The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 09, 1911, Monday Evening Edition, Image 3

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East Depart Central Time
No 6 1130 PM
16 500 A M
2 550 A M
13 945 A M
12 C35 A M
14 920 P M
10 505 P M
West Depart Mountain Time
No 1 1220 P M
3 1142 P M
5 arr 830 p m
13 930 AM
15 1230 A M
3 bzo A jm
Imperial Line Mountain Time
No 176 arrives 330 P M
No 175 departs 645 A M
Sleeping dining and reclining chair
cars seats free on through trains
Tickets sold and baggage checked to
my point in the United States or
For information time tables maps
and tickets call on or write D F
Hostetter Agent McCook Nebraska
or L W Wakeley General Passen
ger Agent Omaha Nebraska
Proposes to Get Tourist Cars toj
Los Angeles Despite Break
Lcs Angeles Cal Oct 6 The
Burlington proposes to get its
tourist cars through to Los Ange
les for the rest of the colonist
season notwithstanding its break
with the Salt Lake road over the
division of rates
Beginning today the Burlingtoi
arranged with the Santa Fe to
bring its tourist colonist sleep
irs from Denver by way of La
Junta and Albuquerque This
will divert considerable colonist
business from the Salt Lake gate
way tto the Albuquerque gateway
taking it away from the Denver
and Rio Grande out of Denver
It will also increase competi
tion for the colonist traffic as
the Salt Lake lines for through
cars from St Louis and Chicago
and intermediate erriory
Fireman F E Mitchell was
in Sanborn Sunday between
trains returning on No 14
Mrs J R Weidenhamer re
turned close of last week fro in
her visit in Galesburg Illinois
Conductor and Mrs II II
Miller left on No 10 on Friday
night for Waterloo Iowa on a
Mrs II A Rouch went up to
Denver Friday on No 9 on a
visit which will include her
daughter at Rollinsville Colorado
on the Moffat line
Brakemen C O Rector R
G Talbot G MeKern A Elders
W A Jeffries have all been laid
off on account of reduction of
force in the train sen ice
The materials far the big
new 350 foot ice house are now
on the way A car has already
been set out here for use in stor
ing ithe cement shipped for the
Frank Humphries departed end
01 week on a scouting expedition
to cover parts of Northern Colo
rado Wyoming and Oregon look
ing for a prospective place to lo
Engineer Ben Bowen broughl
the Eountz special in from Den
ver and Engineer J R Freder
ickson took it on to Holdrege
They made regular 60 miles an
hour during the entire run
The depot at Long Island
Kansas was destroyed by fire
Sunday Spontaneous combus
tion lignite was doubtless the
cause Box cars have been sent
down for temporary use a car
for the depot and a car for
freight house purposes
Edwin Yan Camp wife and
cliild arrived Friday afternoon
on 10 from Denver and are lo
cated in the J W Wimer resi
dence he and Mr Wimer having
traded properties Mr Van Camp
formerly lived here LTe is em
ployed in the telegraph office
here now as an operator
Climatic Mixed Paint
Now is an opportune time tor ft
outside painting We have the
Lincoln Climatic Paint made for
this climate Changes in
ature expand or contract all mat
ter and almost every substance
expands at a different rate thus
a paint made for a certain cli
mate lias a great advantage over
other paints
A McMILLEN Druggist
Engineer and Mrs J G
Inglis are home from Canada LTe
registered in for work Sunday
Master Mechanic II E Cul
bertson was in Lincoln Saturday
helpinf complete plans for the
change to be made October 21st
in the running of enginemen on
the McCook division
Under the neAV arrangement
as to enginemen that is the cut
ting off of McCook division men
at Hastings Engineers Sharkey
Hawkswortli Conners and West
land will be moved from Lincoln
to either McCook or Denver
October 21st an order will go
into effect making Hastings the
end of the passenger runs in
stead of Lincoln as has been the
case for some time Tliis order
will bring six engine crews from
Lincoln to be divided between
McCook and Denver
A Statement of Facts Backed by a
Strong Guarantee
We guarantee complete relief to
all sufferers from constipation or
in every case where we fail we will
supply the medicine free
Rexall Orderlies are a gentle ef
fective dependable and safe bowel
regulator strengthener and tonic
They aim to reestablish natures func
