The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 12, 1911, Thursday Evening Edition, Image 6

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Largest Circulation in Red WillowCo
Ehtered at postoffice McCook Ne
braska as second class matter Pub
lished semi weekly
Supreme Judges
Railway Commissioner
Regents of State University
Judge 14th District
County Clerk
County Treasurer
Clerk of District Court
County Sheriff
County Judge
County Superintendent
County Surveyor
County Coroner
Commissioner 1st District
quarter was play
owing to the wet condition of the
field McCook gained more yard
than Cambridge and the quarter
ended with the ball in McCook s
possession on Cambridges 35-
yard line
two fumbles were made by the
McCook team which is remark
able considering the condition of
the field and ball OBrien pull
ed off three forward passes for
good gains Cambridge did not
work a successful forward pass
McCook gained nearly three
yards to Cambridges one
The McCook team played as
one man and never slbwed up for
a minute
lOambridge plays here a week
from Friday Come out and help
us win
atic work in the art of
Fine Display of Productions of
Luther Burbank Prepared for
Omaha Land Show
The beautiful exhibit of the
McCook Cox r e Hughes rtions of Luther Burbank which Ala
t Wdlletts r g Ben jamin e j meda county California displayed at
Miller 1 g Gray 1 t u Israelis
1 e Schmidt r li Wilson fj
Schwab q
Cambridge Selby r e Sho
walter r t Cecil r g Rankin
c Brungart 1 g Ilaggerty andhad ever imagined Not scope only has he
Trengnanct l t
1 e Mininick r h Reming
ton f Babet q
Touchdowns Minnick Wilson as beauty to our lives Burbanks ex
Goal from touchdown Wilson hibJt at Omaha consisted of one
Referee Archer umpire Grady
field judge Laurence
There was a general meeting
of all the teachers of the McCook
schools at the central building
Thursday at 4 p m
We are glad to note the return
I of Fred Amsden our noble foot
iball warrior who was put out of
the game at Beaver City with a
j broken shoulder while accom
plishing prodigies of valor for th
i McCook team
McCook defeated Cambridge on A debating class is being con
ducted by Mr Davis The class
last Fridav in a fasft game of
football considering the enrolls 17 members and includes
tion of the field About half of much promising material for
Hla f iri wn nnvcrnd with mud more than one good debating
the Omaha Land Show last January
was one of the big features of the
show Everyone who saw it was
amazed at the work done by the wiz
ard of horticulture and found that it
was of much broader than they
perfected fruits and vegetables and
trees but he has created flowers
which have added fragrance as well
dred jars of his creations and was the
most complete exhibit which has ever
left his Santa Rosa ranch At the sec-
K t lionlnoc fTimintirr Vin i At1
- - i i i ttin uu uiouiajs oinjwiiifi liiu ivuiiv
sion The worK win ie
one yAth the spilieless cactU3 and ex
1 l3h in classes and by hibits 0f the different things which
Idu il instruction It is expect- can be manulactured from this plant
d ithat a large number wilL en- which before it was modified by Mr
roll fcr the work and Burbank was a useless pest wherever
l ai 11 1 t lj it rnVL The HiffArfmt trcrz Vinth fnr
MCLOOk llaea tlie SeCOnCl r fruit inil Inr Inmhor wiHi H1iiRfvntinTiq
l 1 iiiii i r s v- i n w - v a v - j fc a xu
miot fot Mltli i nill On tllo Sdl
Later Miss Miller
li V7V nn1 1
- fiiTt n n 1 - vi n
cfciiivtru in
snowing now ticir growtn nas Deen
on a criss cross and put the ball I neneed the organization of dnd to Mn them to eary maturltJf
on the 9 vard line but the Cam r elass wlt an enrollment ot and aso what can be done to produce
bridge boys held and McCook lost - She wil1 1C hele tlc rest of -the growth of timber will be featured
tli ball on downs Remington tne Jss filler gave a in ways that wiJl mak this sight alone
1rief Ut splendid program be- ortli a visit to the land show which
HWI nnt of rliTifrpr
eJ S the assembly on Wednesday to be held in the Omaha Coliseum
Uoek pdanced L the toll nearij to fom Oct 1C to 28
the goal but the Cambridge morning
er s y die spirit showed itsell ivTATTnTJ
again and held and McCook lost jjoakium
the 1 all vth the goal line only J II Wicks was an imperial
a 1 Remington made business visitor a few days last
two i i n line back out side week
tackfe tl n dropped back for a J E- Dodge was a business vis
kick Tl j l ck was partially itor at Oberlin one day last week
dronnpd for a trv at troal week
en downs made two short gams
Cambridge missed
13 F Murphy of Blessing Tex
Frid Furman done some thresh
goal Schmc dt kicked off for
McCook and Ccx recovered thi
ball on Cambridges 25 yard line
McCook failed to gain and Wil
pon attempted to kick a field goa
but the ball went low and was
block ad Cambridge kicked and
Schwab got the ball on the 30
yard line
McCook lost the ball en downs
but Cambridge failed to gain and
