The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, September 01, 1905, Page 8, Image 10

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Opens on Monday , September 11 , in the 2-story frame building , located 5 blocks northeast of Court House Square
AMMnilMPFmifNT e 'iave ' co"ectec a 8reat many testimonials from our former students who are now holding excellent positionss and drawing large sal-
Ail IIUU ft wEIwII-ft I aries , and these we had intended to have published in the form of a catalogue. Finding the cost would be too great unless we increased
our tuition charges , we have abandoned this idea. Remember that we own our building , do our own teaching and owe no man a cent. This explains why our
tuition is lower than that of similar institutions. Did you ever think , my dear students , that the fine catalogues sent out by some of our large colleges , the rent for the great
buildings which they occupy , the interest on several hundred dollars invested in fine school furniture and the high salaries drawn by their teachers , are all paid by you ?
be foil ! in I lie history of the \\oild liiis the
iK poll of the steiKiLMapher been nppieclaled
as It Is at the pa-sent. The ( loinand for K < > od shoit-
hand \\iiteis lor neneial olllee woik is far in excess
of mothlng heietofoie known. At no time In the
past ha\e competent steiiotfiapliei.s so leadlly seen -
en red good , pining positions as now. All positions
of this kind win be found pleasant and piolltable ,
and better adapted to ladles than almost anything
else the\ can do In a biislnevs way. Young men and
\\omenlia\eonly to master shoithand to make it a
source of piollt to themselves and an easy stopping
.stone fiom a lower to a higher position.
All students emolllng at the college on Monday ,
September 11. 1W ) . " > , for seven consecuthe months
and pajlng c.ish or giving note beaiIng S per cent
Inteiestill be.giu-nadiscount tif 20and fmnlshod
all books and blanks fiee of chaige. This offer holds
good for one day only. I'aients , don't yon think
that It is a duty yon o\\e to your sons and daughtois ,
to ghe them a good education ? It will cost \ou but
lift v dolliiis. Maiii of the jonng students who ha\e
graduated fiom 0111 college sue now making mom
money In one month than It will cot t . \ou to s nd
them to this institution and allow them to complete
it couise. It shall bo our aim in the futnie as It has
In the past to piomote the geneial welfaie of eveiy
student In our college. The palents who send their
sons and daugh'eis to this college can lest assuied
that they aie watched o\oi by the people of this
community and thei aie lemoM'd fiom the awtul
danguts that await them In the largei cities.
The most of schools place all students in the same
class at the time they enter school , and they sue all
dumped out together at the end ot tluee or four
yeais by what Is known as th gi hiding piocess , and
dining all this time the student has been puisulng
studies that he knew would be of no piactlcal use to
him , but what can he dev I In must know a few
bianeiies , and in older to get them he must go
thiough the gi hiding process. Attend our school a
few months , no diireience whether you wish to pie-
flVurdy { personal Told in n Condensed
mnnncr for ( ho busy
rentiers of the Journnl
IF aragrapbs
Mrs. Opple Ross has been quite sick
the past week.
" \Vlll.Iennc \ Is veiy sick with the
typhoid fever.
Mrs. I. C. Maust wason the sick list
the tirst of the week.
Every lump of our coal Is just so
much heat. Maust , Hios. < M
Frank Shephaui of Dawson , was a.
Palls City visitor Friday.
G. L. Sheelcy was a visitor from
Salem the last of the week.
G. W. Fisher returned Satuiday
Horn n business trip to Illinois.
Our coal Is anxious to bum ; youi
won't have to urge 1U Maust Hros.
William Reimeisof Stella was tran
sacting business in Falls City Satur
Real good coal like ours is the ca
pable housewife's best friend. Maust
llros. 3
H. II. Hurk and Heniy Perka , of
Shubert , were in Falls City the last
of the week.
Fred Hurling and Geo. Tyrrel left
Sunday for Wyoming to go work with
u bridge gang.
Miss Minnie Jussen returned Friday
from a two week's visit in Kustes
Park , Colorado.
Geo. S. and F. W. Cleveland were
in St. Joe Monday. They spent Tues
day in Vet don.
Joseph O'Grady of Dawson , was
transacting business In Falls City the
last of last week.
V. G. Lyford returned Monday from
the New York market wheie he has
been buying goods.
v * Mr. and Mis. Frank Uhlig left Mon
day for Omaha where Frank will buy
some fancy cattle.