tions in a quiet easy way They do
not cause inconvenience griping
or nausea They are so pleasant to
take and work so easily that they
may be talcen by any one at any
time They thoroughly tone up the
C LT Jacobs was a Culbertson
passenger on No 13 Wednesday
E N Dutton left on No 10 Sat
urday evening for a short visit
in Iowa on business
Mr and Mrs R A Watkins of
Montevideo Minn are here on
a visit to his father G AY Wait
P L Wolff went to supreme
court on No 10 Thursday night
returning home on 3 the next
C K Dutcher of Indianola the
Democratic nominee for county
clerk was among the Saturday
visitors in the county seat
Mrs G II Watkins who has
been absent part of the summer
seeking relief from hay fever ar
rived home end of week
re he W1 folOW kjs P
Rexall Orderlies are unsurpassable
and ideal for the use of children
old folks and delicate persons We
cannot tco highly recommend them
Mr and Mrs G B NettJeton
will depart tomorrow for their
home in Colorado City after a
visit with relatives here of a few
W E Bowers of Edgewater
Colorado who has been renewing
friendships here left for Wray
Colorado Friday on No 13 and
will go on to his home later
to do the right thing to the roads a business visitor at this place a
and streets lew clays last week
In the county court of xveud
Presents the latest and best
Western Dramas with reckless riding Modern comedy dram
as Funny Farces Interestiug Scenes and all the best Fea
ture Pictures
Go Tonight Always a Good Show
ADMISSION 5c and 10c
Good Music by Jones Jones
Ed Ervin arrived home Tues-
-in from u N b
Willow county Nebraska In the
has een visi hj d lt
matter of the estate of Robert B Mrg n M n
wnson ueceuseu iaftk nf
Knin Vnrtano fw
To all persons interested in said
estate You are hereby notified
that the administrator of said es
state has filed liis petition for
the distribution of moneys paid
him by the Chicago Burlington
Quiney Railroad Company for
the death of said deceased Said
petitioner alleges that said mon
ey is not liable for the debts of
said estate and prays that the
same may be paid to the heir at
law of said estate freed from all
claims of said creditors You are
hereby notified to appear at nry
office in the court house on the
24th day of October 1911 to
show cause why the prayer of
said petition should not be grant
ed It is further ordered that
notice of pendency of said peti
tion be given by publisliing a
copy of this order in the McCook
Tribune for four consecutive
Dated this 25th day of Septem
ber 1911
County Judge
First publication Sep 25 4ts
v0wlV I-
Ilarve raised one was a water
melon that weighed 36 pounds
He raised about 700 melons
The band will giv ea concert
in connection with a play in the
naer future
Cassius Dodge of Wilsonvillc
was a visitor at this place Tues
Rev Anderson departed for
Kansas City Tuesday night
Sheriff Iliggins D W Colson
and L A Fitch candidates of
McCook were over Wednesday
on behalf of the offices they are
working for
0 B Woods was a business vis
itor at Lebanon Wednesday
Burnett Dolph and wife arriv
ed Tuesday night from Colorado
for a visit with home folks
Orin Powell had the misforfune
to get Ids arm broken while play
ing at school Thursday
Miss Bettcher the county su
perintendent visited our schools
E R Briggs the hotel and res
taurant keeper of Oberlin Kan
sas committed suicide Tuesdav
Harlow Keyes of Indianola was
over on legal business Saturday
Albert Dolph arrived home on
Friday night from Denver where
he has been in the hospital for
the past month
W F Heaton shipped a car
of hogs to Kansas City Satur
day night
Mrs LT V Lord returned on
Saturday from her visit at Omah
Machine Work
Horse Shoeing
We are agents for the Celebrated
Ford Auto
210 1st st W -- Phone red 450
Your combings
made into switches and puffs
Phone Ash 2354
The McCook Tribune 100 a j ear
We Are Interested in the An
swer to This Question
Every year thousands leave this
etate to seek new homes They go
into the north the south the east
and the west and become a valuable
asset to whatever section they re
move to Others come to us to take
their places and help us to build up
this community But what of those
who leave The natural line of travel
is to the west but through active col
onization work the far south and Can-
