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1\ , , ) " . April 1 _ , 1904 . . THE FALLS CITY TRIBUNE 3
f. Educational Conducted by County Superintendent Department Crocer
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April is here !
Listen , a bluebird is caroling near !
Low and sweet is the Song he sings ,
As he sits in the sunshine with folded
wings ,
And . looks from the earth that is grow-
ing green
' To the warm blue skies that downyard
lean ,
Asa mother docs , to' kiss the child
That has looked up into her face and
smiled -
Earth has been sleeping but now she
wakes ,
The kind sky mother bends and takes
_ 'rhe laughing thing in her warm embrace -
brace ,
And scatters her kisses over its face ,
And every kiss will grow into a flower
"To brighten with beauty a coming hour
-Eben E. Rexford
- - - -
The Arbor Day Proclamation.
" Governor Mickey has issued the
following proclamation : .
" "In harmony with the time hon-
ored custom , I , John H. Mickey ,
' governor of the state of Nebraska
. do hereby appoint and set apart
- ' "
{ Friday , April 2 , 1904 , as Arbor
. day , and request that the true
spirit of forestry be observed in
our public schools by appropriate
exercises and the planting of trees
and that all societies and individuals -
uals assist in general recognition
of the day. "
"The most sublime object in
, the vegetable kingdom is a . beau-
- ' "
. . . .
. .j ; tiful tree. It commends our admiration -
miration not because of its prac-
. tical - value alone but because it
I . , typifies sturdiness , persistency
and progress. For many ) 'ears ,
perchance , it has defied the fury
of the winds the rush of torrents ,
, the extremes of summer's heat
and wInter's cold , and it stands as
if in conscious pride of the vigorous -
ous battle with the elements
I - . which it has fought and won.
From the standpoint of sent ment
I we can all appreciate the.thought
. which a well known poet has ex-
\ , . expressed , :
, Woodman spare that tree
: , . Touch not a single bough ,
In youth it sheltered me.
And I'll protect it now.
"l'was my forefather's hand
That placed it near my cot ,
There , woodman , let it stand ,
Thy ax shaH harm it not.
It is a well-Inlown fact that our
natural forests have been denuded -
ed until serious climatic . changes
are threaten It is to corecrt this
. evil as well as .fp encourage the
. , . .
, \ systematic planting I of trees in a
. prairie country , embellish our
public and private properties and
t , . to inculcate a love for both the
4 : ' ' practical and sentimental features
of forestry that Arbor day has
been established in nearly every
state in the union Nebraska
takes more than ordinary pride in
. because the idea originat-
ed here and probably no other
I . ' state has received so much benefit
t from it.-I.Anroln Star.
' '
1 , yx"i'3 " ' ' R : % ; A . , . . , . , - ; . :
The summer school of the Ne-
braska State Normal for the year
1904 win open 11Iay 30th , and
close July 8th. This is a six
weeks term in which credits may
be'made in the prescribed work
in the regular courses. Write for
a summer school announcemcnt.
Address Dr. W. A. Clark , Peru
Nebr. Other , good sum mer
schools will be held in the state
but we have not yet received an-
nouncemen ts.
Official NoHce.
Issued by the state board of
health-Rul and regulations
respecting quarantine and disin-
fection have been adopted by the
Nebraska board of health and
must be obeyed by all boards of
health in accordance with Sec. 6
and 8 , Art. 7 , Chap. 55 , Revised
Statutes of Nebraska , 1903. 'Ve
have not space to publish all the
rules but school officers and
teachers should be familiar with
at least two :
Rule 4. All school officers and
teachers shall co-operate in every
possible way with the local board
of health , by causing their know-
ledge of any case of contagious
disease , to be forthwith reported
to such board , and by refusing
admission to school of any pupil
from a household having contagious -
ous disease without a permit
from such board.
