The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, June 24, 1904, Image 14

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. falls City Tribune
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. 'rho typhoid microbes are pretty
.wldeawalto , hut they are very easilY
taken In
However , Mr. and 1\II'B. Mosquito are
still laughing In their sleeves at the
eminent scientists.
After a man takes more than $5,000
they quit cnlllng It stealing and refer
to It as emhezzlemont.
An observer says that the earnings
oC married women are decreasing.
How about their expenditures ?
The mental anguish oC a dry man
In n wet district Is exceed only by
that ot n wet man In a dry district.
Now that "Josh Dllllngs" Is dead ,
Prof. Davy Jones of Lancaster claims
to be the "grentest English seller"
living .
't ' his talk about time uselessness of
the verlform appendix Is very fool.
ish It's exceedingly useful to the
The Duke and Duchess ot Marlbor
ough arc reported to lIe living npart.
There are only n few happy American
duchesses 10ft.
The Pennsylvania clergyman who
shot nt a burglar the other day and
hit him has eUl'nod the thanks of the
entire congregation.
Since love alone males It worth the
while ! to 11\0. .
Let all bo now forgiven uull OI'II\'C.
says Alfred Austin In his latest poem ,
All right , Alfred , we'll forgive ) 'ou.
A scientist has discovered that loaf.
lug Is conducive to health and longov
Ity. Come to think of It , who ever
saw tramp suffering from arteriosclerosis .
, sclerosis ?
If n person has a legal right to snore
shoulll two persons snoring at the
Dame time and In the same room be
compelled so to snore as not to make
a discord ?
Even though 1\11' J. P. Morgan has
just paid $13,570 for a miniature portrait .
trait oC the duchess or Norfolk , by
1101beln , 1\Irs. Morgan has no reason
\ to be jealous
The Russians are not the first pea.
plo ] to float mines. Wall street has
.hf'en ! In the business for J'ears. And
: many au Innocent craft has been
( wrecked thereby
We suggest the following subject
of world Interest for the sweet girl '
graduato's essay : Will the Russian
, blouse ever be entirely superseded by
' the Japanese kimono ?
I' Of course , if one of those floating
mines sinks a neutral ship our pro.
Jap shouters will Insist that It was a
. _ + mllleHl l 01' u. mlneovltch , and that the
" ' . JUIS were not responslhle.
A Youngstown man dropped dead
from sheer oxcltoment as the last
man went out In the ninth Inning the
other day. So happy 1\ death docs
not fall to the lot ot every fan
King Edward recently received In
private audience CUlil. 1\1uhan , U. S.
N. , ( retlrCll-tho man who knows
pretty much everything about nIl
kinds of shillS excepting lordships.
. . .
The piano dealers wore able to get ' :
" together only 200 old square pianos
for the bonfire at their national convention -
ventlon in Atlantic City. You see , wo
had 1\ coal , . strike a year ago last win-
- - - - . . - -
Flag day was quite generally ob.
served throughout the state.
Beatrice has sent fait horses to
lov"\ under } control of Fred Itobore
'rho Grand Army of the Republic
will hold a reunion Ilt Franklin August
Owen D. Peppen , wanted for larceny
aK halloo at Dakota City , has been arrested
rested at Topelcn.
A reward of $50 Js offered for recov
cry of the body of young Bessey , recently -
contly drowned at Elk City.
Three calves of smallpox have devel
aped In one at the hospitals at the Sol-
dlors' home at Grand Island
Gibbon will celebrator the Fourth In
grand style thin year with steam
merry.go.'rounds and games and races
of all lnds. l
Grand Island college , which started
the year In debt , is out of debt and
has $13,000 for a new dormitory which
is ! under construction ! , and about $25 ,
000 has been added to the endowment
Julius Kushman , farmer residing
south of Nebraska City , was kicked
In the jaw ' while unharnessing a team.
The kick of the horse broke his jaw
and caused concuslllon : of the brain.
He 11:1 : not likely to recover.
Violations of association rule were
charged by members of the State 1m.
element dealers in session at Lincoln.
Some of the members , It was said ,
were either robbing the farmers with
exorbitant rates or giving inferior
mac lnery for good money. .
Sixty.two graduates of the medical
colleges of the state : took the examination .
tlon before the state board of medical
examiners for permits to practice
medicine In the state. Of the number
all hut two were uv to the required
stand rd and will be Issued licenses.
