The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 04, 1912, Monday Evening Edition, Image 4

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Mr Cr3ibtr
rtm 1 rt Qnd
s not
Our Hobby j
Is Good Groceries
The Best of Everythin
ck vs
this we ek
Miss Lockhsrt trimmer for S
R mih Mllinry establishment
arrived FriTy evening
Twc cj ar jld and i sp it I
iiiivxuiz pr d Id the greit
Fiidiv ngr 3ir Howard
Sundav afterncon
s fun r al will be
o all the children
Loss cf -tit cr Distress Af
ti J a Symptom That
Should Net Be Disre
A ppet
far fcia
stomach u
d5eate iadl
Ovr eating
a In bit veiy
gcrous to a prsons treed gener
al health
what von eat but
whal vcu digest and araimilate
Triai Will Convince You
Quality Grocery Store
Fjoyd Hhort spent Saturday
and Sundiy with his illicit Will
Shnyrt in McCook
Alice Tcwnley and Rie hard
vrere McCcok visitors Satuixhy
ind Sunday I
31 rs Grant Clark and Mrs
Won Brconnfield helped their par
ents celebrate their wedding
h Wedmsday
The 0 E - ty LA A XuiAr
nionthlv bu iiK mctinr and j
ciil at tb I n of ifoLla Wolfj
Iff Fivday ening
TJi teach cr mi tnir wliuali
was tc be held Saturday was
po3fcpcncd -on account of the
siuriv 3
1 7 - nf Tlfol
tii 3 iiti a c u i
tied with relatives in
Conductor J Arnell is en the
sick list
Brakeman G F Phillips trans
ferred to Iloldrege Sunday
Brakcanan J M Wynns wiu
cio5iid out of the service Sunday
Brakcanan R G Talbot re
turned frcm Lincoln Sun da v on
Xo 3
Conductor W Ficke has laid si
on MfPnniiit nf tli rrni
dawn tc Linccln Saturday ngui
to uiit his mather
Brakcanan C E Edwards hal
bc n tranisfencd frcm lili3 llaet
inirs IIoldicre loanl to McCcok
Airs llenrv Beet leit Mon- nd
clay nirnng tor Uberlun Kan 1
aia to vest 2veral days with rel i
aitives - i
r n living at Longnicnt Cc l
cradc died thr morning en tsaiii
t father The Lcidv was recnoved
The Initiative Decision
The supreme court of the
Fnited States has dcckiul that
onh coiigretsi may object to the
ni lirjj j tinitcv e and referendum
Jwl Lle
ti -d oISilllliI1
t pi o
i i
a 2 ting in
con dvipepsia
that it is not a question for ju
i dicval determinatdon
IcConnell for drugs
Our bobby is gcoel groceries
riu Best of Everything A
tliafc dc i ycuwgood Some of the trcal order will convince you
strnngcothwxsl and h altluiest D MAGXER PhoUe 14
persons are moderate eaters
Th cre is nctliing that at111
cauae mere trouoie man a einsor
The Nebraska National guarel
will go to Fort Russell Cheyenne
deroA stoinacli and many people Wyo this year for tdie annual
dadly contract serious maladies aiy maneuvers Adjutant Gen
Jfarougli disregard ca- abuse of enal Phelps favi s a date in July
the stomach i or August
Wd -urge all in McCook who
suffer from any stomach derange
x livVioi nfiiito nt olirnriir in iv
A inoidiest citizen suggests Uncle
Jl0e for mayor per a postal card
zient indigestion or dvspspsm
which follows Wliait
reaels as s
wrvinv siiri liovn mf tn hoar For 1912 Fourteenth Judicial
of any one who has not been -District of Nebraska
esfitGd by thtm We honestly be-
lieve them to be without equal Judge E B Perry has desig
Tbsy give very prompt relief and- nated the following dates for
insg to neutraliize the gastric court in tliis district for the en-
Dr Courtenay Mutilated Veteran of
the Confederate Army as He Was
in Tippah
Dr Courtenay entered the Confeder
ate army as a surgeon and after the
surrender found himself without home
family or fortune His right coat
sleeve dangled empty the hand that
had saved so many lives could not
save itself It had been amputated
after Gettysburg and the story goes
that Lee himself the name is always
pronounced slowly and reverently in
ray hand to save jours doctor An
other loss equally grave but less
conspicuous was that of his left lung
It was this trouble that had brought
him to Tippahs mild climate for near
ly 20 years he had lived there alone in
his three room cottage riding out ev
ery day to his little farm five mile3
from town and reading and smoking
far into the night His library was
the wonder of Tippah Books in five
languages lined the walls of his house
all in the cheapest bindings for the
doctor was poor but as he used to
say it was the meat in the nut ho
cared for not the shell outside He
never practiced medicine except oc
casionally among persons too poor tc
pay for medical advice cr more fre
quently in serious cases when called
in consultation It was known that
he had ne r taken a fee in Tiprnh
Every one oelieved implicitly in his
