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Home of the Sunnyside Poland Chinas
A mile and .1 - . ortli o.
llumbulilt is situated the Sunny-
side Hreedinjr farm of which Se-
Krist & Stout arc the proprietors.
This line and well equipped farm
is the home of the noted Sunnv'-
side herd of Poland Chinas , a
herd that is known all over the
west for the excellence of its in
dividuals as well as from its col
lective merits. The farm has
every improvement and conven
ience necessary to the model
stock tarm and the picture of
the fine lar e barn , which ap
pears herewith will t'ive some
idea of the uatureof the improve
ments. Hoth Mr. Setfrist and
Mr. Stout are practical ho r men
and take threat pride in their herd
ami luhc no opportunity to
strengthen and improve it. Mr.
Segrist is the head field man for
the Nebraska Farmer and his
work keeps him close contract
with the leading breeders of the
west and enables him to keep up-
to-date in his ideas and to pro
fit by the best e.xcriencc of men
who have been eminently suc
cessful in the business. Mr.
Stout has the herd constantly
under his personal supervision
and his knowledge , ability and
judgement contributes largely to
that high degree of excellence to
which the Sunnyside herd has
been raised.
The herd is headed by Sir Gas-
pard 27')17 , a manificcnt hog
weighing nearly 700 pounds and
showing all the good points
belong to the pure bred Poland
Last week was the busiest week
in the history of The Tribune of
lice. The big run of job work
kept everybody busy and the
presses were kept running all ol
every day and a part of every
night. Sometimes we wondered
how we were going to get every
thing done , but our perplexity
only led to redoubled efforts ant'
when on Saturday night , we
looked over the big pile of I'm
ished work we felt that we hat
accomplished a good deal. Whet
the force in The Tribune oflici
works under pressure , the excite
ment seems to act as a stimulan
and it seems as though the mor
they have to do the more the ;
can do , and as the effect of th
stimulant becomes more marked
everything seems to move to th
rhythm of the presses and th
popping of tlic engine. Tired
Yes , we wen- all very tired Sal
unlay night , but most of us hav
been in the business too long t
notice a little thing like that.
The rush of job work was th
principally to the near approac
ot the public sale season an
scarcely was one stock oatalogi
turned over to the binders , whc
the copy for another was take
from the hook. And then thei
were sale bills and work of mat
other kinds all demanding mo
or less immediate attention. Th
busy week \\as very gr.itifyii
to us because it gave us an oppc
tunity to show what our job ( '
partment could do and to demo
strate that we can handle a lar
amount of highclass business a
turn out creditable and satisf :
tory work even when we r
"rushed to death. "
And still the end is not y
More work is coming in and
find that we will have to bus
right along if we are going
keep up with the demands of c
Oh'iiia. No judge of Poland ]
Chinas has ever seen Sir Gas-i
pard without being impressed by [
striking individuality and hisj
smooth and well balanced build.
At the head of the Sunnyside
herd he has proven a wonder.
His gel has always proven him [
a good sire and his descendants |
now head some of the largest
and best known herds in this and
other states.
Another animal of which the
proprietors of the Sunnyside herd
arc justly proud , is McK'S Choice
Tecumseh 3d 33020. Of him
Segrist & Stout have well said.
"His get show much quality and
are very attractive. He has done
us a wonderful lot of good and
his get goes out and doe.i the
buyer good as well. He comes
from a good family , having both
a winning sire and dam. McK's
was the top price pig of Mc-
Kelvie's sale two years ago. His
pigs are liked bv all good judges
of hogs. One of his get was
shown at the recent state fair
and won third honors in a class
of near fifty. "
Segrist Stout have just an
nounced their annual sale of
Sunnyside Poland Chinas to be
held at the sale pavilion in Ilum-
boldt on Wednesday , October 18.
The sale will attract much at
tention from breeders and hog
men generally. Their sale last
year was one of the biggest in
the state attracting buyers from
great distances. This year they
are offering forty-live head of
thrifty Polands
customers. But we are not afraid
to hustle. That's what we arc
here for.
Just a word about the paper ,
We are sending out about 4,50f
copies of this issue. This is
about is 2,500 in excess of otu
regular list. The other day ;
man came into the office and
asked to see a copy' of the paper
We gave him one and he remark
ed that lie had never before seet
The Tribune. We made up ou
minds that this must not happei
again and so yve are going t <
place a copy in practically ever
home in the county this week
We believe that it is better to in
troduce the paper this way thai
to employ solicitors and pa ) ' then
fane ) ' salaries and commissions-
Phe cutting out of all needles
xpense makes it possible for ute
to keep the subscription price a
one dollar per .year.
e The fact that The Tribune i
o groyving in popular favor i
shown by the steady increase i
the subscription list. We hav
recently put on the names of se\
eral who. in the beginning , wei
not friendly to us but they hay
stated that their reason for doin
so yvas the fact that The Tribtu
is a good local newspaper and
L really worth more than we chart
' for it considering the stibscri ]
? " ' tion price of others ,
ig But yve want to make tl
ir- paper better. We yvant them
; c- feel free to come to the office ain
n- talk over the situation yvith t :
lie | We have some plans of our ov
tul i and believe that when put intot
ic- i feet they will make the paji
ire ! better and stronger in most
! its departments. This winl
I we expect to introduce some sp <
ial features that yve know c
fte readers will appreciate.
