus.
Angelina and Minna Tiehen
of Dawson spent Tuesday the
guests of Falls City friends.
Martha King and John Hall
were among the Verdon visitors
in this cit3' the first of the week.
R , Horrocks and wife have a
baby boy which arrived at their
home on the morning of circus
W. B. Alexander dropped busi
ness cares , long enough to come
down from Dawson and see the
Allan D. May , wife and baby
were among the Salem people in
attendance at the circus held
here Tuesday.
The News has installed a new
Babcock printing press which
adds much to the conveniences of
that institution.
Frank Landis and family have
moved from the Benschoter cot
tage into the Keeling property
on Lane street.
S. H. Hancock and family and
E. L. Bowers and family from
near Vcrdon came down Tuesday
to see the circus.
Col. Dalbey of the Shubert
Citizen was a pleasant caller at
this office during his short visit
here on Tuesday.
Rev. Gerathawohl and Jacob
Mack will leave the 29th for a
visit with relatives at Karlcrue
Baden , Germany.
J. C. Luginbill , one of the
leading farmers in the west end ,
was a pleasant caller at this
office Tuesday morning.
A band of pick-pockets were in
town Tuesday but did a small
business. Three or four tried to
corner Henry Shaw but failed.
Hank was too wise.
Chas. Humphrey and wife of
the Verdon Vedette were the
guests of her parents , Geo. A.
Abbott and wife on Tuesday.
Mr. Humphrey did not forget
The Tribune quarters while here.
Hazel Graham of Portland ,
Ore. , is the guest of her cousin ,
Maud Graham. She will leave
the first of the week for a visit
with friends in New York. The
Misses Graham spent the fore
part of this week with an aunt at
Crete , Nebr.
Rev. Joseph Presson of Auburn
addressed a large audience at the
Methodist church Sunday July 1 ,
morning and evening. Rev.
Presson , who is ninty years old ,
has the distinction of having
been baptized by Peter Cart-
wright. "He preached the first
sermon ever delivered in Nebras
ka territory , and has labored un
ceasingly in church work during
the whole of his long and useful
life. He is now retired and he
says though he will soon be
called "home" he knows he will
cross the river at the ' 'upper
ford. "
The Board of Supervisors was
in session Tuesday.
Mrs. Charley Boyle of Sabetha
is visiting friends here.
Dr. Wolfe has been visiting his
parents in Malvern , la.
Fay Hclmick of Stella was
visiting friends here Wednesday.
J. S. Kvarts was down from
Omaha Sunday for a short visit.
Robt. Edie was among the
Humboldt visitors here on circus
Elmer DeJarnctt was up from
Atchison during the first of the
J. M. Swcinfurtli and wife
were up from Rule the past
Hugh Leathcrman of Hum-
boldt spent Tuesday with friends
in this city.
Mrs. Charley Roberts of Salem
was the guest of Gee Jennings'
family Tuesday.
J. R. Cain and wife were in
Kansas City this week shopping
for their new house-
Mrs. Marion Vaughn came
home Saturday after a month's
visit in Seneca and other Kansas
Misses LaCroy and Leonice
Howcll of Hiawatha were the
guests of Odda Lapp the first of
the week.
Hiawatha furnished its usual
quota of circus cranks Tuesday.
Some of them even came up the
evening before.
Falls City has a Gibson girl
several of them in fact. The
one we have in mind lives on
North Stone street.
Herman Minnick came up from
Atchison on Wednesday to at
tend the funeral of his brother-in-
law George Ilinton.
Karl Krauft while down from
Dawson Tuesday , took occasion
to give us a call , which was in
deed a pleasure to us. '
Edna Crook returned the first
of the .week from Alma , Neb.
She was accompanied home , by
Elizabeth Kackelris.
James , Albert a n d Austin
O'Brien , sons of ( 'apt. O'Brien of
Chicago , are guests at the coun
try home of Patrick Gunn.
Mrs. Alice Adams , who has
been visiting her mother , Mrs.
Dilts , for some time , left Wednes
day noon for her home near
Santa Cruz , Cal.
A Falls City woman has six of
her kin visiting her and they
brought five trunks. She says
she can accommodate the people
comfortably but the trunks are a
Grace and Anna Reavis re
turned home last Friday from
Omaha where they had spent a
week with J. W. Towle's family.
Marion and Naomi Towle came
to Falls City with them for a
The Preston and /iion chorus ,
under the directorship of Prof.
A. L. Richardson and family ,
will enjoy an ice cream social
this ( Friday ) evening at the
home of Charles Weinert six
miles east of this city.
W. R. Crook and wife of
Paonia , Col. , are visiting with
relatives and friends in this city
while en route for Chicago where
they will spend several weeks
with their sons who reside there.
Mr. Crook is an old time resident
of this city , being a former post
master here , and for many years
a mail clerk on the Burlington
route. While here , in company
with his nephew , Asa , he visited
the local station and chanced to
meet a friend who had worked in
the same car for many years.
While the meeting was acciden
tal and of short duration , it was
a very pleasant one to both , to
once more meet the friends of by
gone days.
W. A. Hayes of Salem was a
Monday visitor here.
A. Xook and wife were down
from Verdon Tuesday.
Sheriff Fenton was a business
visitor in Rule Friday.
Judge Wilhite was a business
visitor in Auburn Wednesday.
Claude Drake was among the
Humboldt people here circus day.
James McMahon came down
from Humboldt to see the circus.
Geo. Ilauscll and wife of Salem
spent Tuesday with friends here.
Nannie Chaffin from Humboldt
spent Tuesday with friends here.
