The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, July 28, 1905, Page 3, Image 3

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IT'S SAFEST To use the
and obtain
the best results. You can't afford
to do without the best when the
best is-
( Crown Cottage Color * )
Every drop is honest value
every gallon possible perfec
tion every can full measure.
It will do the work most satisfactorily and economically ,
besides putting off repainting for the longest possible time.
"We guarantee that when properly applied on a surf ace in proper condition our
paint will give better results than any other paint ( including ; White Lead and
Oil ) and in all cases where it does not and it is the fault of the material used
the work over again at our expense. "
Dr. flcMillan , Proprietor.
Fancy and Staple
Fruit in Season
Satisfaction Guaran
Free City Delivery
Phone 40
Storage for Household
And other Goods.
Telephone No. 88
Office at Residence
Office Hours : 8 to 10 a. m. ;
i to 3 p. m.
Missouri Pacific Railway
Time Table , Falls City , Neb.
No. 105 Omaha and Lincoln
Express A 1:57 a in
No. 103 Omaha and Lincoln
passenger A 1:00 p in
No. 191 Local Freight , Au
burn A 1:00 : p in
No. 106 Kansas City and St.
Louis and Denver A 3:10 a m
No. 108 Kansas City and St.
Louis and Denver A 1:25 p in
No. 192 Local , Atchibon. . 10:30 : a in
No. 164 Stock Freight , Hi
awatha A 10:20 : p in
A. Daily. B. Daily except Sunday.
J. B. VAKNIK , Agent.
Biiilington TIME TABLE
Route Falls City. Neb.
Lincoln Denver
Omaha Helena
Chicago Butte
St. Joseph Salt Lake City
Kansas City Portland
St. Louis and all San Francisco
points east and and all points
south. west.
No. 42. Portland St. Louis
Special , St. Joseph ,
Kansas City , St.
Louis and all point.- ,
east and south 7:20 : p in
No. 13. Vcstibuled express ,
daily , Denver and
all points west and
northwest 1:25 a m
No. 14. Vestibuled express ,
daily , St. Joe , Kan
sas City , St. Louis
and all points cast
and south 7:47 : a n
No. 15. Vestibuled express ,
daily , Denver , and
all points went and
northwest 1:23 : p n
Nc 16. Vestibuled express
daily , St. Joe , Kan
sas City , St Louis
Chicago and points
east and south 4:25 : p n
No. 20. Local express daily
Atchison and points
south and west. . . . 4:35 p n
No. 41. St. Louis-Portland
lena , Tacoma and
Portland without
change 10:07 : p n
No. 115. Local accommoda
tion , daily ex
cept Sunday.Salem ,
Nemaha and Ne
braska City 11:15 p m
Sleeping , dining and reeling chai
cars ( seats free ) on through trains
Tickets sold and baggage checked t <
K. any point in the States or Canada. Fo
. information , time tables , maps am
tickets , call on or write to G. Stewart
Agent , Falls City , Neb. , or J. Francis
G. P. & T. A. , Omaha.
Nobody hns ever succeeded in
proving thnl I. e o. i- < not immor-
ill , and an almost nod-like , self-
ctive and most important exist-
nee. Truly ELM Imp some reason
or sometimes appearing vain ,
laving existed from the hpuititung
and universally believed to be
lestined to an endless' future.
'erlmps it requires some tremen-
iuous base-like eternity to enable
one to withstand the cuffs of life ,
it least it requires a strong1 iiu-
nilse in the beginning to yield the
nomentum necessary to
.hrough life.
It is possible the realization of
ego that it is something with an
mportant source that gives it the
lerve to so boldly declare itself.
Til lell yon how I'd build that
juilding" criticises the man whenever
never saved a thousand dollars
above his living as he scans the
'ramework of a seventy-five thotis-
and dollar structure , and he tells
Scarcely is there a hired man on a
'arm that is not able , and some-
; imes does , reel by the hour des
criptions of the failings in the
plans of his employer and substi
tutes whereby the latter coulc
treble his profits.
The layman wonders at the stu
pidity of the eommander-iu-chiel
in the land operations and at the
ullibility of the admiral on tilt
sea. The man in the ditch finds
iis amusement at the simplicity
of the engineer a fine diversioi
that helps him to forget the sin
overhead. "We'll venture then ,
lire two million men in the Unitec :
States who can tell Roosevelt aiu
the cabinet just how all the issues
can be and should be handledlock
stock and barrel. Socialist publi
cations offer easy directions for
maintaining universes , men write
directions for women to condnc
themselves and explain what man
hood really is. No doubt all thi.-
inakes up life. Ego is undaiiiitec
and omnifccient ; ' 'hope springs
eternal in the human heart , " nnc
it's no wonder at all that one fel
low wrote : "What I Would do i
I were God " Hustings Tribune
For Sale.
