The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 07, 1911, Thursday Evening Edition, Image 1

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v - I v J
Delivered free any place in McCook
Corn chop per 100 S130
Bran per 100 1 20
Shorts per 100 135
Wheat per bushel 100
Corn per bushel 70
Oats per bushel GO
Alfalfa per bale 50
Ground alfalfa meal for chick-
en and cow feed per 100 1 05
Phone 29
v v v v v v
The Personal Touch
adds greatly to the value of a
gift Yoii have time before
Christmas to crochet a nice soft
pair of slippers for slipper soles
to embroider some towels or
doylies or pilloAV tops to make
up aprons bibbs baby jackets
3arn caps scarfs mittens velvet
bags coat hangers and other use
ful and ornamental things You
save money by it too So fig
ure out a list of such tilings and
needed materials
let us supply the
ials The Thompson D G Co
Utmost value for cash only
Drop In Any Time
Wo have so many beautiful
goods in out holiday line that it
will take you some time to in
spect all of them We therefore
ask you whenever you are down
town to drop in and look around
though vou can stay but a few
minutes- you will get valuable
ideas at each visit which Anil
make the choosing of gifts a
L W McCONNBLL Druggist
A Clock Wouldnt
be a bad gift for anyone Theres
always a place for it den din
ing room parlor bedroom Think
over a clock gift 42t
STOLL CO Jewelers
Dont forget that Barney Hof
r will save you money on sub
scriptions new or renewal for
any paper or magazine
ed Get his new club catalogue
The Grey Angel of Success
will be the sermon subject at the
Congregational church next Sun
day evening Good music A
hearty welcome to all
McConnell for drugs
Freshest fruits at Magners
You will find them fresh and
elean at Magners grocery
Evervthing in drugs
Cameras from 200 to 2500
Everv one a dandy
- i44444
For the benefit of all who
wish to take advantagb of
the rate we will again re-
peat the announcement that
anv time before January 1
1932 you can renew your
subscription or become a
new subscriber to the Mc
t Cook Semi Weekly Tribune
at the rate of One 100
Dollar per year
Classified Advertisements
Modern furnished room for rent
507 Mam ave Phone red 366
FOR SALE A first class pian
with Cecilian piano player at a
bargain on terms Inquire of
this office for particulars 9 28tf
FOR RENT Furnished room
modern house Inquire 319 1st
W Phone red 281 W21tf
TT TRADE Have the follow
ing city property to trade in on
land all clear ol mcumDrance i
room dwelling in very desirable
location 1 four room dwelling
nlsn inr desirable location in Mc-
Cook in first class condition Call
phone red 295 or write H E
Culbertson McCook Neb 12 4ts
take charge of a ranch in Fron
tier county Nebraska Man with
family preferred For informa
tion call on or address F D
BURKE Moywodd Neb or this
paper 16 4
a jtbs 7TUss ar tsss
Mr and Mrs II C Clapp en
tertained a large company Tues
day evening at whist A de
lightful seven oclock dinner was
served Large bouquets of white
chrysanthemums added the dec
ciratdve effect Mrs Linus Stoll
accumulated largest number of
paints in the games and acquired
the honors while Mr J G
Schobel received the consolation
Miss Leah Pennell at the victro
la and piaao afforded vocal and
instrumental numbers Miss Bes
sie McDonald Miss Barbara
Sehlect and Miss Clara Burton as
sisitd in serving
Miss James Hatfield anticipat
ed the regular Entre Nous club
day by untorLidning the members
Tuesday afternoon of this week
Mivs Frank G Westland of Lin
coln was a guest A two course
lu ache on was served
Mrs Arthur Wood entertained
the Priscilla ladies Wednesday
afternoon Miss Addie Dean as
isting Refreshments were serv
ed in two courses
Mrs Z L Kay and Mrs F M
Kimmell were hostesses at the O
E S kensington yesterday after
noon at the Kay home
Going- the Limit
Expenditures ior personal ad
ornment need to be proportioned
to the reputed income or the ex
pected admiration turns rto scorn
But outlays for others 3ield only
gratitude and respect Get a rich
harvest of joy this Christmas by
exercising the grace of giving
Gifts of comfort and beauty can
be liad for all from cur large
lines of Furs Hand Bags Belts
Back Combs Barrettes Belt Pins
Jabot Pins Gloves Silk Scarfs
Silk Waists Lace Collars Dolls
Baby- Bonnets Bootees Bibbs
Moccasins Mufflers Neckwear
and everything that men women
and children wear Diop in and
see things The Thompson D
G Co Utmost value for cash
Christmas Cards
Barney llofer has the finest
and largest stock of Christmas
post cards and booklets ever
shown in McCook
Notice of Removal
The McCook Electric Co are
now located in their new office
106 C street west Walsh block
Rock Bottom
prices on diamonds this month
anv size any mounting 4 2t
STOLL CO Jewelers
O E S Friday Night
There will be a regular session
of Eureka Chapter 86 O E S
tomorrow Friday evening
The ladies of the city who are
interested in establishing a course
in domestic science for the girls
of the high school are requestec
to meet in the superintendents
office at the central building at
4 i m Friday Plans will be dis
cussed looking toward the es
tablishing of the Crete plan in
our high school
