The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, June 02, 1905, Image 7

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. We Do
, ) I :
\ .
.r .
On The
Our Great President
. y . . said "Every man shall
have a square deal. "
"Them's our Sentiments"
'vVe include women and
children in this proposi-
C" ' ' \ tion. When we sell
. . .
' r Shoes to anybody a square -
' , . . . are deal always goes with
. . . . ' . u the Shoes.
' m 'vVe sell the best shoes
' r
:1 : ' we can buy , as low as we
can afford to sell them ,
and our guarantee goes
with every sale we make.
Money back should the
Shoes you buy go wrong
in any way.
Spring Footware is
now ready and we have
a square deal waiting for
every patron
r Geo. B. Holt
rr } . . ,
The Shoe Man
: , '
- Fancy and Staple
Fruit in Season
Satisfaction Guaran-
, ,
Free City Delivery
. Phone 40
Storage for Household
And other Goods.
, Missouri Pacific Railway
r Time Table , Falls City , Neb.
No. 105 Omaha and Lincoln
Express. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Al:57ain :
No. 103 Omaha and Lincoln
passenger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A 1:00 : p m
No 191 Local b"reight : , Au-
' burn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . . A 1:00 : p 111
No. 106 Kansas City and St.
Louis and Denver . . . . . A 3:10 : a 111
No 108 Kansas City and St.
Louis and Denver . . . . . . A 1:25 : p 111
No 192 Local , Atchison . 10:30 : a 111
No. 1M Stock Freight , Hi-
awatha..A 10:20 : p 111
A. Daily B. DailY except , Sunday ' '
J. B. VARNER , Agent
t . , n . . , r , , , . _ . _
Eat Sowles Candy
Prof 1. G. Wilson dclivered I
the Decortion Day address at
See Coupe & : tl'llOrnton for alL
kinds of salt anal frc'sh fish. ' . '
: Mrs. Albert Ma115t : pent this
week in Kansas City' with h her
paren ts.
Coupe & : 'l'hornton have on tap
at all times corn fed mcats.
: Miss Elizabeth Naylor' is attending -
tending summer school at Peru ,
'Vhen in need of a nice juicy
stake or a prince rib roast telephone -
phone 74.
Prof and : Mrs. Larrabee of
Preston were in Falls City 'l'hurs-
day of last week.
Miss Lettie Cain left this week
for Wyoming to visit with her
father , Fred Cain.
: : : Mrs. : 1\ J. Gist and two little
daughters arc visiting friends in
Litico1n this week .
Miss : Eva Bacon , who taught
in Dist. No. 65 last year , is visiting -
ing friends in Robinson , Kansas
, Iisses Cecil and Mamie Kanaly
came up from Rule to attend commencement -
mencement here last Thursday
Here is the way it is done : If
tli.e printer owes you make 'him
pay up ; if YOU owe the printer .
forget it
1\1rs. ) Lee Crofford and Miss
Viola went to Falls City last
Thursday to visit for a fcw days.
-Shubert Citizen.
11rs.Vhitrock and daughter ,
Miss Emma 'Vhitrock , of Falls
City have been visiting at the
home of Henry 1\1eycr.-Hiawa-
tlta World.
1\1rs. Carrie J. Shaw and grand-
daughter , Laura , left Saturday
afternoon for New. York , where
they will spend the .summcr.-
TIiawatha 1\'orld.
Funny that Hiawatha , which
has most every lodge under the
sun , has not yet an order of Elks.
Two car loads of Omaha Elks
established a lodge at Falls City
Friday night. A great time was
there , my countrymen.-Hiawa-
tlta World.
Miss Mary Strunk has been
elected primary teacher of the
Dawson schools for the ensuing
1\Iessrs. Larabee , Boss , Weiss-
man , Avery , Stephenson , Grif-
fiths and Heinzelman were among "
the many in town , Saturday who
remembered the printer.
The apple crop that promised
so well at bloomiug time looks
very different now ; Thc Jonathan
being particularly shy , it is pre-
sumed that the cold during the
time the trees were in blossom
caused the fruit to drop. The Ben
Davis , l\'Iilu.m ' , Northern Spy and
Jan netts seem to have enough yet
to yield a fair crop.-Salem Index.
tl'hursday of last week was the
anniversary of birth of 1\11' James
K. 'McDowcl1. His wife jmlanned
and carried out a very nice sur-
prise on him. A small company
of friends was invited in for the
cvcning' and the time
was most I
pleasantly spent'hc guests I
found 11Ir. McDowell feeling in
the best of spirits and he proceeded -
ceeded to dress up a la comedian ,
apply burnt cork and grease paint
to his erstwhile Napoleonic features -
ures , and entertain them with
comical songs and sayings. 1Ve i
arc told that hc is very versatile , I
and the patrons of the local thea- !
tre should insist on his appear-
atce at the first home talent pro-
duction.-'l'ccumsch icftail1.
