The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 19, 1911, Thursday Evening Edition, Image 1

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Haben Sie Gekauft
If not come to us We
childrens warm sleeping
ments 35e Childrens fleeced un
ion suits from 23e up Bear skin
coals 199 hoods 35c Ladies
woolen dress skirts 150 and up
Best prints 5c Best table oil
cloth 15c Fleischers German
knitting yarn 25c for y lb skein
Ladies all wool jacket suits with
silk lining 1000 Mens suits
500 to 2000 Stetson hats at
369 Blanket lined coats 100
Sheep lined coats with thick wide
sheep collar 400 Horse blanket
S5c Lace curtains 50c to 600
a pair Ladies long coats 500
and Tip Girls 150 and up
Large Smyrna nigs 30x60 in at
125 Feather pillows 65c Glens
bibb overalls with swing pock
ets 44c Jackets 44c Am A 2
bushel seamless grain bags 22c
Home made bed comforts 200 to
14c Hundreds of other items at
300 Boys lined leather mittens
bona fide cash prices The Thomp
son D G Co Utmost value for
cash onlv
Dr and Mrs E O Vahue en
tertained with charming particu
lars a large company of friends
Monday evening at their cosy
bungalow on north Main avenue
A well appointed three course
seven oclock dinner was served
Mrs R J Gunn Mrs J D
Hare and MrsW B Mills assist
ing in the serving Wlust was
the chief source of social activity
with some impromptu music by
hostess and guests Dr W F
Jones Avon the honors of the
We have a large stock of soaps
tliat includes all sorts of special
lands for special purposes Im
parted and domestic soaps bath
soaps nursery medicated and
shaving soaps It is worth while
to select your soaps where you
have an abundance to pick froi
andwhere if sonie special I
is wanted you are sure to find it
Dustless mops and floor brush
es the greatest invention of ih
age for sale bv
Subscribe for the Semi Weekl
Tribune 100 per year
Classified Advertisements
FOR SALE Furniture and
stoves Inquire 304 W C street
LOST A ladys gold watch
broken crystal with knotted
1 Willi rrloir QnntoillllnV 9R
the M E church and Temple the-
atre or between
Rouchs residence and the depot
Friday morning Finder
with Conductor Rouch
FOR SALE Leather daven
port leather rocker ehiffonier
2 other chairs library table and
Wilton rug Call phone JL
FOR SALE A first class pian
with Cecilian piano player at a
bargain on terms Inquire of
this office for particulars 9 28tf
FOR RENT Furnished room
modern house Inquire 319 1st
W Phone red 281 W21tf
room modern house Hot water
and heat 504 west 2nd s
TO TRADE Have the follow
ing city property to trade in on
land alL clear of incumbrance 7
room dwelling in very desirable
location 1 four room dwelling
also in desirable location in Mc
Cook in first class condition Call
phone red 295 or write H E
Culbertson McCook Neb 12 4ts
wanted at National
WANTED Pupils on piano and or
gan beginners preferred Terms 50c
per lesson Susie McBride phone
tlack 464
Real Estate Filings
The following real estate filings
have been made in the county
clerks office since our last re
Martin Nilsson et ux to Mar
ion Powell wd Y int nw
34 35-1-29 2500
Martin Nilsson et ux to Mar
ion Powell wd y int 7-8-9-10-11
in 6 Marion 150
Martin Nilsson et ux to Mar
ion Powell wd 3 int 1
6 7 8 9 10 11 inc 3 to
10 inc in 2 11 in 5 3 to 6
inc in 7 3 in 8 1 to 5 inc
in 9 Marion 1 to 4 inc
1 to 6 inc in 2 1 2 in 4
1 2 3 in5 1 to 11 inc in
6 1 to 15inc in 7 1 to 12
inc in 8 3 to 10 inc in
9 1 to 6 inc in 10 1st
Add Marion 3300
Martin Nilsson et ux to Mar
ion Powell wd y int in
10 in 5 Marion 1000
Martin Nilsson to Marion
Powell bill of sale y int
complete plant of Marion
Enterprise and other
personal property 750
Lecture Course Tickets
The Tyrolean Alpine Singers
the opening number of the Citi
zens Entertainment Course will
appear in the Temple theatre on
Monday evening October 30th
Season ticket reservations for
this number will be made at Me
Connells drug store next Tues
day morning October 24th at
9 oclock Reservations will be
made separately for each enter
tainment and the season ticket
Shallenberger to Speak
Ex Governor Shallenberger
Alma will address the people
holders will be given one day ad J
vantage in their seat reservations
for each number Get your tick
ets now General admission tick
et reservations for the Tyroleans
will open on Wednesday morn
ing October 25th at McConnells
drug store at 9 oclock
and The purchasers innocent or
otherwise of any of those new
swateis just received will have