Two reiiistered Hereford malt
calves , yearlings mist. Write , Wil
Skalak ! Humboldt Neb. tf.
Child not Expected to Live from On
Hour to Another , but Cured bj
Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera. a.nt
Diarrhoea. Remedy.
Ruth , the ( huiirlitiT of K N. Dewey
of AgnewvUlu , Vu. , was surioubl.v 111 o
cholera Infuntum lust summer "Wt
C'ivc her up and did nut expect her ti
live from one hour to another. " hf
suj'ri. "I happened to think of Chum
berlain'a Colic , Cholera ami Dlurrhoei
Remedy and cot u bottle of it from th
store. In five hour * I suw u chang
for the better.Vo kept on givlnjr \
and before ehe hud taken the half o
one small bottle she was well. " Till
remedy Is for tale nt ICerr's rtrujr store
Dr. R.
over King's Pharmacy.
Educational Department
Conducted by County -Stipt. Crocker
'hey do movroni > who su > I cumu no
When once 1 knock ami fail to 11 ml
you In ;
? or every thiy I stand outside jour
door ,
Ano bid you \vuko and rise to fight
and win.
Valt not for prculous clwiu'cs passed
ixwuy ,
Weep not for golden ages on the
wane !
inch nljjhl 1 burn the records of the
day ;
At sunrise every soul Is born again ,
Walter Mnlcne.
County Teachers' Institute.
FALLS C1TV , NUM. , AUi. 7-12 , 1903.
Supt. W. H. Plllsbury , Falls City.
Supr. . R. L. HoiT , Humboldt.
Miss Graee Greaves , Kearney ,
klrs. H. C. Richmond , Kearney.
Prlu Geo. E. Martin , Nebraska City.
1'rln. Oshor Sehhufer , Humboldt.
UISH Vernti Vastlne , Rulo.
Prof. .1. W. Watson , Verdun.
Miss Mnrthn King , Verdon.
State Supt. J. S. McHricn.
Prof. A. E. Davlsson , Prln. State
Sehool of Agriculture.
Prof. Prof. W. II. Olemnions , Pros.
Fremoni Normal School
Prof. O , H. Lonpncll , Pros. Highland
Park Normal College.
Prof. J. W. Crabtreo , Pres. Peru
State Normal School.
Supt. Geo. D. Carrlngton , Auburn.
Misses Alvlrda Allen and Orra
French , Salem , will have charge of
the exhibit of school work.
Prof. P. W. Carr. Rule , will be secretary
rotary of the institute.
Prof Osher Sclilaifer is visit-
friends , in Table Rock.
Prof , and Mrs. I. G. Wilson
are visiting" freinds in Woodbine
Supt. Hoff and family who
are now visiting1 relatives in W.
Va. , will return to Humboldt
about April 1.
All friends of education are
invited at attend. The enroll
ment last year was 1C7. Our
mark set for this year is 175.
After October 4 , all examina
tion papers will be graded by
the state examinating board.
Each director should have a
copy of his new school law. If
you do not have a copy ; write tc
the County Supt. , he will send
you one.
It would be a good plan to
come to Falls City Saturday ,
April f , secure a boarding place
enroll , be rested and read } ' for
work Monday morning April 7.
The county superintendent will
have a list of boarding places
at the office.
The revised school laws have
just been published by the state
department. Thebooiccontains
158 pages carefully edited and
indexed. There are several im
portant changes , the one of 'the
most importance to teachers
being the examination of teach
ers by the slate.
A special teachers exam inn.
tion was held in Humboldt last
Wednesday and Thursday. ' the
following applied for certifi
cates ;
Nellie Cinndy Georj'iu Candy
Gertie Robinson Marlon Pillow
Fred Arnold Maud Tosluml
Jessie Draper Olive Petrashok
Winifivd Ryan Georgia Wells
MatlitiSt.iliifr Herbert Ford
Wilma Wright Ida Stalder
Katella DHInw Daisy Morris
Sadie Cur ran Anna Gravatt
Jennie Gravatt O. W. James
Arthur Klima Edward Hodapp
The Richardson county teach
er's Institute will be held in tlu
Palls City High School building
Falls City , Nebr. , beginning
Monday. August 7 , 8:80 : a. in ,
and closing Saturday , Aug , 12 ,
Able instructors and lecturer.
have been secured. Our insti
tute will be professional acade
micand inspirational the three
combined in one.
