The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, August 26, 1904, Image 3

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August 26 19u4 11-IL l P \ LLS LII Y KIJjUN
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- - - - - - - " - - -
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A Published Every Friday
. By
TytlterCl as sccolHl-class mattcl' , Janu-
at' ) " 12 , 190 lat thc post office at Falls
City , Nch" , tinder the Act of Congress
of March 3 , 1879.
' . . '
. : > 7. : : r . . .
. ' 4 tl'c1cphonc No 22CJ.
: > : .t " REPUBLICAN Tl KET.
. For President ,
Theodore Roosevelt , l\T. Y.
. For Vice President '
\ Chas.V. . ' Fairbanks : , Ind.
. ,
" . . , . . . Presidential Elcctors-
. I" . A Barton , Pawnee
" . A. C. Smith , Douglas
' : . < , 'A. C. Abbott , Dodge
! i . < ' , 1' . T , . Norval , Seward
. , . .
, \V.P. Hall , Phelps
. " " M. A. Brown , Buffalo
} ' , , , , ' .
" . . . M " s ' H. H. Wilson , Lancaster
I J. C. Robinson , Douglas
f . .
'i' + Governor--------------- J. H. Mickey
' . . F G. 1\1'Gilton
i Lieutenant Gc VCrt101' F. #
Secretary of State - - - _ _ uA. Galusha
1' I Auditor.------------ : E. 1\1. ScarlcJ.Jt' .
Treasurer----------- Peter 1\Iortcnscn
HujJc1' ntcndcnt. _ _ . _ . . J. L. M'Brien
Attorney General . -.Norris Brown
1-and Commissioner----H. M. Eaton
For Congress :
EI\1BR J. UllKET1' , LJincoln.
For State Senator :
E. A. 'l'ucKER , Humboldt.
. . . . For \I mbcrs of thc Lcgislaturc.
\t : ! < , / I . - R. E. GItI STEAD , Salem
'f'W. . IHOGRHIIH. . Stella
For County Attorney.
\V. H. l\lOlwow , hubcrt .
For Supervisor Dist. No. 3 :
CIIAS. 1 < ' . ZOEJIHIt ,
For Supervisor Dist. No. 7 :
- -
. . There is a more or less labored
attempt at defencc on thc part of
the local telephone company in
\ the rCCPlll issues of the News and
Journal. The latter paper says
. ' that its editor has investigated
the matter and that the local
company is right. Of course wc
realize our presumption in con-
nuing the controversy after the
editor of the Journal has passed
II an adverse udgcmcn j , but in as
much as the young man has been
mistaken in the past wc feel that
hc may be wrong in this instance.
In consideration of thc fact that
. Joseph 11. Miles is thc largest
individual stock holder in thc
telephone company , wc feel that
thc Journal , to say the least , can
- s. . . hardly be considered a disin-
, .
. >
Je'1 tcrested wItness.
The denial is made that the
local company has a monop01y.
) . The answer Weaver and
: Morehead is an inferential admission -
I mission that it has. Mr. Morel -
I head , in speaking of the farmers
: companies coming into Falls City
I says , if these people want in let
I them come to mc.
Why to you ,1\11' 1\lorchead ?
\Vhcn and by what authority
did you come into control of the
streets ! of Fails City ? If these
people want thc use of thc streets
for a franchise why should they
not go to thc city ? 'I : lie reason
is that the franchise tax ordinance -
nancc puts it into your power to
say who shall conic in and who
shall not. The council has built a
wall about thc city and stand at
its gateway to demand tribute of
every company seeking admission.
If these companies will not acccdc
to your dcmands they must stay
' . I
Cu' .
By this ordinance the local
company is in absolute control of
thc telephone privileges of this
city and such control givcs to it
the monopoly of which we com-
p1ain. It will not do to say that
no interest is taken in this fight.
tl'he letters and personal visits
this office is receiving from farmers -
ers who trade in this city and
who feel that they are not being
fairly treated would soon convince
certain interested parties that
this question is of the greatest
I . .
moment to the business interest
of this community and concerns
the welfare of every business man
who depends on thc farmer for
his markct. The city council
should bc fair between all partics.
