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as second class matter as
r.ills City , Xobrasha , post ofllcc , Janu-
. uv 12 , l'XJ , und'-r Ihr A tof ConRrcat
March 3,1S7 . '
1'i.bllslicd cvcr.l'tidayat Kails CUy ,
' \ , l y
The Tribune Publishing Company
One year
Three month' . .
'Phc end o ! tinyrar is near.
How has it bi-iMJ with you in a
business wavV Arc you ( | tiite
satisfied with the years business ?
H.ue von omitted nothing tliat
would have increased your sales * '
You know your business hotter
than we , but even a layman , as
it were , can discover something
iroin observation.
In this atfe the strtitftfle for
success is made easier for the
merchant who first discovers a
, , 'oocl article , puts it in stock , and
then lets the buying public know
about itArc you a clothing
merchant ? In your line of bus
iness docs not that wholesale
merchant who has a good article
and who advertises it most exten
sively do the largest volume of
'Pake the Karpen leather fur
niture for instance ; it was a very
small institution at first. The
proprietor made it a rule to sell
onh the highest class leather fur
niture and to put one half his
profit in advertising. Today this
furniture is advertised in every
magazine and pediodical in the
world , and he pays for such adver
tising from $250 to $5,000 a page.
What is the result ? Kvcry fur
niture dealer in the world is
struggling to get the agency
in his locality for this furniture.
Why ? Hecause it is the best of
its kind and its maker has brought
such fact to the attention of the
buying public.
Many a merchant who has suf
ficient confidence in his wares to
believe that he could sell more of
Uiem if he could personally in
terview more of the people who
need them , hesitates to do his
talking through the advertising
columns because it costs more
than talking across the counter.
But the newspaper "ad" reaches
more prospective customers in
one day than the merchant can
reach personally in a year ; it
gives him the advantage of doing
all the talking himself , and it
fixes his claim permanently on
the minds of his listeners , while
oral pleas leave but a Heeling
impression. These privileges
and powers are well worth pay
ing for and they cost little in
comparison with the actual casli
returns. The proof is to be
found in the experience of al
successful traders , livery adver
tisement that tends to draw traili
to the town helps the town t <
the extent of the trade so drawn
A city with five good advertiser
is a < jood city , depend upon that
Kansas City is a good , livel
place isn't it ? It took five bur
dred miles of white paper thru
icet wide to print the advertist
ments in the two issues of tli
Kansas City Star and Times la :
Saturday. Enough paper t
reach from Palls City to Chicagc
Your advertisement should L
attractively written and printe
in good taste. Good taste is tl
cardinal virtue of all good adve
rising. A right sense of propo
tiou is as essential in the inakin
of the right kind of advertisii
as is the ability to write got
Harmony is an art that eve
good ad-smith must master.
The principles which gove
attractiveness in any other li
are too often lacking or suspen
c.l in advertising.
A slovenly woman is repulsh
A clumsily constructed house
A picture lacking proper pi
portion and harmony of color
an abomination.
An advertisement thrown ca
lessly together , crowded , lacki
sunmetn and a wastt I
of good money. [
If vou could get two thousand
Richardson county people to read
ail attractively built ad tclliutr
your business inducements for
the week , do you not think it
would stimulate your business
Ifyoudosa believe why not
follow your judgment ?
Try The Tribune's trenchant
trade teasers.
We build them to your order
and guarantee the results.
Pancake Hour , maple syrup at
Sam 1 layne and wife left Wed
nesday for Salem.
Harlow's can peas are the tinest
goods put up this year.
Noah Peck left Wednesday for
Chester and Fair bury.
JOlixabeth Sanford returned on
Wednesday from Omaha.
Harlow has the best soft shell
almonds for 20 cents per pound.
Procter iV ( tumble's Naptha
soap at Harlow's six bars for 25
The Misses Parsell of St. Joe
are the guests of Mrs. Peter
do to Harlow's to get bulk oat
meal fresh from the Quail Mill
six pounds for 25 cents.
