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GOLDEN 'l'loX'r.-'Vhntsocvcr he snUh 1
I. The Scene. A Wedding nt Caun.
-VB. 1 , 2. On the Wny. 1. "And the
third day , " reckoning from the last
day mentiorted ( John 1 : 43) ) , when
.JeRus started for Onlllee , and found
Nathaniel In the way.
So far the disciples had believed on
Jesus , because or the prophecies and
the testimony of Jesus , and their experience .
p'rlence with him ns a teacher. But
their faith would soon be tested by
the contrast between n humble teacher -
er and the glorious King they had ex-
pected. Il was necessary , therefore ,
that In some way they shollld have rc
vealed to them his true nature , his
real grace and glory ( v. 11. )
The 'Veddlng. "There was a mar'
riage. " "Inch\llln the marriage feast ,
which was frequently celebrated for
several days ( Oon. 29 : 22 fr. ; Judges .
14 : 12 , Sal11son's wedding fenst-
Coolt. "Amon nil Orientals , marriages -
riages were occasions of much cero
many , and of unbounded reasting.-
'I'rttram. ! "Cana or Galilee. " ( See
1'lace. " )
The GU st5. "And the mother of
Jesus was 1I1ero. " Already present as
a friend possibly a relntlve. .
2. "And both Jesus was called ( Invited -
'Ited ) and his disciples , " the five or .
six who accompanied blm.
I Jesus and the Home. The fact that
Jesus necessarily , as the Son or God ,
remained unmarried bas led many to
Imagine that celibacy was the highest
and purest mode or life. Hence , In
part , monks and nuns. The Bible
view Is just the opposite. Marriage
. was ordained In Eden , and was sanc-
titled by Jesus' first miracle ; for true ,
unselfish love Is the way back to Para'
dlse. Jesus renews the heart , and fills
it with love , and In his love the highest .
est earthly love Is possible.
To the family pertain the noblest
Ideals or human love , the best illustration .
tration , and type or divine love. Not
frlendflhl alone , hut the highest love
of husband and wife , or parents and
children , } s "tho master p sslon" ; for
It Includes perfect frIendship and
mar ! ) . The family Is the soil In which
love and friendship flourish most luxuriantly -
uriantly , and hear the best fruit.
i 1\Irs. Hunt says that the Star or
' Bethlehem for temperance stands
j over the , schoolhoilse. The Star of
Bethlehem for morals and religion
stands over this home. It Is well 'to
note Jesus' own conduct in the home
when mmc was a boy and young ; man , as
described , In Luke 2 : 40,51 , 52 , his
obedience to parents , his development ,
his gracious character and piety.
Then , too , bo frequented several
homes , especiallY that of Mary ,
Martha , and Lazarus. He loved little
chlhNn. Three times he uttered
par abas : concerning the marriage
. feast and often In the Bible it sym-
bulizes the union of God with his people .
pIe ( lsa. 61 : 10 ; 62 : 5 ; Has. 2 : 19 ;
Matt. 9 : 15 ; John 3 : 29 ; Eph. 5 : 31 ,
32) . '
Je'111s and thc Social Life. It Is one
of the most Interesting things In the
life or Jesus , that he began his ministry .
istry , and first showed forth his glory ,
amid the domestic festivities of a .
homo. Jesns' presence recognizes the.
value of social pleasures , of joyousness .
ness , of the satisfaction of common
desires , of "the feast of . reason and
flow ur soul , " of the fact . that life Is
' not all "n grinding at the mill , " a time
ot toil end sacrifIce , but also of spiritual ' refreshments , of joys unspeakable .
able , ot exquisite satisfaction and
rest. Even the hard duties are pleasant '
ant because inspired br ; love ; they are
the alabaster boxes ot precious ointment .
ment poured out upon the loved nne.
n. The ON1owlDll ' , The r111\Jr
or Sttt plies ) ---Vs 3.6 a. "And ' "ho !
they wanted lacked ( , c4mt abort of }
II #
unto you , do H.-.Tohn 2 :5. :
wlue. " The supply of wine having
f llml. Probably the family or Cana
was In humble circumstances , and
hence their supply was limited. "The
mother of Jesus salth unto him , They
have no wine. " Il Is plain , (1) ( ) that
she was on terms of intimacy with the
family : (2) ( ) that she knew of the failure .
uro of thQ wine (3) ( ) that she may have
felt a measure of responsibility on account '
count of the unexpected comIng or her
son and his followers ; (4) ( that she
looked to Jesus for reliet.
4. "Jesus salth unto her , 'Voman. "
The impression Is more correct when
we translate "woman" with the Cam.
bridge Bible , "llld ' . " "What have I
to do with thee ? " 'Ve stand on this
muller on different grounds. " There
Is " 110 disrespect , hut a very distinct
refusal to admit her to a directorship
or partnership : in his action ; and the
assertion that he must await another
call than hers , and an "hour" that Is
all his oWll.-Chadwlck. "Mine hour
Is not yet come. " Jesus thus docs not
deny her request , but Implies that he
will relieve the want at the best time.
u. "His mother salth. " 'fhls im
plies that she understood Jesus as
really granting her request. "anto
the servants. " Who might not other-
wise obey one who was only a guest.