Much corn has been re-planted .
thc second time this spring : , and !
in some fields even the third time.
A. J. Wilson had to goo over nearly
all of seventy acres the third .
time. , Three reasons arc given
for the re-planting , and arc applicable -
plicable to different fields or thc
three conditions may prevail in
the same field ; poor seed ; on account - .
count of the dry weather all good I
seed did not germinate ; a white I
worm working on the seed kcr-
nels. These worms , are very
small , and in some cases as many
as half dozen have been found at
work on one seed kcrnel.-Slm-
bert Citizcn.
Secretary Shildneck of the
chautauqua association tens us
that the program is very near
complete and that within a couple
of weeks he hopes to have his I
contracts all signed up and will
then be able to make known the
personal of his speakers. tl'he
dates are August 12 to 20.-Salcm
Index .
Let us help push your business ;
put an ad in The TribullC' .
IvIr. ) . T. Barber of 1rwinville ,
Ga. , always keeps < a bottle of I
Chamberlain's colic , cholera and
diarrhoea remedy at hand ] ready
for instant use. Attacks of colic ,
cholera morbus and diarrhoea
come on so suddenly that there is
no time to hunt a doctor or go to
the store for medicine Mr Bar-
ber says : "I have tried Chamber-
lain's colic , cholera and diarrhoea
remedy which is one of the best
medicines I ever saw. I keep a bet \
tIc of it in my room as I have had
several- attacks'of colic and it has
proved to be the best medicine I
ever used. " Sold at Kerr's drug
For Sa.le.
I have some seasoned burr oar
standards for sheds or barns
cheap. From 12 to 16 feet.
C. F. R ; A VIS.
No Favorites
Though the world may owe all
of us a living , not many of us are
preferred creditora. - Chicago
Sun . I
Praise Will Raise Them to Ecstatic
Joy While DIJlme CauseD
Now that scientists ( have deiu .
onsll'utad that metal ! : ; , which w\ (
have been taught t t belong to Om
cu ta logua of inbrgaimic substances .
stances , cnn ue poisoned und restored -
stored b y , lantidote . , cunhe , OYPI' .
worlwd and refreshed '
bJ' a period (
of rest , und otherwise respond to
many of the same influences to
which living IIi iugs are subject , it
is not impossible to believe the
statement that flowers exhibit
spnsibilitil's not unlikc those of
human beings and other of the
higher animuls , says the Chicago
'fribunc. Recent experiments
prove that plaints have in somu
cases fur finer sensibilities : : ! than
mauJ' milodermi mortals , since a
word of pl'aiscV ill , it is state ,
raise them to ecstatic joy amid ex
passion , while blame will so crush
their feelings that they die , broken -
cu heal ted.
CoI. Audt'aedp , in the account
of his life in l\'xieo \ ( , tells au extraordinary -
traol'dinnrJ' story o'f the will power ] -
er exercised over ! plants sand lIlt
rcsu1t lIe is an ardent lover of
flowers , and , pU'Hsessing strong
hypnotic force , the idea occurred
to him one day to tpst the strength
of his will on the vegetable king-
ITe selected two flowering
phUlts of the same kind , both in
equally good health and just
bursting into generous bloom.
Standing near one , he put forth
all his mental will power , bidding
it to obey hilll in 'cry wa.r. lie
commanded it to develop courage
and sturdiness , to rejoice in its
health and strength , and to develop -
op its sweetness and beauty to
the utmost of its power.
Every day he lingered near the
plant for a considerable time , giv-
ing it all the amoral encourage.
ment possible , praising it , flatter.
fug it , coaxing it , and , in fact ,
making absolute love to it.
Time plant responded in the most
remarkable manner to this stimulating -
luting treatment , producing finer
blossoms than had ever before
been seen of the sort , and send.
ing forth , as though in gratitude ,
a richer , rarer perfume. Indeed ,
it seemed absolutely to become
personified , and to wish to attain
a state of nbsolllte perfection for
its master's sake. It actually appeared .
peared to recognize him , and ,
seemed to lean toward him at his
On the other hand the colonel
treated the second plant in an opposite
posite manner. Hedispnraged it ,
scolded it , sneered fit its flowers ,
and was altogether so cruel and
unkind that in three days the barely -
ly opened blossoms began to
wither and within a month the
plant actually withered away and
died as if of a broken heart.
From this the colonel deduces
that plants , etc , may be guided
and governed in their growth and
development bJ' that animal magnetism -
netism which we all possess to
some degree. It must be ea
plained that both plants received
scrupulously the same garden.
ing care and that the colonel neven
touched either. _ _