The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, January 15, 1912, Monday Evening Edition, Image 3

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East Depart Central Time
No 6 1130 P M
16 500 A M
2 550 A M
12 635 A M
14 920 P M
10 530 P M
West Depart Mountain Time
No 1 1220 P M
o XX Xr 1M
5 arrive S35 p m
13 930 A M
15 1230 A M
n G25 A M
Imperial Line Mountain Time
No 176 arrives 330 P M
No 175 departs 645 A M
Sleening dining and reclining chair
cars seats free on through trains
Tickets sold and baggage checked tv
any point in the United States or
For information time tables maps
and Tickets call on or write D F
Hostetter Agent McCook Nebraska
or L W Wakeley General Passen
ger Agent Omaha Nebraska
Fireman John Patterson
on the siek list
S 1 DeAvitt Avas a Deraer
passenger Thursday night
Bert Clark returned Friday
from iris Red Cloud vdsit
-Fireman Lem Peterson is lay
ing off with a burnt neck
Fireman E J Cattingham is
on the injured list hard fall
The Burlington has tempor
ivraly dispensed Avith the agents
helper at Cambridge
Brakeman J F Booth has
been transferred to the St Fran
cis branch
Engineer C D Purinton
Jeft for Des Moines Iowa Sat
urday evening on 10 for a short
Switchman E W Meyers laid
off last of the week being- re
lieved by Brakeman O K De
Mrs J W Hasty and dril
dran went to Arapahoe this
morning on a brief visit to the
home folks
The company has cut expen
ses at Red Cloud station by elim
inating one operator and the me3
senger boy
Brakemen O J Secitt and
John Arnell went up to Denver
Thursday night on Xo j to take
in the stock show
Conductor C M Kent went
down to Hastings on 10 Saturday
and was in charge of the pay car
from Hastings to Wiray
Mr and Mrsr II- T -Kerns
were BeArerly passengers Satur
day morning From there they
will drive over to Trenton for a
short visit
L Lawritson has resumed his
position as agent at Trenton Act
ing Agent D P Gray going to
Minden to temporarily relieve the
agent there
Ray Gardner came in from
Douglas Nebraska last night
and is filling the position of
night caller in the engine de
Two pairs of wheels on the
diner Olymphian on the Mil
waukee road January 12 broke
500 steel rails batween Twin
Brooks and Aberdeen
Road Foreman Will Dungan
was at headquarters end of the
week His hospital experience
was considerably longer than he
expected but he is- on the job
again in good shape
coal in their possession and thotw
aaJio could mot get away have had
to make good Avitli casJi In hand
lr and Mrs E M Stimmell
and Mr and Mrs Will Stimmell
JAvill depart Wednesday for Mad
dson Georgia about 65 oniles
southeast of Atlanta AAhere tJiey
Avill be employed on a big farm
Tho boys shipped their goods on
Saturday The Tribune wishes
them contentment and suecss in
the south land
Was Not Severely Injured An
Unusual Experience
Chris ILiase one of Fred Jern
b ergs men iliad an unusual exper
ience at McDonald Kansas Fri
day morning -whole working on
the Burlingtons well at the wat
er tank at that place In some
manner he fell into the well go
ing through four platforms in his
descent and finally coming to a
period near the bottom on the
fifth platform apparently not
much the worse for his fall Re
pairs were being made and plat
forms had been constructed at
different stages in the well
which was being cemented on
the sides No bones were broken
and altho having fallen nearly
fifty feet nothing worse than
bruises and severe jarring up re
sulted But it was an -experience
few would care to duplicate
Broke Three Ribs
William Johnson foreman of
the gang filling the big ice house
at thds place was severely injur
ed Thursday morning when the
ice rake on which he Avas riding
dumped and dropped him to a
scaffold brloAV about fifteen iu t
He alighted on a timber and sus
tained a fracture of three ribs
besides being badly bruised and
shaken up in the fall His in
juries Avere extremely painful at
first but his condition is iioav
more comfortable
Four engineers have been set
Engineer II A Frey tack th
pay car Avcst
Brakeman T E MeCarl is
on the ick list Go Martin is
juibstfiimling for him
L J Leonard returned yes
terday from a visit Avith his par
ents in Aurella Iowa
Engineer A P Waiteis