McCook again had the ball A
forward pass Emerson netted 20
yards The ball see sawed back
and forth for a few minutes near
the center of the field When
again McCook worked a forward
pass to OBrien for a 25 yard
gain Wilson got away on a criss
cross and carried the ball to the
Cambridge 10 yard line Mc
Cook was not to be denied this
time and Wilson carried the ball
over He then kicked goal from
a difficult angle
McCook completely out played
and out generaled Cambridge
Schwab at quarter displayed
iare judgment in running his
team He was in every play and
recovered two of Emersons
punts Cambridge was very weak
in handling kicks McCook re
covered every one of her kicks
with one exception Emerson
played a splendid game at full
for ids -first game His kicking
of the wet ball was good Only
ing for J E Dodge south of-
town the first of the week
Chas Wishon purchased a half
section of land lying south of
town from B F Murphy last
J E Dodge and S II Stilge
bouer were Indianola business
visitors Saturday evening
C W Reed has accepted a po
sition as express messenger and
went to Orleans Saturday even
ing to assume his- duties
Mrs Goodenberger and son
Bert of the Pleasant Prairie
country were trading in town on
day last week
Over an inch of rain fellhere
closing days of last week which
puts the ground in fine shape for
fall seeding
The sewing circle meets with
Mrs Dr Bartholomew Friday
Mesdames Blake and Roda
baugh -visited Mrs Goekley near
Fairview one day last week
Word was received here re
cently from Arthur Rozell of
Monmouth 111 saying that he
met with an accident wliile un
loading heavy pipes He slipped
and fell and the pipes rolled ov
er his legs bruising them from
his knees down but he is able to
get around a little on crutches
Freshest fruits at Magners
Entertain Them
which will be held at Omaha from Oct
n no n AtnM nnAH4nr r
41 1 l LU - W1 lau uiiijuhuiiiubs ui
iiiiw niw iuji aiiu llildinS good and comfortable homes
jur our merciuiJiL r u icriu
and especially of showing how those
who pionepr ir our present new sec-
im A J Boyer ot Danlmry I thips and inconveniences which con-
thn ummcK got loos 1 ana ran - y - - r -
phone good roads good water supply
and satisfactory transportation
les are elements which count for
much and the new west has these now
The land show will have features
which will attract every visitor Not
only those who come to seek informa
tion regarding the new west but also
those who wish to know of up to date
iarm and home machinery and appli
pnees and also those who wish to
come and enjoy and seek all high
class entertainments
Moving pictures and illustrated lec
tures are now used for Hie giving of
accurate information as well as to en
tertain We are all from Missouri
and wish to be shown as well as told
about things we are interested in
In view of this sentiment at the
Omaha Land Show new and different
styles of animated and dissolving
views and new subjects illustrated
lectures of travel farm life farm
work etc will be given in specially
fitted up lecture rooms They will be
free and will serve to interest and
entertain many thousands of visitors
daily Something doing- iill the time
will be a feature of the lasd show
program but something to see and
something to learn will be the feature
of the display itself
The musical programs will be es
pecially fine and a large number of
vaudeville features will be introduced
for the entertainment of visitors
These will be given without any extra
charge acd the 25 cent admission fee
will cover all
ximi miJiaae mj9usaaaKamaiimMlliSS9tMiiT V
Recluse to Spend Last Days With
Children in Paris
Lovable Old Naturalist Who Lived
Thirty Years in a Cabin Near
Terre Haute Befriended
John Brown
Terre Haute Ind From a cabin
hermitage on the banks of the
bash to Paris France Is the
tion now being made by a recluse
known as Captain Roland B Smythe
who for thirty years had lived the
life of a hermit though loving his
Smythe and His Cabin
fellow men and welcoming them toi
the solitude of his cabin when they
chose to come
Well educated graduate of the Uni
versity of Virginia said to have been
I on the staff of General Lee a colonel
and slush two or three inches team Parliamentary law is be- FLOWERS IN BURBANK EXHIBIT at the close of the civll a confi
deep This made it hard going mS taKen up in connection wiwi at ujuha lawjj show
w Hcriit ATVPnnk tonm The the work
Cambridge boys outweighed the Arrangements have been made ond and show he wm excel this dg
ntflo rr riT fi
UCI1 1 4- vl f in 11V I1H I1 Llli 1L1LI1I SUIHJUl 1 l inrl lac tt tv I nrl n TJnea - v VIJ n
have the services Ot an elocution water nresirtfint nf thfi l iiul show ou rann laB lrc i
lnnl Initn nnnli itfonl Hint 571 l V 1 n l TIIU Ille 01 U rULi
Th3 game began by Uamlridge Vir V- IZmn became a miamhr
kicking olt to bchmKlt WHO ran
fiVe 0DWit7fw Besides the jars of flowers and cmpanlcnsMp
line toi our J
tainlj a opportunity
The first