Ed May aud wife of Salem
spent Tuesday with relatives
Pat Clancy was down from
Dawson for the big doings on
lone Norton of Humboldt was
the guest of Or. A. E. Wolfe on
1 Win. McPhcrson and family
came up from Preston to attend
the circus.
Mrs. Cass Moore and daughter
of Verdon were Tuesday visitors
in this city.
Fleming Robb of Verdon was
the guest of friends here the first
of the week.
Mrs. May field and daughter ,
Alma , returned to Vcrdon Tues
day evening.
Mrs. Alfred Ramsey of near
Dawson was a visitor here the
first of the week.
Mr. Stewart and daughters ,
Mattie and Anna , came up from
Reserve Tuesday.
Dick Turner and John Powers
came down from Humboldt to
see the menagerie.
Mrs. II. E. Stouffer and son of
Salem spent Tuesday with Mr.
Stouffcr in this city.
Will Crouch and wife of Vcr-
don were among the out of town
visitors here Tuesday.
Golda Billings and Joe Har-
baugh were among the Dawson
people here circus day.
Miss Mary Ilargrave of Dallas ,
Texas , is a guest at the home of
C. G. Hargrave and wife.
Henry Kloepfel of Rule was
transacting business affairs in
this city Tuesday morning.
Gladvs and Hal Noah are visit
ing with their grandmother , Mrs.
Benedict , at her home in Verdon.
Frank Clark , son and daughter ,
Walter and Ruth , were down
from Verdon Tuesday to see the
Sam Stewart and wife of Re
serve spent Tuesday with the
latter's parents , J. M. DeWald
and wife.
The Misses Meyers of Hiawa
tha were the guests of Odda
Lapp on Tuesday and attended
the circus.
Mrs. Thos. McLane came up
from Atchison Wednesday noon
and will visit with friends here
during the week.
Deborah Mower returned Sat
urday evening from a visit with
Rev. E. E. Haskins and family
at Portis , Kansas.
Mrs. Hargrave and daughter ,
Etna , of Salt Lake City are vis
iting with the former's son , C. G.
Hargrave , in this city.
Mrs. Judd Simmons and son ,
Charley , of Humboldt were the
guests of her sister , Mrs. Milo
Shields during the week. ' '
W. B. Albright and wife of
Humboldt were the guests of his
brother , George , and family in
this city the first of the week.
The Misses Hutchins , Heacock.
Carrie Sloctun. Ena Cooper of
Humboldt and Mrs. S. B. Miles
drove to Sun Springs Wednesday
Mrs. Hall and daughter Mrs.
Porter , who have been visiting
the former's sister Mrs. Kate
Burris , returned Sunday to their
home at Maxwell , Iowa.
L. A. Ryan of St. Louis is in
our midst.
Father Bex was a Dawson
visitor Wednesday.
Nevada Hayes of Stella is the
guest of Edna Crook.
Mr , and Mrs. Young were down
from Stella Tuesday.
Sam Ross was down from Te
cumseh the past Saturday.
Florence Kenton and Mr. John
son came down from Stella Tues
Two nieces of Atchison , Kan. ,
are visiting with Mrs. Martin
Eunice Cornell of Vcrdon was
the guest of Ethel Parchcn the
first of the week.
John Benschoter and family
are moving back to this city , from
Sheridan county.
ftcrh-ude Hayes of Stella was
the guest of Sallie Schoenheit
the first of the week.
Blanche Higgins of Stella has
been the , guest of Mrs. A. IE.
Callison since Sunday.
Roy ICdwards of Stella was the
guest of his sister Mrs. John Os
wald the past Sunday.
- - * * -
Caroline Cunningham of Stella
was the guest of Mrs. John Os
wald the past Sunday.
Dr. Boose reports the birth of
a daughter to Verna Scars and
wife on Tuesday evening.
Oliver Hall , of the Humboldt ,
Standard was a welcome visitor
at this office on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beaulieti
Georgia and Wilbur left Thurs
day morning for Welsh , I. T.
kucile and Olive Harris of
Stella spent a part of the week
the guests of Sallie Schoenheit.
Margaret Hall a n d Nolle
Mitchell of Hiawatha were the
guests of Anita Wilson during
the week.
The trained seals in the circus
Tuesday were the best we have
ever seen , performing seemingly
impossible feats.
Ruth and Roy Bohrerare visit
ing relatives at Sabetha and
Bern , Kan. They will be gone
about two weeks.
Mrs. II. F. Gardner and two
children left Monday noon for
an extended visit with relatives
at Kingston , Canada.
Anna Frauenfelder and Alice
Ilascnyagcr of Verdon spent
several days with Ethel and
Florence Parchcn this week.
Will Uhlig , wife and son , ac
companied by Sadie Meyers drove
to Langdon yesterday morning ,
and will remain over Sunday.
Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Brighatn
of Hiawatha and Robison.Kansas
we.e the guests of their sister
Mrs. C. M. Wilson tht past week.
Nelle McMahon of Nebraska
City is visiting with her parents
and numerous friends in this city.
She will leave in two weeks for
Billings , Montana.
Mrs. Frank Messier , who has
been visiting for several weeks
with her parents D. Gillispie and
wife left Thursday morning for
her home in Fairbury.
George Cleveland left Thurs
day morning for Mt. Rose , Colo. ,
where he will spend a week. F.
W. Cleveland met him at Ne
braska City and accompanied
him on his trip.
The ladies of the Episcopal
church will give a lawn social at
the home of Mrs. John Powell
on Wednesday eve , July 20th. A
cordial invitation is extended to
the public.
Poultry and Cream Wanted.
I will pay 8X1 cents for hens.
2l/i cents of old roosters.
17 cents for separated cream ,
15 cents for skimmed cream.
If you have any of the aboye
call at P. H. Hermes' feed store.
Phone 35.