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Vol. II. No. 16 FALLS CITY , NEBRASKA , FRIDAY , APRIL :2 : I , 1905. Whole No :68 :
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SUIcide at Shubert
Gee. Quiggle Tries to bill Wife
then Shoots Him.s'elf.
Last Monday : morning the
village of Shubert in the northern -
ern part of this county , was en-
acted a tragedy which resulted in
thc death of George N Quiggle
and the wounding of his wife to
the extent that she may bc a
cripple for life. A reporter for
The Tribune hastened to the
scene of the tragedy and from
those in a position to know , obtained -
taincd the following facts. Gpo.
Quiggle having been .on a pro-
tracted spree for several days ,
had become so abusive to his wife
and children , that they had tem-
porarily left home , as they had
done so oft before , and had rented
another house in which they expected -
pected to make their home until
such time when husband and
father having settled down from
" his spree it would be tolerable
for them to return to their home.
Everybody who knew George
wiggle knew that the demon of
strong drink had so firmly fast-
encd his fangs upon him that he
was no longer any good to him-
self , family or the community in
which he lived , but no one believed -
lieved him to be a dangerous man
and while he had threatened his
wife and everybody else whom
, lie expected to be unfriendly , no
person ever for a moment thought
that hc would put his threats
into cxecution. Hencc , while he
had been making frantic efforts
for several day to procure a revolver -
\'olver , no serious attention was
paid to it cither by his wife or by
the community as it was thc same
old story which had been oft repeated -
peatcd by him. On Monday morn-
ing , however , having previously
armed himself , he began to drink
heavily in order to nerve himself
up to that pitch where only the
devil seems to have complete con-
trol \11d nol a vestagc of the
human remains , and in which con-
dition only could this tragedy
have been cnacted.
. Thus prepared George Quiggle
, .
# started on his mission of lI1urdcr.
It was about ten o'clock in thc
forenoon when hc arrived at the
temporary home of his wife. He
found her engaged in hanging out
clothes and at once attacked her
in'a death struggle ; thro Wing
her violently to the ground he
threw himself on her body
and at this close range began to
shoot at her head and chest , but
strange to say that though he
was astride her person and aim-
ing directly at her chest and fired
eight shots , not one entered her
body. Mrs. Quiggle being a
strong woman and making a desperate -
pcrate fight , received cli : thc
shots in her hands and arms ex-
cept one which struck her on the
upper part of the forehead mak-
ing an ugly scalp wound is the
only way that her escape from
death can be accounted for. Believing -
lieving that he had killed his wife
Qui gle left her for dead went
to his own room reloaded his gun
turned it on himself and at 12:30 :
p. m. about one hour and thirty
minutes after the first shot was
fired he died.
Corner Reneker reacHed Shubert
about three o'clock empanneled
a jury composed of Gee Lewis J.
N. Colglazier . M. Shubert Ed
Graham , H. E. Williams and a
gentleman from Falls City who
after viewing the remains and
hearing the testimony of witnesses -
es decided that deccasecl came to
his death from a gun shot wound
inflicted by his own hand.
The funeral took place Tues-
day afternoon from his late home
under the management of Under-
taker Lord and the body was
buried in Prairie Union cemetery.
Irs. Quiggle is not seriously
hurt and will be all right again
in a few days.
Barring strong drink George
Quiggll : was not a bad man at
heart , and had he abstained ,
might have been a useful clti7.en.
His \dfe is i a hard-working' wo-
m:1n and has the sympathy and
good wishes of all.
Special Election. ,
Governor Mickey has issued
his proclaimtion balling a special
election to fill the vacancy created -
ed by the resignation of Hon. E.
J. Burkett. The election will be
held Tuesday. July 18. The congressional -
gressional commttec will meet in
Lincoln the first of next week to
call the com'en lion. Nearly
every county has a candidate and
one of them has half a dozen.