the ball back lo yards been Cicc tLly did e
o rathpr s owlV xuij u iuu aumv -v -- t heme twenty inilfs
iitiifi iiii iiiiiiiifiii iiii i i i ii t i
v u v v u r v v -
nrtA Acvm Wilsnn rrained 20 vard lu C11 muimus ni tn ii mnm frit nni nt a
dart of John Browit in the last days-
otthe man frori OsawatomLe while
erIng as an oi er in the Virginia
Charlestown the
cd the isolation
ralist He never
ope nor disliked
leave his small
below Terre
ru te preempted w en he arrived
re thirty years ago and that was
un he arae to the city to witness
ilf tritai performance his son be
5E a member of the company Until
-1 er oro his children did not
riov where he was Then a woman
cf evident refinement arriving at J
Moror the nearest town asked for
pan RusseJ living as I
Fntl e did Tl at night he said to a
friend tly children have found me
out and want me to come back but I
want to live out my life here
Though a ready talker he never
grew reminiscent to the extent of dis
closing his early life except possibly
j to two or three men to whom he could
j trust his secret One story is that
j his name is Caskey Whatever it is
i he has finally yielded to the appeals
I of a son and daughter who live in
For Tnat Reason Omaha Proposes to Paris to come to them There is
enough authentic information current
in regard to him to furnish a few
Arnroxinfin that it ic tho uTimnn i facts concerning his life Besides
- -
blocked ard Grv recovered the Andrew bmallherger made a se fina wrd hag tfae atest in there is his own story of his intimate
ball or i line Mc- trip to the Morlan Kanch near j fluence on the selection of a home the j connection with John Brown after the
Cook fsI l tJ g in and Wilson for apples on day last 0maha Land Show has taken special latter was condemned to die for the
pains to arrange their display of the Iaiu uu tP
iust as half Marion Powell returned Friday products of the west in such
Tim coornrl luilf nnpnpd bv from a weeks visit with his folks ner as to give a womans sti
Cambridge kicking to Emerson at Lincoln
who ran the ball back 10 yards j H A Heed went to Lincoln
innrlo mnf minx nn ond bs tweek after a Buiek runabout
runs A forward pass Emerson
to OBrien netted 20 yards Cam
bridge held and taking the ball
a man 1 At tne ena or ine war in i
standnoint I Smythe who had been rich was poor
on home building its proper import 1 and broken in health He wished to
ance The exhibitors at the land show Set away lrom a11 inac reminaea mm
of his former life and always a na
ture student he chose a life of soli
tude in the middle west For some
years he was on the Mississippi river
hut there is no definite information as
tions will not be put to the many hard- j what ne did-
Thirty years ago his houseboat put
the mud 60 yards for the town one day last week those who pioneered in the In at fte banks of the
lr is back from Texas old el ntli0
touchdown On i drv field i Murphy h
a dry
j imn1iLTllpslllp The rural free delivery tho nr ire might be He replied
would n ver have gotten rvnet - ona siness pieasui e tip might be Smythe
What his
that it
Captain they asked half in Jest
and he soberly replied that it was
Captain Roland B Smythe and so
he was known for the thirty years
He is now more than eighty years
old but has the appeal ance of a man
of fifty He has still the military
bearing first acquired in the Virginia
militia and later in the Confederate
Smythes health improved steadily
after he came to the banks of the
river notwithstanding he squatted in
a place where the pioneers suffered
with chills and fever widely known
in the early days as the Wabash
shakes He has not been ill a day
reads without glasses has a firm
step and the grace of an athlete
He did not like publicity or noto
riety especially in the pose of a her
mit but he welcomed visitors espe
cially those with whom he could talk
on matters worth while Asked to
write as a naturalist if not of his
reminiscences he replied That
would be a petty satisfaction of van
ity and if I became a successful
writer it would defeat my purpose of
living out my years as I am doing
This was a few years ago and
commenting on vanity he said I
have not seen my own face in any
kind of mirror for eight years except
the disturbedreflectlon of the water
He preferred to live his song rather
than to sing it
Long will the lovable old man he
remembered by those who visited
him His gentle voice sweet tempera
ment dignified and gracious bearing
He loved children and showed them
photograph- his own now grown to
manhood and womanhood
Jem Mace Originated Present Style
of Fighting and Was Invincible
for Years
London Jem Macd the English
prizefighter who died recently at the
age of 79 was at one time worth more
than 1000000 but of recent years
has been dependent on friends Occa
sionally he had appeared in music hall
Mace was born at Beeston in Nor
folk and In his was one of the
greatest of boxers His first great
fight was with Bill Thorpe whom he