Harlow has log cabin maple
syrup , took Gold Medal at St.
Louis no purer goods made.
L. Thomas of Lincoln was
with the local order of Knights
Ladies of Security on Tuesday
Harry Morrow , ' wife and
daughter left Wednesday for a
several days visit with Pawnee
City friends.
Mrs. Tom Jenkins and daugh
ter , Esther , spent several days of
this week with her mother in
Mrs. Wigtou and sou Dorring-
ton ate Thanksgiving dinner
with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fisher at
Leavenworth. '
Harlow gives you three bars of
Lenox soap for 10 cents or eight
for 25 cents , or a box of one
hundred bars for S2.85.
Amy and Hill CJrifliu came uj
from Kansas City Wednesday tc
spend Thanksgiving with theii
father , Rev. Ciriflin.
The portable corn cribs sold b\
Charlie Kickards are just tin
thing to set up in the lieli
while husking or to feed out o
during the winter.
Our Holiday goods will be opci
'or your inspection in a few days
All goods marked in plain fin
ures. We are the people tha
save you money come and se
us. Roberts , the Jeweler.
Brethren Church.
Preaching at 10:45am. . an
7:30 : p. mby Rev. Lee A. Myci
i'L of Haiulin , Kans. All are we
'L come. 10. HASKINS , Pastor.
Grunt Pat-Min * was a St. Joe vlslt <
to .
O. N. H. .Indd of Dawson wan in the cl
id II. 1' . Murblo was a Mills CUy vl
tor Sutimhiy.
L c. ICdwardf wasu Kansas City v
Itor Saturday.
ln. Guy Sncthen of Dawson was a v
itor huro Sunday.
M. c. ShurtluU returned homo fri
Hot Springs , Ark.
Hen Ullcy bpuiit Thanksgiving wl
ir-N frioiula in Lincoln.
Nora Stahlor luft Suniluy for a vl
Til with Lincoln frionils.
lie Leonard Manning returned fr
id- Colcmun , S. D. , this week.
.John Brenner of Table Rock
, c a Sunday vibttnr in thin city.
Glum Kimnons was visitlnp rolutl
in this city the first of the weok.
Gcrtrudu Morris of Tahlo Kock \
roIS the jjucitof Kvii Cooper last week
IS Mr * S. H. Rico of Tecumseh wa
puest of friends In this city Sunday.
Lib WlUon and wife arc the pure
ng of u daughter born to them on Sund
K - - wifi .
Llstfi-tt Jir-u -jipr.t |
Ixlng with frloidp 1'awme J
cit > ;
Walter Sniuu of Ie * Monies , Iowa | |
\lsltlng frltMidin Huuibdldt thl
John I1. Hock fiorn near Table Hock
was transactntr ! lui lm in thlelt >
Lora McCool of Duwj-itn wu * the'g-uest
of her grandparent ? " , ! . ! . .1 Turner and
wife Monday.
Mr ? . LltchllHd of Kuius rlt > \i\li- \
Hlng at the home of her MHI , [ ) t * . H. A.
hitch Held and ' "Hi.- .
hi' . J. II. Morrlo returned liomu on
Sunday from n visit with hi ? brother ,
Creiiihton , In Lincoln
Ml.inchc Kmmuiis and Golda Turner
were visiting the foimer' * parent * in
Ti'cunii'eh last Siitunlin.
Little Alum Howi.'ll who tin ? been !
very low with l.vphoid fever , is re-1
portul 'lightly improved.
Mi > . K.V. . Hlwell and Daughter , >
Haxi'l Allnp. of Sterling were vi lilng j
friends in tills city several i'iij < |
lone N'orton entertained the mem
ber.of her brnuhiv ; cliool elus ? in a
most delightful matuiei ul her home on ,
Thur-day evening lust. ,
Liuiisa I'owct-s entertained a number
of friend ? at her country home Tuo -
day In liunuiof IKT lileiul Floic < c
Allen of Mt Pleasant , Iowa.
