The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, January 27, 1905, Image 4

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That Is What the City of St. Petersburg -
ersburg Is facing.
Workmen and Their Supporters Strive to See the
Czar and Are Slain by the Soldlery.-500 .
to 5,000 Reported Killed. .
ST. PETERSDURG-Thls has been
n. day ot unspeakable horror In St.
Petersburg. The strikers ot yesterday .
day , goaded to desperation by n. day
ot violence , fury and bloodshed , are
in a state of open Insurrection
against the goverl1lnenl.
A condition almost bordering on
civil war exists in the terror.strlclten
Russian capital. The city Is under
martial law , with Prince Vasllchllwf
as commander of over fiOOOO or the i
a . emperor's crack guardEr. Troops arc :
bivouacking In the streets tonight and
at various places on the NevsltY
prospect , the main thoroughfare of
the city. On the Islli.nd ot Vassllli
Ostrov and in the Industrial sections
Infuriated men have thrown up barricades .
rlcades , which they are holding. The
empress dowager half hastily sought
safety at Tsarskoo Selo , where Emperor .
peror Nicholas II Is lIvln .
Minister of the Interior SvlatoI1olk.
Mirsky presented to his majesty last
night the Invitation ot the workmen
to appear at the Wnter palace this
afternoon and receive their petition ,
but the emperor'g advisers already
I had taken a decision to show a firm
and resolute front and the emperor's
answer to 100.000 workmen trying to
make their way to the palace square
today was a solid array ot troops ,
who met them with rifle , bayonet and
The priest , Gopon , the leader and
idol of the men , 'In his golden vest.
month , holding aloft the cross and
marching at the head of thousands of
workmen through the Nnrva gate ,
miraculously escaped a volley which
laid low halt a hundred persons. The
1\gures of the total number killed or
1 wounded here at the. Moscow gate , at
various bridges and Islands and at
i the Winter palace , vary. The best
estimate Is fiOO , although there are exaggerated -
aggeratell figures placing the number
at 6.000. Many men were accompanied '
nletl by their wives and children and
Rich Man Shoo Hlmsel ; .
NEW YORK. - Jacob Rldgoway
Wright , who Is salll to be a wealthy
and socially prominent resident of
Wilkesbarre Pa. , was taken from his
apartments In the Hotel Imperial here
with a serious bullet wound In his
left side.
He died n few hours after' being
taken to a bospltal. Ho declared
that the shot which caused his injuries . ,
Ies had been fired by himself by ac-
cIdent. His physician , Dr. Howard A.
Pardeo , who was with him at the
time of the shooting , was detained as
a witness.
Homesteads In South Dakota.
WASHINGTON-The house committee .
mlttee on public lands heard Senators .
" . tors Klttedge and Gamble and Representatives -
sentatives Martin and Burke ( S. D. )
in favor of a bill Increasing from 1GO
acres to 640 acres the amount of land
that may be taken up under the
homestead act In that state. The argu-
ment was made that without this increase .
crease the settlement of the state
would be materIally retarded . The
committee took no acUol1.
in the confusion , which left no time
for discrimination , the latter shared
the fate of the men. The troops , with
the exception of a single regiment ,
which Is reported to have thrown
down its arms remained loyal and
obeyed orders. But the blood which
crimsoned the snow has fired the
brains and passions of the strikers
and turned women as well as men
Into wild beasts , and the cry of the
infuriated populace Is for vengeance.
The sympathy of the middle classes
Is with the worlouen.
If Father Gopon , the master mind
of the movement , aimed at open revolution .
lutlon , ho managQd the affair like a
genius to break the faith or the people .
plo in "Tho Little Father , " who , they
were convinced and whom Father
GOllon had taught them to believe ,
would right their wrongs. Gorky , the
I Russian novelist expresses the opln-
Ion that today's work will break this
faith of the people in the emperor.
He said this evening to the Associated
Press :
"Today Inaugurated revolution In
Russia. The emperor's prestige will
be Irrevocably shattered forever by
the shedding of Innocent blood. 110
hRs alienated himself forever from
his people. Gopon taught the workmen .
men to believe that an appeal direct
to 'Tho Little Father' would be heed-
ed. They have been decelved.-Gopon
Is now convinced that peaceful means
have failed and that the only remedy
Is force. "
Midnight ( BulletlnFirlnrcontinues
on the Vasslllostrov. It Is rumored I
that the workmen there have seized
n dynamite factory and also that
30,000 or 40,000 armed strikers from
Kolplno , sixteen miles distant , arc
marching on St. Petersburg. Barricades - .
cades erected on the Island of Vas-
sill Ostrov late tonight were destroyed .
ell by troops almost Immediately ,
with the loss of thirty workmen
killed. .
Meet After Thirty Years.
ESCANABA , Mich.-After being
separated since lhlrl-three years ago ,
when the older brother left home in
Belgium and emigrated to America ,
Henry Dhoogo of De Witt , Neb. , and
Charles Dhoogo of scanaba met for
the first time hero on Friday. The Es-
canaba man knew nothing or the conning .