"Whatsoever he salth unto you , do It. "
This , the "Golden Text" or the lesson ,
is a noble motto for every 1Ie. What
Jesus bids you do by his word 01' by
his life , Is always the best and high
est yon can do. Obedience to this injunction .
junction will keep you from every error -
ror , and guide you to the best possible
life both In this world and the world
to come.
III. The Deed that Was Both a Witness .
ness and a Slgn.-Vs. 610. 6. Six
waterpots of stone. " No well has yet
been discovered among the ruins ot
Kana.el-.Jelil. and the surface water
was probably collected In cisterns.
Hence the need for so 1)lany large'
jars of water for the purpose or washing .
Ing the hands and feet or the dust.
stained guests and the cleansing of
vessels. .
"Two or three firkins apiece. "
7. "Pill the waterpots with water. "
Being water.pots , and not wine skins ,
there could be no thought or any rem'
nant or sediment of wine so that deceit .
celt or collusion was rendered impos-
sible. "To the brim. " Implying an
abundant supply , and no room for adding .
Ing anything to the water.
Why Such an Amount. 1. "In Pal.
estine , a wine.growlng and wine-con.
sumlng country , It Is not merely a
beverage , but the beverage or the
common people" ( Abbott ) its wine In
France anti beer In Germany.
2. "This large quantity or wino
would provIde but little for each
guest , considering the habits of the
people ) , who crowd into the house to
partake of the feast as long tis the :
provisions last , being pressed to do so I
by their hospitable host or master of
the feast , who also urges even the
passers-by to come and drink to the
health of the bridegroom and bride. "
-.Dr. H. .1. Van Lemiep , Bible Lands ,
1)1. ) 122 , 603 , 60 I.
S. "Unto them ( the servants who
had filled the jars with water ) , Draw
out now" Into pitchers or wino cups.
"GovcrnQr ( R. V. . "ruler" ) or the
feaE\I. " Either th © head walter
( Weiss , Boltzmann ) or , more probably .
bb' , the chairman elected by the company .
pan from among the guests , who , In
general , regulated the course of the
feast and the conduct of the guests.
D. "Bu't the servants . . . knew. "
So that they Could : hstlt : . as to the
source \ of the wine. ;
tl'l 1 i "tvcn' n'lIH'I , " ' ci" 'fl'ls is I 11'1
HtI''nr.31 ) C'wtom "H'o u'rli
drunk " n. .nd Am , V. . . HIIoVIl drunk
freety. " "The word , at least , must Indicate ' .
dlcato a condition In which men are
unfit to distinguish good wine and
l\lul. Time company then present was
not In that condition , because they
were able to appreciate good wlne.-
I xp. Greek 'fest. "Thou hast kept
the good wine until now. " "Tho significance -
nificance or this remark consists In
the certificate thus given to the qual
ity of the wine.--Exp. : : Greek Test.
Relation to the Temperance Qu .s'
tlon. There are two opinions as to
the nature of the wine Jesus made.
While no one can prove that the wine
Christ made was wholly unfermented ,
It Is equally certain that no one can
prove that It had any Intoxicating
qualltie ! ' ! It may well have been the
Ideal wine , till delicious and healthful .
ful juice of the grape fresh from the
vines , just as God Is malting it now
every autumn. "Those who believe
that the wine spoken or In this lesson
was unlntoxlcaUng , will teach In accordance '
cordance with that belief. Those who
believe that It was ordinary wine , will
teach that the malting of such wine
hy our Lord no more endorses intoxication .
cation than the creation of the poppy.
from which laudanum Is made , endorses .
dorses sulcide.-A. Ii' . Schauffier.
'J'hel'o Is It right and proper use of. .
the fruit or the vine. 'fhere rte few
things more delicious and healthful
than the juice of the grape fresh from
the vines. '
Christ' ! ' ! example shows that drinking .
Ing some kind of wine is not a sin
per sc.
It Is perfectly right to wholly abstain .
stain from wine and all Intoxicating
drlnlts. There Is no law , human or
divine , that requires us to use what
Is so dangerous to ourselves and
The basis of total abstinence Is the
giving up of that which may bo lawful
In Itself , whenever it becomes dangerous .
ous to ourselves or the means or evil
to others. This Is our Christian duty
and privilege.
It Is interesting In this connection
to notice that In all references to the
Lord's Supper , the word "wine" Is not
once used in the New Testament , but
always the cup or fruit of the wine ,
so that that divine Institution does not
throw Its influence In favor of intoxi-
eating wine.
JV. This Miracle a Witness and
Sign of the Grace and Glory or Jesus.
-V. 11. "This beginning of miracles. " ,
The first one he wrought In his min
istry. "And manifested forth his
glory. " His true nature and work
hidden under the form of a man. He
manifested It not for .himself , but In
order that men might see him as their
Savior , worth trusting and obo'lng.
