The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, October 06, 1905, Page 6, Image 6

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N DIRECTING the attention of the thousands of our patrons to our many attractions for the Fall and Winter of 1905 we wish to again reiterate
I the fact that this is a store whose highest ambition is to serve you a little better than you have ever been served any where else. We never
lose sight of our high ideals regarding store keeping. No flimsy devises for trade attracting ; no inferior wares recommended for mere cheapness
! only high standard and sterling worth are tolerated. We have ever shared during one SpecialSale legitimate profits by liberal price concessions.
From the opening to the end of each season we are striving to improve in every detail. It is our pride to give to trifles such attention as will
contribute to that perfection towards which we are striving. In every department we are exceptional in our facilities for owning goods at in
side cost. We are fearless in our claim to be in every particular worthy of your patronage , as a firm standing for the best of everything in this community
we have as your neighbors special claims upon you. Our stocks are more exhaustive in their assortments , our establishment more complete in its effi
ciency. We are growing in usefulness and commercial prestige. Come help us , that we may help you. This Annual Fall Sale has as its chief attraction
special prices on items in every department , not baits , having only low price to commend them , but every day articles of substantial quality at a cost far 8
below regular figures. We cannot guarantee to furnish those bargains beyond present stock on hand. : : : : : : : : : : 8a
Dress Goods Section
FiiHliionanle fahiii'H of every name aio shown here. TliiH
lii'inu' piv ' a plain MMISOII , there nre strong lines
of Broadcloths , I'minmiiH , Batistes , Prunellas , Cashmeres ,
Aeolians , Orept'H and VoileH , in all the prevailing colorH
As aUmctioiiK for llns Hale , we oll'er
15 po l''init.v a nil IMiiln Clutln Ilti trill ) In wide. Keds ,
Hliif.o , Ill-owns , Hlarks worth ! l" > to f > ( ) e. sale price . . .
lit pi- Plains , MixtureCheck - . 'Ill to It In with ) , all wool
worth 50 to Trie , Mile prife .
. ' 15 po All Wool l' ' lii ic.j , III ! to 51 In wide , every desirable
culorliii : , loruicrly sold up to $1.50 , sale price .
ii * DC 12 In Annum In Hlnck , llrown , Oreen , Illue and
Hod , piili- price
10 pis Kane.v Mohair ? , (15 ( cent ! ; value
sale prleo
10 po 12 in. All Wool llatlste , 80 cents , value
sale price
Our UromlolotliH all 00 , $1.25 and 81.50 In every stilish shadfe
are very superior in ilnUh and texture. Kvory fabric now in use
fdr stylish dross ( linking Is fully represented on our counters.
Many short lengths are olTered at ureut reduction ! * from reiu-
Shu.vls cover a wider range of use in a famll ) than any other
single article of wear. Wo carry aa complete an assortment as
when blmwls were called styih. !
Small Shoulder Shawls at 5OC , 6C and $1 , OO
Squuru Velvet , Heaver and Wool Shawls at. . . $1.25 1 ° 7 5 °
Long Double Wool Shawls at $3.OO to 8.OO
Small and Large knit hhuwls 25C to $2.50
Unvlng thuhO from lli > t hauiis , our values are great our de
signs and colorings are strong and attractive
Proml-o to be us much worn as ever. Our Furti are reliable
and we L'uarantce them to give all the * ervieo customer.-- have a
right to expect
French Coney. ) luster Scarf . 7SC
HlendiHl Suble I'oncj Cluster Scarf . $1.25
Longer Scarfs . $ I 5O and 2.OO
Blended Uat Cluster Scarf . $2.OO
Isabella Op < -Miin "ciirf- . $35
Sable Coney LMiii'-Sciirf . $3 * ) O
HlcnuYd Kill Cravat $3. SO
Isabella Fox HcarN $5.OO to 2O.OO
Jap Mink Cravat $8.OO
Imitation Mink Scarfs $6.OO to $ IO.OO
ARtrachun CHpt- * $ p.OO to 15. OO
Mullrhildrmi s Fur setIn variety We will ue pleased to
make estimate on special fur orders.
Ladies' Shirt Waist and
Tailored Suits
Rii-lit-r in styles , stronger from every point of view ,
we HJV pn-paml to unit and fit you in Shirt Waist. Tnilor
ed Loose , liton , riy Front , Roofer and the Intent
Suits. Note these descriptions.
2l Suits in Eton mid Reefer
styles , carried from last rea
son excellent in fabric and
style , Blacks , Bines , Browns ,
tirajs , formerly sold at S10
to Sly , nearly all sizes , your
choice * during this sale. . $2. 95
17 Silk and Wool Shirt Waist
Suits. Blacks , Blues , Browns
Greens , marked $8 to $25 ,
during this sale wo offer any
ofthweat . Half Price
10 Suits in the very latest
cloths and designs , Blouse ,
Heefer andRedingato Jack
ets , from . $10 to 25
We recommend these Suits to
the most critical dressers.
lit ) inch Black TalTetaSilk , $1.00
value , sale price
IK ! inch Black TalVeta Silk , $1,50
value , sale price $ ' .25
27 inch Black Peau de Soie
Silk , $1.00 viiltii' , sale price. . .8pC
27 inch Black Ft an de Soie
Silk $1.50. value , sale price.$1.25
! ] (5 ( inch Black Peau de Soie.