The State Department of Ed
ucation , "for lack of funds tc
get out a meritorious work , '
has discontinued the publication
of the Nebraska State Course
ot Study , and now recommends
that the school work of
based on the Nationalized , or
Illinois State Course of Study.
All instruction in our institute
will be based on this Nationa
lized Course of Study. Each
teacher will be given a copy for
liis school.
An enrollment fceof $1.00 will
be charged. A note book will
be furnished each teacher.
Teachers should bring text
All persons desiring to teach
in Richardson County are re
quested to attend the Institute
and no excuse will be granted
except under the most impera
tive circumstances ( See Sec , , 2
and 7 , Subdiv. , 10School Laws. )
Examinations will be given
Saturday afternoon August 12
and Saturday , August IS ) .
Annual Teacher's Spelling
ontest ; suitable prizes will be
otl'ered , words will be taken from
Roll of Honor spelling book un
til less than ten remain in the
contest when words will be
taken from Reed's Word Les
sons ;
Exhibit of School Work : each
teacher who taught in the coun
ty last year is expected to have
his school represented by at
least some work :
Map Drawing Contest : Five
dollars is offered for the best
map of Richardson drawn by a
pupil who attended a Richard-
county school last year , three
dollars for second best , two for
Prof. Martin will have charge
of an exhibit of line art pictures
and conduct a class in Picture
Study ; Vocal Music : Orthoepy ;
Primary Kensington ; A class in
Water Colors ; Pennmanship ;
Drawing ; Basket Ball and Men
tal Arithmetic.
- *
An Open Letter.
Des Moines , la. , June 15 ] , 1005.
Editors Journal of Education :
I noticed this in the Journal of
June 8 : A half day is long
enough for any child of live , six
or seven to be in school. " Now
in turn , is not a half a day long
enough for any child ol live , six.
or seven to be on the street ? A
lady , whose name is well known
in school work , especially in
connection with the National
Council of Education , once ad
vocated the above doctrine , that
the school hours for primary
grades should be shortened by
one-half. Some one asked her :
"What should become of them
the remainder of the day ? " A
saddened expression came into
her face as she answeaed the in
quiry : I don't know. That is
a difficult question which I am
not prepared to answer. ' '
Of course , if we take it for
granted that the children came
from cultivated homes , in which
they are tenderly nurtured and
carefully trained , surrounded by
all elevating influences , the
statement is partially correct.
But unfortunately this is not the
case in our large cities and vil
lages. In many cases , even
with full school time should be
reduced to two and one half
hours each day , and the street
hours increased the same
amount ? Would not the school
be shorn of more than one halt
ite power ? This is not a matter
to be decided in accordance
with the first impulse. It re
quires very careful consideration -
tion and should be viewed from
every standpoint.
The year of the graded
school I ever taught consisted
of forty-four weeks. The grey-
haired men and women whc
were pupils then , only a few o :
them remain , tell you they wen
not hurt by o 'er work. Onlj
a year or so ago one of then
said to me : " 1 have ofter
told my boys and girls that thej
have never known what hard
study means , " We have in
most places reduced the school
year to thirty-six weeks : the
school hours six to five , and we
now propose to further reduce
these hours to two and one-half.
If we grant that a boy of seven
can do the work now required ,
in one-half the time , which we
do not believe , the question at
issue is , how shall he spend the
other half ? It he is dismissed at
noon how shall he spend the
other half ? An answer is very
respectfully solicited either
from Dr.Vinship , or from some
other person who advocates the
change. Cordially ,
Impromptu Justice.
There is no time to counten
ance or excuse lawlessness in
any form and yet there are ac-
casions when it strains human
nature almost beyond the limit
to frown at a particular act of
lawlessness Not long ago in
Chicago park , soon after a
Philadelpia motorist had killed
a boy in the street while teasingly -
ingly chasing him with an auto
car , a man in an automobile was
having great sport scaring people
ple by making- if to run over
them. The screams of woman
and the shrieks of children were
apparently musir. to his cars ,
and no policeman appeared to
stop the refined sport. At last
the antomobilist charged a man
who did not run. Instead , when
the car came near enough , he
sprang abroad , seized the play ,
ful driver by the collar , pulled
him into the street , blacked
his eye , broke his nose , choked
him , and then tossed him back
into the car with instructions to
get out of the park as quickly
as the speed limit would per
mit. This champion ot the
women and children broke the
laws , but it is hard to wish him
in jail.