It should permit competition in
every branch of endeavor. It
should grant no greater benefits
to telephones to merchants ,
and if , tny favors arc to bc shown
they should bc given to that class
of our citizenship upon whom we
arc all so dependen
Judge Parker is i to'isi t St.
Louis. While in thc west h
should run up to Falls City , we
have the test swimming hole in
the wor1d.
Bryan or Burkctt ? This ques-
tion must bc answered by every
voter in the state when hc comes
to vote on thc legislative tickct.
Bryan or Burkett , which do you
want for United States senator . . ?
. . . . .
\V. 11. Morrow pursues the
quiet and unassuming campaign
which will land him in the office
of county attorncy. His ability
and integrity furnish thc essen-
tials so necessary in a legal posi-
tion. No citizen in the county
can afford to vote against Mr.
Morrow. The office is too impor- trust to inexperience and
' "
tl'hc county committee is i ! now
well organized for the ensuing
campaign. The poll will shortly
bc taken , thc committce appoint-
ed , and then the : gay and festive
politicians will bc abroad 111 the
land greeting every body wIth
the glad hand and smiling facc.
There will be heart aches , when
the battle is over , and there will
I /f
- -
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Coal and wood
be rejoicing as well. The post-
mortcms will hc hell and thc
country will move along much
in thc same 01d way.
Grinstead , Smith and Hogrefc
compose thc strongest ticket that
has ever been nominated for Ilie t
legislature in this county. Each
one possesses some distincth'e
quality which will cnurc to the
benefit of their constituents when
used in a legislative position.
There is Jess reason to scratch
the ticket this year than ever before -
fore , and wh,11 to the general
popularity of the candidates , wc
add thc fact that each candidate
is a strong friend of Burkctt and
is instructcd to vote for him for
United States senator , there ought
not to be a moments liesitatioti on
the part of any republican as to
how he should cast his \'otc.
There has been considerable local
speculation as to whom the dcm-
ocrats will nominate for state '
senator. Better let it go by dc-
fault boys. Tucker will puh ' cr-
ir.e : thc ambition of any man in
thc district , both on thc stump
and at thc ballot box
Bessie Anderson is 011 the sick
John Santo and wife visited in
Rule Sunday.
Ben Frederick was on thc sick
list Saturday.
Maggie and Sophia Pierce are
on the sick list.
Abe Liberty spent Sunday
with his fami1y.
Mr. A1 Eas1ey has moved into
his new housc. "
l1lrs. Thomas Aikman is still
on the sick list.
Mrs. Frank Simmons was on
thc sick list this wcek.
tl'hco. Anderson made a busi-
ness trip to Falls City 'l'ucsday.
'l'he little daughter of Charles
Frederick is quite sick at prescnt.
\Vill Bauman and family of
Fargo attendee ! church in Rube
Mrs. Ida Pane returned to her
homc at Troy Junction after a-
few days 'nut ! with relatives at
this p1ace.
1\11' . tl'upan and family were
\'i iting- old friends in l ulo tJ'ues-
Jerome Johnson was in town
transacting business one day this
wcek. ' .
Anthony Smith of Fails City
made a business trip to hula
\frs. ! Gilbert and children
visited a few days in Preston
this week. . .
Ferdnand and Mary Bohcme
returned from Atchison Wednesday -
day cvcning'
John Anderson and 1 family
spent a few days visiting with
friends in Rulo.
? 1r. Housc , wife and daughter
spent Tuesday at the home of
their parcnts.
Mr. D. Anderson has purchased
thc Bingam property and expects
to take possession .
Mrs. Edd Taylor ] after a few
days visIt with friends returned
to her home at Table Rock tl'ues-
The Rule base ball ninc played
a game with the White Cloud -
ninc. The score was 14 to 9 in
favor of Ru10.
Mr. Bingam expects to leave
in a few days for Dakota where
he has rented II farm for the
coming ycar.
\Ve carry a. . . .
OIr ,
Building Material
And all kinds of
Lumber r&l Coal Co.