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, lj Vol. II. No. 15 FALLS CITY , NEBRASKA , FRIDAY , APRIL 14 , 1905. I . Whole No 67
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Local and Personal.
Arbor day next wcck. Plant
1 ' trees .
Fred Paxton was a Hamlin vis-
= itor Saturday.
F. \V' ' Cleveland was a Salem
p visitor on tl'ucsday.
, John Powell , transacted business -
ness in Topeka during thc weck.
John Simons of Indcpcndcncc.
Kansas visiting is in this city.
. B. Bell and wife came down
from Omaha on Saturday of last
George Culp and Fred Cleveland -
land were Hiawatha visitor Sun-
clay ,
Fleming Rouu carne down from
Vcrdon and spent Sunday iu this
S Floy .McMillan ancl Leah Po-
tect visited Hiawatha friends on
= Mrs. Jennings visited relatives
in Salem on Tuesday and \Vcd-
" . _
= : ' 1 ncsday.
\Vm. Palmer came down from
u Plattm1Outh : the latter part of
last wcck.
Ethel Cade and Edna \Ven
worth sited Dawson friends
last Sunclay.
Will \ 'Wigton of Omaha spent a
few clays this week \\'it. ; 1 his fam-
in this city ,
II , N. 1'immcrman one of Vcr-
' dons hardware men , was in this
city on Tuesday
Clarence Heck and May Jones
drove to Hamlin , Kansas . Satur-
day aftcrnoon.
Miss El D. Scott was up from
Rule and spent Sunday with her '
parents in this city. I'
Lizzie Goolsby visited with her
grandmother : : Mrs. Allison thc .
first of the wcek.
If you want to buy , to sell , to
trade or to rent , try an ad in the
Tribune and bc satisfied.
Belle Jones left Saturday fet
Seneca where she will visit rela-
. tives for a few weeks.
Zd King and rolrs. Kerr wit-
r . . . nessed "A Trip to Eg-ypt" in Atchison -
. cl1 son Saturday e\'ening.
The bay view department of
the woman's club will meet with
Mrs. 'Vm. Wilson , April 24th at
2:30 : p. 111.
George ClevelandReuuen Hor-
rocks , Harry Hughes and JtfT
Horrocl\s : were fishing 1 the first 1 of
thc week. As to that fish George
caught , it was a hummer to hear
his part of the story.
Are you superstitioes ? Arc
you afraid of thc number 13 ?
Look at the quarter in your pock-
et. 'l'here are thirteen letters in
the words "quarter dollar" , thir-
teen arrow heads , thirteen feathers -
ers in thc caglc's wing , thirteen
bars on thc shield thirteen letters -
ters in the scroll in the cag-lc's
' beak , thirteen stars , thirteen hor-
izontal stripes and thirteen leaves
in the olive branch. If '
\ you clre
afraid of thc money bring it to :
this office IIIHI wc will retake your I
subscription paid thirteen weeks
in ad\'ancc.
Invitations arc out announcing
the wedding" of Blanche Orilla
Kerr to Bruno C. Hansen of Omaha -
ha , to take place at thc Episcopal - :
pal church in this city Tuesday , I
Apri 25th , at three o'clock in the
afternoon. A reception will be
given the young people at the
residence of the bridc's parents
from four to ' six.
C. \V. Stringfield , Clerk Disitrict
Court , of Aspen Colorado spent
sc'eral days in our city during
last week. Iic was formerly of. .
Falls City and during his stay
here his nephew 1\1r. tring-ficld : : )
came down from Stella for a
short visit with him.
Frank Nufer of Kansas City ,
thc purchaser of thc Crauill sa-
loon was in thc city Tuesday get-
ting acquainted. Mr. Nu-fcr is'
one of Kansas City' ! prominent
German business men , having
been connected with the IIcim
brewery for many ) 'cars.
No matter what thc representatives -
tives of our competitors may tell
you remember that an ad in this
paper will reach more then 011 the
Falls City rural routes than in
any other newspaper. We will
gladly flcccpt a challenge to prove
Matt Schulcnberg was a 'rues-
dar \'isit.or. . . Matt is petitioning
for a saloon license in Barada and
Shuuert. If license is granted hc
and his brother John will conduct
thc places under the firm 1 name
of Schulenuerg Bros.
Mrs. Hunt and Hazel returned
home from Ohio last week. Mrs.
Hunt was called there several
weeks ago to see a sick brother.