The dinner given by the ladies of the
Moltiodit church fn the LJni/da build
ing one day last week was u decided
financial success , about S4u bo inn
capt O. A. Uritlgeford anil wife of
Aledo. Illinois. , who have been thu
guests of their daughter , Mrs. M. XV.
IIa rdlng and frmily , left Frldnj for
their home.
I\alph Molvenney , a former resident
of this section , now located at Ft.
Worth , Texas , was seriously injured
in a railroad accident last week , There
is slight hope of Ills recovery.
\V. T. Parkinson , Fiank Howard ,
.Jo ? . Crawford , chat. Woods , Will
Dorance and G. W Miller , prominent
stockmen of Piv\ynce county , were in
attendance at the Harding-Paron ?
Hale last week
A hue king bee was given by the
ladle ? of the Maccabec lodge on last
Thursday evening , and an excellent
time was had by all present. Prizes
were awarded to Mrs. G. L. Beard and
Carl Mann for finding the first and
last ears of red corn.
Prof. Feneisteln spent oaturday in
Falls City.
F. H. Schoclc was a Falls City visit
or Sunday.
John Tlehen and wife were in Falls
City Monday.
Mrs. C. W. Garrison arrived hero
from Omaha Saturday.
John Moore is doing a job of paint
ing in D.twson this week.
Misses Ada and Verda Allen visited
friends in Falls City Saturday.
/.ula Mccool spent tha week in Falls
Clt > the inieca of her sUter Mr ? . Uob't
Prof. Iloll of Humboldt spent Satur
day und Sunday at the home of U. H.
Mrs. Guj Oaggott of Superior arriv
ed Siiiurdn\ for a visit with friends
Mrs. Kiln l > oril and Mra Charles Me-
Cool are visiting Mrs , James Whitney
at Hiawatha this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Beobe of Pawnee City
are vlsltinp ; their daughter Mrs. M. A.
Graves since Saturday.
J. U. Tlmmerman and Mr. Gallatly
left Tuesday for Colby Kansas , where
they went to Inspect land.
Mr * . Cass Moore and Louis Sheely
ro'urnuil home from their
trip to western
ern KUIIMIS Sunday evening.
Mrs. Stavcr and daughter Lena went
to Kulo Wednesday for a few dujs
visit with Mt-f. Dr. Henderson.
Mrs. W. W. Spiirloek and daughters
Llla and Irene h > tt Friday for Call
fornia where they will spend the win-
Amliro-o C'traham and wife came
. down Saturday from D.iwsun for a
visit with their daughter Mrs. C. M
Isi- Cooper
Mrs. ( . ; . W. Frousilalo who has beer
is- visitin < ; for tntno thno at the homo o
\V. II. Davis returned to her home a
Kstervillo Iowa Monday.
Mr. S. P Clark came up from Leuv
om onworth Kansas Wednesday of las
week to spend a wo.ek with Ills dan < ! > i
1th tor Mrs. A A , McCool.
A H. Cochran proprietor of tlx
isit Globe Hotel left Tuesday lor Clark
Nebraska where ha spent eovorul day
returning lomo Siuuluv evening.
Frank I'Venoh and wife ontertalne ,
a crowd of little folks at a tturprls
pnrly for tholr daughter Mlldrc
Tuesday evening celebrating lit
ninth birthday.
The Hand boys gave an oyster buj
was per Thurfduy evening which was wol
attended and a aucccs. They render
is a cd several selections which were lilgl :
ly appreciated by all and which Mirol
showed well for their being organise
lay. only ten weeks.
p 3
g = Our closing out sale has been in progress several weeks and while we are well 3
E = pleased with the results , we have decided to hasten matters b\ making still another
g cut on otiralreadv low prices.This is a bona fide closing.out sale , as we intend to
ciuit business in Falls City. We must dispose of our stock in the shortest possible
fc time and are making prices accordingly. We are giving the people of this vicinity
J = an opportunity to buy their winter clothing at rc-markably low figures our object
5 being to make every price a trade inducer.