skill It was a common thing to hear
if said aftu a death Nothing could
have saved him Dr Courtenay caid
so Lilian Kirk Hammond in the
Cavcur Wil iam the Silent and Georga
Washington Never Yielded to
Despotic Ideals
As a natif n maker Cavour stands
vith William the Silent and George
Washington Each of these men
fought through the agony of a war of
liberation yet never yielded for a mo
ment to the militarist or despotic
ideals so liable to be bred in lime of
crisis each loved free institutions
with his whole heart each could have
said as truly as Villiam the Silent I
cif hs mother I vf alwys f fde of Ve f 0e
rt r c At 4 -et each avcided il 3 srecial faults or
uuuutiuiur iii w ocuiti triii
the demarogire as completely as We
ington or Peel each planted justice
and mercy anid the chaos of wrath
and revolution each kept an hoiolc
equanirity of temper toward all their
supporters even toward the foolish
tre falce who bade fair to ruin
their work finally each died leaving
as his hirdivcrk a nation whose ev
ery merit is symbolized in the life of
thp mnn vhn mifV it whoro rvr v
C D Chandlia who haj w tn t0 fruition wi h ha
Ian tic
lillJ Vi Alll0 V w v - r
Remll Dvsnerada Tablets with lllll 11UU1 1LJLmi5111 e
uc rj
lofty for
If Anicri ccn bcst tit
0 lust cist ot Ak ron Lig America is more trve to the traditions
coiseid wa5 a vistim of eoniiunp
en and vras returning to bio
former beau in Mcnticellc Iud
in ccimnanv with hio wifv and her
aeneht 11 due proportion Measuroal
and policies and constitutions most
Iliancfi with oirtpi r tin o hit tho
h rnd prepa rcd for oVpmcnt 6rjrit thct inspfls a just policy is the
Mt pn train No 0 tc Peru Ind came in the eighteenth the nine
iire 1 will hi interred I tcerth crd the twentieth centuries
Leorge Jlacauay Trevelyan in the At-
Special House for High Brow Apes
The high brow apes in the New
York Zoological pari are to have a
house to themselves in the near fu
ture The board of estimate and ap
portionment will soon be asked for
an appropriation necessary to cover
the expenses for such a structure
At present the erudite chimpanzees
and orangoutangs are in the house
with their lees intelligent sisters and
The intelligent specimens now num
ber four chimpanzees and five orang
outangs Baldy is the leader of the
social elect and Susie recently scid
to the society by Professor Garner is
another inmate who stands aloof The
proposed structure is necessary to tho
continued health of the valuable spec
imens as well as to give proper fa
cilities for their exhibition to the
l S nr mn cIimbed to
th3 ditfinct understanding that Jor
ra TOn vpfnnrl tboir nnnv with 01 ci McCook Xdbr Ilurrall tist church
r lliiiinli I Cr iinmo wiira SMrnprl rpntlv tn
rirt ii no tnruiQ TtV 11 - - v w a -
L i V1 iUmL I
ier reaeonable use of this medii
dnc tnej arc not perfectly satj
isfdod with the results We
OOTmend them to cur customeis
Yellow Jackets Held Steeple
A contractor and three carpenters
painfully stung when they
the top of the First Bap
in New Castle Del re
make repairs to the roofs
Thousands of yellow jackets had made
their home in the belfry and they re
sented the intrusion and drove the
men to the ground One of the men
made his way to the belfry and -with
insects could escape Then he placed nhnrTiictntrr
rFJTg3iwsuxnCTViraeiJigrjBTiaa8C3KaMwikiiRiiJy tszf
Suits jy special order at same
prico charged for teady mades
Clothe shrunk andsponjjed by la
test and most scientific method
Call and see samples before giving
your order for spring suit
Airs J M Trammell
Main Ave Under Commercial Hotel 3
Tippah had said I wish I could give NOTICE OF INCORPORATION
Notice is hereby given
1 That a corporation has tbeem
formed under the name of
Pbeps G ray Company
2 The principal place o tran
Kacting business is McOook Red
Wallow County Nebraska
3 The general naifcnre of the
busin is to be transacted is the
buying and selling of fruit pro
duce and other merchandise at
wholesaleand on commission and
consignmens the leasing and the
erection and maintenance of such
buildings and structures as may
lie necessary for the proper con
elutoing cf saad bu jiness and to
purchase and holel real estate for
4 The amount of capital stock
autihorozed by saael corporation is
1000000 500000 of wliieh is
to be subscribed and fully paid
up before the commencement of
business and the balance to be
issued subscribed and paiid up as
may be authorized anel required
by the Beard of Directors
o The existence of the said
corporation commenced on the