Miss Lena Nettlebeck returned
Saturday from a three week visit with
relatives in Missouri.
If you are looking for dirt go to a
real estate dealer. You won't tlnd it
in our coal. Maust Bros03
Miss Kate Heacock left for
Omaha where she will spend a couple
of weeks visiting Mends.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wea\er letuined
Saturday afternoon from a month's
trip through Pennsylvania.
Rev. II. R. Smith was in Hiawatha
Sunday , and held services in the Epis
copal chinch at that place.
The longer you buy coal of us , the
more money you will have to spend
for other things. Maust Uros. 03
Mrs. C. M. Bracelln and daughter
spent Friday and Saturday the guests
of Mrs. Will Fenton of Dawson.
Miss Clara Keller returned to her
home in Chicago last Thursdaj , after
a visit with relatives in Falls City.
Miss Grace Gray returned Sunday
evening from a two weeks visit with
herslbter , Lulu , in Indianapolis , Inch
T. T. Ross left Monday night for
Atwood , Kas. , where he lias a posl-
tion as foreman on a paper published
Miss Phelina Yutzy returned Mon
day to her home in Sioux City , Iowa ,
after a visit with her father , Dr. J. C.
Yutzy and wife.
Mi's. I'M May Is on the sick list this
Henry Sanfoid Is sick witli appendi
citis this week.
Ryan Shelly was up fiom Preston
Tuesday on business.
Mis. Ellen Moran was quite sick
Monday and Tuesday.
Joe Fryberger wus ; down from Hum-
boldt the hust of the week ,
Jesse and Clare McDermet were
down from Salem Saturday.
Mrs. Dick Downs Is In Omaha visit
ing her son James and family.
Mrs. George Holland let in ned Tues
day from a trip through Colorado.
A. V. Hurk of Rule was a pleasant
caller at the Journal olllee Tuesday.
Fred Oswald came down from Lin
coln the tlrstof the week on business.
Jesse Jameson of Stella was trans
acting business , in Falls City Tuesday.
Miss Virginia Mead leturned Satur
day from a two weeks visit with rela
tives in Omaha.
Mrs. Jim Pecht and family aie visit
ing with friends and relatives in
Kansas this weeK.
You won't have to clean house after
we deliver coal. Our men ate clean
and careful. Maust "Rios. < > 3
Clyde Gaskell letuined to his home
in Kansas City Monday after a visit
herewith Herman Heachy.
Call at our olllee and look at the
samples of Pennsylvania hard coal.
The best in town. Maust Hios. (13 (
Mrs. Cottier of Missouri is in Falls
City visit ing her children , the Whit-
aker boys and Mrs. G. M. Rarrett.
Good health depends upon good
food. Good food depends upon good
cooking. Good cooking depends upon
good tires. Here Is where we come in.
Maust Rros. ; j
Lela Powell entertained a few of
her friends Monday evening in honor
of Frank Caller } , who will leave this
week to take up his school woik
Your Hair
Don't have a falling out with
your hair. It might leave you !
ThcnM'hat ? Better please It
by giving It a good hair-food
Aycr's Hair Vigor. The hair
stops coming out , becomes
soft and smooth , and all the
deep , rich color of youth
comes back to gray hair.
" I w i tronblfd rratl7 with dandruff until
Io d Ayer't Ualt Mcor. It completely cured
thedandrud and alio Mopped inj hair ( ram
( tiling out. Ititrvn roe very ntc ly ilia In
arranging raj hair In any itrle I with. * *
Mies MAOCHI COOK , DUIdt. V. Va.
M4e i br J. O. A7 r Co. . Lowell. MAM.
Alia naauCaoturert of
1 handle and guaiantee Liquid Koal
and the National Dip. O. I' . Ileck.o : !
Miss Vallie Hoth of St. Louis is in
the city visiting Mis. Kosa Ilnberat
tlie Union House.
Paul Weaver came up ftom roulell ,
Okla. . Monday. He and his family
will move to Seattle , Wash.
Mrs. Dave Lowe went to Stella
Tuesday to visit her daughter , Mrs *
I va Morris , who is quite sick.
Mrs. Kate Thomas letuined to her
home in Lincoln Monday after a
visit with fi lends in Falls City.