We hiivf on hand n superior dsnortiiifiit of I
Bo\b ami Children ! * clothing mi which |
we are making some nstoiiisliniu' price.- . Our
reputation ius l lolhieih is based upon years
of luihinenb Jin.'iv.-s in this eit\ and we propose -
pose In maintain thai tcpntiitioii until we
close mil doorto open them MO motv.ui' ! ' ,
st le , quality tuul variety of pattern , no stock j
in tin- city can compare- with ( mi.- , find we '
are satisfied that the same is true -it our
pi ices. We kiinvv lliht \\i run -nti f\ the
most fastidious buyerIn winter -ml- our
line is exceptionally stroiii * .
Shoes and Overshoes
In this department - arc making ; a
special effort to please a critical shoe
buying public. At this season the de
mand for good , serviceable shoes is
greater than at any other time in the
the year. This demand \ve are abund
antly able to meet at closing out prices
Our line is as strong as we could make
it. Comparison is invited.
In Rubbers and Overshoes our line
is unexcelled and here , too , closing out
prices prevail.
/ula McCool returned to Salem
Vednesday afternoon.
- * * -
Ola Karlow spent several days
n Baker , Kansas , this week.
Geo. Gutxmer of Humboldt
, pent Wednesday in this city :
Mr. Scott returned the first of j
he week from Mound City , Mo.
County Attorney James was a
U , & M. passenger for Lincoln
, -
Mrs. Mary Rowley and daugh
ter , Marguerite , spent Thursday
the guests of Mrs. Tanner at
Monday , Decemberi 4
Rowland & Clifford
The Emphatic Success
Dramatization of Bertha
M. Clay's Famous
Hi L'f The Sweetest Story Ever
Told Wholesome , Clean
I'll „ and Refreshing.
tl- An Excellent Production
Prices 35 , 50 and 75 cts
Here ir > n splendid opportunity to buy over
coats nt prices so lew us to be hardly \voith
ni nlioiiii ) ! . ' , * o we will not quote them. The
line einbrncL's the very late t creations of the
most f'nsliinimble deai neis and each uarinent
i" a mnsterpicee of ( lie tailor's art. The fab I T
rics ate tlu- best , the workmanship the most
.s [ ) eiior I'nd our price bo small as to be out
of all pruportion to the excellence of the
. Ifou need an overcoat fov tin's
! ' . now is , the lime to visit our stote and
take advantage of the bin-gains we are oH'er-
inThis is the chance of a life-time.
Gent's Furnishinii's
i .
j Mere is a stock of furnishing yoods
i that will appeal strong'h to ever\ well
dressed o-entleman. It includes Hats ,
j Caps , Gloves and Mittr-ns , Neckwear ,
Hosiery and in fact everything that
jfoes to make up a complete line.
The goods desirable and
are up-to-
date and nothing- but the fact that we
are closing- out , would induce us to
dispose of them at the prices we arc
making1. Vou should call and see them
Is to deposit a portion of your earnings
rach \ \ i'fk or each month with the : : : :
Remember there is no business so small
and none so large , but that this bank will
give it careful attention. This bank sol
icits your business and does everything
it can to merit it.
Watches have a heavy res
ponsibility to bear in keep
ing their owner up to time
For that reason if for no
other a FULLYWAR-
RANTED watch is a nec
essity to everyonewheth
er the case be plain silver
or diamond set solid gold
1 Our watches are fitted with standard works , everyone
I of which is covered with the makers guarantee , any
I fault will be cheerfully rectified.
We have a complete stock of men's , women's ,
; bo ) 's and girl's watches which it will be profitable for
| you to inspect before you make any purchases. Come
I in and compare our prices.