brought the pay car in yesterday
Conductor W Fiske is off
dutv on account of the serious
illness of his mother at Wray
SAvitchman T E Lunborry
returned Sundav from his vizrt
in Denver and is airain at Avork
S II MeCarl C X Xeiilrui
er and G E Carmcney Avere Den
ver passengers on 3 Sund n to
see the Ftoek show
Trainmaster Johnson
this evening on No 10 for Lin
coln to be present at the mar
riajje of his sister there tomorroAv
Aspeciaii u iu i aiipplios
The Tribune Shop Papers of a
weights sizes and qualities Ribboi
or every machine carbon papei
nanuscript covers etc All kept 1
IlciAV is your thermometterris
the call over the phone these
days 21 30 and 32 degrees be
Ioav zero at different places
PutttK up ice is the ordta of
the day Vkes 22 inches square
and 18 to 20 inches thick
The Arctic display in the slcy
on Friday January 5 is some
thing not often seen but long
to le remembered
At the Hatcher family Christ
mas tree the festivities came
near ending in a tragedy Avhen
Paul who imnersonated Santa
Burlington spotters at oiailSf got too close to a Light
rem have caught several people 1IK hs whiskers cauirht fire in-
of that community AA ith company nietintr naanful burns on face
tind neck before the cotton could
be taken off
Mr and Mrs Gary Dole and
baby Aiisiited at the Hatcher home
The winter of 1910 1911 was
the mildest of 1911 1912 the
coldest that the oldest inhabi
tant ever knew
The extreme cold AveaitJier and
deep snoAV AAith immense dris
prevent the children at a distance
from attending school
If You Winter in Cal
General Passenger Agent
Omaha Nebraska
giWJil Wffl MJh iluLLlmm
You can go there over a ery attractive route one of sunshine low nltitticlp
and mild climate You can go Burlington Santa Fe via Denver to Pasadena am
Los Angeles in personally conducted tourist sleepers leaving Omaha every Tuc
day night train No 9 and Denver every Wednesday evening Experienced cor
ductors are jn charge of these excursions you will enjoy your ride to Califo
over these two first class railroads If not convenient to connect with No
enroute through Nebraska use any of the Burlington trains into Denver and li
me secure a birth for you to be taken at Dener
Then there is the scenic Avay to California via Denver Colorado and Sal
Lake with standard and tourist sleepers to Denver and from Denver to the coati
This is held at Denver January 15th to 20th Everyone going will receive a
big welcome in Denver the city of sunshine and hospitality
Homeseekers Excursion Tickets to the Big Horn Basin also to the west sout
and southwest Winter tourist rates to southern and
California resorts cities etc
Ticket Agent
McCook Nebraska
Colorado Citizens Would Provide
Mansion for President
Drawings Have Been finished for a
Veritable Palace of Picturesque
Design for Occupancy by the
Chief Executive
Denver Colo The citizens ot Colo
rado have started a campaign to pro
vide for the president ot the United
States a summer home in this state
The plans Avhich have already been
completed call for a Aeritable palace
of most original and picturesque de
sign the like of which does not exist
in this country It -will take rank
with any of the existing palaces or
European monarchs The idea orig
inated with John Brisben Walker and
a committee ot prominent Colorado
men is noAV in charge of the move
The proposed home is on the Mount
Falcon 15 miles from Denver in tho
front range of the Rockies It is
planned to make the gift a token Irons
the people of Colorado and contribu
tions are now coming in from all over
the state The lund was started by
subscriptions from leading bankers
and business men in Denver Ground
has already been broken and it is be
lieved that the building will be con
structed in time for the next summer
During his recent visit to Denver
President Taft was apprised ot tho
summer home plan and expressed the
opinion that no locality could otter
finer natural attractions for cuch a
The proposed house will be unique
in many ways and exceedingly at
tractive The plrns cI for a noble
and massive structure of gray gran
ite contrasting with the natural set
ting for the blilding The house will
provide amre room for the presi
dents atteJasts and acsi tants Au
