The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 04, 1911, Monday Evening Edition, Image 1

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BV 1
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n is n m i
ii a-
we are not the largest dealer
in the state we sell the best
shoes in the world without
exception such as
A C Nettleton Co N Y
Queen Quality Boston
Pierce Co Ohio
H B Reed Manchester
Therefore when you get
our shoes you get as good as
jTou can get in New York
You can see them now
Corner Store
201 Main
Mr Bortner Badly Injured
Wednesday morning about If
oclock II J Bortner who re
sides about twenty miles north
west along the Willow rode ur
creek taking his dogs with him
Later in the morning he rode in
to the home ranch in such condition-
that at is remarkable that he
kept his seat in the saddle The
left eye and side of his head
were badly bruised as if he had
been thrown from his horse He
was taken into the house and a
physician summoned One of his
dogs returned with him all cut
up and another didnt get back
for several hours Mr Bornters
sons went up the creek and
found a large coyote that had ev
idently been killed by -the dogs
Nothing definite could be gotten
from Mr Bortner avIio was in a
completely dazed condition but
lie spoke vaguely of a big
fight The theory is that Mr
Bortner and his dogs killed the
coyote and that his horse became
frightened and threw him as he
tried to carry the dead animal
awav with him on the saddle
K of P Officers
At the annual election of of
ficers last Wednesday evening
the following officers were elect
ed for McCook lodge No 42
Knights of Pvthias D N Cobb
C C II n Woolard V C II
P Sutton Jr Prelate George
Stroud K R S G H Watkins
M E N -I Campbell M F
George Ivca rns M AV A T
Scott M A C W Kelley I G
J N Gaarde O G Dan OBrien
Trustee Lon Cone Representa
tive Grand Lodge Matt Lawrit
son Alternate
O E S Kensington
The next O E S kensington
will be held at the home of Mrs
Z L -Kay Wednesday of tliis
week Mrs Kay and Mrs Kaan
mell being tlie hostesses of the
Rock Bottom
prices on diamonds tliis month
anv size any mounting l 2t
STOLL CO Jewelers
Surelv fine toilet articles will
be included in your list of gifts
to bs bought This is the place
to come for them Our stock is
full cf new things many of them
just on the market for -the first
time A line of toilet articles
such as curs affords wider choice
of useful tlrings than almost any
one line to 30 thought of You
can find something in this superb
snowing at any price you can
wih to pay Heres just a par
tial list Bristle goods of all de
scriptions Comb and brush sets
manicure sets toilet sets mir
rors Traveling cases toilet cases
novelties etc etc
L W McCONNELL Druggist
Fresh fruits at Magner s
Thoroughbred Shorthorn bull
for service 100
If you want THE NEWS read
The Tribune
CTBfflorjjtt wimiwwwwM o
Foremost in His Line
A Chicago weekly has the fol
lowing paragraph concerning a
former lied Willow county bay
son oi C W Kneeland of the
South Side
George Jackson Kneeland th
man who supervised collecing
of the facts that made the report
of the Cluicago Vice Commission
such an astounding and most con
vdncing array of faots has had a
wandering career as sheep herdei
cigar maker and divinity student
Probably jio man in world has
collected first hand as complete
a report on the life of the under
world as Kneeland has -put to
gether Kneeland s report prov
ed that at least 15000000 a yeai
are the profits on Chicagos vice
It showed tan immense army of
poor unfortunate girls exploited
by men for money hotel keepers
druggists brewers real estate
agents property owners It show
ed that Chicago was not worse
that other cities and that tliis
pathetic underworld makes up a
universal situation among our cit
ies and towns a situation which
it is time that Ave take in hand
overlook those doors and windows-that
are in bad shape Call
us up and let us figure with you
in our
Dust Proof Metallic
Weather Strip
and save a large coal bill as well
as a lot of extra house cleaning
saiy nothing about the wear and
tear on your nerves worrying
over the coal bill and house clean
ing after every dirt storm
Would you go all summer long
without screens No Then iwhy
go 12 months in the year without