Rule 5.While any case of
smallpoxscarlet fever , diphtheria ,
measles or other disease , contagi-
- - - -
GUS or dangerous to public health
exists in a household in any city ,
school district or neighborhood ,
and until the recovery and disin-
fection of such premises , and un-
two weeks thereafter no person
from such household shall attend
any public meeting , nor shall any
superintendent , officer or teacher
allow any child to attend school
for such time , nor afterward
without a permit from the board
of health. Teachers boarding at
such households , where contagi-
ous disease ! is found to exist , shall
immediately disinfect person and
clothing and change their place
of boarding and lodging until recovery -
covery from the disease and dis-
infection of premises , and two
weeks thereafter.
You can secure a very helpful
and interesting little pamphlet
entitled HRegulations for the
Quarantine and Disinfection of
Contagious diseases etc. " by
writing to the state superintend
en t.
Dist. 83-Chas. P. Stump
teacher.-trhc year's term closed
last lVlonday. For the past two
years the oldest pupils have been
working for the goal of the coun-
try school ! which is , ' to success-
. , . ' , . ; . . . > : ' : . . v. . - . - - - . . r "l . . . . - . . ' - . . . .
r F or the Practical -
I or Amaieui Mechanic
IIt MMM .ayg ,
l telex F. Meyer " , . . . . J - . . I
fully pass the 8th grade examin-
ation. They have done excellent
work and , as announced last week ,
six of them arc successful. The
presentation of the deplomas was
the last number in our closing ex-
The teacher was given a nice
present by the pupils which he
prizes very highly.
We received a visit from our
superintendent a few weeks ago
and were very much encouraged
by his remarks.
Our attendance during the past
few weeks has been very irreg-
ular , on account of bad weather
and sickness.
Both pupils and teacher are
pleased with the educational de-
During the past four or five
months we have had a business
Departnient. The pupils have
become familiar with business
forms , such as checks , drafts ,
notes , bills , statements ! , etc.
Dist. 29.-Maud Mohler , teach-
er.- rhe maps and globes pur-
chased with the money earned by
our entertainment , have been re-
ceived. Ware - all delighted
with them. The maps are on
spring rollers and in diamond
cases. They are . very helpful
and we wonder how we ever got
along without them. We also
have purchased curtains for the
; .indows.
The children are greatly inter-
ested in geography We have
read stories of other countries
and have lately moulded land
forms from clay which we get
from the creek banks near the
the school.
Last week we hd some phys-
iology evperiments. We observed
the effects of alcohol on raw meat
and the white of an egg. 'Ve al-
so noticed how alcohol burns.
During the autumn we noticed
the flight of birds , and by careful
observation determined when
_ ' _ " ' . . - - . _ , . , . . . . , I' _ . : \ ' . "
A very Happy Year is
in prospect if he will
resolve to use tools
from Meyer's Hard-
ware. For the metal
or wood worker we !
have the very best
lines , new and up-toa
date with every known _
each kind left for its winter re-
sort. We are watching , and recording -
cording their return. We have
also on each Friday afternoon examined -
amined the buds of the trees around -
round us , noting their arrang-
ement and growth.
Recently we purchased a set of
Channing's Historie8.
Dist. 60-Mr. H. M. Shaffer ,
teacher.-The Literary closed
Friday March 16th. with a very
good program. The members of
the debating club all agree that
the debates have been the princ-
ipal part of the programs. The
8th grade students are working
hard preparing for the 8th grade
There has been much sickness
among the pupils during the last
few weeks , cutting down the
average attendance.
As spring work is at hand some
of the pupils have already doffe'd .
their school c1othes.
School closes April ' 15th.
Dist. 3-J annette Weller , teach-
er.-On account of so many removals -
movals from our district school
closed last Friday. .
Dist 77D. D. , Houtz , teacher.
Enrollment for third quarter by
grades ; first , 6 , second 5 ; third 1 ; _
4th 1 ; sixth 5 ; eighth 6. Four
pupils have removed from this
district. Mr. . Miller has been
sick for more than a month mak-
ing it necessary for his sons , two
of the eighth grade pupils to
quit school. Iva Fuller , another
of our eighth grade pupils has
been sick and unable to attend
during the last month This
leaves only three of the eighth
grade in attendance.
Dist. 98-Beulah Greenwald ,
teacher.-Our school closes April
1st. We have an enrollment of
six , all boys. They are very reg-
ular and punctual in attendance.
( CONTINUI.'DON FACE ! ; 10. )
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