to sweat if thay are normal per
sons Such sterling values have
not been offered in childrens
boys and girls and mens and
womens sweaters as we are now
showing We invite your inspec
tion The Thompson D G Co
One price plain figures cash
McCook and Red Willow county
in this city Saturday October 21
at 230 oclock The speaking
in Temtilp theatre or between dl be delivered out of doors it
the weather is suitable
ConductorLwis thee Temple theatre will be
FOUND Bunch of keys Own
er can get them by identifying
them and paying for add
LOST A plain cuff button
Finder pleas leave at the post
FOR RENT Furnished heat
ed room 519 Main st 12 tf
Seed wheat for sale W G
Dutton 12tf B
used Give 411m a Hearing ne
will interest you
A Pretty Foot
can be made to look ugly can be
spoiled if covered with corns Tin
same foot can be made to look
shapely by removing the corns
with McMillens Corn Kemeay
Till January 1st
We will keep our store open til
8 oclock in the evening from
this date until January 1st
Remember Shallenberger Sat
urday October 21st 230 oclock
in McCook
The man with the drag is
now replacing the man with the
hoe in the public thought
Best errade of peroxide of Hy
drogen only 20e per bottle
WOODWORTn Druggist
Catarrh Cure it with Rexall
Mu Cutone
If there is any better toilet
soan at 10c 3 for 25e tlian Say-
mans Vegetable Wonder we liav
never found it yet Have you
tried it For sale by
Buy your entertainment course
ticket early and assist in financ
ing this community affair at once
Dont fudge There is no money
in this course to the committee
The profit is to the community
in good clean entertainments
The committee does the work
free Buy your season tickets
Thursday Evening Edition
Keith Jacobs a Victim of an
cident at Falls City
Keith Jacobs was struck oy a
switch engine in the Missouri Pa
cific yards at Falls City last
week Thursday evening sustain
ing injuries from wliich he died
in a Kansas City hospital Sun
day October 15th
Keith had only been at work
two days when the Gad accident
took his young life away
The remains were shipped liere
for burial arriving on 13 Tues
day morning
The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev D L McBride in
the Baptist church ait 9 oclock
on Wednesday morning many
friends remembering the depart
ed and the sorrow stricken fath
er and cliildren by their pres
ence and sympathy The remains
were laid away in Longview cem
Keith was a member of Com
pany M First Nebraska regiment
of national guards and a large
detachment of guards marched
to the cemetery and fired the us
ual salutes three volleys ovei
the grave of their mourned com
rade who but recently camped
with the company near Omaha
Keith was a twin brother of
Kenneth and was 19 yairs and
10 days old at his death
The father C II Jacobs was
called to Falls City when the ac
cident happened and accompan
ied the injured boy to Kansas
City and the body upon its ship
ment home
The Tribune gives but feeble
verbal expression when it states
that the deep and heartfelt sv
pathv of this ntr pommumt
vs Mr Jacobs and Ins familys
in this great sorrow the trir
and untimely death of their dear
-All the members of the family
Were present afc the funeral Ray
cominjr down from Denver Mr
and Mrs Will Meyers from
nertson Mr and Mrs F L Barn
es of Bladen Kenneth from Falls
City besides the father and Miss
Florence of our own city
Keith was the aid to Adjutant
General at the last encampment
of company M
The profuse floral offerings
showed how sincere was the sym
pathy of the home people for the
family in its bereavement Keith
was born in McCook and had
spent practically all his life here
To our friends and the past
few days has shown their num
ber to lie without limit words
but poorly express our apprecia
tion in this hour of need
Hot Water Bottles
often prevent a long spell of sick
ness and save u doctor bill We
have a good fresh assortment
warranted not to leak
A McMILLEN Druggist
Repairs for all stoves
Everything in
All the fresh fruits of the ser
son at Magners
Lily Patent Flour when once
used none other will satisfy you
Kodaks and kodak supplies
McCONNELL Druggist
You can feel the approach of
Jack Frost perceptibly these
nights and mornings
C C Brown and family now oc
cupy the remainder of the first
floor of the Lee store buildingl
Rubber gloves all sizes 75c
per pair
Tlie Research Club will meet
I with Miss Lona Phelps next Mon
day at 230 oclock October 23rd
