The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, January 27, 1905, Image 12

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, - . . . . . -
How Is It With You ?
Life must bc rather a sad old
' game after ' all. Four nun in
middle life were seated in the
smoking room of a Pullman the
i other night. Each was stranger -
er to the others. One looked up
from a magazine : he was reading
and said , "herc is a fellow who
says his misfortunes have been a
blessing to him I can't say that
and I think I have had mysharc , "
"So have I , " 'said the second with
a faint smilc. "And I , " added
.thc third. The fourth raised his
hand to his head with a gesture
of weariness and looked out upon
thc flying earth white with the
snow and moonlight. The snow
was dirty , for it was getting old ,
but the man made 110 re-ply.
- - -
The Preston Mutual telephone
compan has again tricd to secure
admittance by arrangements with
the local company and again has
failed. How long thc citizens ! of
this city will permit this fran-
chisc ordinance "to remain in
force to the detriment of our
friends the farmers remain to be
seen. Will sonic one give one
good reason why the local com-
P:1I1Y. : the Bell company and thc
Intcr-state company should bc
given rights in this city that arc
dcnicd such men as constitute thc
Preston Mutual Telephone Co ?
Do you know thc origin of thc
word nc's7 Many years ago it
was customary to place at the I
head of publications thc initial' I ,
letters of - thc . compass , thus :
V { E
Finally thc form was changed
by using thc letters NE\VS. The
original form was to signify that
thc matter was obtained from thc
four corners ot the carth. The
Tribune makes no such claim but
it docs claim to publish more
news .mattcr than any other local
paper and for less moncy-S1.00
per ycar. Arc you a subscriber ?
Theodore Roosevelt Horn.
A little son was born tolr. .
and rrs. Chris Horn last wcck.
After a serious illness Mrs. Horn
is reported dS ra5idly rcco\'cring.
Chris has named thc boy Theodore -
dorc Roosevelt and is treating
his friends fo thc best in thc
land in celebration of thc young
man's birth.
Dancing Party.
A very enjoyable and largely
attended dancing part was giv-
cn by thc young married people I
at Ryan's hall Thursday evening
of last wcck.
Moonlight Dance.
Carl Scdlmayr and Joe Palmer _
gave a moonlight dance Friday
i ' c\'cninr. , : About twelve couple
f were present and all enjoyed a
F novel and pleasant cvcning.
Well Sound Taps !
Saturday night January 28 our Shoe Sale wIll end and we will then close one ot the f '
. . , Grandest . . . Shoe Sales -
the people of Falls City have ever witnessed.
That they have relished it could be plainly seen by the crowds that we have had .
laily. But we are compelled to declare the finale and Saturday night taps will be
ounded. Of course , till then you have the pick from the best shoes made-Shoes
that were
Never Intended to be Sold at Our Present Prices
It's' hard on the other Shoe Dealers we know , but these Shoes must go. To look
means to buy. So don't look unless you want to purchase , for if you do von can't help - . . . .
buying.Ve will be pleased to see you , at any rate. -
lfanV omaIi or Child-there's a pair of excellent Shoes waiting for von Jiere , at
a price so low that it will surprise you. ' I
Come , See .
Geo.B.Holt The Shoe I
. . , anJ
Surprise Party.
The young folks near Dawson
and Salem gave a surprise party
on Miss Minnie Schuttc of Dawson -
son Wednesday evening Janu-
ary 18th , It being her birthday.
A jolly time was enjoyed by all.
Light refreshments were served.
- - - - - - - -
- - - - -
A Prisoner an Her Own house
- Mrs : . \V. H. Layha , 0 [ . 1001
Agnes A\'e. , Kansas City . Mo. ,
has for several years been troubl-
cd with severe hoarseness and at
times a hard cough , which she
says , H\Vould keep l mc in doors
for days. I was prescribed for by
physicans with no noticeable re-
suIts. A friend gave mc part of
a bottle of Chambe : rlain's Cough
Remedy with instructions to close-
ly l follow thc directions and J.
wish to state that after thc first
day I could notice a decided
change for thc better , and at this
time after using it for two weeks ,
have no hesitation in saying I
realize that I am entirely cured. "
This remedy is for sale by A. G.