beat In 18 rounds When Tom Say-
ers retired from the championship in
1860 Mace was regarded as his legit
imate successor but his supremacy
was soon challenged by Tom King
The two met in January 1862 when
after 43 rounds Mace was given the
verdict For the next ten years Mace
was practically Invincible
Mace 1b regarded as the father of
the present style of boxing because he
is the originator When the former
English champion entered the profes
sional prize ring the boxers stood toe
to toe with spikes In their shoes and
banged away at each other until one
or both dropped to the floor exhaust
ed At first Mace engaged in this style
of fighting under the so called London
prize ring rules Owing to the sturdi
ness of the men of his day he had
little chance at that game and con
cluded to use a style of his own He
originated his style and for the first
time in the history of the prize ring
vas seen fast feinting with both
hands side stepping and ducking
Mace was an artist at scientific boxing
and for that reason beat all his oppo
nents easily He struck a hard blow
with all his cleverness and time and
again in his battles blinded his oppo
nents with his jabs and hooks Seldom
did he come out of a bout bearing
a mark of any kind as he avoided all
the attempts of his adversaries to land
with his ducking side stepping and
When Mace originated this clever
style of boxing he feared no man and
was matched with fighters weighing as
y -
Jem Mace
much as 30 pounds more than himself
In those days his style of footwork
which he originated was a revelation
to the enthusiasts It struck the mar
quis of Queensberry so forcibly that he
caused the present rules to be drawn
up Mace also may be said to be the
originator of the marquis of Queens
berry rules because his cleverness at
boxing prompted the makers to draw
them up
Many Marble Monuments Show
Boundary Line Between the
United States and Mexico
El Paso Tex Between El Paso and
the Pacific coast the boundary be
tween the United States and Mexico
is marked yIth marble monuments
These are surrounded by steel picket
ed fences the tops of the pickets bent
inward towards the stone No 258
the western one of the line Is shown
in the illustration herewith No 1 is
two miles west of El Paso From El
A Boundary Monument
Paso east to the Gulf of Mexico the
boundary is the Rio Grande river In
cidentally Rio Grande river is a
misnomer for rio means river
while Grande would be translated
great Thus Rio Grande del
Norte the Mexican name of the
river means great river of the
Jnorth while El Paso in Spanish is
El Paso del Norte or The Pass to
the North
Hens in Deady Duel
Hay ton Wis Two hens belonging
to Samuel Vincent of this village
fought a duel to the death over the
possession of a nest Both became
imbued with the egg laying instinct
at the same moment and both wanted
the same nest They fought with the
result tftat both succumbed to injuria
Mrs Edith Burns Buck Pianist
Pupil of Wm H Sherwood of
Chicago Available for con
certs and receptions A limit
ed number of pupils accepted
Address 1012 Main avenue
Physician and Surgeon
Local Surgeon B M
Phones Office 163 residence
217 Office Rooms 5 6 Temple
building McCook Neb
Registered Graduate
Office 212 Main av over Mo
Connells drug store Phones Of
fice 160 residence black 131
Phone 112
Office Rooms
building McCook
3 and 5 Waltf
Phone 378
Room 4 Postoffice building Mc
Cook Neb
Phone 163
Office Room 4 Masonic temple
McCook Neb
Phone 190
Office over McAdams store Mn
Cook Neb
Bonded Abtracter and
Examiner of Titles
Stenographer and notary in office
McCook Nebraska
Attorney at Law and
Bonded Abstracter
Agent of Lincoln Land Co and of
McCook Water Works Co Office In
Fostoffice building McCook Neb
Phone 34
Office Commercial barn McCook
Jewelers Opticians
Eyes tested and fitted
pairing McCook Neb
and Opticians
Fine re-
Watch Repairing Goods al Quality
Main avenue McCook Nebra
Real Estate
and Insurance
Office 305 2nd st East Phone
black 252
In the county court of Eed
Willow county Nebraska In the
matter of the estate of Robert B
Wilson deceased
To all persons interested in said
estate You are hereby notified
that the administrator of said es
state has filed his petition for
the distribution of moneys paid
him by the Chicago Burlington
Quincy Railroad Company for
the death of said deceased Said
petitioner alleges that said mon
ey is not liable for the debts of
said estate and prays that the
same may be paid to ithe heir at
law of said estate freed from all
claims of said creditors You are
hereby notified to appear at my
office in the court house on the
24th day of October 1911 to
show cause why the prayer of
said petition should not be grant
ed It is further ordered that
notice of pendency of said peti
tion be given by publishing a
copy of this order in the MeCook
Tribune for four consecutive
Bated this 25th day of Septem
ber 1911
County Judge
First publication Sep 25 4ts
CURES and Purifies the Blood