protection from the dust andcold
winds when the cost is very littl
more if any
Call us up and let xis call and
demonstrate our patent device
On all orders received before Jan
1st we will make you a special
pno 23 4tS
A E HOTCIIKIN phone 29
Another Party
Investigation so far has only
brought to light the fact that a
third party is involved in the
cheek forging of recent date It
now appears that Jake Eicman
the payee of the checks is not
the artist who forged them but
another party forged both the
name of the payee and of the
drawer of the cheeks He has
not as yet been apprehended
Some Increase
in 1878 Enos Rishel of our oity
purchased a quarter section in
Gagv county paying 1000 for
the same Close of last week he
closed the sale of the same piece
of land for 16000
Everything in drugs McCon
McConnell for drugs
Give Kodaks for Christmas
Premos Brownies and Kodaks
froom 1 up
McCONNELL Druggist
Next vSaturday our entire holi
day line will be placed on display
We invite you to call and see the
superb jiv stock at that time
It will offer many gift sugges
tions that will be of great ihelp ito
you in- making up vour Christmas
McCONNELL Druggist
Dr W E Taylor who is at
the head of the soil culture de
partment of Deere Co Moline
Illinois spoke to the high school
students at 1120 this morning
The doctor is an enthusiast on
fanning He calls the attention
of the rising generation to the
highest calling of man that of
tilling the soil
GLoves in cotton and in leath
er vou will find a good assort
ment at the right prices at Hu
The ladies of the Methodist
church will hold a bazaar in the
basement of church Saturday Dc
camber 16th Hot lunch will be
served any time during tlie day
Home cooking a specialty 27 3w
Huber handles the Carhart
jrloves and caps also and a full
line of other makes
Jt I iC ill ill ll
nuts and fruits for the
of the occasion were Mr and Mrs
A McMillen Mr and Mrs C R
Woodworth and Dr and Mrs R
R Reed
There was a private dance at
the Monte Cristo hall Saturday
The 1904 card club iuet with
Mrs F S Wilcox Saturday eve
mas trade lie carries lor your
inspection and purchase a full 2gc
and complete stock of the best
and freshest the market affords
Just look in at the Main store on
Main street for the proof of this
The front basement under the
Commercial hotel is being reno
vated and will be used by Mrs J
M Trammell as a storeroom She
will stock the same with ladies1
wear of various sorts She wn11
rent her home and live in the
store room
Advertise in
get results
The Tribune and
t V
Monday Evening Edition
Social Activities of the City
A miscellaneous
given at the home
ana Jirs n fc viersen on
Wednesdav evening for Mr
shower was
of Engineer
Mr and
dinner of
Mrs W II
Mrs E D Perkins
at a Thanksgiving
pleasant particulars
Dungan and
Mrs Sidney Viersen Many hand ter Miss Dorothy of Denver and
some and useful presents were re
ceived by the young people A
so dial hour was happily passed in
vocal and instrumental music
guessing games etc
A splendid seven oclock din
ner was a feature of the meeting
of the J O C whist club on last
Thursday evening with Mrs II
ur ana Mrs Z Jj ivay ol our
city were the guests A theatre
party in the evening closed the
social affair
Frances and Elizabeth Simmon
gave a happy Thanksgiving sea
son party tb a company of little
friends on Friday afternoon last
from 2 30 to 5 30 A five oclock
O Clapp as hostess The guests dinner was seryed to the twelve
girl guests Besides all had a
joyous social afternoon
Friday afternoon a score or
more little friends enjoyed a par
ty at Dorothy Prekins home
from 2 to 430 oclock Games
music and refreshments filled
their childish hearts and appe
tites Mrs W II Dungan Mrs
E Sawyer and Mrs Mae Doug
lass assisted
I Doings in Cupids Domain
Miss Florence Middleton daughthe Methodist parsonag
ter -of Councilman and Mrs W
A Middleton and Mr James C
Brown a brakeman in the Bur
lington employ at this place
were married by Rev L E Lew
is last Thursday evening at nine
oclock at the parental home the
members of the immediate family
and a number of the girl friends
of tlie local telephone office wit
nessing the liappy event Mis
iGustavson and Miss Stephens of
lloldrege were out-of-town guests