The result was that "his disciples be.
lle\'ed on him" with n new Increase of
John says In 1 : 14 , And we beheld
his Glory , the Glory as of the only De.
gotten or the Father , full of Grace and
This miracle was a revelation or his
real nature , of his divine power , of
his :1plrJtual nature hidden by the
fiesh. He did a deed worthy or the
expected Messiah. This was the spiritual .
itual Side of what was more clearly
revealed before their eyes at the
Transfiguration more than two years
later , when the glory seen by Paul I
( Acts 9 : 3) and by John Olov. ( 1 : 13.
16) ) shone through his flesh and his
garments , as by a light from within ,
as the sunlight shining through dull
stained glass windows reveals the
true nature of the picture. Jesus was
a prince In disguise , and he threw off
his outward guise and appeared In his
own royal glor ' .
The change of water into time Ius
elous juice of the grape ( far more
than into fermented wine ) "is the
sign and symbol or nil which Christ
Is evermore doing in the world , ennobling -
bHng all that he touches , making
saints out of sinners , angels out of :
men , and , In the end , heaven out of
earth-"a new paradise or God out of .
the old wilderness of the world. For
the vrphec ot the world's regenera
linn , c > f thr . 11\ In which hit : dl'IJlet ; :
th..1l . ari't'f II ' + e fruit 'If U'I"I + " ' \n' \
Irt\w In t-t. ' bl tt ! dote , III eminent ! > ,
hero , ' -Trench.
Bare Feet for Health. . , ,
People who go barefooted and those r'
who wear sandals lnsteao of shoes , It
Is said , rarely have colds In the header
or any form at Influenza.
If everybody possessed the sense of
humor most people would have to
laugh when they look In their mirror.
For one man who can stand pros- " 91 - _ 1f
pority there are a hundred who will ' t
stand adverslty.-Carlyle. I
Flso'll Cure for Consumption ts an IDfB1Ubt. I
colds-N. W. . '
medicine for coughs and - 8AJIIVa.-
Ocean Grove , N. J. , Feb. 17 , 1000. r
Some actors become tramps b. .
cause they get hungry at times.
Take LaxaUvlI Dromo QuInine Tabletl. All 4. . . . . ' .
glxts refund the mosey If It tall to curo. L W. . . . - '
Orove' .lgnllLure II on each box. 23o. " '
A joy unshared 18 always short
Making a liCe Is greater than mak- ' - . . . . .
Ing a living.
There will be good will In all when
God's will Is over a11. I
You cannot touch men as long al
you think of them as masses.
The man who suspects everybodY - .
Is surely a suspicious character. .
You can't expect a nickel's worth . of .
religion to last yon over Monday.
The man who sows nothing always
reaps something a good deal worse.
They who really pray for the poor
find themselves saying Amen at their
The flowers on the streets of hea.
en are the transplanted Borrows of
It Is easy to preach on the benefits
at walking when you are fn the band ' ( ; ; . : - -
wagon. Lt.
Hhere's something wrong about a
man's piety when it provokes others ;
to profanity. _
When a man thinks he has Ii cinch
on sin he is apt to find that the bal-
tel' Is on him.
Our blgest , blackest troubles are
often only the locomotive drawing
our richest treasure train.
It will tale a lot of nerve for some
Christians to ; stand up and look over
their lives at last and hear the judge
say : IWe1 done , good and faithful
servant ! " -Chlcago Tribune.
A Lot of Trouble from Too Much
Starchy Food.
A little boy of eight years whose
parents did not feed him on the right
kind or food : was always nervous and
suffered from a weak condition of the
stomach and bowels. Finally he was
taken down with appendicitis and
after the operation the doctor , know-
lug ! that his Intestinal digestion .was
very weak , put him on Grape-Nuu
twice a day.
He rapidly recovered and about two
months thereafter , his Father states ,
"He has grown to be strong , muscu-
lar , and sleeps soundly , weighs U . .
pounds , and ' his whole system 18 In a 4j
fine condition of health. " Name. given - - :
by Postum Co. , Battle Creek , Mich. .
It is plain that if he had been put
on Grnpe.Nhts at an earlier period In
his life , and kept from the use of
foods that he could not digest , be never -
er would bave had appondlcltis. That , .
disease Is caused by undigested food c
decaying in the stomach and bowels , '
causing Irritation and making for the
growth . of all kinds or microbes , set-
ting liP a diseased condition which 18
the active cause ot appendicitis , and
this Is more marked with people who
do not properly digest white bread. "
Grape . Nuts : is made of the selected
parts or wheat and barley and by the
peculiar processes of the cooking at .
the factory , all of the starch Is turned -
Into sugar ready for Immediate dllell'
tlon and the more perfect nourish- ;
nent of nil parts ! of the body , p:1rtlcu. :
arlr the brain \ and ' r
nn nerve canters ! ! ! , ,
Real the little book , "The Road tn \ ; . _ \
WAll \111" , " found 10 each pkg