A day or two ngo a New York
beach young man swam out to a
boat containing three girls ,
climbed aboard , and heedless of
their screams proceeded to rock
the boat. The boat capsized ,
whereupon the young-man swam
for the shore leaving the girls
who could not swim to their
fate. The girls were rescued
with difficulty and at great dan
ger by spectntors who then
turned their attention to the
young man who caused the trou
ble , lie was captured by the
men , and was just about to be
thrown into the water when re
scued by the police. This punishment -
ishment was unlawful , especial
ly so as the laws throw a rather
special protection about fools.
Unless we can convince our
selves that this was a case
where the ox was in the pit ,
we are morally obliged to con
demn the act as a species of
justice , but weak human nature
will do so with the mental re-
f-ervation that the boat rocker
got what he deserved or less.
State Journal.
We admire C. W. Parker , the
owner of the amusement company
that is to hold forth here on carni
val week , because he stands tip
for his home town Abilene , Kas. ,
It is at Abiline that the Parker
factories are located and Mr.
Parker proposes that everybody
shall know it. It might give
him more prestige to advertise
his attractions as the "latest New
York sensation , " or to post big
pictures of a seven story building
occupying two blocks in the
heart of Chicago and call the
same the Parker factories. But
instead of so doing , Mr. Parker
gives his home town the benefit
of the advertising and the name
of Abilene , Kansas , appears many
times on the lithographs that
are now posted in Falls City and
all over the surrounding country.
"The girl from Abilene" is a
title that not only advertises the
Kansas town , but answers the
purpose as well as though sht
weiu called "the girl from New
York. " The people of Abilent
should appreciate Mr. Parker.
Pioneer Picnic At Verdon
The Pioneer-Old Settlers pic
nic which is to be held at Verdon
on August 'JtliandlOtli , promises
to be a big thing. The old set
tlers picnic which has l > 2cn held
at Rothcnbergcr's grove near
Dawson , has been consolidated
with the Pioneer picnic of Ver-
lon and the two will be held as
otic this year. A splendid pro
gram has been arranged. The
music will be furnished by tlte
the Merchant's band of Nebraska
City and the principal speakers
will be lion. II. II. Wilson and
Hon. Gco. W. Berge of Lincoln
and C. F. Reavis of this city.
There will be a blue rock shoot ,
a ball game and a balloon ascen
sion each day , besides various
other attractions. Many Falls
City people are planing to attend
the picnic which promises to be a
great success.
Play Your Own Game.
Play your game with the
world the best you can. If you
get beaten do not try to lay the
blame to some one else but
stand up manfully and take your
medicine. Everybody wants to
win and you can not blame any
one for it. You are as anxious
to do so as the rest. If you go
into a big game you have a
chance for big winnings and
many chances to loose out al
together. It is your privilege
and your choice. If you ven
ture out where the big fish are
you take your chances. "Ves
sels large way venture more ,
But little craft should keep near
shore. " If you want to "play
safe , " you can. But do not fret
and whine because you do not
accomplish as much as those
who venture more and do more.
It is an old and true proposi
tion that every man is the arch
itect of his own fortunes. Ad
verse circumstances may retard
him , but if he works steadily
and dilligently with the same
end always in view he will
be successful , or as nearly so as
anybody can be. Remember ,
there are failures and disap
pointments in every life and
success is only comparative.
It is never complete in this
world. Envy no man anything
except his integrity and good
reputation and do not chide
him for that but rather try to
make your own as good. York
If i noriiiice is blifes. the happi
est man in the world lives in
Fulls City.
It in oftsn the man who rides on
n pass who findri the most fault
with the train service.
Some men think they are not
bud so long as they ean point out
one who is a little worse.
The consciousness of duty done ,
is the highest reward of ell'ort.
Now is the time to subscribe.
There arc people whose idea of
humor is to stand near a brass
band and make icmarks about
Inning the drum.
We ran all remember when
people used to buy green eolTeo
and brown it in the oven Re-
nii-inber how yood it used to
smell ?
This in Hie season of the year
when a yonny man will risk chig-
geiH and mosquitoes and mnlarin
in order to lake his best girl to a
Unusual things are constantly
happening. The other day a man
was driving an antomibile along u
country rend when he e me to the
place where another man was hav
ing trouble with a balky horse.
The man with the horse tied his
obstreperous steed to a telephone
pole and cnmo to town in the automobile -
mobile with the other man.
The proprietor of the "little
store on the corner. " says that
Hiawatha is too good for him.
"One half of the people over
there spend their time going to
church and prayer meeting , while
the other half spend their time
hunting a drink , " he says.