ili L Magee came up from ada have taken hundreds of families
Aurora Sunday to spend a few from this section who naturally would
davs with the cliildren and is a uave gone in other directions They
guest in the Kimmell home have sained much by this but the
A R Scott arrived from lef who have fgne J e been
lest as an asset to us If they go west
ton Mass tins No 9
morning on they are vhere they wiU still send to
on lus way to Denver stopping tbJs sectjn and buy and use 0ur prod
over here briefly en route home s nets and they will ship what they
Mr and Mrs J G Schobel and produce to us In this way we will
Marjorie went down to Minden j still have an interest in them In the
on No 10 Saturday evening to case of tnose who have moved across
spend Sunday with the Cope- lhe borler lines they aTe lost to u3
linr mauer wiiai our pusiuuii muy ue
on reciprocity
The west has wonderful opportuni
ties and if our people will study them
those who leave will find that they
can do better there than in any other
direction The Omaha Land Show
was started to give information along
these lines and every western state
will take part in it this month The
dates are Oct 16 to 28 and it will be
held in the Coliseum This
building has been rebuilt this season
Guy Hughes went up to nd with four bitr annexes will care
bertson Friday on 13 to put lor the biggest exhibit of the re
the finishing touches on the heat- J sources of the country that has ever
ing plant by Jennings Hughes been brought together outside of an
Co in the Culbertson school international exposition
Dr and Mrs A J Clark and
children departed on Thursday
Clark will be visited Mrs Ray
mond Poole From Lincoln the
Clarks go to Portland Oregon
Parker Ashton shinned three
The Coliseum is famous
through its association with the fall
festivities of the transmississippl
nHv Tn H Prosirlont Tuft ffirmpr
last tor Umden on a hiuef visit President Roosevelt scores of gov
to hr sister Mrs Pedley From ernors of states as well as number
thrre tliir -journey leads to less senators congressmen and thou-
coln where another sister of Mrs sands of others who are active in the
affairs of the country have sworn al
legiance to the King of Quivera
Now the big building will house a big
show which is for the purpose of
building up the new west and at the
same time helping the old west It
will be the means of showing the re
sources of the new of keeping those
who are planning for new homes in
j to all sufferers from any form of con- cars of hogs to Kansas Ciity on touch with their friends in old homes
stipation and its attendant evils Tuesday night and also through their educational
Three sizes 10c 25c and 50c Re- The hox social at the hall Sat- features and through the big machin
member you can obtain Rexall urday night given bv the Chris- erv an1 implement exhibit it will be
edies in this mmunity only at our tian Endeavors was well attend- the means of developing new methods
store The Rexall Store L W ed I of agricultural work in this section
Those who should attend this land
pennon Ai i ai t v can
Connell Air and Mrs Ray Youncr were i i
MlllVt UU 11111 UUl 1UI LllCUIJCJ CD NUUl
nday visitors at the C W
the west has to offer as at Omaha
The road makers are taking ac- li ogers home they can see the wnoie west under
tive advantage of the wet season i Milt Eihert of Beaver City was one roof and can save both money
and time by a trip there T ere will
be something doins every minute dur
ing the two weeks of the land show
Large Body of Indian Land to Be Dis
tributed This Month
Uncle Sam will give away a half
million acres of land that has been a
part of the Rosebud and Pine Ridge
Indian agencies during the month ol
October and soon this historic coun
try will be divided up into ICO acre
farms Already excursions are being
organized in many places by persona
who wish to register for the drawing
which begins on Oct 24 The regis
tration will last from Oct 2 to 21 and
persons can file their names at Dal
las Gregory Rapid City or Chamber
lain S D but the registration must
be in person At the South Dakota
opening in 1004 there were 106000 fil
ings and in 1908 the number who
hoped to win in the government lot
tery numbered 114000 This year It
is likely that the number will be