Silk $1.00 value , bale price. . .8pc
22 inch Black Peau de Soie
Silk $1.155 value , sale price. . .95C
27 inch Taffeta , all colors and
changeable , sold at many
stores at $1.25 , sale price 9OC
215 inch Crepe Je Chine , all col
ors , our regular price $1.00
sale price 75C
18 inch All Silk Taffeta Lining
Silk , regular price 5oc , sale 390
All Fancy Silks will bo sold dur
ing this sale at great reductions.
YelveteiMia in nil simileb
Velveteen. Block SO , 75C
Velvetn , Bliick
75c , $1.00 , 1.25 , 1.50
Piion Velvets , Black -I.OO
Mirror Velvets. Black $ I 5O
21 inuli Black Mussalmo S51k..90C
25 ! inch Black Louisuine Silk-.IOO
15) ) ini'h All coluis , regular 50c
snle price 39
! ] (5 ( in Skinner sntSn,8ale price.$1.35
Through the broad range of itidclds tliat ii
prevail we arc showing attractive c rtniples of
what is newest and best. We are proutlcT of
our Cloak aggregation than any other line it
our ready to wear section' Not price , but that
ineffable air which distinguishes the well dressed
has been sought.
Covert Reefers , such as adorn the
figure at
.J2 inch covert Coats , so suitable for traveling
$10 to 14
42 inch to 50 inch Coats in Broaclclotn , Cheviots
' . to 25
In black , brown , blues , greens , reds , castors tans grays and
mixtures iiote these specials
42 inch All wool Kersey , body lined , velvet in
laid color , fancy buttons , new plaited sleeve- ,
black , Q Cft
onh ° ' 3U
45 inch in high grade , all wool Cheviot , black
only , body lined , Iimpire coat , inverted plait -
back 1A QA
only IU.UU
45 inch high grade all wool Kersex , Black. Cas
tor. Brown , Green , body satin lined , six plaits
in back and same in front , velvet inlaid collar
and cuff , new sleeve , Empire coat ,
our banner bargain , only
45 inch Fine Broadcloth , all lined , Blended
coney , Fur collar , closed with silk
loops , a bargain at
Better fur collars and fur lined Coats
up to
From $10 to 25 our stock of cloth coats is a revelation toever\
lady \\ho looks. There are so many styles that a description of them
is impracticable at this time. We have devoted a great deal of
thought on cloaks and positively are right in price and in new popu
lar ideas.
Children's Coats
Bearskin Coats 2 to 6 years $3.50 , $4.50 , $5
Cloth Coats , 2 to 6 $ i.Oo to $4
Cloth Coats , 4 to 14 - $2 to $10
Infants Long Coat $1.25 to
We have 25 short and Long Cloaks carried over from
last season these are now offered at 1-4 to 1-2 of former
Shirt Waists
Shirt waist * for autumn are always more limited In their
run < 5t ? of materials uud stj It's thun for spring. Ut have -ume ori
ginal desijna ( In alsh jit-ade fabrics thatarf ppjliyof iour atten
White Mercerized , medium wei ht. new -tn'ped pattern v\aist
I2 ! to 42. < n -
Sale price , . . Cp 1 .UU
Fancy Florentine Mohair , Green , Navy and Hed ( t j f\f\
Sale prici- % P I .UU
liluck Saline nith white polka not waist.
Sale price .85c
All Wool Albatross Waist in a very daiiiiy Emnire
design , braided , in cream sage and red. Suitprice. . . .
Ulack Tutleta Silk Waist Xatty empire style Every
lip-to date. Sale | ) rice
TulTetu and Peau df Sole WuNt In liluek. Blue. Green. Choice
$4.50 5.00 5.50 and 6.00 . at . , . , . .
Flannellettes , Outings
15 pieces Outlnss-hot heiiVy but nice , Clean merchandise lot'
Comforters , Linings , etc , though Cottons are high these
arC Clicnp as ever , EC
20 pieces Flannelletts , good weights and width , neat dark de
signs .it a regular calico price ( lC
tfhisMs' the be-t low price Flannellette wtf have ever ottered.
20 frtiiM L'eavy Outings rejnilor 10o grad'- ' price JC
100 piee.M Best Outui ? ? to be hud.-siicli'aVare being sold at
12jc our rule price IOC
All our IScamJSbo Double Faced Flannellettes , exquisite de
signs for house jackets and Klmonas , sale price I5C
AH our l.'ie Double Faced and Double Fold Flannellette * .
Lace , Tapestry and Rope Curtains , Couch
and Table Covers
In all tbesH lines we .ire prepared to furiiifhnur li u e
throuhgout Nowhere in our establishment is the individuality
which separate- from the ordinary .store more euiibpicnoiia It
isdilllcultto make apparent the foice of a bargain in this sec
tiono we offer a ten per cent discount on all the above lincs
Silk and Wool Dress Skirts
Our Skirts are smart , of the
best construction , cut , lit and' '
finish. We save all
you : tn
noyanee of homo fittin-/ , risk
of misfits at no additional cost
We make some very special
prices for thK sale.
35 Ore * ? Skirts in all wool
Gra.vs and Blacks , form
erly sold at $1.00 to * G 00
sale price $2.00
Jilt Dress Skirts in all wool
Urays , Tans , Browns ,
Hlui'j add Blackschoice
styles , regular prices iC
to $3 , sale price $3.50
17 , ' ) Dress Skirts in Tatle-
ta Silk , Panama , Broad
and Serges $5 < o $17
We have are flattering suc
cess with our skirts this sea