Ing of his brother and It was only
through fronds that they were brought
together. Charles Dhoog\ has lived in
Escanaba since ] 8731 and his brother
In Nebraska , coming-to the state ten
years later.
Treaty SI ned.
WASHINGTON. - Secretary Hay
and Minister Grip of Norway and I
Sweden signed an arbitration treaty
between this country and Norway and i
Sweden. It is patterned after the
arbitration treaties now before the
WASHINGTON. - The president
sent to the senate the nomination of
Alexander O. Drodle of Arlona to be
assistant chief of the record and pension .
slon office , with rank of Major. Mr.
Brodio Is now governor of Ariaona.
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Alexander Hilton.
Alexander Hilton , formerly general
passenger agent of the Frisco system ,
and prior to that , assistant general
passenger agent of the Kansas City , ,
Fort Scott and Memphis railway ( now
absorbed by the Frisco ) , has been r 1-
vanced to the position of passenger
traffic manager for both the Frisco
and the Eastern Illinois systems , with
headquarters In St. Louis. Mr. Hil-
ton , besides being a broad , Intellectual
Senator-Elect Delivers an Address-
Endorses President's Railroad Policy .
Icy and Thanks Legislature for ,
High Honor Conferred. i
LINCOLN-Elmer J. Burkett of
Lincoln was duly proclaimed United
Slates senator from Nebraska for the
full term of six years , beginning
March 4 next , in joint convention of
the two houses of the legislature at
noon 'Vednesda
No ballot was taken , the result of
the separate votes in the two houses
Tuesday having determined the choice
of Mr. Burkett for the position. Representative .
resentatIve hall , in which the joint
convention was held , was filled to Its
capacity with state officers , di . ! , tin-
giiished citizens and politicians and
curious observers to witness the
even t.
On the conclusion of the announcement -
ment of the election by Lieutenant
Governor McGilton , who presided , Mr.
Burkett was brought before the assemblage -
semblage and responded his thanks
with an address consuming nearly
half nn hour.
His reference to his position on the
question of railroad rate regulation
stirred his audience. He interjected
the remark that It ought to bo unnec-
cessary for him to repeat how ho
stood , because ho had appeared on
200 platforms throughout Nebraska
during the campaign and had publicly .
1y pledged himself to stand shoulder
to shoulder with President Roosevelt
in the policies he should recommend
for the advancement of the nation.
He promised to he senator for the
entire state and all Its people. He
was opposed , he said , to present tariff
revision. In his final farewell as congressman - I
gressman for the First district heI I
showed real feeling and his voice almost ] .
most broke. He was accorded a round
of hearty applause at the conclusion
and held a Impromplu ll'aD.dshaldng
rOC.plion In front . . the speQIC01"S
and well.endowed gentleman , Is also
widely known as a successful and master -
ter railroader respected in business
for sagacity and fairness. As a pas
senger traffic man ho has ] been widely
known and justly pOlJUlar. During the
late world's fair he made a most enviable .
viable record , and Is now president
of the st. Louis association of general
passenger agents. Mr. Hilton succeeds
Bryan Snrder. ,
desk , whore most of those within access . .
cess crowd _ ed- around him to congratulate . Y
late him.
Mrs. Burtctt ] was present to share
In her husband's elevation to new ;
honors. A number of telegrams were 'o.'Y
received before the fmnator.eect ] left
the hall. The first was from W. E.
Andrews , who had alone been men-
tioned as a possible competitor for
the pace ] to which he had been
chosen. Mr. Andrews wired : "I congratulate -
gratulate you upon your election as
senator ! '
Mr. Burltett endorsed the decision
of the president to call no extra session -
sion of congress. He paid a tribute to
the First congressional district which
he had served so long , and announced
that he would at once place his resignation -
signation as congressman in the
hands of the governor.
Elmer J. Burtctt ] was born Decem-
ber 1 , 1867 , in Mills county , Iowa , on
a farm. He attended public school and
afterwards Tabor college , Iowa , where
ho graduated in 18O. ! } After teaching
school for two years in Nebraska he
entered the State university' Nebraska -
braslm for a law course and received 1
from that. institution ! : the : degree Or !
LL.D. in 1893 and in 18Hi ! received'
the degree of LI .l\1. lie was admitted
to Ue bar In Lincoln ] in 8J3 ! and has
practiced law here ever since.
In 1895 Mr. Burltctt was elected a ;
trustee of his alma mater and ever J r ,
since ho has exercised a constant j
watchfulness over the interests of Tabor .
bor college. He was elected a member
of the Nebraska state legislature from
Lancaster county in 8JG. ! Ho served j
one term and afterwards secured the ,
nomination to congress from the First . 1 , I
congressional district , to which he was ' "
elected with a large majority. In November . ' I
yember last he was elected to servo
,11 fourth term , which position he will
resign to assume the scat in the sen-
at ( ' . lie served in the Fifty.slxlh ,
FIftscv'enlh and Fifl.elghth con-
gresses. His majorities have been
larger at each re-election.
DENVER-WHile llqlJpe won the
SOO.polnt 8.lnch balk line billiard
contest with Jake : Schaefer by making .
Ing 585 during the second night's
play , .