first day of February 1912 and
the time of termination rjs twenty
years from said date
6 The highest amount of in
elebtedneas to which the saiel cor
poration FilinII at any time siub
jeet dtseJf shall net be more than
fifty per cent of its paid up cap
ital stock
7 The affaire of the saiid cor
poration are to be conducted by
v President Vice president See
ivttai y Treasurer and Boarel of
six Directors
Dated this 2 ith dav of Feb
ruary 1912
Bv C E ELDRED president
C B GRAY Secretarv
First publication Feb 26 Stsw
E Dcelsc and
XZ said Sidney Dodge deceased
had burned out enough dead insects
were Jound to fill a peach basket to
overflowing and the carpenters then
es sirengtnen me uigebuvu suing year resumed work on the church roof
gans tio regulate the bowels and Qhasc April 29 jury Nov 25
Ti n tr nrcmntn Tprfpr t mitrition iktt I
and eradicate all unhealthy symp Dundy March 18 jury May
Somsi 23 equity Oct 28 jury
We urge you to try a 25c box Frontier April 1 jury June
of Eexall Dyspepsia Tablets 3 equity Oct 14 jury
TObich gives 15 days treatment Furnas Feb 19 jury May 13
At the cud of that time your equity Nov 11 jury
money will be returnee to yon Feb 13 jury May 27
cf you are not satisfied Of equity Dec 9 jury
course an chronic caaera length Hayes Aprill5 jury Oct 7
cf treatment varies For isueh jury
asras we have two teirgsr raizes Hitchcock March 4 jury May
wfhieli sll foft 50e and 100 20 equity Sept 23 jury
member yea Van cn Itexall Perkins April 22 jury Dec 2
Remedies en mh community only jury
at our store ie Jtxaii onore ua wallow dan zy nury lUaj
Jj W McOonnell 6equity Sept 9 iury
tar paper closed all exits by which the
The Old Time Barber
Old time barbers had to display
more variety than their uccessors A
work published in 1592 describes a
barbers greeting to a customer Sir
vill you have your hair cut after the
Italian manner short and round and
then frounst with the curling irons to
make it look like a half moon in a
mist or like a Spaniard long at the
ears and curled like the two ends of
an old perivig or will you be French
ified with a lovelock down to your
shoulders The English cut is base
and gentlemen scorn it novelty is
dainty Speak the word sir my scis
sors are ready to execute your wor
ships will
8 Doeige will take notice th jt
on the first day of December
cr vasr tcn tliai Italy is true to VJ 11 LdlUan L ritney piammrr
the traditions of Cavour they may be filed her motion and affMavit
rrrs that their country is reaping the I a gadnst the said Joseph E Dcdre
anel Aiuuir b JJceige as -Heirs
and rejil representatives of Sid
ney Dodge deceased and against
rdfd Jes jph E Dodge as Admin
istiatoa of the estate of satid
Dodge deceased in tins dist
rict court cf Red AYallow county
Ne braska in a certain cause here
tofore pending in sacd corurt
wherein saiel Lillian M Pitney
was and asi plaintiff and said
Sidney Dodge was defendant
The object and prayer of saiid
motion anel affidavit are that
the juelgment renelered in sailel
causc in said court on tho 10th
day of October 1S99 in favor of
said Lillian M Pitney and
against snid Sidney Dadgu for
the sum cf 51109 with interest
thereon frcm said elate theivof
at the rate of ten pea- cent per
annum be revived in favor cf
aiid Lillian M Pitney and
against said Joseph E Dodge
and Arthur S Dodge as the
hcifta ait law and real representa
tives oi sand bidney Dodge now
deceased and against saiel Jocapb
E Dodge as Administrator of the
estate of saiel Sidney Dodge de
ceased On the first day of De
cember 1911 a conelitional order
of revivor was duly made given
anel entered in saiiel action reviv
ing said judgment in favor of
Qtiid plaintiff and against the
sapid Joseph E Doeige and Arth
ur S Doeige as the heirs at law
and real representatives of said
Sidney Dodge deceased and
agafnot caiel Joseph E Dodge as
of the estate of
The said Arthur S Dodge is
hereby notofieel to appear on
Monday the first day of April
1912 anel show cause why sacd
jugnint shculel not be revived
aiqninct kfm anel tbe saiel Jcosph
iE Dqdge as the heiirs at law
and real representatives of saiel
Sidney Dodge deceased and
agaiinst said Joseph E Dodge as
administrator of said estate and
if sufficient cause be not shewn
to the contrary said judgment
snail stand revived
Lillian M Pitney Plaintiff
By a II Boyle and AV S Mor
gan her attorneys
Mist publication Feb 26 Stsw
If you want THE NEWS read
The Tribune
blisses Xina and Pearl Garrett
of Lebanon were visitors Tuesday