PJiotos several of them are
beting taken and prepared for the
government architect of the fed
eral building site in McCook to
show the topography the lay
of the land as it were It is
what might he enthusiastically
styled a peach of a site
Our doll rack and toy counters
are a source of delight for the
little folks hring them in and
let tliem see the new things in
Our entire holiday line will be
on display Saturday Dec 9th
McCONNELL Druggist
G W Connely Chiropractic
and Spinologist has removed to
401 West 1st st 7 2w
The city electrician calls for a
due observation of ordinance No
Pure Gold flour from winter
wheat at Magners
The McCook Semi Weekly Trib
une It is 100 a year
Thursday Evening Edition
Club Monday Evening Well Attended and Some Questions
Discussed in Lively Fashion
Considered and Committees Appointed to Look Further Into the Matters
and ReportInteresting Talk by Prof Taylor Also
Part of the Programme
A special meeting of the Mc
Cook Commercial club Monday
evening brought out a fair repre
ssntation of the membership and
several special matters were- con
sidered and some action taken
The first subject discussed was
that of the proposed reduction
of train service on the Burling
ton main line the contemplated
taking off of trains 9 and 10
consolidation of 16 and 2 at Den
ver etc
Supt Flynn was present also
the new trainmaster J E John
son Supt Flynn stated that
the move was contemplated and
that the new time card was in
course of printing when the com
pletion of the card was held in
abeyance by telegraph instruc
tions from Ciucago Just what
would be done he could not at
that time state The action pro
posed however is only the reg
ular winter schedule in effect
last year
The matter was discussed at
same length the sentiment being
that an effort should be made by
the club acting in harmony with
the people on the Imperial branch
and elsewhere o have trains TJ
and 10 run at least to McCook
The talks of members anade
plan the fact that not only Mc
Cook but all the surrounding
country would suffer from delay
ed mail that passengers on the
Imperial branch would be delay
ed here for 2 1 hours as well as
mail for all that section of the
country and that other inconven
iences would necome eitective
fers every advantage from the
railroad point of view for th j
dispatching and operating of the
trains having facilities only eq
ualled at Lincoln and Denver
After considerable discussion a
committee of three was named by
President Cordeal to cooperate
with Supt Flynn in the effort
The committee is composed of F
M Kimmell F A Pennell and
Bring in your copy early for
Christmas advertisements and
avoid the rush
Its not that 1 hate you that
I 1 ate you but to show my au
thority over you
Rings which we can guarantee
the sets will stay in or we will
replace the set if lost 3 to 10
If P SUTTON CO Jewelers
Burnt wood outfits and outfits
for piercing brass with instruc
tions can he liad of
TliaTribunet is issuing several
hundred xtra papers during iihe
preholiday advertising Added
to our already largest circulation
in Red Willow county makes our
advertising most yaluable Most
people in the county read The
irrigation by pumps which
brought out nn interesting ex
C II Meeker thought we- do
not have the water supply to
make such a plan effective on a
large scale and referred to the
fact that we have 2000000
worth of surface water flowing
by our door every year which
should be utilized gravity irri
gation being finally much cheap
J F Wey bright was more fav
orably disposed toward pumps as
was also W B Mills Both of
these gentlemen gave facts and
figures1 from neighboring towns
where pumps are in service and
where others are being placed for
that purpose at Stratlon Culbert
son etc
Mr Meeker conceded that the
pumps could be used effectively
and profitably where the water
bearing sand and gravel aie of
sufficient deptth but that there
is difficutly an this section to
secure such sand
While admitting the inestimable
value of the water nOAv coursing
its way by our doors every day
Mr Mills spoke of the tremen
dous expanse of storing the wat
er arguing that in the meantime
pumps are available at compara
tively small expense and thai
they are practical within their
capacity This interesting dis
cussion finally culminated in the
appointment of a committee o
three to further investigate the
subject and report at the next
should the proposed schedule he 1 meeting of the club December 12
come operative All Tlins committee is composed of II
ly agreed that nothing possible Waite W T March and II G
should be left undone to secure Phelps
at least an extension of the ser 1 Before adjourning the club had
vice to McCook which i the the pleasure and profit of a
more natural point for the ternvi 1 short address from Prof Taylor
nus of the trains from the reas jof iloline Illinois a rail culture
on that this is the division head- and plant life expert and en thus
quarters location of shops home last His plea was for better
of engine and trainmen and of- j farming he thought that nothing
more helpful could come to Mc
Cook than the establishment of
an Agricultural Demonstration
