The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 09, 1911, Monday Evening Edition, Image 2

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Spells Suit Satisfaction
1 sszcszU ea
Hirsh Wickwire Clothes
are positively the finest
clothes made ready to wear
They represent the highest
type of tailoring material
and satisfaction
They are 2500 and up
Be sure and see the new
English Models
From 10 to 25 we have
the Clothcraft All Wool Clothes That
we have the right goods is conceded
by all who have seen our Hirsh Wick
wire Clothes and Clothcraft Clothes
C L DeGroff Co
Scalp and Hair Troubles Generally
Caused by Carelessness
Dandruff is a contagious disease
caused by a microbe which also pro
duces baldness Never use a comb
or brush belonging to some one else
Xo matter how cleanly the owner
may be these articles may be infect
ed with microbes which will infect j
your scalp It is far easier to catch
hair microbes than it is to get rid of
them and a single stroke of an in
fected comb or brush may well lead
to baldness Never try on any
body elses hat Many a hat band
is a resting place for microbes
If you happen to be troubled with
dandruff itching scalp falling hair
or baldness we have a remedy
which we believe will completely re
lieve these troubles We are so sure
of this that we offer it to you with J
the understanding that it will cost j
you nothing for the trial if it does not
produce the results we claimThis
remedy is called Rexall 93 Hair
Tonic We honestly believe it to be
the most scientific remedy for scalp
and hair troubles and we know of
nothing else that equals it for
tiveness because of the iresults it
has produced in thousands of cases
Rexall 93 Hair Tonic is devised
to banish dandruff restore natural
jolor when- its loss has been brougln
about by disease and make the hair
naturally silky soft and glossy It
does this because it stimulates the
hair follicles destroys the germ mat
ter and brings about a free healthy
circulation of blood which nourishes
the hair roots causing them to
tighten and grow new hair We
want everybody who has any trouble
with hair or scalp to know that we
think Rexall 93 Hair Tonic is the
best hair toncc and restorative in
existence and nc ona should scoff at
cr doubt this statement until they
have put our claims to a fair test
with the understanding that they pay
us nothing for the remedy if it does
not give fulL and complete satisfaction
in every particular Two sizes 50
cents and 100 Remember you can
obtain Rexall Remedies iw McCook
only at our store The Rexall Store
L W McConnell
Upholds Nebraskans Plea
Lincoln Oct 6 Special In
declaring the workingmens com
pensation act constitutional the
Washington state supreme court
recently upheld in detail a brief
submitted to that tribunal by
George A Lee a former Univer
sity of Nebraska man whose pa
rental home is at Huniboldt
The Washington law is one of
the first framed along the lines
which it covers and is similar to
one which it is believed Avail be
submitted to the next Nebraska
legislature by the commission ap
pointed for the purpose of draft
ing such a measure
J W Copeland of Dayton Ohio
purchased a bottle of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy for has boy who had
a cold and before the bottle was all
used the boys cold was gone Is
that not better than to pay a five
dollar doctors bill For sale by all
I a 3emdW c2T
g Anti Skids g
took fat rPf on hating
hardened Steel JLS Leathertread
Anti Skid J I tough flexible
gr i
Studs do prevent gS V ant non IS
I V skidding gWNspuncturing 1
m 9
gfcCirotc filkp
Largest Circulation in Red WillowCo
Entered at postoffice McCook Ne
braska as second class matter Pub
lished semi weekly
To the Voters of Red Willow
I take tliis means of expressing
my sincere thanks for the help of
so many friends in the recent
primary -election in which I re
ceived the nomination for coun
ty judge on the Republican tick
I -was and alwajs will he espec
ially grateful for the- majority
given me by my friends in four
teen different precincts If elect
ed again I surely will strive to
merit the good will and confi
dence shown me by the good peo
ple of this county Sincerely
The voters of Red Willow coun
ty will not be unmindful of E B
Perry of Cambridge Republican
nominee for judge of the Four
teenth district at the polls in No
vember Mr Perry offers splendid
qualifications and fine manhood
for the high and honorable posi
tion he seeks These two facts
alone will assure him of substan
tial vote in this county
Efficient service is the highest
recommendation one can offer in
seeking an election to office be
it public or private Chas Skalla
can claim all the benefits to be
derived from that endorsement
In many respects his conduct of
the office of county clerk has not
been equaled in the history of the
counts It stands as a monument
to his faithful tireless and intel
ligent work and is his claim for
your vote
A residence of many years in
McCook has brought E F Dick
Osborn to the favorable acquaint
ance of a wide circle of friends