A two course lunch was served
The young folks left cm the fol
lowing morning far Ridgeway
Missouri Mr Browns home
where they will remain until en
of this week expecting to arrive
home coming Sunday They have
the congratulations and bel
wishes of many friends in which
The Tribune shares
Mr Edward II Ranft of Bluffs
111 and Miss Anna Tressa Cap
pel of McCook Neb called at
gaving day at 6 p
in com-
pany with George Cappel and
George Peter Cappel father and
brother of the bride where they
were united en marriage by L E
Lewes pastor of the M E church
Mr and Mrs Ranft will visit
friends in McCook for about ten
days and will then take their
departure for their nw home in
Bluffs 111 We trust their lives
may always be full of sunshine
and their home full of joy
Walter II Duff of Denver Col
and Rosalind Wood MaeConnell
of Pittsburg Pa were united in
marriage ait the Methodist par
sonage November 30 1911 at 6
p m L E Lewis pastor of the
M E church officiating Two
sisters of the bride Miss Laura
G Wood and Miss Helen Wood
were at the wedding and left Mc
Cook for their home in Pittsburg
Pa on No G same evening Mr
and Mrs Duff left for ther hore
in Denver Colo on No 3
I New Time Changes Dec Oth I
On Sunday next the Burling
ton will reduce service on its line
west ol Oxford to its winter
standard cutting off the runs of
Nos 9 and 10 at Oxford and
combining Nos 2 and 16 west of
Oxford These changes are brief
ly dealt with in a circular issu
ed by the ipassenger department
of the road at Omaha
On tlie new schedule No 9
will end its run at Oxford arriv
ing there at 645 a m On its
westward run it will leaveOmaha
at 1145 p m arriving at Lin
coln at 1 35 and depart at 1 45
a m
No 10 will start its eastern trip
at Oxford instead of Denver
leaving there at 345 p m It
will connect at lloldrege with No
152 from Sterling and will arrive
at Lincoln at 925 p m and de
part at 945 p m It will be
scheduled east- via Omaha and
Plattsniouth arriving at lOliieago
at 225 p m
Nos 9 and 10 will comprise
the usual coach and chair equip
ment a ten section sleeper and
observation car for the entire
Nos 16 and 2 will be combined
at Denver and run as a solid
train to Oxford leaving Denver
at 9 p m forty five minutes
earlier than at present No 2
will reach Lincoln at 1 15 and re
main there for fifty five minutes
and will dcipart at 210 p m
A local train will be run ont of
Denver leaving there at 9 a m
arriving at MeCook a 5 35 p m
remain there over night and run
local to Oxford leaving McCook
at 430 a m and arriving at Ox
ford about G am
No 152 will leave Steiiing Col
at 645 a m two hours earlier
than now and will arrive at nol
drege at 430 ip m connecting
l there with Nos 5 and 10
Nuts and Fruits Exclusive Agent Exclusive Coffee
Huber makes of
a specialty tti i u
-v o u0 V -
pi i iii no-
I VJVJUIV 1U1 LJIU UUU VliliilVJU lJill 1 Wlli
Hall coffees Priced at 20c
and 35c per pound
Magner sells better
than the just as good kind
him for an order
St Margarets Episcopal guild
will give a dance and bazaar on
Monday Dec 18 in the armory
27 2w
The Ladies Aid society of the
Methodist church will hold a ba
zaar in basement cf church Sat
urday December 16th Hot lunel
will be served any time during
the day 27 3w
mmi vr
Mr and Mrs F E Smith en
tertained Mr and Mrs Charles
Boston and family Thanksgiving
at a five oclock dinner
Mr and Mrs Joe Lowley had
a family reunion Thanksgiving
Those present wrere Mr and Mrs
R L Cr asman and family of
Box Elder Mr and Mrs H A
Creasman aud family of Danbury
Mr and Mrs W A Irons of our
Mr and Mrs Elza Ward enter
tained Mrs Martha Johnson and
Mr and Mrs George Shields on
F E Smith went to work on
Thursday evening but became
sick and had to lay off Oh you
Mr and Mrs Craning depart
ed Saturday morning for Russia
Miss Gladys and Master Del
bert Branscom returned Sunday
morning to their home in Cam
The trees in the water works
park look bare since they were
trimmed Many loads of branch
es have been hauled away
There seem to be echoes around
the water works pumping plant
that sound like Pape Under
Mr and Mrs Robert Hyatt
have located in South McCook
Grandpa Underbill is able to b
up and about again
It seems a shame to see the
Methodist church in South Mc
Cook go to rack and ruin like