They spent several days visiting
friends in Kansas City on their
Miss Lizde : Wolff returned
home Friday unable to fill the
positon she accepted in Iowa as
trimmer on one of thc leading
millinery shops.
Gus Huegge pitched three in-
nigs for Leavcnworth against the
Spauldings of Kansas City Monday -
day and retired the team without
a hit If Gus docsn't make good ,
we will Quit guessing on base
'rhc Tribune is in receipt of a
hotter l from ' 1\ C. Cunniningham
commiserating with us on the dc-
feat of Mr , Dorrington , congrat-
ulating us on theclean and decent
fight wc put up.
Otis Sims , the Nims City young
man who W.IS sentenced sixty
days for hitting Christ Stuck ) '
over the head with a billiard cue ,
was released from confinement
1\1onday. I
Tlrs Allan D. 1vIay and litttc
son came down from f Hum uolllt
Sunday and spent several days
with her mother 'vIrs. Kathcrine
\Vylie and other relatives.
'rhe streets of Falls City need
the drag. There is hardly a
street in town that is in suitable
condition for driving because of
the ruts and holes.
Theodore Majcrus and sister
Anna were B. & l\I. passengers
for California on 1\onday. The
trip is for thc benefit of thc heath
of 'l'hcodore.
Mrs. Wentworth who has been
visiting with friends in Forest
City' 1\0. , returned to her home
in this city the first of the wecl\ :
Mrs. J. G. Hanger returned to
Salem Saturday after spending
several days in this city with her
laughter , .Mrs. Everett Scott.
l\tr. and 'Mrs. Floyd Morris and
Miss Morris of Stella spent Sun-
day with 1\1rs. Morris parents D.
P. Lowe and wife in this city.
Mrs Otis Sims who has been a
patient at Mercy hospital several
weeks left for her home Monday :
greatly improved in health.
Jesse Nickelson left \Ioltday
for Beatrice , where he has accepted -
cepted a position as uook-kceper
in a large poultry housc.
'l'he case of Jacob Mack against .
Levi Frederick was decided in
favor of Mack by Judge Cleaver
Thief Caught.
Joe Abbcnal while inspecting
wearing apparel at Hargrave and
Hargraves on Monday was caught
in the act of pilfering a pair of
trousers. Mr. Snyder detected
the theft while Abbenal was try-
ing on a hat. Chief of Police
Aldrich arrested the offender who
was given twenty days in the
county jail.
Serious Operation.
Dr. G. G. Eitcl assisted by Dr. 1
Charles H. Norred both of Min-
neopolis , Minn. , pcrformcd a very
delicate & : nd serious operation up-
on Mrs. 1. 1\1. Houston Sunday.
The operation was successful and
the patient who ha been lying at i
her home very ill for several
weeks , is expected to recover her
heal tlm in a measure. Dr. Norred t
is a cousin of Mrs. John Crook
and is viiiting ! : with his nicc\
California Trip.
? Ir. and Mrs. J. W. Loucl\s : re-
turned last week front a six . .
months trip to California , Mr.
Loucks talks very interestingly
of his sojourn in the golden statc.
He was particularly impressed
with thc magnificent orange
groves at Riverside and Redland
'fog-ether with Mr. and Mrs.
Aaron Loucks they spent amen
mouth at San Diego , two months
at Riverside , six weeks at Long
Beach and several weeks at Los
Angclcs. Mr , Loucks reports
that Aaron was very restless at
Riverside as there was no fishing
and not a checker player in the
city. At long Beach however hc
had the time of his life catching
sea bass yellow tails. He caught
the largest sea bass ever caught
at the Long Beach pier weighting
41 pounds. 'l'he tri p was bene-
ficial to thc health of the party ,
amI did a great deal towards
curing the asthma with which
Aaron has suffered so long'
Aaron is now in Portland Or. , .
and will probably be home about
May 1 st. Whether thc crops
and bu1 ale of the Ncmaha will
ue an attraction after sea bass
remains to be scen. However
we will take an even money bet
that Hank Shaw will have him
down on thc old stream within
twenty four hours after his ar-
rival homc.
New Remedy for Faith-
Hiram Stotts of Shubert sus-
pected his wife and hired hand ,
named Wilson , of undue friend-
liness , and set about to confirm
his suspicion. lIe discovered the
pair in their efforts to elope , and
instead of a shot gun play , the
injured husband gave them suf-
ficient 1 money to take them to
some far distant part where he
will never hear of them again.
The woman and her lover took
the train from here last week ,
being driven here from Shubert
b.y thc woman's son.