He is now before the voters of
Red Willow county asking their
support for the office of sheriff
having received the Republican
nomination at the recent primary
election Dick has served as dep
uty sheriff and in other similar
official positions consequently is
not seeking an office for which
he is not qualified or in wliich
he as inexperienced Un tlie con
trarv it is conceded that he is ne
culiarly fitted by nature and qual
alaed by experience to give goou
account of himself in the office
he seeks lie is a young man of
excellent character and of good
ability He is altogether deserv
ing of your vote
The name of Stilgebouer has
stood in Red Willow county for
over quarter century for lidgh
character and for the best citi
zenship Among the Republican
nominees this fall is a man who
honorably wears the name we re
fer to William J Stilgebouer the
Republican nominee for county
commissioner Most of his life
has been spent in this county in
the Beaver valley near Dan bury
lie- is a man of careful and pru
dent habits In business he is
economical and conservative Ilis
personal character is of the ster
ling sort you can dpndee upon
and tie to IEis lonff residence
here acquaints him of the needs
of one ot Nebraskas most pro
gressive western counties His
trainincr assures the county of a
careful and economical commis
sioner should he be the choice of
the people of this county for that
important office Remember Wil
Ham J Stilgebouer when you vote
in November
The honest and conscientious
manner in wliich J C Moore has
served the people of Red Willow
county in the office of county
judge naturally appeals to the
thoughtful and conservative vot
er and citizen and particularly
so in his probate work a depart
ment of the office work growing
in importance T here is no hesi
tancy no matter how important
and Aaluable the trust or estate
in submitting the matter to Coun
ty Judge Moores care A man
and officer of the strictest integ
rity of unquestionable fairness
and of motives only for the high
est good he has in past years
strongly appealed to a large and
solid and faithful following at
the polls A life long Republican
a resident of Red Willow county
since its very infancy an upright
citizen fearless and constant for
the right he is entirely deserv
ing the support of his party and
of all others who stand for the
best things in our national life JA
vote for J C Moore will not bo
amiss or in vain
Statement of Water Works
July 1 to October 1
Water supplied consum
ers 336930
Meter rentals I 6450
Coal on hand 5500
Taps 1000
Dray age on epal
Freight on coal
Freight on coal
Freight on coal
Reading meters
Freight on coal
Freight on meters
Hauling coal
Salaries for July at
Repair stand pipe
Meter repairs -
Salary commissioner
Hauling coal
Reading meters
Hauling coal
Salaries for August
Lubricating oil
Insurance 3 months
Salaries for September
Phone rent 3 months
L C Stoll City Clerk
No Limit
The Christian Endeavorers of
the state will notice a new feat
ure in connection with their great
convention to be held in the
coin Auditorium Oct 26 to 29 j
1911 No limit is placed upon the
number of delegates from any
church Some societies will send
ihir entire membersliip This
was found to be necessary on j
count of the international scope
of the program and a general
protest went up in regard to the
representation being limited Be
sides this entertainment is to be j
uirnished on the Harvard plan i i
e lodging and breakfast free
The program is complete with
specialists in every line of Young
Peoples work and as it is par
ticularly a young peoples conven
tion a large representation is as
sured 2500 to 3000 delegates are
Any desired information in re
gard to the convention can be ob
tained by writing Mr Ray G
Fletcher 361 Fraternity BldgJ
Lincoln Neb
Clean Kitchens
You can make your kiichen fairly
shine wilh cleanliness with less labor
and in less time than it takes to clean
it with soap soap powder or other
cleansers if you use
Every speck ol dirt is quickly and
easily removed from floors wood
work taps metal work windows
painted walls cooking and dairy
utensils even the kitchen stove is
cleaned and brightened by this won
derful little boon to housewives
- Absolutely free from all harmful
Many other uses and
Full Directions on
large Siftez i
il IU
CURES and Purifies the Blood
Western Fruit Growers Have Very
Successful Season
Not since the Inauguration of the
era of systematic and scientific devel
opment of western resources has hor
ticulture presented such encouraging
prospects as during the present sea
son in the vast empire that lies be
yond the Missouri valley From
every fruit growing section come re
ports of record breaking yields either
in quality or quantity The unprece
dented conditions that exist give as
surance that one of the finest displays
of fruits ever assembled will be shown
in Omaha when the doors are opened
on the anrnjil land show on Oct 10
continuing until the 28th
W O Paisley general manager of
the Omaha Land Show recently re
turned from a tour of several western