it is
Has Hundreds of
of Sweet Stuff
Before making your purchases
of Christmas candies see what
Iluber lias for you to make selec
tions from Literally hundreds
of pounds of it Good stuff too
lie is making specially low prices
for churches and Sunday schools
Better buy early while the as
sortment is complete and the
stock is full
Pleased Many
The production of A Royal
Slave Thanksgiving night in
the Temple was greeted by a fine
house and pleased many The
out-of-town contingent was espec
ially numerous Doubtless it was
one of the best of the medium
priced shows we have had Mr
Molyneaux gave a good account
of himself as the royal slave
while Mr Jones the newspaper
correspondent and all around
man went even more directly to
the public heart in his vocal ef
forts and comedy stuntfe
A Clock Wouldnt
be a bad gift for anyone Theres
always a place for it den din
ing room parlor bedroom Think
ov m a cloek gift 42t
STOLL CO Jewelers
We are getting our
On Display
and invite you to visit our
store and look them over
Make choice arly while
stock is com pi Me
Try Tribune want ads
weights sizes and qualities
for every machine carbon
manuscript covers etc All
Delivered free any place in McCooK
Corn chop per 100 130
Bran per 100 120
Shorts per 100 135 X
v Wheat per bushel 100
Corn per bushel 70
Oats per bushel 60 X
Alfalfa per bale 50
Ground alfalfa meal for chick-
en and cow feed per 100 105 X
Phone 29
Lost at Red Cloud
The McCook liigh school tfoot
ball eleven played Thanksgiving
at Red Cloud losing the game
to that fast aggregation by a
score of 15 to 0 The Red Cloud
Commercial Advertiser remarks
as follows
Hurrah for the Red Cloud
foot ball team On Thanksgiving
day they played the cracked foot
ball team of MeCook and shut
them out 15 to 0 Now that is
going some and puts our iboys
winners ot the high school teams
in this valley and also of the col
lege teams Now Franklin should
come down for a friendly bout
and go home whipped That is
that is the way we look at it We
have a great team and how they
diid play foot ball yesterdav was
a caution
Notice to Owners
See 5 of Ord 97
Sec 5 Any person who shall
own keep or harbor anv do
male or female within the City
of McCook and who shall refuse
or neglect to pay the license fee
required by this ordinance and
obtain the license for said dog or
violate any of the provisions of
this ordinance upon conviction
thereof shall be fined in any sum
not less than two dollars nor
more than fifty dollars and stam
committed till such fine and costs
are paid
Chief of Police
The Main Store On Main Street
If it is the freshest and best in
groceries fruits vegetables etc
you seek look no further than
Huber s
Dont Wait Until
the rare things are all gone Our
Christmas stock is here now Lat
er youll hurry and worry avoid
the crowds take your time
STOLL CO The Jewelers
The Only Union Made
overalls in the city are the Car
hart Huber is the exclusive agent
Also jackets and caps The phone
is 97
Read The Tribune 1 a year
For special on dill sour and
sweet pickles see Magner
If you havent perhaps you
had better do it pay your dog
license to the city treasurer The
regular county taxes are not
It is the proved quality of Mag
ners groceries that accounts for
their increasing popularity with
the buying public Every patron
is a satisfied patron
Classified Advertisements
FOR RENT Two furnished
roams for light liouse keeping
Inquire 21G West B St Phom
black 271 i tf
FOR KENT About 200 acres
irrigated land in Frenchman riv
er valley Ideal for beet culture
Four miles to railroad A ten
room house and other buildings
Address R B Sheridan McCook
FOR SALE Two Red Dur
oc Jersey Males TV C CSooner
I wnitn Q OTtf
lC J a Xli
WANTED Pupils on the piant
and orsran Besrinners nref erred
Terms 50c per lesson Susie Mc-
I Bride Phone black 464
Remember The Tribunes phone FOR SALE OR RENT Tlie
is 19 We will appreciate an item 200 aere place known as the
any time Ser farm 5 miles southwest of
McCook 100 acres fenced 80
A specialty of typewriter supplies at aeres jn cultivation 3 room
The Tribune Shop Papers of all house wind mill tank
KiDDons j lnggj orchard etc Address giv
papers n aIKi making proposition HE
kept In Moers room 15 Carbry building
St Joseph Mo 20