The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, June 24, 1904, Image 1

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H. A. 'riehcn of Dawson was
in the city 'l'ucsday.
Francis \Vilhcc of Stella was
" , iu tOW11 on busincss 'l'uesday.
Frank Snethen of Humboldt
. was in town on business 'l'ucsday.
' Ncllc McMahon and Nora Po-
tcct were in Preston \Yedncsday.
J. A. Williams : of I-Iutuboldt
was in town on business 1ondiLY.
1\1. L. Wilson and wife of Hum =
" " ' : . b'olclt visited in this city 'l'ucs-
. : . . '
! . 1 Coon Sailors , the sage of Dar-
, ' ada < was a Falls City visitor
" /l'ucsday.
, . The usual services will bc held
. . tt St. Thomas church next Sun-
. , le All arc in vi tcd.
, t , ) I )1' . J. L. Gandy uf Humboldt
" has been interviewing thc Loard
: of equalization this .wcek.
Es-i ; presentative Chas. Smith
of Ncmaha precinct was a busi-
ucss visitor here 'l'hursday.
. ' 'd , .
John Gilligan and wife went
to Nebraska City Wednesday to
attend thc street carnival.
, . Childrcn's day exercises will beheld
1 . , . . .
held at thc German Evangelical
clulrch . nest Sunday. A good .
. ' . program has been prepared and
all , Ire cordially invited to bc
pr'csept. "
The office of Chas. Lorec , clerk
, of the district court , looks as
! J- , " though a cyclone had struck it.
- . The painters and paper hangers
have been "t work and have made
' a j . rent improvement in the appearance -
pearance of the ofi ce.
Chas Huber , postmaster at
. / Rube and one of the leading republicans -
" . publicans of Richardson county ,
I was conferring with Postmaster
Crook Wednesday with reference
to the establishment of another
mail route through the north-
eastern portion of the county.
John \V. Dorrington left for
thc Chicago convention Monday.
, . Gco. E. Dorrington will meet
him in St. Louis the latter part
of the week and together they
will visit tIle old homestead in
. .
Mew . York. '
. The members of St. 'l'homas
choir left Monday for their annual ' :
- nual outing at the Missouri lakes
I . )
Al Doerner hauled them over ,
t and when just across the rive
I It : " " on his way home was caught in i
I I , . thc storm. He says it was the
hardest straight wind he eve
saw , ' break'ng down trees and 1
, . blowing everything away that
" .
. was loosc. . , .
- ' . . ,
. . . . < o . . , , ' ' . . , ' : , " ,
_ oJ . , - 'j
The Ancient Order of United
orlnnan and Degree 'of Honor
held memorial exercises last Sun-
day. ' 1 ' hc two orders met at their
hall in thc morning and procccd-
ed to thc \ \lethodigt church where
Rev. \Y. B. Alexander delivered
the mcmorial scrmon. Steele
cemetery was then visited and
the graves < Brothcrs G.H.Ncal ,
J. I-I. Davidson , Ii' . A. \Vylie , J.
C. \Yylic , Isaac Rhine. Joseph
Steele , Ii' Godlirnon , P. H. Hays ,
J. D. Wicks and Ii' Dorrington
and Sister Eva Morchead were
, .
strewn with flowers.
'rhe city junketing committee
has ' returned loaded with inform-
ation about water wo..rks and
standpipes. The city will par
thc bills for this jaunt and will
get value rccch'cd.V c would
suggest , however , that a special
appropriation bc made out of the
"pitch" fund for the benefit of
Holt and Powell , and ] that Ncitz-
el refund his expenses to cover
thc dcficicnc\
Some of tile incandescent street
lights have been taken from the
wires by which they were sus-
petidcd over the center of the
street crossings and have been
attached to poles on the corn rs.
'rhc' scheme is alright except
where thc heavy foliage of the
trees limits thc area of the light.
The county clerks office has
been a veritable wailing place
this week. Sitting as a hoard
of equalization , the supervisors
have listened to one talc of woe
after the other but have suc-
cceded in adjusting most of the
claims , in a satisfactory manner.
R. E. \Vatzkc of Humboldt has
announced that he will acccpt
the nomination for secretary of
state on the democratic ticket , if
it is thrust upon ' 'him Mr.
' \Vatzkc is a travelling man and
well known throughout thc statc.
A representative of Barnum &
Bailey's circus was in town this
week and gave it as his opinion
that time circus would reach this
city about thc first of Septcmbcr.
Pastor Selinger will baptize
his first convert Sunctay cvcning.
Come and witness the ceremonies
at the Baptist church.