When the devil wamts to be
let alone you may safely fig
ure that he is being stretched
Try a hot beef bouillon at our
soda fountain and feel it do you
1 WOODWORTH Druggist
Frank Denton returned to
city first of the week
William Plourd of Indianaola
was a business visitor yesterday
D C Benedict was down from
Culbertson Tuesday evening on
Fred L Wolff went in to
Lincoln today on business in the
supreme court
Mr and Mrs George WBurt
drove up from Indianola Tuesday
on some business matters
Mrs C W Taylor and children
departed Wednesday night for
their new home in Lincoln
C H Meeker came up from Be
atrice and Wymore first of the
week on some affairs here
Mr and Mrs W M Lewis ar
rived home Monday night on 3
They have been visiting over in
F M Washburn returned to
Sanborn Tuesday morning on 13
after a short business visit in Mc
The Moore brothers reassemb
led in McCook Wednesday the
guests of County Judge J C
Leo Murphy and Pete OCou
mell went un to that dear old
Denver Saturday and remained
over Sunday
Mrs Augusta Anton left Mon
day evening on Degree of Hon
or business in Prosser Broken
Bow and Seneca
Mr and Mrs S P Hart arriv
ed home on Monday night from
spending a few weeks visiting in
Peru Nebraska
W J Stilgebouer Republican
nominee for county commission
er is in the city today in the in
terest of his candidae3
C E Eldred drove Mrs- Eldred
and John over to Oberlin Kan
sas yesterday en their way to To
pka Kansas on a visit
Mrs C H Meeker returned to
MuCuok Tuesday from Beatrice
wnere sue ani ur iWeo Kor are
making their headquarters
F G Ethertcn one of the coal
oil Johnnies of the Nebraska
newspaper woild was up 1rpm
Bartl y yesterday on business
Mrs Mitniek came up from In
dianola on 13 Wednesdav morn
ing with Miss Ilattie Schmidt
who had been her guest in Indian
ola briefly
Father Stausherry has return
ed worn Jowa and will assist in
the Stansberry Lumber Co of
fice Glenn Rowell retiring from
the employ
Mrs Maud Abrams of Denver
a cousin of Mrs James I Lee
arrived in the city Thursday ev
nmg ana is a guest or Mrs
for a while
Frank Rank has resigned as
water commissioner and expects
to return to railroad service on
the Great Northern at Great Falk-
Montana in the near future
Mrs C C Grum who has- been
visitrg her mother Mrs McCor
neil for the past several week-
It parted on 13 Tue dry n h r
return home to Redlands Calfr
Walter C Schencks re 1
town d r eovcry from typhom lev
01 ben somewhat r farded
latev bv complications v
mother arrived from Towr Tues
day night to be with him
Mrs E M Sly who le been
visiting in the nortlnvost fcr sev
eral months past will ariive in
tho city the 23rd to stay a yhrt
time before continuing her jour
ney to Idaho and Washington
Dallas G Divine departed on
Tuesday night for Detroit Mich
to be absent ten days or two
weeks looking thru the big
Hudson and otliT automo
bile pants in the big auto pity
Mr and Mrs Charles Rice of
Scottsbluff arrived in the city
last Friday morning on 13 to at
tend the funeral of Marshall
Traramell They lett tor home
Monday He is a brother of
John Rice of Morlans law office
Dr and Mrs W F Jones en
tertained the Young Peoples
Whist club Tuesday evening all
members practically being pres
ent and as guests lUiss luarcna
Abel Dr J A Colfer and Mr
Dave Cobb Mrs Arthur Wood
won he honors of the evening
and Mr C R Woodworth the
consolation Usual refreshments
detail and
were an added a
good social time the
I whole thinff
ciiirt btfuyir
vi vsf mkz cr V vjjw reiAw r iwj
The Rosary
The following is the story of
The Rosary which comes again
to the Temple Theatre Saturday
October 28th
Bruce Wilton has amasseel a
fortune wliich he has lavished on
his wife Vera
Their household is a happy one
but into it creeps a note of men
ace No one hears it at first save
Father Kelly a priest the former
tutor of Bruce Quietly he goes
to work with his sharpened sense
to find fthe person who is causing
adverse influence in the house
hold Almost on the verge of dis
covering the cause calamity de
scends upon the Wilton house
Bruce s fortune is swept away
and in such a manner that he be
lieves his wife the cause of his
Husband and wife are separat
ed the home is destroyed and
yet the cause of all this disaster
lis unknown
Father Kelly with a faith that
moves mountains goes on quietly
serenely and confidently with but
one purpose in view the happi
ness of those he loves
He solves the mystery and lets
the white light of truth into the