Misses Edna and Eli/a Crook re
turned home Monday from a visit
with friends in Mound City , Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Morris and
daughter of Hiawatha are visiting at
the home of Charley McCieary this
w eek.
Mrs. C. W. Hreithaupt returned
his week fiom the St. Louis mtuket
\hereshe has been buying her fall
tock. i
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Minnick
ame down from York the tirst of the
veek for a visit with lelatives and
Mrs. Dr. McMillan and daughter
luth have returned from an extended
islt with relatives and friends in
Fullerton , Neb.
Mrs. Dr. W. II. Kerr returned Sat-
irday from a two weeks visit with
ler son , C. L. Kerr and family at
viuisas City.
Mr * . A. Reinke of loute . " > was a
Peasant caller at the Journal otlice
Tuesday and renewed her faith in this
lousehold necessity.
Mix. .1. R.Vilhite. . Dr. and Mrs. .1.
3. Yuf/.y , Mr. and Mrs. VetSlmanton
ind Wesley Crook left yesteiday for
trip through Coloiado.
You can ride on half fare tickets to
Dundy and Chase Co , Nebraska. If
jon will go with me September 5.
Geo. K. Waul , Rule , Neb. G3
Mrs. Art Fisher returned to her
home in Leavenwoith Wednesday.
She was accompanied by Reavls Gist
who will \Klt theie foi a week.
ICrt Fisher came up from Leaven-
wet th , Satuiday night and spent Sun
day here. Ed likes his new place
very well but he still likes to slip back
to Palls City.
Miss Nell MeMahan icturned Sun
day from a week's visit at Wayne ,
Neb. Her father Mat McMahan re
mained there fora time expecting to
buy some land.
Clare Foster letuined from Hastings
Friday night with a broken linger.
Clare has been playing ball with the
Hastings team and was injured in a
game theie last week.
Mai ion Simanton leturned to bet
home in South Bend , Ind. , Thursday
otMiing after a slweeks' visit in
Falls City with her uncle and aunt ,
Mr. and Mis. Vet Simanton.
William Tyrrel and E. V. King left
Wednesday night for Geneva , Nebr. ,
where they have the job of plastering
the school building. There is about
three months work ahead of them.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ruegge and
family , Lloyd Pecht and family , Mr.
and Mrs. Jule Ruegge drove to Henry
Rreehfs and spent the day Sunday.
Mrs. Jule Ruegge entertained the
neighborhood by playing on the plane
and the neighbors listened on the
paie UHiiself for business , a stenogiapher , a laimer
or that of the teaching piofesslon. and b\ the time
the other fellow who K attending the gihiding-
school has completed his course , > ou will ha\e made
back jour school money and be comfoitably located
in business.
Our giadnates aie now lining positions as clerks ,
book-keepois , teachets , bank cashieis and steno-
giapheis at salatles langing from y.per \ month to
$ lr > 00 per jeai. You can do the same bv attending
oui school fiom sk to eight months.Ve have giad-
nates in almost eveiy bank in this count v , also
stonogiapheis and book-keepeis in Omaha , St. .Jos
eph , Kansas Cit ) and In fact all thiough the west ,
that aits commanding high salaries , and they freely
give the Falls City Business College ciedlt for the
excellent positions they occupj. Why will anyone
be idle , when thej could spend the pi Ice oi one bund
led bushels ol coin for a couise in this well estab
lished school , and thi-ieby stop Into a paying position
that would lie a ciedlt to themselves and an honot
to their aged patents.
Many young men and women who have neglected
theit earlier fhicaMjn ate too buckwaid to mingle
with the childieii of the public school. To this class
we ha\e to say that in our college theie is nothing
to embanass you , as we give von ptivate instruc
tions until you can enter classes without feeling the
least embariassed. Remember theie is no examina
tion on enteiing our school , and if 3011 bnc ; never
been to school a day befoie , your neatest seatmate
will not know it. as you aie given a huge table all
to yontself , and will teceive petsonal mstiuetion
fiom your teacher. Hy this method 3011 aie able to
advance much faster than in a laiger school , and
also si\oyoiii ; sell' lots of embanassment. If you aie
thinking of attending school , wiite to any Hist-class
business College and get their terms and you will
find that we can ghe you the same couise of study
fiom * : > ( ) to $ : w cheaper. For fuither paiticulais
call on or addiess
G. M. BARRETT , Principal
AVhcn you want to buy hardware and notions but come to the place where yon can buy the
best goods in the market , and the place to do that is with inc. To show you that we can and
will save you money we ( [ note you some prices made on the same articles by our competitors :
1 quart Enameled Dipper ISc 25c
10 quart Galv. Bucket 15c 25c
Coal Scoop 50c 85c
Fruit , ! ar Caps 20c 30c
Bracket Lamp Comp 25c 40c
No. 2 Galv. Wash Tubs GOc 75c
5 gallon Gasoline Can 50e G5c
10-in. Hand Saw 25c 50c
2-hole gasoline stoves $2.50 $3.25
50 feet Clothes Line lOc 15c
The articles quoted arc the best make of goods \n \ the market and will stand the test of
actual wear and use. We are people who do as we agree to and carry the best stutt.