Susie Goldncr returned home
yesterday after a three months
visit with her sister in Missouri.
H. E. Boyd of Humboldt was
attending to some business mat-
ters in this city 'l'uesday.
Sheriff Hossack visited the St.
Louis fair ' \Vcdnes ay.
Miss Frances Kelly has the
honor of ' this '
being ycar's graduate -
ate from St. Ursula's acadcmy.
The excrcisl's were held Tuesday
evening in tile presence of an
audience that taxed the capltcity ,
of Convent hall. , 1\ splendid pro-
gram had been prepared , and thc
splcndid training given the participants -
ticipants by the sisters was am-
ply dcmonstratcd. Falls ' City is
very proud of this school and the
people rejoice itt thc good work
that the Ursulinc sisters are doing.
The year just closed has l been a
very successful one and the prospects -
pccts for thc future arc more than
; Sunday School Convention
Thc Sunday school convention
which has been in session at the
Christian church , this week , was
largely attended , delegates being
present from many points in'
Southeastern Ncbraska. A spirit -
it of in tense earnestness prevad-
ed the meeting and the various 1
papers and addresses were inspir-
ing' and uplifting. The points
brought out by thc discussion are
sure to be productive of much
good and thc convention as a
whole was a very successful I and
profitable mecting.
Belle Andrcs : and Raymond
Rich were marricdVcdncsday ,
thc ceremony being performed at
thc Hotel Moreland in Hiawatha.
The bride is thc daughter of O.
Andrews , proprietor of the Nat-
ional hotel in this city , and has a
large number of friends , .by all of
whom she is most highly rcgard-
cd. Time groom is a young busi-
ness man , who at 'one time had
charge of the Bicc stock in this
city , but is now located at High-
land l , Kan Both bride and groom
will be recipients of congratulations -
tions at the hands of halls City
fricnds. Among those from Falls
City who attended the wedding
were Mr. and Mrs. Andrews , Mrs.
Wilson , Mrs Taylor and Miss
Mabel Miles and Marion Gray .
were married at the home ot the
bride's parents Wednesday e\'en-
ing. 'rhe affair was of a very
quiet nature , only the relatives
and a few intimate friends being
present. ' \.t the appointed hour
Miss Magnolia Ewalt played the
wedding march and the bridal
party entered the parlor , the
. ,
. I , ' , "
ring being borne by i\'Iiss Ncllc
\Viser. ' '
'l'he ceremony was performed -
formed by Rcv. Smith of 81. t
'rhomas church. t. )
trIte bride is the daughter } { of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. , Miles :
; and having spent practically her
entire life in this
city , she en-
joys it wide acqaintanceship ,
among our people , and hr' all is
admired and respectccl. Time
groom is a young traveling salcs-
man with headquarters at St. ty
Louis , and on his frequent trips I
to this city has made s many
fricnds. The wedding of- these
young people was . ! of a
surprise , but this docs not detract -
tract from the sincerity of thc
congratulations which friends
tender thcm. The newly married
couple left at once on a trip to
St. Louis. Among those from
abroad who attended the wedding -
cling were Mrs. Hinkle and Mr.
'Easlcy of Rub , and Mrs. " Gray
of St. Louis , mother ' of , thc
groom. . ,
, .
At the home of thc bride's ,
mother , Monday cvcning- " six . .
o'clocland : in the presence of a
large number of invited guests ,
Chas Ii' Yoder of Aihlanh ! : , 0. ,
and Miss Pearl Lutz of Falls City
were united in marriage , Rev. E.
E. Haskins , pastor of the f3rcth-
rcn church , performing the cerc-
mony. Later the wedding ! party
and" guests sat down to k wed-
ding supper , and at 8:45 : :1 : p. m.
the newly married couple left
over the Missouri Pacific for the
\Yorld's li'air. They will also
visit in Chicago and probably go
to northern Michigan before go-
ing to their new home at Ash-
land l , O1mI0. '
Prof. Yoder is a son of Re\ E.
L. Yoder of this place , and is a
Falls City boy , having attended
school here and finished his edu-
cation at the University of Chi-
cage , being a graduate of that
institution. He is now a professor -
or in Ashland college and the & d-
itor of the Literature of. the
Brethren church.
'Miss Lutz is a Falls city young
lady who has always taken a
great interest in christian work ,
and has for several years taught
in the public schools of . Falls
Ont of town guests were present -
ent from Iowa , Illinois , Ohio and
Kansas , and all joined in wishing
thc , happy couple a life filled f with
joy. t
. . ' . I
. - . . . . /'fA /
- _ ; '