tomobiles would bring the summer
home Avith frrty minutes cZ Denver
The view thrt tho site of the build
ing commands is its strongest feature
and it is this that was strongly urged
in makirjj a choice of sites Among
The Proposed House
all tho wonderful and beautiful scenic
spots within a short distance of Den
ver Mount Falcon perhaps stands
pre eminent From the north terrace
cf the rccuntain upon which the
drawing room and library avIH open
the steep mountain side Avooded with
pines drops down 2000 feet into the
rushing waters of Bear creek to the
south 73 miles away is Pikes peak
Denver lies 14 miles away to the
northeast When a passing cloud
covers the city Avith its shadow the
plains seem barren of houses Then
suddenly the sunlight pierces through
and a great city stands revealed
Woman Mistakes Receptacle in a New
York Hotel for Safety De
posit Vault
New York Mistaking a small wood
en box built Into the wall of her room
jt the Waldorf Astoria for a safe-deposit
box a Avoman of Georgetown S C
who arrived in New York deposited
J900 in cash and jewelry valued at
fC000 in the box that night and re
tired with the satisfaction that her val
uables would be secure When she
awoke next morning the gems andi
money were missing
Soon afterward William Peterson at
hotel valet turned up with the 900
and the missing jewelry
While making my rounds for the
Bhoes at 2 a m said he I found
this money and jewelry in the box
where the shoes are placed
Smoker Stricken Blind
Venice 111 Martin Conway an ex-
cavating contractor inspecting work
on the river levee here stopped sud
denly and raised his hands to his eyes
He tried for a moment to rub away
the thick mist that had suddenly fall
en over his vision A moment before
he had been looking over the long
dike without a thought of any impair
ment of his sight Now he is totally
His friends believe Conways con-
Btant smoking affected the optic nerve
causing the sudden breakdown
OLLOWINC the battleship pa
rade into San Francisco bar
bor at tho opening of the Pan
ama Fatific International ex
position there will be a program of
events of Avorld interest and inipor
tancc in a succession of tAvo mouths i
apart interspersed with leaser events
yacht races and motorboat races of an
international character for great tro
phies and cash prizes aviation meets
with the famous bird men of the
world Olympic games in Avhich the
athletes of the Avorld will take part in
tercollegiate contests automobile races
in which the holders of the worlds
records Avill participate in the automo
biles of every nation military maneu
vers iu which the crack infantry and
cavalry of this and other nations will
participate upon an extended bcale
Thi k ilon of the expedition give-
wide it scope for the gie test interna
tional sports program in history The
auto races will pis into Goluci Gut-
park before the cociet coliseum
whit li wiil hae a eating capacity of
ijuuu i copie i ie iiiitar
and Olynip iivu - Mill
Ul Ij i he sr slr
i i i -
Hi of i t
m r
i i is ii
n io -
Aien 1 a
i lul iL
ii i s
set for tiij a-
Men of the cuuitr i
tin prelimimiry v Jv
the Ure Xo one w - C
feiiuek built over einLe s
II ill Pi W W GDFflTFxl
niwUMn null hi 10
t i p j jj lull lo 1
I ftr
l a m
be xM
J w i43l
tin- H 1V i
V iv i rrrrrsssrr7y
i A - SMI7
i v s
1 IT n c is MrioriAL towe
j ool a
Te of huisi and Ii
pan tovanl the eoiozi in m nitl
ii xrii vniety will surpass an
ir e ii out--de of the oiiont
mil in in tiie fin cist itse A cmi
Yellowstone National park Great Silt
lake Puget sound the inland trip to
Alaska the governments huge reefer
mation projects in sixteen westers
states the Columbia river region iia
redwood forests of California the fcs
of Oregon the big trees on the ap
proach to the Yosemite Arizona aodL
New Mexico youngest of the states
Ne ada and some of the greatest mfa
ing camps In the Aorld Perhaps mc
interesting of all will be the opportu
nity for a trip through the Panana
canal either coming or going
The reconstruction of San Francisos
is one of the greatest miracles Avithls
the history of American niunicipalitJ
Five hundred and eight city blocks
embracing the principal business as
residential portions of the city were
wiped from the earth in 190tJ T