The residence of Frank Wolf , who
resides in OIenover , Gage county , was
struck by lightning at an early hour
In the morning. The family was away
from home with the exception or MI'
Walt , and when ho arose he found the
roof on tire. The flames were extinguished .
gulshed by the neighbors , who formed
a bucket brigade before much damage \
John Cloupelc , a farmer about 27
years of ago , living five miles east
and one mile north of Ulysses , was
found lead in his cornfield. He went
to the neld after dinner and had plow.
cd only three rounds. 'Vhen found ,
the horses were standing where they
had stopped when the man fell off the
cultivator. Death Is supposed to halve /
been due to heart failure.
Undertakers of the state , in convention -
tlon ut Grand Island , elected the following
lowing officers : President , J. W. Bull ,
Nebraska City : first vice president ,
president , George Darling , Alliance :
second vice president , A. J. Jackson ,
Plattsmouth : third vice president , C.
E. 'I'royer , Dorchester : secretary ,
George ? Drown , Superior : treasurer , N.
P. Swanson , Omaha.
Jacob Shaw and , wlte , pioneers of
Beatrice , celebrated the fltfeth ( anniversary -
versary of their wedding last week at
their home in that city. They Came to
Beatrice In 1864 and erected 1log
house on Court street where M. S.
'Volbach's dry goods store now s1l1nds ,
tour years later building a brick rest-
dance on Marko t street between
Fourth and Fifth streets : , where they
now live
. The assessment of Cams county ,
which has just been completed , shows
a large per cent increase over the returns -
turns of one year ago. The total val.
uatlon of the county Is $30,73,18,425.
The valuation of real estate Is $24
491,875 , and of personal property $6-
246,550. There are 11,626 horses val.
uel at $162,060 : there axe 28,435 head
of cattle valued nt $662,755 , and 36,097
head of hogs valued . at $210,425. _ h
O'Neil Land Office Has Many Appli
cants for Big Homesteads
Q'NEILL-InquhT at the local land
once brings outt the fact that from
twenty to thirty strangers : are visiting
this Plato dally In search of home-
stenda. Many persons are filing on
,60 ( acres , under the Impression that
when the Klnlmld bill takes effect on
June 28 , that they can then take
three more quarters and some under
the Impression that such a filing now
will give the applicants a preference
right to adjoining land It Is certain
that such n filing made now will not
give any preference right to udjoln :
ing land , but it Is believed by some
; well inform persons here that such
an applicant may on June 28 make
application to amend his original en ,
try and that If such an application i. i
made before another filing Is made 011
the land desired In the amended ap
llIcatlon , and there would he a possi
bllIty of the entry as amended being
allowed to stand Judge Klnlmld Is
taking un active Interest In looking
after the rights of the settlers In his
district and hopes to have such a construction .
structlon put upon the law. The
judge received word from Washington
that the filing fee on G40 acres will he
$14 , the same amount as heretofore
charged for lGO acres. There Is yet
nn open question regarding the rights
ot those , who have homesteads and
have not made proof , where there Is
no vacant land adjoining , being able
to take three quarters not adjoining ,
but tho. judge Is making an effort to
get a liberal construction which will
permit such filings Such a provision
was in the judge's Ol'lglnnl bill In plain
words and it is believed that the bill
as passed will be construed to permit
taking land In this manner. The last
congress also passed n bill allowing
persons who have taken homesteads
and have abandoned or relinquished
their former entries to take another
- I
Hundreds of Prospective Homestead' II I I
ers Camping Out
NORFOLK-Within time last ten
days the town of Donesteol , the tor.
urinal of the Northwestern branch
which runs ant of Norfolk ; : , has practically ] .
Ucal1y doubled In size. From a village .
lago of hardly 400 POOlllo eight weeks
ago It has developed Into 1\ little city
ot 6,000 today. Everywhere In Boner
steel Is to bo heard time constant rap.
ping of the carpenter's ha111mCl' The
lumber yards are busy and the dray-
men are on the jump , getting maw
stock settlod. Out around the town ,
stretched for a mile or so , arc innumerable '
crable white touts wherein bunk hundreds .
dreds of prospective homesteaders
who have got In ahead of the rush
Women ot Donesteel have made
preparations for the reception of the
Incoming throng of women who will
want to take chances at the free home
Northwcslel'l1 officials in Norfolk
have ordered all general agents of the
company to make no arrangement this
year whatever for Fourth of July spe ,
clal trains , as every car with : wheels
on will be required for usa on the na-
tlonal day for the transportation of
the Rosebud rush Reghtl'atlon begins -
gins at Fairfax , llonestcel , Yanl\ton
and Chamberlain on July 5 ( ) and cons .
tlnuos 1111 July , 23.