states in the interest of the big land
products exhibit to be held in the
Coliseum from Oct 1G to 28
and found fine condition of crops
throughout all the states he visited
This insures some remarkably attrac
tive exhibits for the forthcoming land
In most of the fruit growing dis
tricts the crop is not only larger but
the quality is extraordinary fine The
growers havp adopted improved sys
tems of grading and packing so that
they are enabled to receive maximum
return for their products The ex
hibits at the Omaha Land Show v ill
include practically every grain and
fruit that is grown in the west as well
as the minerals and oils that are taken
from the earth and it will be truly a
Western Land Products Exhibit
Extraordinary Feature
Machinery hail will be something
extraordinary in connection with the
land show proper In former years
the machinery department was one
of the features of the corn exposition
in Omaha and it was greatly missed
it the last land show The manage
ment therefore hastened to restore
this feature and in addition make it
the most complete of anything ever
seen here Machinery of all kinds
will be shown from small hand tools
to the big tractor In addition there
will be practical demonstrations with
tractors Since there is to be a vast
display of fruit Machinery hall will
be well stocked with fruit cultivating
The interior scene of the big Coli
seum when the doors are thrown open
to the throngs on Oct 16 will be one
of dazzling magnitude Many thou
sands of electric lights will be em
ployed and the spectacle will be grand
One of the spectacular features will
he the panoramic reproduction show
ing the Conquering of the West
from the glacial period down to the
present timp This is the best pro
duction of is kind since that of Crea
tion at the St Louis Worlds fair
Instead of taking a ride on a merry-go-round
visitors to the Omaha Land
Show can take their joy rides on a
gang plow behind a gas tractor A
big machinery exhibit will be a feat
ure of the land show and in connec
tion with this department there will
be demonstrations of plowing by pow
er A twenty-five-acre field conven
iently located so as to be easily
reached from the Coliseum has been
secured for the purpose There actual
plowing work with the big plows will
be shown Such field exhibits have
been features of Canadian expositions
for years but nothing as extensive as
this has been put on in the United
States before The Hart Parr com
pany of Charles City la the Gas
Tractor company of Minneapolis the
International Harvester company of
America and Fairbanks Morse Co
of Omaha will show gas tractors the
Rumely company of LaPdrte Ind will
show their oil burning engine and the
Aultman Taylor Thresher company of
Mansfield O will plow with a steam
tractor Gang plows from the John
Deere company and the Parlin Oren
dorff Plow company will be used In
the field tests and besides these
there will be fine exhibits by the J I
Case Plow company and by the Oliver
Chilled Plow works of South Bend
Not to be outdone by the tractor
people the Hackney Manufacturing
company of St PauL will show how
plowing can be done with their auto
plow where the plow and tractor Is
combined In addition to the plow
ing demonstration showing how big
tracts of land can be put into fine con
dition for seeding in a sjiort time
there will also be an exhibit of corn
shredding with field demonstration of
the work The land shofr will be held
from Oct 16 to 28 and the plowing
exhibits will he given on Tuesday and
Thursday of each vrsek
Ask any man past fifty years
of age and he will tell you of
some time in his life when lie
was sailing high Things were
coming his way There are
few exceptions -Why is he
poor now Well there are va
rious Teasons One thing is
sure It is not because he
placed his money in a sound
foank and checked it out only
when safe investments were se
cured There are more ways to
lose money than- to make it If
you are making any money no
matter how small- the amount
start the saving habit by open
ing a bank account
The First
National Bank
of McCook Neb
Sick headache is caused by a dis
ordered stomach Take Chamberlains
Tablets and correct that and head
aches will disappear For sale by
all dealers
Drew Furniture and Carpet Co
Furniture and Carpets
China and Glassware
West B St Phone black 271
Most for your money
for all kinds
Temple Building
Kansas City Post 5c week
We now handle the best
grades of Colo and Penna
coals in connection with
our grain business
Give ua a trial order
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Real Easterday
Mike Walsh
Old Rubber Copper and Brass
Highest Market Price Paid in Cash
New location mtacrv r lnCeflr
streetin P Vfnlsh bn Wiog l H vUUft
Osborn Burton
All kinds of Hauling and Trans
fer Work promptly attended to
Your patronage solicited
Office First Door South of DeGrofPs
Phone No 13
Fire and Wind
I Insurance
Written in First Class
White Line Transfer
Elmer Hawkins
Specialty of moving Household
Goods and Pianos Only covered
van in city Phones Office 68
residence red 456
h 1