. . .
to ,
uir Eat Sowles Candy.
Will positively cure any case of Kidney
OP Bladder disease not beyond the reach
of medicine. No medicine can do more.
' KIDNEY CURE Passed Stona and Gravel With Excruciating Pains
FOLEY'S A. H.Thurnes , Mgr. Wills Creek Conl Co. , Buffalo , O. , writes :
"I have been afflicted with kidney and bladder trouble for years , pass *
the urinary Ing gravel or stones with excruciating pains. Other medicines only
strengthens organs , gave relief. After taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE the result was
and surprising. A few doses started the brick dust , like fine stones , etc. ,
builds the kidneys invigorates
up and now I have no pain across my kidneys and I feel like a new man.
whole FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE has done me $1,000 worth of good. "
orates the system.
No Other Remedy Can Compare With it
IT IS GUARANTEED Thos. W. Carter , of Ashboro , N. C. , had Kidney Trouble and
one bottle of FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE effected a perfect cure , and
TWO SIZES 50d and $1.00 he says there is no remedy that will compare with it.
Dr. McMillan , City Pharmacy , Falls City , Nebraska.
( Too Into for lust wo k. )
Mrs. D. E. Anderson nnd little
HOIIH nf Hmnboldt en mo down lust
Saturday to visit yvith lirr parents ,
Mr Kfihter mid yvife , returning to
their home Smidiiy noon.
Mnx Guesser , a hridnoninn for
the Burlington , Sntidayed yvith the
home folks.
.Tim Mendcnluill , the trnvclinu
freight n ent for the Burlington ,
visited in Knlo over Sunday.
.Mrs. Olney Gnihmn visited in
St. Joe Friday nnd Saturday of
Just week
Mre. W. J. Cunningham visited
in Si. Joe two days last week.
n. M. Edgecomb and wife at-
.ended the M. E. conference at
Falls Oily last Sunday.
The Preston boys crossed bats
with the lluBhbuttom boys Sun
day afternoon over in Missouri.
The score was (5 ( to 11 in favor of
'jinmet Burns from near Craiu ,
was transacting business here the
first of the week.
J. A. ITinkle and family visited
in Falls City Sunday
Robert Paul and yvife attended
the AI. E. conference at Falls City
George Adams of Fortescue yvas
here the first of the yveelc yvith a
wagon load of fine water melons.
N. A. Kermoade is painting W.
. ) . Cunningham's neyv residence
this week.
i Elias Packett done some repair
r yvork on his Skunk Ridge property
i last wet k.
W. .1. Cunningham , yvife and
little daughter visited over in Missouri -
souri Sunday.
Will Kanaly of Prestoiy yvent ti :
Missouri Sunday afternoon to sec
the ball game.
H. O. Ma an took ( lie noon train
Saturday for Lincoln , returning
home Monday night.
The Burlington civil engineer !
yvero in Unvn sutveying the rip raj
along the river this week.
Joe Mt'Voy of this city , one o
the Burlington depot carpenters
wiis married Wednesday of las
week to a Miss Hyatt of Creh
'e This yviiB quite a surprise to Joe1
e many friends here.
Mrs.Vatteyne who yvas calle
to California some time ago on at
count of the illness of her soi
Alert Potter , has returned.
Prof. Stevens , the neyv principi
took charge of the Rule hig
10 school Tuesday of last yveek an
to everything is moviiiL1 along nicel ;
ul Mr. Winterbottoiu's daughte
Agnes , \vho has been visiting reli
, 'tl Mvt's in this city for some tint
departed for her home in Los Ai
er goles , Gal. , one day last yveek.
0 Our schools received a suppl
cr of new books this week yvhiel. ai
greatly appreciated by both pupi
ur and teachers.
MrShelhoun has been on tl
sick list for several days , but
slowly improving at this writini
You told mu in thu Ions ; ago
That ( lowers beside the way would < ; row
All nul'iint with the dews of morn ,
( But I h.ivo only found the thorn )
You told mo In thu days of old
The liirirpts of the yt'iirR was irolt )
That I ! > lioull ( ( Turner us I pus *
( Hut I hiivc found it tiirtiishcd lini * * )
You told me in thu days HCOIKJ
The sons : of life would rlpplo c n
The wuil of woe drowned iu its tones )
( Yet I huye lienrd but sorrows < rroiins ,
And yet pel-hups in years conn by
Your fond lips * pako no willful He- ;
Perhaps uloni ; the road so rough
1 have not traveled 'IIP enough.