Found Dead In Saddle.
HAY SPRINGS-During 1severc
rain and thunderstorm Sam Lane ,
a rnnchman and farmer lI\'lng eight
miles west or here , was Itlllcd by light
nlng. Mr. Lane was a horseback , rid
Ing his fences when the stJI'l11'came
up , and he and the horse were instant-
Iy klllod and he Was found shortly
afterward sitting JIl the saddlo.
Oldest Bell In United States.
Time oldest bell Jn the United States
Is on exhibition In time New Mexico
building oC the World's fair The boll
was brought from Spain on one of the
1.rst expeditions to Mexico by Father t
Juan de Padilla , one of the Franclscon
fathers who accompanied Coronado to '
New Mexico It WaS hung In one of . ;
time mission churches established in
ono of the seven cities of Clbotla.
From there Is was taken to Oran . .
lulvern , where it was hung In a }
church of which the ruins are still
visible. From Gran Quivera it was
taken to Algodones , whore it has bung
in the parish church over since ; Father - .
er PadIlla was killed by his guides !
while on the way from Oran Qulvera
to Algodones The bell weighs exactly . f
Iy 198 pounds It was baptized Mara I
ra .Tosepfa. It was cast in the year '
A. D. 1355 , according to the inscription . .
which Is cant In the bell. The "F" in f
the word "Josefa" Is inverted , and
the letters "s" and "E" are transposed , ,
the mistake evidently having been
made in the mold ,
. '
It is a woman's fondess for change .
that prevents many n. husband from
leaving any in his pocket f
strong Language. . .
Fredericlesbprg , lad , June 20.-1tev.
Enoch P. Stevens of this place uses
strong language In speaking of DodG's
Kidney Pills and he gives good reasons -
Ions ' for what he says :
"I can't praise Dodd's Kidney Pella
too much , " says Mr. Stevens. 'rhBr
have done me so much ood. I was ,
troubled with my kidneys so much
that I had to get up two or three times fin 1
In the night and sometimes in the I
day when starting to the waterhouse I
the water would come from me before
getting the-reo Two boxes or Dodd's ' -
KIdney Pills cured me entirely
"I have recommended Dodd's Kidney . .
ney Pills to many people and have
never yet heard of a failure Dodd'
Kidney Pills are the things for kid.
ney disease and rheumatism "
Dold's Kidney Pllls always cure
the 1c1dneys. Good kidneys ensure J4'
pure blood. Pure blood means good
health. t
Tell n. man he shows diplomacy and
be feels he has escaped . being detected
In a direct lie. ,
More Flexible and Lasting ,
'Won't shake out or blowout : by using '
Defiance Starch you obtain better re-
suIts than possible with any other
brand and one.thlrd more for same
Satan Is time father of lies and mat-
rhnony is the mother of excuses
nIrli. { wluslow's Soothing syrup.
For children teething , soften ! the gums , reduen .
nc.mmatlun , allays pain , cures wind collu. 25ca bOt o.
The home of n. bachelor lacks one ot ' .
the best modern improvements. , '
t\ . .
I do not believe PIso's Cure for Consumpt'tOO
bas an equal for coughs : and oolds.-JolI H .
DOYEU , 'l'rlnlty Springs , Iud. , Pcb 15 , 1000.
There Is 110 promise of pardon for .
confessing the sons of others.
If IOU wish beautiful , clear , white clothes
use Red Cross Ball Bluo. Large 2 oE
package , G teats
Some women sweeten their tea with
gossip Instead of sugar.
JlCnnaneMIJ' . cured. No Auer DO"CtlIDOU atM
FITS lint da , ' . are of IJr. KlIoe' UM $ .
ere Pend ' for Fm1EK .2.00 trill bottle ADd tru. . . . . .
11& U. U. KLINE , Ltd. , 8Jl J'Ch Inn. t , ' dalpltlsL ' &
A wise girl is known by the com.
puny tllle docm't : keep
Those Who Have Tried It .
wlll use no other. Defiance Cold Wa. f
tcr Stnrch has no equal In Quantity
Dr QuaUty-16 01' . for 10 cents. Other
brands contain only 12 oz 'I : . , . "II J
The aimless life cannot be the end.
. , .
. .
less life -
Important to Mothers.
Ezemino carefully every bottle ot CASTORU ,
1sare and eUro remedy for Intants and children ,
and too that It
Denrs the
Slgnalure ot , . ,
In Vel For Over 30 Years j
The Bind YOti have ) Always Do'S"
' \