ROBERTS , THE JEWELER , Falls City , Nebraska
Will Spragginshas moved his family
and household goods into the Korner
property on South Harlan street.
Mr. and Mrs Ernie Rell and C. W.
Chambers came dow n from Omaha in
an auto Monday to visit Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Bell.
D. Hannah C. Fleming was able to
be up and around Monday for the
tirst time since she broke her ankle a
month ago.
William Goede of Maytield , O. T. ,
Is visiting friends and relatives In
this county. He expects to return
home this week.
Miss Maud Graham left Thursday
evening for Chicago where she will
teach in the conservatory of music
the coming year.
You can ride on half fare tickets to
Dundy and Chase Co. , Nebraska. If
you will go with me September 3.
Geo. E. Ward , Rule , Neb. 63
Martin Gehling's hand Is considera
bly better. He has had a severe
tussle with blood poisoning as a result
of a cut fiom bioken bottle.
Mis. Messersmith gave an ice cream
patty at her home on South Stone
street on Monday , in honor of her sis
ter , Mrs. Schafer of Qulncy , 111.
Eima Schoenhelt and Miss Ethel
Wilhlte left Monday for their homes
in Kansas City and Wichita after a
visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wilhlte.
Miss Mattle Schock return the last
of the week from Denver where she
has been visiting for the last month
with her uncle , Martin Melhorn and
Jim Delaware came up from White
Cloud Monday to meet his daughter
and son-in-law , Mr. and Mis. Win.
Waechter , who have been visiting
on the Pacllic coast.
The Johnston County Tribunal has
been sold to Chester W. Marlin , who
took charge last week. C. W. Pool
who has run the Tribunal for a num
ber of years is forced to go to Color
ado as he has trouble with his lungs.
Walter and Will O'Rrien returned
to Chicago Saturday night after a
three weeks' visit with their aunt ,
Mn , . P. Gunn. The boys wish to
thank the many friends and relatives
for the kindness and good time shown
them during their stay here.
Three Great Farm Bargains in
Richardson and Brown Cos , , Kan ,
These three farms belong to non-residents and
must be sold in the next few days :
No. 1. Is a good rich farm of 158 acres lying only 3
miles north of Falls City. Good improvements , finely fenced ,
wind mill and tanks , good small orchard , plenty of good
water , on K. F. D. and telephone line , good neighborhood ,
close to school and church , no better soil in the county , good
abstract title.
No. 2. GO acres of good rich land , 3 miles southeast of
Barada. Somewhat rolling but not rough , pretty well im
proved , { rood large orchard , plenty of good water. This will
make some one with small capital a good little home , and
there is land adjoining this that can be had.
No. 3. Is a good farm of 92 acres lying between Keserve
and Padonia , Kans. , well improved , line location , good neigh
borhood , orchard , plenty of good water. Part of this farm is
creek bottom but never overflows , no better soil in Brown
county , most all in cultivation. Only 2 miles from K. K.
These farms will never _ bc ollered as cheap again , as
above stated belong to non-residents and will be sold for less
than their value in the next few days. Also a good $2,000
residence , large barn , good arched cave , some fruit , nice orna
mental trees , beautiful lawn , 4 nice east front lots , only 3
blocks from P. O. Belongs to non-resident , and for this rea
son will sell this nice home for $1100. All of the above are
sure enough bargains and you will think so when you get cut-
prices on these farms.
Don't forget our land excursions to Butler and
other counties in Kansas , on Tuesday , September 5th.
If you don't see us soon you will miss a bargain.