There is a Falls City man who
actually loves his neighbor as
his neighbor loves himself.
Hell is paved yvith good inten
tions and it is not written that
the management ever had any
trouble with the contractor.
The neyv railroad to be built
from Kails City to the southyvest
will probably be neither a steam
nor an electric road. We under
stand that it is to be run by Syca
more Springs.
When thu roaring blizzard ragc-s
Ant ) eoitl prices upward climb ,
How I'll wifh I'd siiveil my wages
In thu L'ood oln summer time !
Missouri Pacific Railway
Time Table , Falls City , Neb.
No. 105 Omaha and Lincoln
Express A 1:57 a m
No. 103 Omaha and Lincoln
passenger A 1:00 : p in
No. 191 Local Freight , Au
burn A 1:00 : p in
No. 106 Kansas City and St.
Louis and Denver A 3:10 : a m
No. 108 Kansas City and St.
Louis and Denver A 1:25pin
No. 192 Local , Atchison. . 10:30 a m
No. 164 Stock Freight , Hi
awatha A 10:20 p in
A. Daily. 13. Daily except Sunday.
J. K. VAHXIJK , Agent.
Griuhuito American School of
Oate < iwthy | , Klrksvlllu , Mo.
Examination and Consultation Free
Ilotn-r : ! ) to 12 a m ; 1 to 4 p in
Olllco at residence , Stone street , sccord
block north of court house.
Falls City. Neb.
Lincoln Denver
Omaha i Helena
Chicago i Buttc
St. Joseph ! Salt Lake City
Kansas City Portland
St. Louis and all San Francisco
points cast and and all points
south. west.
No. 42. Portland St. Louis
Special , St. Joseph ,
Kansas City , St.
Louis and all points
cast and south 7',20 p in
No. 13. Vcstibulcd express ,
daily , Denver tuul
all points west and
northwest 1:25 : a in
No. 14. Vcstibulcd express ,
daily , St. Joe , Kan
sas City , St. Louis
and till points east
and south 7:47 : a in
No. 15. Vcstibuled express ,
daily , Denver , and
a'l points west and
northwest 1:28 p m
Nc IG. Vestibulcd express
daily , St. Joe , Kan
sas City , St Louis
Chicago and points
ciiMi and south 4:25 : p in
No. 20. Local express daily
Atchisonand points
south and west , . . . 4:35 p in
No. 41. St. Louis-Portland
lena , Tacoina and
Portland yvithout
change 10:07 : p in
No. 115. Local accommoda
tion , daily e x-
cept Sunday.Salem ,
Nemaha and Ne
braska City 11:15 p m
Sleeping , dining and reeling chair
cars ( seats free ) on through trains.
Tickets sold and baggage checked to
any point in the States or Canada. For
information , time tables , maps and
tickets , call on or write to G. Stewart
Agent , Falls City , Neb. , or J. Francis ,
G. P. & T. A. , Omaha.
These instruments have not been receiv
ed on consignment , but were bought
for cash. In buying this way I save
freight and other costs and can make
; prices correspondingly low. Can sell
for cash , or on any reasonable terms.
I have these instruments on exhibiton at m\ J
> home on South Stone street between 7th and \
J Sth one block south of the \Vahl building. J
i Thus I save rent on an expensive store room J
\ and subtract the name from my selling price J
A Remember you are invited to call and see and j
I test these instruments. Old pianos repaired. j
* ' g '
re |
< &
When a boy reaches that per
iod whcru he's "all hands and
feet" no wonder he feeh cvicc
cd if bo U ( ( bilged to wi sir ill-
fii'ii-j , 'inJ unsightly fahoes in
ortl' r lu gain Service.
Thciv ' - no need of it , nve
prove right here ihut good ap
pearance ami strong wour can bd
Durable , warm , dampnees-
sticdding Shoes for Bovt just
the thing the average parent is
looking for.
Box Calf Velour ana Ru inn
Calf Ht from
$1.25 io $2.75
according to sl/.u
Geo. B. Holi ,
The Shoe Man
D. S. HcCarthy |
Prompt attention given
to the removal of house
hold goods.
\VF SFI i -
y' L- Jl-.l-.L > '
Diplomat , Old Crow
James E. Pepper
Guckeiiheimer Rye
The finest Whiskey made Call
for your favorite brand at
William Harnack's
Phone 74.
R. L. Beaumont , M. D.
Formerly EVe and Car Specialist ,
Now limiting prnctiee to EYE
GLASSES. Sixth nnd Felix ,
f /\r * / i | rSlv and H nulf nciolot.
h1/ ! A A I H In the tiiMern part of
I \ JtjjAlvL K H9 City on East
Ninth street Nice
Int-iillnn. Ono hundred frillt trerst. Price
rciisniiulill * U'tll
„ + > 1