screets were covered in some places
with debris forty feet deep yet todir
n stranger to tiie avouUI never
know from its appearance that a fiis
had occurred
The ioas through the fire is estimate
by insurance underwriters at 4000CSk
000 To reconstruct San Francisco
alct for greater weth than was
jBtnjci b tin fire and far exceeded
I the of 1 1ldintr the Panama canal
Biiic t e lire S24LHM i has beeu ei
peuilid upon neAV lmitinj alone
i ictiy oi t is mv newc3
cit l tis world Its 1 uidiucs rep-
reseni the Uiai type i v djrti re
enfiTitl Ilrrrtf strut firs It tiai
tri 1 - rvrti 3E
itcfc to uit
all arsons
i i
I 5
1JZ i
I their
ir P ifc
i T nP
i - rr -- t tin
r - ii
It - 4 J jjfc
t th I 511 Ci sf I tlE
rWd ti i t
ii vV at R ttd Aviit
iinllurs nf tli states
if z zt - - s
1 SN sT
A x J If -X
i f ir - vn3 i S sttnwfZ ffik3 e
fait -A-- fmWKiA 1 csTfeTail - fss - i
- z rr s wwcu t y JW tws Ajr a binviu i a omvin - k
- Jrfitvjri v nvwzrfriKttZ rwVft3K3 ri5i J
wmwjmd HHHaHHffisaassaaK jdrsmsEm
r itwj u tt twii MiTi vii ti i iitttrii fr23fcvlCfAwo r j rrrrtvsSAts
iui v i fii ivrsmKnvKAML vmfKvrmtiC jjs j rwjt y Jta5aeiJyaeto jx inila j - so sm v wvvjwk x v aj - jtwvrry i r
mxBBmmxmBEM w8sm r -- - 33ssaRgz t
6SSwlllKraBiKRHESHiHBv2v -- lift iftsga h 7 v
V2ji 2 S
dry goods merchant placed a great
sign Panama Pacific International
Kxposhioii Si Francisco 1913 and
this became tho battlecry in the fight
lo huild a new city
Of more than 20000000 noAV appro
prialed by California S7000000 lias
been raised by popular subscriptions
4000000 is assured through a special
act of the legislature permitting the
counties to tax themselves for exposi
tion purposes 3000000 was appropri
ated by the state of California and
San Francisco has voted a bond issue
of 3000000 This is the largest sum
that has ever beer raised for a worlds
exposition at an initial stage But it
Is only a starter
High School Girls Taught Courtship
Mothercraft and Domestic Sci
ence in Los Angeles Cal
Los Angeles Cal A course of
matrimony has been included in the
curriculum of the Gardens Agricultural
High school here Five classes of
girls are daily taking advantage of In
struction in courtship matrimony the
care of babies mothercraft and do
mestic science
It is planned that boys in Los An
geles shall be permitted to take the
course next year but some doubt is ex
pressed about the need of this It is
argued that the female of the spe
cies will be so adept in the matter
of courtship and marriage by the end
of the year that she will have little
difficulty in imparting her knowledge
to the less deadly male
The girls are taught how to deport
themselves during courtship and In
structed In household management
home dietetics housekeeping ac-
counts dressmaking millinery and
even In such practical matters as how 1
plumbers are supposed to do their
work and how much they should bej
servative estimate of their combined
expenditure tOAard the exposition i
10000000 Hawaii and the Philip
pines Avill contribute more than 1000
000 each
The Pacific coast of the United
States and the whole west will bt
featured up more extensively than they
have been within their history Side
excursions from the main line or stop
overs upon any of the eight transcon
tinental systems terminating upon the
Pacific coast will afford the visitor an
opportunity to see those attractions of
America that appeal to him To most
people the names of these places will
carry a picture the Yosemite the
Grand Canyon of the Colorado the
One of the directors of the exposition
is now in Japan It is said that his
majesty the Emperor Mutsuhito wili
donate the use of the imperial art col
lection to the exposition The board at
lady managers of which Mrs Phoebe
Hearst is honorary president is in
dependently taking up those phases oC
the exposition that belong particularh
to womans domain
The setting is being prepared With
impressie exposition structures rising
from San Francisco bay AAith city ami
wooded slopes as a background and in
the foreground a A ast fleet of battle
ships of the world the sight will be one
of the magnificent spectacles of his
Go There First For Groceries
The Main Store
The Main Street
No Need of Going Elsewhere