Mrs J. R. Cain once gave thc
"hircd girl" a dose of iron tonic
for that tired fccling. Just as
she handed it to thc girl in a
glass of water , one of thc boys
came in and not understanding
why any one should swallow iron
asked thc girl if she took it internally -
ternally , "no" replied thc girl
innoceutly Hyour mama says I
must take it in watcr. "
The case of the statcof Nebraska -
ka against Burt Ogden for shoot-
ing John McClellan at Milo a few
weeks ago , was continued for fif-
teen days at the request of thc
Statc. The court fixed the bond
at 100000.
Theodore Smuckcr entertained
about twenty of his friends at a
party Friday afternoon in celc-
bration of his fifth birthdy. A
most enjoyable time was had by
all the little guests.
1'0 many of you The Tribune
has been coming each week for a
ycp r.Vc believe it has becn"a
good ncwspaper. It has cost YOU
less than ten cents a month. \Vc
would bc very glad to have you
pap your subscription if you arc
' ,
in arrears.
1\lr. and Mrs. J , R. Cain accompanied -
companied their laughter Miss
Nellie Cain to her school at Columbia -
lumbia , MiSSOUri , on Monday.
1\11' and Mrs. Cain will visit in
several places in Missouri and
Kansas before returning home.
Cards have been received
\'C an-
nouucing the marriage of Jessie
June Grable , daughter of Mrs.
Sallie Grable formerly of falls
City. The wedding will occur I
February 7th at Pasadonia , Gal.
There is a certain gentleman
in town who is always stopping
us on thc street to compliment
thc various issues of this paper
yet hc never bought the paper in. .
his life. Don't bc a spongcr.
Cecil Graham of St. Louis , for-
merly of Falls City attended the
Lumbermans convention at Cin-
coIn last week and visited over
Saturday with his parents in this
ci ty.
The beautiful silver cups won
by Will Vcach in his shooting
match ' with Clayton ol Kansas
City arc on exhibition in George
Holt's show windows.
Harry Jcnnc and wife of Falls
City were guests at the home of
E. Wheeler a few days this week.
-Stella Press.
Judge Kclligar was in the city
a few hours Friday cn route
from 'l'ecumsch to Auburn.
Lest you forget-did the blue
mark catch you.
Trade with Tribune advertisers
Henry Rogers came down from .
Beatrice Sunday.
Doff Barnhart of Auburn was
in this city 'londay. .
C. F. Rcavis was an Omaha , r
visitor Thursday.
\VC do all kinds of job printing -
Let us figure : with you. " -
Arc you a subscriber for the ( ' .
Tribune ? If not , lvhy not. -
Fresh bulk oysters direct from
Baltimore at Coupe & 1'horntons.
- \
l'wo Choice steam heated
rooms for rent in State Bank
Elizabeth Miller is visiting
with her sister 1\lrs. J. Smith in
Sale bills printed promptly , ' and j
a free notice inserted in the pa- I
per. ,
Mrs. Marion and ( laughter re :
. . i
turned Monday from Merrill , ,
' I
Kansas ,
" ,1I
Monte rendered lard and benne l I
cured hams and bacon at Coupe
& 't ' horn ton's. . I
Mrs. Themes Fisher of Shil\\- \
lice , Ok. , is visiting her sister ,
Mrs. Joseph Varncl' <
I3eruian Bochme of Rube \ \ as -
in tht' city Monday in attendance
011 the Ogden trial. /
Mr and 1\1rs. John Joseph '
were 1\1. P. passengers to Atchison - - .
son last Saturday afternoon. . , . -
Mr. J. Morchend returned Sat-
urday from a week's stay in F'ill-
cy and 'rce umseh.
Helen Fowler left Monela . .
afternoon for White Cloud where
she will spend a few days with '
relatives . .
A Falls City lady who was
calling , one day last wcekcntercd
five houses where grip was a visi-
tor. - {