larger as the opening is larger than
either of those before and is the last
large one to be held in that section
Those who attend the opening will
pass through the Omaha gateway and
will have an opportunity of attending
the big Omaha Land Show which will
be held from Oct 16 to 28 at the fa
mous Coliseum This
show will not only be an interesting
sight but will be a valuable one to all
who are interested in any land propo
sition Stopoer privileges at Omaha
are included in homeseekers tickets
Silos Save
The silo is as much of a necessity
on a dairy farm as is a cream sep
arator and it will soon be a familial
sight on other farms All that is lack
ing now is an acquaintance with the
benefits which will come from its use
to get farmers everywhere to put
them in The silo manufacturers rpr
Showing- of
October 12
On Thursday and for
one day only we will
have at our store a
New York Salesman
with one of the largest
and most complete lines
of coats and suits shown
in this territory
Dry Goods
222 Main Ave
1 WB19
imi Jl wM if
Everything new in Plaid Back and Reversible Coats
Late novelties in Nobby Suits Handsome Velour and Vel
vet Coats and Suits as well as all the latest things in Plush
es and Caraculs will be included in this important and inter
esting showing
Dont fail to call and see this Grand
One Day Only Thursday Oct 12
Phone 56
Ladies Furnishings
McCook Nebraska
DANBURY i Mrs II V Lord left Saturday
Clyde Metcalf shipped a car evening for Omaha to visit rela
of hogs to Kansas City Saturday tives and tflke AkarBen
Ray Sims and Ben Moss will be
Fireman Loenard wrenched
sent to the Philippine Islands in
arm aly at Benkelman Fri-
a few I
Mrs Pearl CummLigs and chil ay in operating the water crane
dren of Lebanon were over-Sun- and was disabled for work Fire
day visitors at the E E Hayes man McLaughlin was sent up on
home No 3 to relieve him
fcyrvMr1SriiilvifftluiTJKfTstslVf itftttyYvTrvriTniyvrTiiiiiiiiwiftg
V Franklin Pres G H Watkins Vice Pres
R A Green Cshr
The Citizens National Bank
of McCook Nebraska
Paid Up Capital 50000 Surplus 25000
VJFranklin A McMillen R A Green
G H Watkins Vernice Franklin
168 Days On Time
A strong factor in the making of a commonwealth is reliable mail service
It will interest Western people to know something about the regularity
of Burlington trains between Chicago and the west
CHICAGO OMAHA FAST MAIL No 7 The original fast mail train west
of Chicago The last date in 1911 this train reached the Missouri riv
er late was March 16th six minutes late Since that date to and
including August 31st the latest date given for comparison a pen-
iod comprising one hundred and sixty eight consecutive days this- train
has arrived ON TIME and has been operated 82992 miles more thani
three times the distance around the world
CHICAGO - OMAHA FAST MAIL NO 15 An exclusive mail and ex
press train scheduled at forty five miles per hour arrived at
sourii River thirty one days in August ON TIME This train has
arrived ON TIME every day from May 15th to August 31st inclusive
a period of one hundred and nine consecutive days
that what is needed is a campaign ol CHICAGO NEBRASKA LIMITED NO 5 Arrived at Missouri River ON
education and they are puttinc one TIME during August twenty eight days out of thirty one total nuni
er minutes late twonty five average loss eight tenths of a minute
on this fall At the Omaha Land
Ehow they will put on a fine exhibit of EXPRESS No 3 Arrived at the
silos showing all of the best makes souri River ON TIME during August twenty mime days out of thir
end showing where there are advan j ty one total number of minutes late twenty five average loss eight
tages in the different materials and tenths of a minute per day
different styles of construction used Such precision in operating fast trains is possible only with ample pow-
now as over those built before the
present methods of preparing and
storing silage had been perfected
The land show will be held in the
Omaha Coliseum from Oct 16 to 28
and there will be no extra charge foi
the machinery and silo exhibit all he
ing open to visitors for the 25 cents
admission fee
er perfect mechanism a perfect roadbed and a highly developed organ
i i anj
General Passenger Agent
Omaha Nebraska
Ticket Agent
McCook Nebraska
if i
I i