Altogethes it will be a merry
fignit t ; .
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Something Doing.
In another portion of this
paper will be found a quotation
from the Hiawatha \Vorld regarding -
garding Missouri Pacific changes.
The cut ofT and grade eliminat-
ing line spokcn of , is the sugges-
tion made by E. H. 'l'owle to
Rus51e of the Pacific. The change
contemplated , is to run the road
up the ravine west of town and
build the depot down in the pas-
ture of Anderson Miller. r-.rr. :
Russle , in company with Mr.
Towle , personally inspected the
proposed route and expressed
himself personally and by letter
in favor ot the proposed change.
If this is done it will give more
yard room and place the depot
much nearer town.
Overflow Case.
A case was filed in the district
court last week which will be of
considerable interest to those
who own bottom lands. David
Brinegar , living l south of Salem ,
has brought an action seeking to
enjoin John Copass , a neighbor ,
from building a dyke across his
land to keep the flood waters of
the Nemaha from flowing across
his farm. The case will settle
the dIsputed question as to
whether or not an owner of bot-
tom land has the legal right to
protect himself by embankments
will flow } the water back on his
land. The case will probably be
heard in May.
The Miles Case Again.
The supreme court in acting on
the motion of Joseph Miles for a
re-hearing in the celebrated Miles
will case , has ordered an oral argument -
gument at the next sitting to be
limited to two lawyers on a side.
This will make the fourth time
this case has been argued to the
At the Ranth.
On Friday evening of last week
burglars entered the ware house
connected with the general merchandise -
chandise store at Margrave's
ancll and stole abut one hun-
dred dollars worth of provisions.
The gUIlty parties have not been
located as yet.
Old Foundry Gone.
Wednesday afternoon the
old foundry building or cider
mill , situated in the south west-
ern portion of this city , caught
fire and burned to the ground.
The wind blowing from the
south carried sparks to the Pom-
eroy residence across the street
. .
but by the ready help of a score ,
of men , they made no headwa ) ' . \f
The telephone poles were also
disfigured.'rhe loss to Mr'raylor
owner of the building amou mete
to about $2,000 , with no insur- I
ance whatC\'cr.
\ I
A Change in the ribune. ' 1
After this issue i The Tribune \1
will use no more plate ma Her. rtl I
The ready print hous has held , ' )
11S up as long as we will permit. . .J U
The matter furnished has been
constantly deteriorating in value , I
and interest :
, consequently we
have cancelled the contract and
will hereafter run only home m
matter. The size of the paper
will be a little smaller , but what
it loses in quantity it will make
up in quality and convenience.
Died. .
On Saturday morning , April \
15th , occurred the death of Frank i
I { . Sears. 't ' ime deceased was the
youngest surviving son of Vol. R.
Scars and was a young man of
twenty years. \Vithout a mo-
ments warning from that sudden
affliction , heart disease , he was
called into that great beyond.
No last message to give consolation -
tion to the loved oner\ left behind
him } , on that dim journey trav-
cued by him in the horizon of
manhood. Ling in this city
during his entire life he never
had harsh or unkind feelings
toward an ) ' . Funeral services
conducted by Rev. Griffin were
he'l from the family residence
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 : o'clock
interment being in the Steele
Their man ) ' friends extend sin-
cerest condolence to the grief
stricken father and brother.
. . Card of Thanks.
\Ve desire to thank the many
friends for their sympathy and
kindness in our sorrow.
Voi R. SUARS and son.
Thomas Sare and family of
Mound City visited with friends
in this city a few days during the
weck. They left Tuesday for
Paonia Colorado where they wiI
spend the summer.
J. L. Dalby and wife of Sh u-
bert accompanied their daughter
Mrs. Agnes Tipton to this city
Wednesday on her way to her
home in Albany Mo.
: r.largueriteVicks was on the
sick list the fore part of the week
Bruno Smith came down from
Lincoln on Tucsday.