between trains
The basket supper at the Jiall
Saiturday night was well attend
ed and a jolly gocel time report
Mrs II W W Allen is num
bered with the Vhs Avocik
Mr and Mrs W 11 Kelly jarej
the prcaid parents cf a baliy girl
lniTl Tnlm OfHl 1
Frank Kclil agent for the Old it
Line Bankers Life Insurance Co -
Anas in tewn Wedncisday en busi
Prof Ix II Rennecker visited
tlue home folks at Beaver Orty
Friday might returning Saturday
A E Boyer arrived home Fri
day from Omailia where he left
his son Railph doing niaely in tbe
We received si big snow accom
panied by wind Friday night
and Saturday
W A Stone is home after a
few weeks stay at McCook taking
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings
lave been made in the county
lerks office since our last re
Jci C3 F Welbcrn anel wife
to John W Welborn wel
lot 4 54 acres 23-3-28 1500 00
JoJini Egan anel wife to Mor
ella B King wd nw qr and
nw of sw and e Iif of se
raw qv 27-2-30 400 00
Ohildren are much mere
Notice to Delinquents
Notice is hereby given that the
rental upon the lease contract to
the following described lands in
Red Willow county Nebraska as
set opposite the name of the liolel
er thereof is delinquent anel if
the amount which is due is not
paid within 60 days from date
of this notice said contract will
be declared forfeited by the
Board of Educational Lands and
Funds and saiel forfeiture enter
ed of record in the manner pro
vided by law
N 36-1-30 John A Hoffman
Commissioner of Public Lands
anel Builelings
Daited Feb 16 1912
First publication Feb 19 6sw
Jewelers and
Byes tested and fitted
repawning McCook Neb
Red Spring Wheat
Parle and Corn
Updike Grain Co
S S GARVEY Manager
Phone 169
y Not
Have that Cellar
Cemented Now
We can give you a low figure on such work now be
fore tbe heavy working season opens
Call on or phone the manager He will
be glad to come and figure with you
McCook Cement Stone Co
Phone Red 196 H N Rosebush Manager
Plumbing Healing
and Gas Fitting
Eaiimaiteo furnished free Base
ment Pcstoffiee Bldg Phone 33
Registered Graduate
Office 2121 Main ave over
McConneills drug store Phones
Off iae 160 residence black 131
Attorney at Law and
Bonded Abstracter
Agent of Lincoln Land Co Of
fice in Postoffice building Mc
Cook Nebraska
Office R corns 3 anel 5 TValsh
building McCook Phone 112
Office Rcom 4 Masonic Tem
ple McCook Neb Phone 163
Real Estate
and Insurance
Office 305 2d st
black 252
East Phone
ancT Dailies
Off all kinds Temple Thea
tre Irailding
Kansas City Post 5 cents Week
Bonded Abstracter and
Examiner of Titles
Stenographer anel notary in of
fice McCcok Neb
Machine Work Horse
Shoeing Blacksmithing
We arc agents for the Celebrat
ed Ford Auto 210 1st st W
Phone red 450
and Opticians
Waiteh Repairing Goods of
quality Main avenue McCook
To Susan C Ilileman anel to
all whom it may concern
The commissioner appointed to
Iceaite a road commencing at a
point at the northeast corner of
section numbered thirteen and
the southwest corner of section
numbered twelve in town two
north of range 30 west of the
Gth P M where roael number
eel 440 intersects road 407 in
Driftwood precinct Red Wallow
coiunty Nebraska anel running
thence east on the section line be
tween said sections 12 anel 13
Town 2 Nonth Range 30 West
of the Gth P M until the same
coincides with saiel roael number
eel 440 anel a proposal to vacate
that part of roael known as 440
as elescribeel below
Commencing at a point on the
section line between sections 11
and 12 where said road No 440
bears eastward shall be vacated
to a point where saiel road inter
sects with the section line be
tween sections 12 anel 13 all in
likely to j Town 2 Range 30 West of the
contract the ccnta ious diseases when a 6th P M has reported in- favor
they have coac Whooping cough 0f the location and vacation
diphtheria ccarlet fever and con- thereof and all objections there
sumption are diseases that are often to or claims for damages must be
contracted v jhen the chiid has a cold filed in the County Clerks of
That is why all medical authorities fjee on or before noon of tbe
say beware of ccJds For the quick 29th day of April A D 1912 or
cure cf eclde jou wi find nothing saicj road will be established cwith
better than Chamberlains Cough mit reference thereto
Remedy- It can alwaj s be depend- CUAS K DUTGUER
ed upon and o pleasant and safe to County Cleric
take For ralo by all dealers Dated at McCcok tliis 24th day
of February 1912
Read The Tribune for the news First publication Feb 26 Stsw