minds that have been desti oyed
by evil
More than tins he finds the
one who has caused all the misery
and restores the home
The Rosary is probably the
most successful play of the year
it havingrecently closed a three
months run in Chicago- a two
months run at the Garden The
atre New York City and three
months in Boston at the Globe
This was one of the most pop
ular plays seen in McCook last
ceason Those who saw it then
will want to see it again
wlm did
not should not Pail te pastor
Slight Fire
T 17 J Z rnz
fi ijiu iiaiiu wjis
about i 30
fnrned in
Wednesdav after
noon from Frank Woody r s
id nee and a quick response with
the hose cart prevented an in
inunt serious conflagration Mrs
Woody bad started a fire in th
furncee and it for came
time Some excelsior near the
furnace caught and flames were
shooting up from the basement
when rhe returned Mrs Woody
was slightly burned about the
face before help came
Mated for Life
When such an auspicious union
oceuis as the joining of a sweet
and amiable lady and a set of 0111
1 dutiful furs it means happiness
for life as long as the furs will
las Our assortment includes the
Iceland white fox the blue wolf
th Isabella and many oth
ers from 750 to 1500 set
ClVV rts 1 25 to
n D G Co
375 The
Ft most
Six Years Old
Mrott r Rcseland Lee reached
s cxth mile post Saturday and
rie evnt was happily celebrated
vth the assistance of a company
cf young friends
Highest Market
price will be paid for butter and
cgs at the City Restaurant 5tf
Ex Governor Shallenberger will
speak in McCook Saturday Oc
tober 21st at 230 oclock If
weather conditions are favorable
the speaking will be out of doors
if not in the Temple theatre
The ex governor is one of the
states ablest speakers You will
be enriched in hearing him
To dye easily use
The same dye color
Easy Dye
Put up in collapsible tubes and
sells at 15c For sale by
There is magic in the words
Advo They are the final
word in canned excellence AnA
Huber is the prophet
If its drugs or medicines you
need tell US about it
Huber handles the Carhart
gloves and caps also and a full
line of other makes
McConnell for drugs
some people fail to make a
financial success is not be
cause they do not have the
ability to make money but
because they lack persisten
cy or
You can save if you WILL
Perhaps you have tried to
develop a bank account and
have failed Does that one
failure justify poverty in old
age This bank offers you
all the inducements and fa
cilities possible for a bank
to offer With the ready as
sistance and advice of which
customers of this bank may
avail themselves there is no
reason why YOU should not
accumulate an independent
Start a bank account NOW
P Walsh President
C F Lehn V Pres
C J OBrien Cash
M Loughran P F McKenna
Christian Science The subject
for next Sunday morning will be
Probation Afer Deatth
Christian Sunday school at
10 a m preaching at 11 a m
and 8 p m H M Mitchell min
German Evan Lutheran East
6th St Services every Sunday
morning at 1030 oclock and
Those evening at 730 O R Richert
Baptist Sermons at 11 a m
and 8 p in Bible jschool at 10
ClfftitiairEndeavor at ft p m A
hearty welcome to all who wish
to worship with us D L Mc
Bride minister
Catliolic St Patricks Church
830a m low mass and sermon
1030 a m high mass and ser
mon 230 j m Sunday school
800 evening services Rev Wm
Patton O M I pastor
Episcopal Sunday October 22
Sunday school at 10 a m Morn
ing prayer and sermon at II Ser
vice and sermon at S p m Alfrie
J R Goldsmith reetor
Divine Science Unity health
meeting on Tuesday and Friday
evenings- New Thought Sunday
school three oclock on Sunday
afternoon 123 W D street
Ioncy to
See Kozell
Loan on Farms
Sons at clothing
Freshest fruits at Magners -
Pure Gold flour from winter
wheat at Magners
best brands of canned
fruits and vegetables at Magner
Guns for rent
Everything thats seasonable in
fruits and vegetables at Hubers
all the time
steam heated rooms for
We have lots of little fancy
gifts suitable for prizes at card
clubs Come in and see them
Our Cold and Grippe Tablets
will cure a cold in a day They
are quick sure and reliable
A McMILLEN Druggist
Now guard against colds If
they attack a cure is at hand
Rexall Cold Tablets They cure
in one day Price 25c
When you arise in the morn
ing with a thick brown taste in
you mouth take a small dose of
Nyals Effervescing Liver Salts
before breakfast and your trou
bles will soon fade away Price
25c for sale by