Schcol in our vicinity where the
rudmentary principles of scil eul
ture and of animal life could be
taught the boys amid home and
country surroundings and away
from the glamor of city and
sGreek letter frats and scrois The
doctors remarks were greeted
A Galusha with enthusiasm indicia liny that
The discussion then veered to a his ideas Avere in hannonv with
contemplation of the question of those of many present
All of Geo II Lees poultry
and stock r Miiedies are personal
ly guaranteed by us They are
all that they are claimed to be
At tills time of year a lew cents
expanded in a poultry tonic or
roupe cur will bring dollars on
the investment Ask us about
Miss Holmes a nurse and d
coness from the Omaha Metho
dist hospital spoke in the Meth
odist church Sunday morning
last presenting the case of the
hospitals need of a 40OOU Aving
to its main building A collection
followed the interesting address
Say folks if your poultry has
roupe Germazone is the true
remedj for that disease- A few
drops in the drinking water each
day does the work For sale by
Sri b title
Notice to Electricians
Ordinance No 204 sections 5
and 7 of the city of McCook re
quire that electricians doing wir
ing in this city MUST secure
permits to do wiring before com
mencing any work and before
connecting with the sen ice
MUST report the fact of com
pletion to the city electrician be
fore connection can be made with
the service in order that wiring
ina be officially inspected
All offenders against the pro
visions of the ordinance in fu
ture will be prosecuted according
to the ordinance
City Electrician
The Grace of Giving
is universally commended No
one objects few criticize The
most auspicious time to give gifts
is by common consent Christ
mas Charles Dickens put a fin
ish to the old Scrooge ideas
more than 50 years ago So mala
a hearty resolve to do the grace
ful thing with credit to yourself
and resultant joy to the recipi
ents Lot us help you with our
large lines of suitable gift artic
les for all ages tastes and purs
ets Jhe list is too long for the
printer come and look through
The Thompson D G Co Utmost
value for cash only
Prosecute Telephone Company
Ihe raalway commission has
decided to request the attorney
general to prosecute the Iloi
broolc Telephone association fni
failure- to file reports required by
law riie commission failed to
obtain an annual report on time
and urged the officers to comply
with the law The secretary
pleaded sickness and said he
would file a report when he got
one that he thought would pass
muster with the commission The
commission gave the company wn
til November 29 to report No re
port having been filed a prosecu
tion will be commenced
Christmas Gift Problem
can be solved easily at our store
We offer a splendid line of liigh
rade goods at fair prices Come
ind see our Holiday Goods wheth
er you wish to buy or not Early
buying is most satisfactory
A McMlLLEN Druggist
The most essential tiling about
a man is his trustworthiness If
he can only be trusted so far as
lis own instincts of
ai2 concerned he is not so
I spendable as a dog Saturday
Dont Wait Until
he rare things are all gone Our
Jhristmas stock is here now Lat
you 11 hurry and worry avoid
he crowds take your time 4 21
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tractive collection of silver sets
in both Sterling silver and fine
plated wares such as knives and
forks oyster forks salad forks
bouillon spoons berry forks but
ter spreaders etc Silver is al
ways useful and ornamental
Very likely Woodworth has tha
xoi y thing ycu are lacking for
on ChrJstmss pros ants lie has
about everything and every one
ii invitd to come and see the
The Tribune will issue two or
three special editions between
now and Christmas for benefit
of those business men and adver
tisers who wish to communicate
with the people
And all the folks for miles
around are invited in to see our
elegant display of Christmas pre
The public sale at J M Bradys
farm nonth of town yesterday
drew a large and liberal bidding
and results were very satisfac
tory to Mr Brady
Christmas postal cards 10 cent
per dozen
Twas a false alarm
day afternoon
some people fail to make a
financial success is not be
cause they do not have the
because they lack 1
cy or 3
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develop a bank account and
have failed Does that one
failure justify poverty in old
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Start a bank account NOW
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sortment ds complete and tin
stock is full
Miss Grace Chandler is visiting
with her cousin Miss Laura Me
S D McClain and D C Harsh
are up in the St Ann neighbor
hood today after cattle
E O Williams of Waite Co
left today for the west to be ab
sent all winter expecting to vis
it the icoiast and northwest dur
ing his migrations
A M Williams retired first of
month from employ of the Grand
Island grocery house he has rep
resented in this territory for sev
eral vears
Woodworth for drugs
A McMillen Druggist
McConnell fills prescriptions
The whereabouts of Mr Palivee
are still unknown
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